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"BT Road Shoot-out (July 23, 2009) and its fall-out - Fake Encounter Killing "
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fake encounters, crime committed by Commandos

[ Tue, Mar 22, 2011 1:40 pm ]

Let us condemned the fake encounters, crime committed by Commandos. i love Manipur but i hate the crime, killing.... etc. The power used by Armed Forces, Securities are inhuman. they used their power in wrong ways against us, innocent people. ## many times innocent people are killed by securities for money [even for 500 bucks]. life is very cheap for them. **they are contract killers. we the common people of Manipur are suffering alot. many mothers & families cried with pains for their children killed by Commandos. * it sucks. no action r taken against this greedy securities. Indian Govt. is totally blind. Even the Politician in Manipur are dumbed, stupid. Jai HO Manipur. ** why do they use their power in wrong way???????

Bijeta Leishanthem

Be carefull with non-manipuris

[ Sat, Mar 06, 2010 11:39 pm ]

Please give a message to all the oufit militants in Manipur and ask that, who is going to take the responsibilties of keeping us(manipuris)safe outside manipur.more than a lakh manipuris are staying outsaide manipur to study, earn their livlihood and also sportsman. Already so many girls and women had been raped by non-manipuris in Delhi and Bangalore. Once the mass driven of non-manipuris happens definetly manipuris staying in all the other states will be in trouble. Anyway there is no difference between the trrorist and out manipur militants. In one term terrorist do not exort or demand money from public however these militants are taking the money from the public as well as killing the public. How you can say that they are freedom fighter. If you want to fight with India go to Delhi and fight or fight against the indian government office beerers and institutions. Also do not accept money sanctioned and come from India. Manufacture our own things and produce our own currency. Day by day the militancy are increased, there is no peace to study, earn money and stay peacefull in manipur so that is the reason so many students like us and now even Ministers, sportsmen they bought properties and flats in Delhi, kolkata, mumbai and other states to settle in future. Even the top militants are settle in many unknown outside manipur where they stay peacfully and spread violence in Manipur. Stop militancy or we will be finished one day by indian army. If the insurgency is not stopped, after few years there will be more widows and where they will go, they even tend to go also in a wrong way to earn money and feed their children. See nagaland and mizoram, how they are developed by taking advantage from india goverment by compromising and signing peace deal. Praying for peace in manipur! Let us suck the India government not with violence however with our our demand skill, knowlege and capability of working hard to develop like Sikkim. Let us try to rule them by going out of manipur as officers, sports campions and high techs wher they ! will say see what a Manipuris!


End fake encounter

[ Tue, Jan 19, 2010 3:21 pm ]

Its really gr8 to have e-pao website for us specially for those who are staying outside the state. It will be a great thing if we can give a strong pressure to the indian govt. to end this fake encounter done by the security forces in Manipur.

Sunil Akoijam

Worst CM, the extorter and impostor!

[ Mon, Jan 18, 2010 5:05 pm ]

I cannot say that there was no CM in the history of Manipur who did not indulge in corrupt practices, but I can declare that our present CM , Mr Ibobi is the worst CM ever. He is the biggest extorter in the present Manipur. He is a virus - he collects money for almost all the recruitments happened in his time directly or indirectly, teaches the culture to his aides, and let his associates follow it openly ; he is the biggest impostor- speaks of wiping out the extortion culture carried out by the underground outfits, but God knows and everybody knows that he would never say a word to some outfits who are getting dal chawal from his pocket. There will be no "clean up" in the state, until and unless this particular cleans himself up and let his associates follow suit.

Rehman Sheikh

Frozen Institutes

[ Wed, Jan 06, 2010 12:29 am ]

It's really sad to see the current climate in my hometown, and feel pity for the students as they are the one suffering in the hands of Politicians and UGs. When all the organisms are trying hard to reach the moon, we are going back to 10,000 B.C. It's surprisingly funny for parents and students to just accept closing down of schools and carrying on. Where are all this Students Organisation? Why don't they come out and say "We cant accept this kind of nonsense" and give life to Education ? Come on, Wake Up People! I expect the educational institutes to open at the earliest.

R.S. Saikhom

A lesson for Manipur Police!

[ Tue, Jan 05, 2010 4:34 am ]

Recently many police reforms have been made and started implemented. Our brethren Manipuri Police Personnels must be aware of the current story behind the former Haryana DGP Mr. Rathore getting trouble for his past deeds. We hope it is a big lesson to all those police offcers who walk on the same path like Rathore or getting medals for fake encounters. It is high time for those officers to replay their past deeds and introspect themself for better policing. Today he/she may be DGP, IG, SP (whatever) but the end of the day would tell public who he was, what he did. When we lose money, nothing is lost.. we can earn it but when somebody lose respect..that's the end. In our mother state too, it is not less in such cases. And not surprisingly, Manipur was on the top of gallantry awards received by police officers. It is wonder to me that such a tiny state with small population gets maximum police gallantry medals. I have no idea or informations to conclude that it is good thing or bad. But it is well known that there are many officers like Rathore and Nayak in Manipur. I pray for them, to have a happy, trouble free post-retirement life. However everything is upto them honestly they do their jobs now and how would they like to have their retirement life. Despite police rules, I have few suggestions for my dear friends in police dept that 1) There is law above you, 2) public oriented duty would be fruitful to all,3) Plz don't let your efforts of many years go in vain like Rathore. It is 21st Century and every happenings in the world is known within seconds. Finally I wish you all a happy & peaceful New year-2010.

Fuganba - Delhi

Safer than being caught in sticky situation !

[ Fri, Jan 01, 2010 4:29 pm ]

I am studying engineering here in chennai. I am into my 2nd year. I feel much better here than being there as I do not want to be in manipur for vacations. Because of many reasons. First you are sure your safety is at least still in safe hands with yourself. 2nd my parents never allow me to roam like street romeos which is the current trend. Otherwise if you have to go out, you ought to tell in details where, why, with whom, when you will return & do not stray away from what you have told them. So it is much frustrating and insulting in front of my colleagues an friends. I never feel being happy at home. Here much better but not what you utmost desire. So i have made up my mind not to step in front of my house until i wish to do so. As all of you can understand by what i mean......the recent gruesome murders, fraud, kidnappings, threats, arrests, fake encounter, blasts and what not. The most horrible genocide for a small piece of land in the history since the geneva convention was in act. Suspension of human rights.....better here, the Tamil Nadu Government banned bandhs. So no worry for bandhs.........thats what all about my article hope you all can understand and suggest.

Bicky Thang

No human qualities

[ Fri, Dec 25, 2009 4:18 am ]

I would only say that Manipur is a Terrorism/non-democracy state. What? Useless State Govt. policy....cannot control/rule the policy. Other countries are developing as they are trying to settle other than planet , but in Manipur still people's are like an animals they kill one another, demand policy's , kidnapping etc. No humanity , no mercy. People does not posses any human qualities. At last I would thanks to all the people of Manipur as well as our motherland (God).


Ridiculous ego crossfire

[ Wed, Dec 23, 2009 2:51 am ]

Whats happening with the innocent little students? Where are those student bodies? They are supposed to fight for the right to education for these suffered students, whatever may the reason this step of using the future of entire manipur is absulutely unexceptable. In this ridiculous ego crossfire by our weak government and strong stupid student why the future of the state to be kept at stake so long. Please, enough is enough. Its high time to change, change for good. We are progressing backward, no one will come and spoon-feed to you till you, yourself do it.


