GPRN-NSCN on recent Moreh killings
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 12: Terming the recent killings at Moreh as very unfortunate for all sections of the society, NSCN (I-M) has asserted that these violence incidents have 'partly exposed the devilish plans of UNLF and the Govt of Manipur'.

In a statement, the ministry of information and publicity of the underground Govt of the Naga rebel outfit maintained that the local Kukis were denied to live peacefully in Moreh and its surrounding areas soon after UNLF succeeded in collaborating with Burmese army.

However, the Govt of Manipur kept blind eyes to the grievances of the Kukis.

Moreover, until UNLF succeeded in collaborating with the KNA, there was only a sizeable population of Meiteis in Moreh.

The KNA fails to understand the plans of UNLF but now realised its mistake lately, the statement said.

Reacting to the allegation of UNLF, the statement of the GPRN said that NSCN is never committed to ethnic cleansing campaign as alleged by the UNLF and unscrupulous some civil bodies in the local papers.

It was a well-organised plot made by adversaries of both the Nagas and the Kukis, the statement said, adding that Kukis are in the fold of NSCN and they are very much Nagas in Nagaland and there is no reason why they should not be so wherever they might be living.

The statement of the GPRN contended that the episode of Moreh killings began when a group of UNLF cadres and Burmese Army came near Moreh Gate No.1, Ward no.7 on June 3, 2007 and resorted to blank firing some rounds, thus inviting KNA to kill one Thoiba Roshan, a cadre of UNLF and a Burmese Army.

However, the UNLF cadre was sanctioned to be innocent by the Meira Paibis and the Government of Manipur in order to lay blame on Assam Rifles and to replace them with selective IRB personnel to serve their best known policies in Moreh.

Late Thoiba being a cadre of UNLF, his irate colleagues avenge his death on the innocent Kukis which again invited the KNA to killing Meitei labourers on June 9, the statement said, adding that this the truth which the Manipur Govt and the Meira Paibi deny to expose.

The statement observed that the tall claim of the UNLF not to be going against the Kukis is simply a plot.

Is not abduction of 400 innocent Kuki farmers by UNLF to Myanmar and rendering hundreds of Kukis homeless and made them to lead the lives of refugees proved the ill motive of UNLF? Is planting of land-mines and killing dozens of innocent Kukis in Kuki area acceptable in anyway ?.

What about the act of preventing Kukis to earn their living, killing innocent villagers including village chiefs and above all raping innocent young women ?, the GPRN statement questioned.

In another statement, the outfit strongly condemned the incident of killing three executive members of the Autonomous Council of NC Hills, Assam on June 4, 2007 and linking it with the NSCN.

Clarifying on the news telecast in the North East Television in this regard, GPRN said NSCN has nothing to do with the killing of chief executive member Purnendu Langthasa, executive member Nindu Langthasa and deputy chairman Ajit Bodo.

There is no history of dispute between NSCN and the Council members which would lead to such uncalled action.

The GPRN further asked the media not to publish and telecast news before ascertaining the facts as it might provoke the others negatively.