Repoll: Official verdict is peaceful, but the unofficial story is something else
With Sir's nod media allowed entry
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 25: Though repolling in 14 polling stations of Chandel and Tamenglong district was conducted today amidst tight security, the media persons who had gone to cover the exercise at polling station 41/22 - Japhou Bazar Part-I got a different taste of the �peaceful repoll� as claimed by the polling officials and one company of BSF deployed there.

The media team was allowed to enter the polling station set up at Maha Union Govt High School only with the permission of �unidentified persons� despite deployment of security personnel for the smooth conduct of the repolling.

Repolling in 14 polling station was ordered and conducted today following poll-related violence during the third and final phase of the election to the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly on February 23.Repolling in polling station 52/5-Tamei Assembly Constituency would be conducted tomorrow along with deployment of three companies of Central Para-Military forces.

On arriving at polling station 42/5-Kangshang (A) and (B) of Tengnoupal Assembly Constituency and polling station 41/12- Japhou Bazar Part-I of Chandel Assembly Constituency, the media team was stopped by unidentified persons before they were allowed entry inside a polling station.

The media team arrived at the polling station set up at Maha Union Govt High School which is located near the Chandel district headquarters at around 2 pm.

From outside it bore a semblance of peaceful repolling with BSF personnel on duty and voters standing in queue to cast their votes.

However, just when the media team tried to gain entry to the polling station, a youth with a mobile phone in hand standing nearby demanded to know the identity of the visitors.

When the media persons introduced themselves, the unidentified youth told them to wait for the permission of their �Sir� and quipped that they have been put on duty to ensure smooth conduct of the repoll.

Soon after the youth with the mobile phone talked with his �Sir� over the mobile phone over and over again and after almost half an hour, the media team was allowed to enter the polling station.

But by that time there was no sign of any voters casting their votes.

Later talking to the media team, the officials of the said polling station maintained that the repolling passed off �peacefully� and out of 740 voters in the list 723 of them had cast their votes.

The only polling agents left are that of independent candidate Francis Huten as others had come and already left by 9 am today, the polling officials disclosed.

BSF personnel on duty at the polling station also maintained repolling was conducted very �peacefully�.

The media team had also gone to the polling station of 42/7 Kangshang (B) of Tengnoupal Assembly Constituency.

There too, though the repolling seemed to be underway peacefully with BSF personnel providing the much needed the security coverage, apart from the agents of independent candidate Morung Makunga, there were no agents of other co-contestants inside the polling station.

The polling stations where repolling were held today are 42/5-Khangsim, 42/6-Kangsang (A), 42-/7-Kangsang (B), 42/10-Khulsaibung, 42/14-Langol (A), 42/15-Langol (B) and 42/28-Phunal Maring of Tengnoupal AC; 53/02-Tharon, 52/04-Thingra, 53/14- Kabui Khullen and 3/21-Khebuching of Tamenglong AC and 41/2-Wangparel, 41/12-Japhou Bazar Part-I and 41/14-Mongsang Pantha of Chandel AC.

Meanwhile in a compliant lodged to the Chief Election Officer, RJD candidate T Chungshei Haokip has alleged that re-poll at 42/6 and 42/7-Kangsang A and B have been forcibly captured and normal proceeding denied.

No other agents were also allowed to enter the polling stations accept that of independent candidate, the complaint said.

In another complaint, RJD candidate of 41 Chandel AC Thangkhulun Haokip has sought the intervention of the Chief Election Officer with regard to the proposal of Independent candidate Francis Huten for re-polling in the said polling station.