'Right to life' should come before 'Right to education'

[ Sat, Dec 19, 2009 10:18 am ]

With due respect I would like to express my views regarding our Honorable Chief Minister Shri O. Ibobi's statement tht education is more important than life. Honorable Chief Minister sure seems to be a very intelligent person and I wish I agree on his statement but unfortunately I am not able to digest the statement. Every individual has its own way of thinking and there is no harm in expressing ones views and opinion. So as an individual living in a free socity I should also like to express my views. From my perspective education starts from home which we usually learn from our elders following their footsteps. We learn by watching our parents, neighbours, friends, we also learn by watching around our environment. No matter how educated one is or how rich ones is, the environtment where he grows up and where he lives is reflected in his attitude n behaviour. So I would like to say tht education is something which we can learn even with going to school or colleges or without joining a formal institute. Learning again is a process which we can continue for the rest of our lifes. Infact growing up is in itself a learning process which we can refer to as ''life experience''.

In conclusion I would like to say that education is something which we cannot compare with a person's right to live. Living and struggling is in itself a learning process and what is the use of education and learning if the right to live is snatch away from the individual. If one is death than where will he utilised all that education he recieved. So according to my opinion ''right to life'' should come before ''right to education''.

Ngangom Geeta Devi - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Is it still going on?

[ Sun, Dec 13, 2009 3:02 pm ]

What about the education in Manipuri student's? Is it still going on or what to do? Think about our children.

Dinesh Tongbram

What is the logic behind it?

[ Sat, Dec 12, 2009 10:52 pm ]

Thank you very much e-pao for serving people like me by updating news of Mnaipur all the time. With this, I will be very glad if you kindly publish my message to the un-educated, non-sense students organizations which is imposing class boycot. My question is, what is the logic behind it, against whom they are calling class boycott, is it against students or against the govt.? All the children of ministers and bureaucrats are studying outside Manipur, even out of country, so they don't have any affect on it. Again, tomorrow, if these students are offered big money, they will easily withdraw their agitation. So, I don't want to talk any more, though I have lot to say. Enough is enough. If some react to them, they will be killed, but, again they are useless persons of the society.


Where are we heading to?

[ Sat, Dec 12, 2009 4:32 pm ]

I personally found this agitation not acceptable as a whole. Nothing is going to work out until people of Manipur change their mindset. I strongly agree with the student bodies trying to rectify the present situation in Manipur. Basically leaders should take initiative to bring tranquility in the state rather than extending the boycott of class. If the leaders are sincere and concerned about the well-being of the students, these issues could've been resolved within a week or a month. Government has to be blamed here for having no action taken so far. What's the point of being in government without fulfilling the needs of the people? Thousands of students were looking forward to end the agitation earnestly however; neither the student organizations nor the government done anything towards this. Education is the key for the progress and we all know the consequences of illiteracy. Leaders of student union such as AMSU, KASA and MSF have brainwashed students to participate in agitation and other forms of violent activities.

Intentionally provoking the innocent minds towards these kind of meaningless agitations could create more violence and unrest in the state. This act of barbarism should be stopped and abolished completely from the society. It's been three months since educational institutes have been shut. Of course the classes would start now but the valuable time that has been wastefully spent could never be recovered. I feel ashamed to call myself a Manipuri because of these fellow Manipuri's who are the real culprits behind the goings in the state for a while now. Whom should we rely on? We, the people of Manipur should look at other north eastern states which have done tremendously well in education and other fields. The only weapon that we could give to out youth is a proper education in this world of knowledge without which we can never progress. Let's rely on those who promise to work towards this goal and take concrete steps.

Dangmei Dajuth - Bangalore

Ruining the life of coming generations

[ Thu, Dec 10, 2009 5:23 am ]

PLease for God's sake try to look upon the future aspects of the students. Why is everyone staying numb?? Why are not the parents, students bodies takin up any steps. Instead of any useful considerations why are the student organisation keep on those boycotts of classes which is ruining the whole life of the coming generations?? It is such a misfortunate news to be heard in such a distant place....please hear our voice....

Miranda Sanjenbam - A Student of Doon School

Ruining the life of coming generations

[ Thu, Dec 10, 2009 5:23 am ]

PLease for God's sake try to look upon the future aspects of the students. Why is everyone staying numb?? Why are not the parents, students bodies takin up any steps. Instead of any useful considerations why are the student organisation keep on those boycotts of classes which is ruining the whole life of the coming generations?? It is such a misfortunate news to be heard in such a distant place....please hear our voice....

Miranda Sanjenbam - A Student of Doon School

Our lovely CM is not the least concerned

[ Sat, Dec 05, 2009 9:53 am ]

Education was declared as a free zone by all the organisations available in Manipur. This is a pathetic statement made by all the organisations/govt./ ngos/ student bodies/ terror outfits.......and the list never ends n the CM of our degenerated state tops the list, used as a punch line in their political speeches for their own interests. We have a unique CM tht is not aware of the chaos around him. People are shot dead, robbed of their freedom and harrased. The commandos of our state are the most horrible form of terrorist. Wielding an assualt rifle in their hands, they lead the path of monotonous killings. They should be checked and monitored all the time. These people take the citizens for granted and behave as if the state is their dowry recieved form the CM. The CM can't dismiss the commandos because he took lakhs of rupees from them. He fears whether this police force will train their guns on him. Another assh$$$$ will emerge and do the same thing again and the cycle will be repeated. Its been months since all the institutions are closed and life is a hell in Manipur. Students are affected so badly but our lovely CM is not the least concerned. He is busy counting notes with his lovely MLA wife. If he has any honour left on his part, he should fulfill all our needs and demands. But I doubt that...................
to be continued


Education or Life?

[ Thu, Dec 03, 2009 5:00 am ]

Education or Life? Many people are undecided whether life is more important or the education is more important. I am such one person who comes in this undecided lot. What is the guarantee that your educated brothers and sisters, sons and daughters would not fall prey to "State Sponsored Terrorism"? What is the guarantee that inspite of getting all the world's education they would not be killed in "Fake Encounters"? I think this is the time to rise as one and let the government know that we will not tolerate any more state sponsored terrorism or any fake encounters. Then only we can have better life and better education. An educated person values life better, but when there is no life what value is of education. My sympathies to the parents whose sons and daughters have been deprived of valuable education. I wish the government comes to its senses which I doubt. In that case I would like to request the protestors to use some other means.


Manipur, a land of Jewel in Peril

[ Tue, Dec 01, 2009 9:52 am ]

