Rishang cocks a snook at UNC's prospect
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 29: Brushing aside the prospects of the UNC backed candidates in the Naga dominated Assembly segments, veteran Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Rishang Keishing today said that the UNC's agenda will stand defeated as it is the people who will decide who should represent them.

The veteran Congress leader, who is also a former Chief Minister said that the UNC has taken the wrong path as it is an NGO and not a political party.

NGOs should not involve themselves in election politics, he maintained.

Speaking to The Sangai Express, Rishang said that it is the right of the people to exercise their franchise right and it is the duty of the Election Commission of India to ensure that the rights of the people are protected.

Significantly Rishang's son, Victor Keishing is the Congress candidate in Phungyar Assembly Constituency in Ukhrul district.

Responding to a query, Rishang said that the performance of the Congress in the Naga dominated Assembly segments will be satisfactory as the people have already tasted and experienced good governance during the Congress led SPF Government.

On being asked on the resurgence of the MPP, Rishang said, �MPP is a community based political party and they are working along with their ideas and beliefs�.

For good effect, Rishang went on to add that many of the candidates being fielded by the MPP are those who have been rejected by the Congress.

The irony is that these same set of people have started criticising the Government, added Rishang.

To another query, Rishang said that the CPI is a prospective friend, in case a coalition Govt becomes necessary after the election.

�Personally I have faith in the CPI.

Their members are dedicated and committed to the cause of the people.

Others are opportunists and many of them are party hoppers,� asserted the Rajya Sabha MP.

The veteran Congress leader added that the party needs to work harder to do better in the upcoming election.

On his future plans, Rishang said that he may retire from politics soon, so that he may concentrate on taking up some work in Ukhrul district.