SDSA supports COPTAM
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, August 04 2010: The Senapati District Students' Association (SDSA) strongly endorsing the economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council (UNC) asked the State Government to immediately fulfill the demands of the UNC failing which it will invite only more intensified agitations in the near future.

President of SDSA, A Pfokrehrii Khrasi in a press release described the attitude of the O Ibobi government as bias and unfortunate, and said that the SDSA will support the demands of the UNC.

The SDSA would also like to extend its support to the genuine movement of the Committee on Protection of Tribal Areas, Manipur (COPTAM) in protecting the rights and lands of the tribals in Manipur, the press release stated.

The Senapati District Students' Association (SDSA), as the apex and responsible student's body, expressed strong resentment and condemned the assault of CDSU leaders July 29 by some valley based villagers and bus drivers.

For some of the valley districts, the recent Census Operation, 2011 seems to have created an opportunity to expand the artificial boundaries.

Here, the government officials and department in hand with the valley districts have been misusing their post and power to destroy and alter the original boundaries of the tribal lands, the press release stated.

Therefore, the Senapati District Students' Association (SDSA) while extending its endorsement to the COPTAM also demands from the state government to fulfill the demands of the UNC at the earliest or it will be compelled to launch its own course of agitations to collectively achieve the genuine demands, President of SDSA, A Pfokrehrii Khrasi warned.