These readers write against class boycott and banning developmental works, comparing Manipur with other state in terms of infrastructure development, Strong words against AMSU, MSF. However some of the readers who have commented on July 23 incident seems to be more uneducated than anyone else in this world because they ignore the core issue. These readers talk only about the class boycott, development nothing about the incidents happening in Manipur. Any person with common sense understands that the class boycott being enforced by student's organization is the immediate fallout of July 23 fake encounter and arrogant attitude of chief minister O Ibobi. We should not blame Students organization for class boycott which jeopardize student's career, we should blame the Govt. of Manipur for their inaction and irresponsible attitude on July 23, fake encounter. Students can only be brought to classroom by none other than chief minister O Ibobi not by AMSU, MSF. If people wants to see students in the classroom, please appeal to Chief Minister of Manipur, blame Manipur Govt. not students organization. In my opinion, in the state like Manipur, very extreme form of protest is required to achieve people's demand. E.g. 'the nude protest in front of Assam rifle in Kangla by courageous women of Manipur which forced Assam rifle to withdraw from Kangla, Removing AFSPA from Imphal Municipality area, upgradation of Manipur University to central university. 'The great June uprising which forced Govt of India to withdraw the clause 'Ceasefire without territorial limit. We all know the above achievement was result of the extreme, unexpected protest by people of Manipur not by Ibobi Govt. The credit for above achievement goes to public movement. The point is that Govt does not listen until you hurt them. So the present Class boycott call has also been used as a tool to put extreme pressure on Manipur govt. and the movement for justice of July 23 fake encounters is even stronger after the class boycott. Even centre has started taking action against state Govt. Everyone knows that Class boycott call given by student's organizations is very unfortunate, it is a condemnable act but we cannot forget why such extreme measure has been taken. Today's class boycott can also be seen as a measure to save every living person from fake encounter. Whoever has commented so far regarding the incident on this website may belong to families of those corrupted politician, govt official who live in secure area and cannot see the value of a poor, common man living in Manipur. It will not be wrong to say that they are supporter of O Ibobi led govt, pray him as a God but does not know who he is. In the present situation of Manipur, the very topic we can discuss about is how to ensure a secure life for all people and we can ignore almost everything because nothing is require if your life is in danger, can be killed anytime. In this case, students organization's opinion of 'right to life is more important than right education is justified. Today's class boycott is also a weapon to protect our commenter from fake encounter and being killed when they landed in Manipur. So I dont think student organisation will call off class boycott call until Govt act. Govt should be blamed for present chaos in Manipur.


Fake encounter and extortion

[ Tue, Dec 01, 2009 6:00 am ]

Two things don't want by the common people of Manipur, that are Fake encounter and extortion . Anybody want to work for developed Manipur should solved this two problems first then rest will take care by it's won.


Defamed the state of Manipur

[ Mon, Nov 30, 2009 3:59 am ]

I thought you people are highly educated but I found is that you people are the most uneducated people in this scenario, though you people have gathered and formed a student union to provide proper education to our people of Manipur, but today you are the one who have defamed the state of Manipur by boycotting the schools and colleges where we get proper education to enlighten our future. Why you people dont respect the education thats why today you have compare you political thought with the life of the student, coz you people have lack behind the education and try to show your power by bocotting the classes and burnt down the instituition . any way keep it up so that our state Manipur will develop very soon .

Dr. Bikar

Manipur is always opposing infrastructure development

[ Thu, November 26, 2009 10:03 am ]

For any society/ country/ state to develop one of the most important ingredient is "Infrastructure". Development of infrastructue takes time; it can not be done overnight. India today is shinning of infrastructrue developed during Nehru's era. But we in Manipur are always opposing infrastructrue development on one pretext or the other. Instead of trying to find fault in infrastructre developmets planned by centre its right time for us tostart giving constructive suggestions. Regards

Taibangmee Ama

Ban on developmental works

[ Thu, Nov 26, 2009 3:31 am ]

One needs to understand who these students' bodies are to ban developmental works? Were these students organizations formed on the lines of Taliban that they are dictating terms in a democratic country? Is it the reign of terror in our state. Thank God, they have not banned breathing. Do they want us to return to the prehistoric times? First they banned education, now they are trying to ban developmental works. We lack in so many things. Proper roads, water and electricity are some of the basic things worth mentioning. If you agitate for these things you will be appreciated. These students bodies need to go outside the state of Manipur and find out where we stand in comparison to the other states in development. Simply Shutup!!


Govt is trying their best level

[ Wed, Nov 25, 2009 7:32 am ]

The situation in manipur after the contoversial fake encounter episode is gruesome. curfew was imposed about 1 month. Then from 9 september all educational institutions were closed down because of the class boycott called by some students' organisation. But some other group are against the class boycott. Even the govt is trying their best level to ensure free n fair education but they are unable to get 100% result. Still there is apprehension amongst the minds of the students and their parents & guardians. The attendence of the students is very very less. Class boycott is mainly imposed in imphal valley, but in the hill districts there is no effect of class boycott. I came to know that final exam of this year session of schools in the hill districts have already started.from this point, I believe that there will be a conflict situation among the hill n valley. Some days back i found in a local newspaper that the ATSUM wants a separate board n council for hill district. they are demanding it bcoz of valid reason. The govt has to take some stern decision to tackle the situation otherwise we will be nowwhere.


What is your vision of Manipur

[ Tue, Nov 24, 2009 1:55 pm ]

This letter is not to suppress the thoughts of the people who are on different lines of thoughts regarding the boycott of classes. Let us think and discuss towards peace and growth. It is never wrong to assume that education is the greatest tool to fight any evil in any society. If today the people of Manipur are not united, it is because they are ignorant about the historical developments of the State and thus fail to value the history of the State. If we continue to deprive our younger generations from their right to education we are in fact, depriving our own right to life. what is the credibility of the nation with a certainty in the fragility of its pillars of destiny? With what are we expecting our younger generation to fight for peace? are we not suppose to ensure their efficient education so that they inherit a more civilized and a united society? do you ever realize that one of the reasons for the perpetual misery of our State is because of brain drain? Can you see a Manipur with all the educated people coming together to make a collective effort to give her motherland peace and harmony. Will you handover your State Manipur to scum of uneducated and corrupt politicians whose children are outside Manipur and therefore do not care at all whether the children or youths in the State are receiving proper education or are affected by strikes/ bandhs? put yourself in the place of the students and try to see yourself five years down the line. Do you see any place fro yourself in the society. You might not be in a position even to construct a toilet for yourself. what will be the credibility and the authenticity of your effort before the world? with boycott of classes we are now heading towards unemployability and severe clash of civilisation. Inefficient education is no education. Education is the only eternal light that can dispel darkness for good.

Samson Kamei

Suggest some other mode of agitation

[ Sun, Nov 22, 2009 3:18 am ]

My dear DESAM, I am not wise man like you people. I am a common man and simple Manipuri. I appreciate your view and argument form my heart and soul that education is very much important in today's modern civilization. However, on other hand, right to life and liberty is the basic human right without this no life I mean no meaningful life. So, please suggest some other mode of agitation or movement if you people thought of against the wicket uncivilized puppet governemnt for getting our meaningful rights and liberty.


2 forms of agitations

[ Sun, Nov 22, 2009 3:18 am ]

There are two forms of agitation: 1. Agitation which gives inconvenience to the people but not to the agitators. 2. Agitation which does not give inconvenience to the people but is inconvenient to the agitator 1. Agitation which gives inconvenience to the people but is convenient to the agitators. This agitation includes bandh, blockade and boycott. This type of agitation earns only the wrath and curse of the people but no admiration and respect for their action. 2. Agitation which does not give inconvenience to the people but is inconvenient to the agitator. This type of education includes Hunger Strike, Wearing badges etc or in short the one our Irom Sharmilla has adopted. This type of agitation gets no admiration and respect for their action. It is very easy to call an agitation but it is very difficult to end it.


Who is killing more people

[ Sun, Nov 22, 2009 3:02 am ]

It is really disgusting to read the statement by the agitating bodies about the boycott. Words like "the class boycott movement for some period cannot jeopardize the career of students." were used. By boycotting the educational institutions these agitators are killing more people than what the security forces have allegedly killed till now. They are messing with the future of students and their parents and the state of Manipur We would suggest these students' bodies to at least talk with one of the school going students how frustrated he is. Or randomly pick a group of people and try seeking their opinion, 99.9% of the group thus picked, would say a BIG NO to your agitation. It is the imperative duty of every parent to give their children proper education and it is equally important for the students to get education rather than obstructing it. So people appreciate the statement of Haobijam Kulla and Ch Ashok Sharma People have started to ask to whom these agitators owe their allegiance? Should not it be to the people? If it is, why are they acting against the peoples' wishes? Please go through mails sent by E-pao readers and try to find out a mail sent in support of your agitation. But having said these things we still support their purpose of agitation. The only problem is the way of agitation they have adopted. But the main culprit of all these things is the Chief Minister O.Ibobi who has totally failed as the leader of the people. Probably he has forgotten the oaths he took while becoming the Chief Minister.

