75.35% turn out records in Tamenglong ADC re-poll
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 12 2010: Ballot boxes of at least 18 polling stations in Tamenglong district were fresh poll was held on Friday arrived Imphal today and deposited at the strong room of the Imphal West DC office where counting of votes for ADC election be to be conducted.

An overall turn out in the 18 polling stations was recorded at 75.35 percent even as no vote casted in two polling stations, official reports said.

Highest turn out of voters recorded with Tungkhojang polling station by 19-Dolang DCC with 99.36 % while the lowest turn out recorded at 3% in one of the polling station 7-Magulong DCC.

Maximum voting of above 90 percent was recorded in most of the polling station.

At 18/1 polling station of Longmai DCC, turn up of voters was recorded at 92.23 % (that is out of total 1134 voters, 1046 casted votes), 79.30% (659 out of 831) at 18/2, 79.24% at 18/3 (649 out of 819) and 99.36 %at 18/4 .

In 19-Dolong DCC also turn up 96.64% (1096 out of 1134) voter turn up recorded at 19/1 poling station, 98% at 19/2, 93.48 at 19/3, 97% at 19/4 and no voter cast vote at 19/5 .

In 7-Magulong DCC, 76% turned out recorded at 7/3 polling station, 96% at 7/5, 57% at 7/8, 3% at 7/6 and 0% in 7/4.In 8-Charamram DCC, 95% at 8/1 polling station, 91% at 8/2 and 81% at 8/4 polling station.

The percentage turn out of voters in the remaining polling stations could not be available as polling officials are yet to report to the election authority in Imphal.

Mention may be made that re-poll was conducted at 27 polling stations across eight DCCs with four polling stations in 7-Magulong DCC, five in 8-Charamram DCC, one in 9-Oinamlong DCC, four in 16 Awangkhul DCC, four in 18-Longmai DCC, five in 19-Dolang DCC, one in 21-Longjan DCC and three in 24-Longpi DCC.

The fresh poll at the polling stations were ordered as polling was not successfully conducted on June 2 due to violent incidents like snatching of ballot boxes and burning down of ballot papers in the confrontation among workers of rival candidates and poll officials were unable to reach their respective polling stations on time.

Reports said the polling in all the stations concluded peacefully amid the boycott called by the UNC and other district based civil bodies in Naga dominated hill districts of Tamenglong, Ukhrul, Chandel and Senapati.

Ballot boxes of the remaining polling stations where voting took place yesterday will be arriving in Imphal as counting of all districts are to be held at the office of the Imphal West district.

The date of counting is yet to fix by the election authority.

The date of counting is likely to announce after the fresh polls are conducted in the remaining polling stations on June 16, the source added.

The re-poll in some polling stations in the interior areas of Senapati and Tamenglong district which state election department has order fresh poll after violence incidents erupted on the second phase poll on June 2 last will also be conducted on June 16, officials said.

Mention may be made that UNC with the supports of many district based civil bodies in the four Naga dominated hill districts were boycotting the election to the ADCs rejecting the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 2008 .

They are strongly protesting the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council (Third Amendment) Act, 2008 stating that some of the provisions are against the interest of the tribal people of the state.