Yoihenba Meitei

A state in an eminent catastrophe

[ Thu, Nov 19, 2009 5:17 am ]

�I am deeply committed to the cause of education and would like to see every person, man and woman, boy and girl, be touched by the light of modern education. Empowerment of women is particularly important to me as I believe this leads to the empowerment of the nation" - Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India

The above mentioned statement was taken out from the website of Our Honorable President of India. But, unfortunately, a part of the republic of India has been deprived of education for more than three months.

Dear Editor, This mail is intended to save a state from an eminent catastrophe . All the educational institutions have been boycotted for the last three months by so called student bodies namely AMSU, MSF and KSU in protest against the alleged fake encounter on July 23 at Imphal where two persons died. This is a fall out of the exposure by Tehelka.

With the academic calendar coming to an end and exams knocking the door no student has been allowed to go to schools for close to three months. With the government doing nothing, a generation of students have been deprived of valuable education to equip themselves with knowledge to face the challenges of life. The future of the students of Manipur is heading nowhere.

This so called student bodies have been obstructing people to exercise their fundamental right Cultural and Educational Right guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. But the irony is the government of Manipur headed by the deaf Chief Minister Shri .O. Ibobi Singh is silent even though fundamental right is being openly obstructed. I would like to draw your attention to bring it to the notice of the Nation through your esteemed channel and do your bit in saving a state and a generation of people.

You were there when we needed you with the programme like True Lies in Manipur. One thing that has been observed is that national media is very silent on this issue when we expected a lot from it. Is it Manipur is in the farthest corner of India. Please cover it in your esteemed media and try to redeem something from the ongoing stalemate between the state govt. and agitators for the betterment of the state. The people of Manipur will be grateful to you forever.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are not happy with this strike and inaction of the govt. but they are helpless.

Aryan Meitei - A frustrated Manipuri

Invitation to the agitators for an Open debate

[ Thu, Nov 19, 2009 4:40 am ]

Through your esteemed website I would like to invite the agitators for an open debate on their agitation of boycotting educatonal institutions and its justification. Repond through e-pao if any of the agitators is reading this mail. Thanks.

Kh. Meitei - khumangamba(at)yahoo(dot)com

"land of lacks"

[ Wed, Nov 18, 2009 11:54 am ]

As a Manipuri, I would like to say something about our future of Manipur. Due to over bad situation in Manipur ie, bandh, strike, brutal killings moreover school, colleges even home tuition were also closed. As we are following these kind of situation since 2 decades, now we are completely habituate about the situation. So no one cares about it. No one thinks about the eradication of such things. So our Manipur will be a deserted state soon, as no education, no resource to think and to live. So in this regard, I would like to appeal my people to awake and do something for our coming future. "our land of gold" is becoming "land of lacks"

Anil Naorem

We are not doing anything

[ Tue, Nov 17, 2009 9:16 am ]

Closing Of Schools In Imphal Valley - Why are we allowing to be hostage to some unscruplus selfish people who claims to represent the people. They have gone beyond all limits. They are not allowing our children to study and we can do nothing about it. In fact we are not doing anything to prevent them. We are so weak. Children are the future of any society- without education they will become like these unscruplus idiots. we must resist these people from controling our life. Who has allowed them to speak or act on our behalf?


Is it for the better or for the worse?

[ Tue, Nov 10, 2009 1:28 am ]

Its going to be three months since classes are being boycotted by some organizations (I m not naming anyone, because there are plenty of them in Manipur and I am sometime confused which one is which). The question here is "Is it for the better or for the worse?" Who are they kidding with? Is it what the people want? Giving treats and controlling the mass! Counter allegations to peoples who want to continue with education. What is the gain of depriving many young students of education? Some handful of people forming an organization and terrorizing the people is what they are doing, aren't they? How are they any better from the existing government representatives against whom they are agitating?

Indeed Manipur is in chaos and a failed state, nothing function properly here, neither the government nor the commoners. They don't understand the need of the common people, and to make matter worse are not trying to reach the common people. The peoples are also no better, right now in this situation, they will be blaming all the ministers for all the problems, but during election, they will elect the same ministers back to power!

Something is really wrong! What it is? We need to think and act very cautiously and to bring a solution. I for instance am saying all this things, because it is really easy to write, but will I be willing to risk, and send my peers to schools against all this threats and take the initiative; the answer is "NO"! But why! We ourselves are making a mockery of the term DEMOCRACY.

Funnily enough, let's see, are there really any STUDENT in such student organizations that are breeding almost everyday! I guess very less! One of my friend very correctly commented (though as a joke) that they are not student bodies but business establishments. One is compelled to wonder is it really true, because it sounds like the truth given the present condition?

Ramesh Laishram - IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand

The Irony In Manipur-III

[ Tue, Nov 10, 2009 1:28 am ]

Here we go again into another problem. The real issue is lost now....wasn't this about the unfortunate July 23rd incident. Well I think I have forgotten that, not because I have a poor memory or not concerned about it but how the focus has changed from that unfortunate incident to the one we are pushing ourselves into. Please be advised that there is no way we are going to make our dear Chief Minister realize that as a human being he should feel what the people are going through or that he should have some self respect. It's something he never had and never will. He will never move unless his own space of comfort is affected. I am sure either none of his children goes to school or that they are studying outside the state which of course will be the case. He will never understand the value of education or sentiments of the people. Why is it so hard for people to realize this? What I am trying to say is whatever forms of protest any individual or organization wants to adopt please make sure our fellow Manipuris don't suffer more as they have been suffering so much already. Please direct your agitation towards those persons who are responsible and get the people's support in return. O.Ibobi is very happy, now that the fight is amongst the various organisations and he must be laughing out loud at everyone saying, "Look at these fools!".

Unforgiven Soul

Worst villians in the history of Manipur

[ Sat, Nov 07, 2009 8:45 am ]

It is really a matter of shame that the Chief Minister of Manipur Mr. O Ibobi Singh is still unmoved by the fact that because of him a generation of people has been deprived of valuable education. It is also a shame that AMSU whom we revered a lot till recently has called such a strike. But today, we openly admit that we have lost all the respect that we had towards AMSU. No human being is greater than a generation of people. No organization can be greater than a generation's right to education. AMSU is openly obstructing interfering one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by Indian constitution i.e. Cultural and educational rights and Ibobi has clearly failed to guarantee the fundamental right. And the irony is that so many social and human rights organizations are silent on this issue. And so called law enforcers have a blind eye on it. No doubt we are on the way towards the catastrophe. ,

Yoihenba - Imphal,Manipur

Boycotting will not commensurate Ibobi's mis-governance

[ Thu, Nov 05, 2009 2:51 am ]

When education is the foundation of every society, and children's are considered to be the child of God and the future of the society, why should we catch them young and drag into this bottomless pit of upheaval and viciousness in the state of Manipur. I understand the sufferings of the people inflicted by mis-governance, shameless corruption and the various ethnic base movements, vested political outcry and militancy in our state. The Absence of good sense, belongingness and lack of accountability in official duties or any activities among the state machineries, civil societies and leaders is the most important challenges that every manipuris ought to fight against collectively irrespective of tribes, region and vested political ambitions rather than blaming and counter blaming one another.

Whatsoever situation we may land, the academic career of the student should be protected and if needed, we ought to surrender our opinions or strategies if it is going to affect the delicate thinking's of our children. Children's are the hope of the present and the future of the society, and the behavior of every child symbolize the background of their brought-ups. Should we encourage our children to follow our footsteps and indulge exactly in the same manner that we are doing today? Or should we train them to become responsible citizens and better leaders in the future?

The alleged mis-governance of Mr O Ibobi Singh and his few conduits will not in any way commensurate the damage cause to the society and the thousands of students by boycotting classes in the school. Mr Ibobi Singh can be easily removed or change in a democratic manner without resorting to this extreme method if the people have the genuine determination to do so without vested interest or political vendetta. I am sure the high command of the Congress Party will not allow the people to suffer under their government if the matter is represented well. Many a time, several organizations came to Delhi to raise their voice against the misrules of Mr Ibobi singh and his conduits but gradually disappear after sometime thereby, creating confusion to the common people which might also be the same to the party high command.

I therefore appeal to all the students' organizations to review the decision to boycott classes and resort to a democratic means to fight against the misrule of Mr Ibobi Singh. Moreover, being a student organization, it is important to keep away from temporary politics and maintain a lasting academic atmosphere in the activities. Student organization can also play a role in ascertaining whether Mr O Ibobi Singh is solely responsible and other political parties and the civil societies etc are not in any way related for the pitiable state of affairs in the state of Manipur in a just and fair manner.

K. Zou - (Advocate & Social Activist)

High 5 to DESAM

[ Wed, Nov 04, 2009 6:49 pm ]

High 5 to DESAM . But where were you guys so long. At least some words of wisdom has poured out from you guys, though the people of the state has no trust to you all either!!!!! Enough damage has been caused and there were nobody to shut the mouth of those pseudo nationalists /ultra chauvnists, trying to earn some cheap publicity out of inordinate/incongruous equations. But the work is stil not done, stay still and see how the masses stand by you, just for the sake of saving the career of a generation. If the traitors are still not convinced , there will be no stoping for the eager public to take on all these odd elements (the pet government or the organisations ). The final verdict will come to their way sooner or later. For time being, lets pray for our young childrens; at least let us try to force open their eyes to the world of education after being closed so long by these @@##$%^ elements !!!!!!

Khadijan Ansari

laida duk thabadouna mee 5/6 katli

[ Mon, Nov 02, 2009 10:43 am ]

eikhoi manipurda pokluba mee pumkhuding maksibu sha nga oina urabajatla. karino nongmagi mee si hattrabadi leiba heitrabajatla eikhoibu ngakpi senbiriba sing asina.mee gi leibak tana yamna peaceful oina chaokhatpagi lambida lamjel tanari aduga eikhoigi leibak asidana nongmagi laida duk thabadouna mee 5/6 katli. eikhoi manipurisingna masi yamna munnna khanduna athubada karigumba khongthang ama loukhathoudragadi amadi eigi yumdabu thoktrabadi loire haiduna asumna yengduna leikhisira eikhoi? eisu eigi thokpa meesu mi gi thokpa leinaradi karamna eikhoigi leipak asida peace haibadu lakkani aduna eikhoi yamna munna khanthaduna eikhoigi ichil enao sing asi kalhousi.


CM should not be victimized alone

[ Mon, Nov 02, 2009 1:29 pm ]

Manipur is a nest for people to experiment. Bring in all materials when the flock agrees and you can experiment even if it is hurting the growing ones. Babina has a very strong and valid point when she says all organisations adopting and supporting the blockage of Educational Institutes as being dictators. Organisations known for strikes and public disturbance without having any other known and better methods to combat social and governmental errors needs to introspect further. I appreciate every point Babina has put forward, but the line "why don't they shoot the CM does not sound peaceful to me." Any Organizations whether overground or underground does not have the right to shoot a man under any circumstances as we don't live anymore under the guidance of Barbaric Laws. I feel CM should not be victimized alone. Many of us or for that matter all of us one way or the other have contributed to the demise and slowdown of Manipur. It is time to think within ourselves because we ourselves might be responsible for the present conflicts.

Louno Spencer

Other ways of protest?

[ Mon, Nov 02, 2009 10:11 am ]

Its really good to know that someone has the courage to speak so frankly about the situation in Manipur right now. Babina's comments are extremely encouraging, though one can see from her writing the fear one has against "the invisible forces". Its the students life which is affected by all the unrest and protest in Manipur. The government is, as always, blind, but then our brother revolutionaries who are there for the betterment of the people has no clue. But then are this people a citizen of other state or country? Why are you always against your own people, your own brothers? In such a situation, its the people who has awake from such situation. There should be other ways of protest with no effect on students life. Ever wonder why, most of students study outside manipur. Why? Why is education system deteriorating in the state? Do the mothers like to send their sons/daughter away for study? All people in Manipur needs to wake up...Please wake up!!!

Ravi Gupta

If I were ....

[ Mon, Nov 02, 2009 8:22 am ]

"If I were the CM of Manipur I would have relinquished the Chair or would have crushed the Agitators to ensure education in Manipur".
Come on a chair cannot be more valuable than the future of a generation. "If I were the agitator I would not have called this strike on education". I would have opted for other means. Right to life is the most important thing but good education is a better way to bring and ensure right to life. Even in Trouble torn Afghanistan efforts were made to ensure education. Even God will be reluctant to have an eye on the state of affairs of Manipur.


Students - not a medium for protest

[ Mon, Nov 02, 2009 4:15 am ]

"Class boycott will do more harm to the state" by Babina Wahengbam is a very strong and meaningful article. I really appreciate author's point of view and wholeheartedly support her. I don't understand what is happening in our Sanaleibak, Manipur.... School and colleges are always closed and students are on street protesting. I have always these few questions in mind.
1. Why are student always used as a medium of protest? If you look back in the history or so call social revolt, educational institution is never used a medium of protest? What is happening to our State is young mind are pulled down to street to participate in some rally or protest; while they should be sitting in the class room and performing some chemistry experiment or solving some arithmetic or trigonometry problem. As a result of all these, 'Parent whether rich or poor, are forced to send their son and daughter outside the State for studies'. And whoever is left behind in the State; doesn't get quality education as there will be continuous curfew, protest and mass agitation. 'Just think about the amount of money, which is going out of the state, every month to students staying outside the state. In the beginning of every month, there will be a long queue in front of SBI bank, for sending money to the dear one staying far away from them. In this way a major chunk of the salary are disposed outside the State. It's a big lost to our State's economy'. As these young mind are not getting the proper guidance of their parent, they sometime tend to get caught up with bad habits and social evils like drugs, smoke, late night parties etc. Now, who are to be blamed?
2. Why is this class boycott happening only in Imphal district? If they (whoever is organizing this boycott) boycotting the classes, it should be for the whole state. For Instance, schools are opened in Kakching district. Mass agitation and protest should be done for a social cause, for the well being and development of the Sanaleibak, Manipur but not at the cause of thousands of student. A serious though should be given before it's too late.

Robert Sharma

A reply to all the topics happening in Manipur

[ Fri, Oct 30, 2009 11:10 am ]

Its very depressing to learn that students in manipur are deprived of education despite so many holidays and festivals. the state has so many public bandhs, curfews, economic blockade...and so on. there is always a way to stop work, you name it and there you have a new name for public protests be it bandh or economic blockade. this is how the people in manipur think of them self. but then, dont the people of manipur think about the economy of the state, what will happen if you people do not work for the progress of the state. Why are the people always in favour of bandhs and blockades? and this goes for the people who are managing the state, the MLAs and Ministers!!! Are this people not a Manipuri citizen, why dont you people just come up together and work? why are everyone thinking of their own good? why are the people so selfish? Thats not all, i feel that the students do not like to get education or go to colleges or schools. Do they think that going to school or college is just a way of their life? Its just like a routine. Why should they participate in protest? Do they have anything to do with it? Is their job not to get good education and get good jobs and do good for the state? Have you ever seen how many students from manipur studying outside the state, get a decent job? how much percentage? I have seen almost all my friends completing their college in good courses but then they go back home, and do what? what you get outside our state, you cant get in manipur, because their is no progress in the economy, and the government is not interested in providing oppurtunities to state with people of such "MINDSET". People in Mannipur do not jobs but they spend more than what they get paid. This is the fact and this has been going on for generation. I am citizen of Manipur, I see all this but I cant say all this openly, Why? Everyone Knows why we cannot speak openly? I dont know how can we change our mindset, its almost to difficult. There are so many hidden and unknown forces which are impossible to get through, but it will only change if the people are brave enough.

There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves, what are we doing for ourselves, what are we doing for others, and what are we doign for the state? Why should our children go out to learn, get education outside the state? Do the mothers like to stay away from their child? My mother dont, she cries every time i talk to her on phone, and we get to see each other once a year, for just a month, Why should the state lack in so many things that the children have to stay away from their mothers? Please people of manipur; wake up!!! You are fighting with your own people, own brothers and for what? Armed forces killed people, leaglly!!!! other forces killed people killed people, illegally!!!! but what difference does it make, we are killing each other, you are killing some americans or japanese, wake up people its your own people, your own brothers..... This a reply to all the topics which are happening in Manipur. Sana Leibak Manipur, but where is the "sana", its only blood now!!!

Ravi Gupta

Leave us alone

[ Fri, Oct 30, 2009 10:43 am ]

I live outside Manipur. And the news online about Imphal is always a state of confusion. Killings seems to be the latest trend today and not to mention, glorious extortions and a free happy hour of getting free grenades and bullets, and if you are lucky enough, you get to live another day and the trend goes on and on. Sounds like the life in the lands of Somalia. But we should not confuse actions with deaths. Should we blame the state forces or the terrorists or the ruling Sarkar or why not just blame ourselves? Our parents work hard to give their childrens education and we are not getting it. Right!! Who gives a damn about it? The CM of this glorious land is the 'Biggest Terrorist' of all. He is dumb that knows only the supply of money from the central govt. The rest of the MLA's are the scavengers and hell, may they rot alive. God bless.......... State commandos are addicted to narcotic drugs and money. The armed groups are the solution and they are the backbone of all this activities. Don't carry cash too much while staying outta home. You can get gunned down in an encounter. Don't protest against the terrorists, you will get a free bullet. Is this the lives that we have wanted for ourselves? What is wrong? Is the system failing? NGO's are a pain in the ass(not all), I mean AMADA, CADA...and the list is on; all working for their personal benefits and on their own terms. Why don't they stay at home and take care of their parents and siblings and leave the society alone? Drug abuse is not good and I standby against it. But we do have correction facilities for the addicts and we can find a lot of people cured. Amen. We only need one organisation for all this activities just like one government. Unity is the keyword. Bombing innocent civilians, threatening them for extortion, kidnapping their family and kins', does this justify a freedom fighting act? What is that you people want to establish? More death's and the life in HELL. Our parents are the most religious ones in this world and God fearing because they pray for our safety 24/7, every second, so that their children's can live a normal and a secured, protected life. But their wishes are not answered, people still die unnaturally, untimely. The war is on ourselves dear friends, the test is over. What can we do, what can a commoner like me, do? Except to rot in this hell of a life. Please leave us alone. We are better with you off from our paths. I don't want my children's too to witness this destruction and suffer as we did. The bottom line is to kill or be killed.

desire kmd

"Huranbagi tarani mapugi nongma"

[ Fri, Oct 30, 2009 9:29 am ]

July 23 gi thoudok yamna laibak thibani aduga Manipur police commando shingi "Huranbagi tarani mapugi nongma" haibaduni haibashi miyamna khangbiyu. Manipur commando shingna hatliba Manipur praja miyamshi pharaga hatpa ngaktani haibashi miyamna khangnaraba waphamni. Manipur police commando shingdi commando gi wahanthok khangdraba commando amani makhoina heiribadi mi-ngondagi huranba, peisha munba, micham hatlaga gallantry award phangba commando shingi haibashi mipum khudingmakna khangnaraba waphamni. Handakki toudok ashi commando shingna ahanbada Rabina bu arappa amadagi Rifle na nongmei kapada shibani aduga mi-oi manga (5) adushu police commando shingna kappada shokpani. Nupi ama shikhiba amashung mi-oi manga (5) na shokhankhiba adugi drama adu karamna khupshinshige khanbada Sanjit pu Balligi hameng tahanbani haibashi praja miyamna khangnaraba waphamni. Manipur police commando shingee ka henba mangak kanba thou-ong ashi praja miyamna amuktangdi mangak adu leithekpa ngamba oihallashi handikki thoudok ashina. Akiba leitana amata oina angamba thakta khongjang changshinminashi.

Sana Konung

To all student union of Manipur

[ Fri, Oct 30, 2009 5:47 am ]

What a great achievement you people have brought to our state Manipur , have u ever realised......
1) Do you ever know what is all about education ? 2) Are you a student or a politician ? 3) What is the point to shut the school and college premises to step down the CM of manipur ? 4) Why the student union are involve in money matter since there school life ? 5) Do you ever think of any union or a forum or club of student which is helpful to our student but you people take advantage and pull them out from the class where they learn and earn there knowledge to serve better for our state ? 6) And those who are fighting for leadership within the student how educate you people are ? 7) Why student union mixed up with the militants of manipur ? Lastly i would like to tell you is that fight for your right in such a manner that it doesn't effect our student career or form a group of union for the welfare of our state. looking forwards for your reply to all the student union of Manipur !!!!!!!!!

Dr. Yumkhaibam Bikar - USA

Manipur is losing the battle

[ Tue, Oct 20, 2009 8:23 am ]

Greetings to my fellow people. Life is busy as usual, I believe, with all the bandhs, strikes, boycott, killings. And what is it with this love for general strikes, and now, academic closure. Manipur is losing the battle , and the funny thing is that there is no fighting at all. Its one sided.


Defeat CM in next election

[ Tue, Oct 20, 2009 5:30 am ]

If we really want to change the present CM, there is only one way. That way is , we can defeat him in the next general election. The political way is to dethrone him by the sixty MLAs or by the central government. That way is cleverly controlled by Ibobi now by his money from commission system. But the present way followed by Apunba Lup and Student organizations is totally wrong and this is more dangerous than Ibobi. The unfortunate thing is that they can not be reasoned (nungda e-sing chaiba) and educated. In the first way, Ibobi & Co. can't play with us provided we are ready for it. Here also the unfortunate thing is that majority of our people is morally corrupted. In the time of election, for that chaklem, yurem, jwar sanaba, easy money, we easily sell our political right to dirty politician. This is the mother of all corruptions.


Award for Tolerence

[ Mon, Oct 19, 2009 5:08 am ]

There is no doubt that the condition of Manipur is not in good terms. The best part is Closing the Schools, I think all the people who have suggested to Close the Schools are the most intelligent people in the world they should be award Nobel prize for peace. Why? Becuase kids love to do nothing at home, lovers can go out and have good dates...ohhh yes also All Teachers will get salary free with no effort. So what if the kids will be wasting their time and spoil their career .. there is always the option of begging lakhs of Rupees from every rich person in Manipur. WOW! what a easy way of earning money. Well we all Love our Motherland so much that ...the Economy system will be Zero. ohhh Great! We are producing nothing but silence from everyones mouth and tolerance. We should get award for Tolerence....


tungge manipur gi assa de udre

[ Sat, Oct 17, 2009 2:19 am ]

houjik crime, erang, thokesi eikhoi manipur dana mahelle. atoppa lamdasu thoke ake ake ba mayam amma ado eikhoi gesi na khit henmall lamalle. emung amada mama, mapa gyan tdaba emung du da macha sing gyan tahann bada adum wana thokkane. eikhoi ge mapi mapa oireba singse huranbage maong da loina leire. houjik manipur s se phajare lairik su tamdre, bann, blockket ngakta. karamba ba rang bu hanna loisandoino. mangjari sina kanna da? praja da khaktane. madudasu sattrana eoikhoina e henhenna mangjareba. houjik leireba fibamsida tungge manipur gi assa de udre. leire ba echin enou mayam toongan toongan loina chakhra banena emung nungngaina panba haibado kamaina oidoino.

Khaba Khuman

Stage protest against all black lambs

[ Fri, Oct 16, 2009 2:52 pm ]

The chauvnists of our state , those who are attempting to ruin and wipe out the future of a generation , must come out clear , if they would follow the same steps they have taken up " Boycotting of class, jeopardizing the life of our budding, ignorant students" , in case of the unlawful underground activists subjugating the life of innocent citizens , killing innocent people for not adhering to their self imposed rule; not paying up their forged extortions and any cases attempting to jeopardize our right to live freely ? Would you all come out to close down the educational educations for unlimited days untill and unless they stop roping away the basic right to live , earn and move freely? If you all have that spirit , why wont the masses follow you. Why the hell do you all keep mump when they kill few IRB personals mistaking them as Indian armies. Are they not son of this soil , dont they have a right to live? How about the unrestrained culture of extortions and financial demands by which they have injected terror in the minds of the masses . Do you all have a butt to bear all these for a day , protesting agaisnt them . If the state has to grow , if we really want freedom from all odds , why flag a protest agaisnt a particular blot only. Come out clear without any hidden interest behind the screen . People will lay down all for you! No institution in the state, constitutional/legal or illegal runs appropriately . Stage protest against all black lambs .

Khadijan Ansari

news followup and media attitude

[ Wed, Oct 14, 2009 10:33 pm ]

Public do have short memory or is it that we tend to forget what we want to forget. But is selfless, hueless, usually unaffected by narrow views of the affluent society. But whatever have happened to educationist, economist prof. islamudin's assassination. What happened to the IRB jawan who had confessed in this case. Would media attitude have been different had it not been islamudin but rather toma singh or chaob singh.


Aren't we responsible for the downfall of our state

[ Sun, Oct 11, 2009 3:57 am ]

We often talk of corruption and crimes in our society without analysing the scenario from any angle.well,to the best of my mind and conscience, I would like to conclude that "we the people of manipur are solely and only responsible for evrything what we are seeing today". Let me begin with the corruption.....yes there is rampant corruption in our society and it is impossible to uproot until we mend ourselves before blaming the higher officials and ministers.this is very disgusting to say but the fact is that we only go behind all these beaurocrats with bag full of money to get the job.and thanks to the ever ready hands of many leaders that they accept it without any hesitation. the situation is so bad that these days people take pride in giving bribe and showing their links.

Now, just imagine a higher official with a dedicated and ideolistic mind working in any departments. Despite his sacrifice it doesn't matter to most of the insurgent groups,except 1 or 2...and they compel him to pay the taxes or demand imposed by them. If,however only one group of insurgents are existing, he can meet from his own pocket. But in the present time there are about 25 groups existing in imphal with around 17 KCP groups. Helpless with the threat and torture he starts using the government money(public property) and finally begins his new vogage of tasting illegal money. I know there are very few people of the above mentioned qualities, but they do exist. see,insurgents are also our in what way we have tried them to come to normal path. Let us now begin the mass protest of first changing ourselves and prevent crime in the near future.

dr pame_jit

We want Peace

[ Sat, Oct 10, 2009 1:41 pm ]

"Do not ask what country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"
In the current situation of Manipur, no one can live freely. Our Manipur become hell because of politician and different revolutionary properties. They have imposed different rules or policies to us. We can't say or raise anything against their bloody rules. They don\'t understand the meaning of development. It has been around 30 years, we are living in the HELL. I think it is right time to raise our hands against their extortion. There are to many organizations in your state. They don't focus on society development and they do nothing. Manipur become killing field of India. Everyday we heard news for kidnapping or killing. Is there any way to stop this? Change without development is useless. We want PEACE. NO MORE.....Extortion


Why everyone is not raising a collective voice

[ Fri, Oct 09, 2009 9:30 am ]

We the people of manipur are used to day-to-day violence & unlawful activities. I as a woman ready to take any initiative to bring any change in the system. Tiny organisations who does not represent the whole State or atleast a district are banning schools, blocking roads, warning people, closing shops in short any thing comes on their way to demant fulfillment. What kind of demand they are making on the risk of people's livelihood. what will be the result of banning the schools. Students are agitating, closing their schools. What they have learnt? what will be the future of our children. Parents are planning to send their kids from this hell whether they can manage the expenditure or not. So many bright students already outside the state. Our representative MLAs are more deaf & dumb. what they should do is being done by the students. What is the use of keeping these dogs who barks only when the election nears. We should collectively something for the change before its comes to a war like state.

Shila Sukham

Get up! Wake up!

[ Wed, Oct 07, 2009 8:27 pm ]

Is there any one in our state who would care to free our young budding students from the viscious circle of impairment of their basic "right to study" by the ongoing unreasonable, stereotyped, custom moulded, deteriorating chaos persisting in our state? Join your hands with the small pocket of parents and guardians who have started exposing their worries, showing off the pangs being imparted by the persistant chaos. Ukhrul da mamit pangkhre, keidourige tamgi leibakningbasa? Emungda khatnabagi band touba leplo. Esagi oijaba kharagi leibak manghanba toklo. Esa mngbada mi mangnaba sillnu wo.
Get up !


AMSU - Go n sleep at home

[ Wed, Oct 07, 2009 6:54 am ]

Tell me frankly, who are these AMSU, MSF, and KASA. Are they some sort of Talibans, headless chickens, useless morons, antisocial animals, criminals, ferrocious bastards, who are a burden to the earth? Once I become a higher authority person i will make sure , this organizations be banned and eliminated by any means. You know what its becoming out of control for me. I cant bear it any more. My plans are on the making and you wouldnt even realized when it has strucked them. I will make this anti-social animals vanished just like that. Education is a fundamental right to every one irrespective of which country or planet they belong. Educated people will always make a developed country. Education gives you knowledge, a knowledge which makes you understand what is wrong what is right. Then you will always dreamed of doing something good for the society, atleast for your loved ones. Even if you cant do anything you will never do anything that is wrong, that is harmful to the society. Its a simple thing, no wrong doing means the others who can do some gud things will make your society more developed more happy. I m a student of DM College Imphal. Right now Im working in delhi. It realy kills me when I heard about such idiotic things going on in my state. Right now i m working for my country as a whole but definitely I will come to my state very soon. When i was a student i have seen that AMSU office in our college campus. There used to be some serious looking fellows in their office. We always had this hatred or say some sort of a feeling against those fellows. We never wanted to get close to them. We always use to make a safe distance from them. I m talking about a common thinking among the students. I m not talking only about myself. I wonder how many of those AMSU people are supporting their families in today's date. oh, this people will say we are sacrificing our own happiness for the sake of society. As a famous manipuri saying, " Nasumang sittana misumang sitlunu". this people can only create menace to the society. I would rather want them go back and sleep at home. plz do not create any disturbances and emergencies. let our society live cooly even if no progress as of now but please no violence or antisocial happenings. let our children grow up as a normal human being. do not scare them or in the next generations to come they will become psychologically disturbed or maybe some psycopaths also. and you very weel understand what will happen next in such cases. please donot do anything bad even if u are not able to do anything gud. Go n sleep at home.


People dont think about it

[ Mon, Oct 05, 2009 11:20 am ]

If people goes on doing like this then someday there wont be any manipur left.. the pace with which the world goes is very fast and we have to follow accordingly in the right direction.. I don't think people think about it.. it's a shame talking about these stuffs.. God knows what will be the future of "Manipur"

Ehei Th

Why jeopardised innocent students

[ Mon, Oct 05, 2009 11:05 am ]

Its time that all Manipuris should do a serious re-introspection within ourselves whether we are serious enough to "Save Manipur". Logically speaking whatever problems Manipur is facing is our own making. The current turmoil where innocent students who don't even have a mandate in forming Government are made a scrap goat by some intimating unlawfull organisations like AMSU, MSF and so forth. We are the only losers at the very end. I myself have lost 2 of my precious years due to academic failure and am not able to regain the lost time. Government is purely democratic process and if the people don't want the present government than the people collectively through their respective representatives can pulled down the Government over night Ibobi is not self made and HE alone is not Government We are the government and we can pull him down. Why jeopardised innocent students and their career. An uneducated youth will in future create more problem for the state. Like an illiterate Ibobi , the next leader might be deprived KID that we have made. Think About It and let stop dictating on others life and be more Democratic.


Easiest way to get a police medal

[ Tue, Sep 29, 2009 8:01 am ]

On the occasion of Independence Day 2009, 11 police personnel were selected for President's Police Medal for Gallantry. Manipur swept the Police Medals for Gallantry this year by bagging 74 medals out of 212 medals. What an achievement. Unfortunately the people of the state are not rejoicing. I am so embarassed with this achievement. How can I tell others that the same brave people are known as killer Commandos or killers in uniform. These brave men are habitual fake encounter specialist. The UG are roaming with weapons and demanding money from poor civilians who are shot dead if they do not meet their demand. Everyday innocent young men are butchered by these commandos in fake encounter while the real underground elements are roaming free. The commandos should stop killing innocent people and its time they go after the real terrorist. Shame on these commandos. They have no problem killing innocent people in cold blood and its become the easiest way to get a police medal. This is so shamefull.


Good Luck Ibobi..

[ Fri, Sep 25, 2009 11:21 pm ]

Ho Ojha Ibobi, CM Babu!!!!!!! amatta khangdrabajaro???? Praja mayamna mashida eerise amuktadi poudana..Paba heite heiragana ojhagi leibiriba PA do adubu pahullaga artha hunthokpashu yabane....

It has been a big mistake to let you become our CM. How about Karma? Have you heard of it or, do you atleast know what it is? If not, then it is high time you should......... The mess that you have brought upon your own people, well known 15% commission for every brokerage (esp. from corruption)that went into your bowel..etc....etc. Your PA or maibas/maibis of Thoubal should be able to help you with the rest....Good Luck Ibobi.....


Please think toghter "Future Of Manipur"

[ Fri, Sep 18, 2009 2:13 am ]

Hello everyone first of all a word to Imubi. No matter what we are , what we do and where we are our culture is inside us. I feel so bad when we hear the news from Manipur yes trouble occur in every place in the world but whats happening in Manipur hurts us. I also want to come back to Manipur. I was also living very happily with my family but some of our so call freedom fighter harass me for no reason so plan to stay outside my state and I am happy here living with aliens is more save and comfortable then with our own brother and sisters.But i feel why we ourself spoil our own home. Now all educational institutions are boycotted. Who is the loser? I don't think Ibobi or his children will not suffer and not even to the children of any MLA, Officers etc. their childrens are not in Manipur why don\'t we think of other civilians or own manipuri who can\'t effort this. Why can\'t we think in a very strategic way???

I am not against anyone but ofcourse against everyone who doesn't love our land. What is the root caused of all this happening in Manipur. Will U say because we are in India or is it Naharol ?? I have worked with Indian Ministries and top politicians, yes there is some feeling with them about us which I call it as ignorance in their part, which make me explain them the whole thing about us. And I always make our Manipur be known to everyone after all people who live in that place represent the identity of the place. Now we in Manipur everyone is facing problem in some or other ways do anyone think this give impact to people living outside Manipur??? Answer is big NO. Each and everyone have their own problem and who has time to listen or want to know others problem when they themself have problem. Our place is a heaven and once this problem is over we will face two consequences 1. Liberate from India, war , Utop Laan fight jointly every citizen of Manipur and face civil war but till then have to live life like this what is prevailling today. 2. Try to control ourself and develop ourself joining with India and get all the facilities of jobs, R&D, Exports, self sustenable works and live in peace we get finance from India and we enjoy no need to go outside Manipur and work . Naharol sing da su decide what you people want to do guide us we have enough lets end thinking about our kids who will be next representative of Manipur to the world. You decide what should we do we will follow we will also show everyone that not only Naharol love Manipur, we also love and everyone love Manipur. Lets talk in web platform if not openly. Do or Die and lets stop war of cowards aiming to Armies or police who feed their family with their salary. Please meet in Orkut community Sanaleibak Manipur to discuss about it.


Normalcy needed for development : Governor

[ Wed, Sep 16, 2009 1:00 am]

I want to ask a question to His Excellency the Governor of Manipur:what do you mean by normalcy? Is it the absence of public protest like the one going on??? If it is, then the His Excellency the Governor of Manipur are really mistaken. Please read why there was the public resentment??? The killing of people by security forces can be an example of normalcy??? First understand the situation of Manipur and please do the duty as His Excellency and not read on some written transcript trying to sound all good.


Response to the demand for PRESIDENT'S RULE in MANIPUR

[Sat, Sep 12, 2009 4:19 pm]

Militancy can never be solved unless the representatives of the people manage to establish a place in the heart of the people. Neither the government nor the militant are pro- people. High percentage of voting doesn't reflect the faith of the people in the government. It only reflects their frustration and ignorance. Electing the same kind of people who will suck their blood and who will drain the public exchequer is not an exhibition of faith as claimed by several News channels and political leaders. They must understand that people have no choice but to elect them.

President's Rule is not the solution for violence in Manipur. It is the sacrifice of the politicians, bureaucrats, State Forces and the common people that is the need of the hour. If all the Deputy Commissioners and the Superintendents of Police and the Politicians take a firm stand to "do or die" to salvage the State, I can assure the whole humanity in this Universe that Manipur would be the best place in the world within a year. Unfortunately, the Deputy Commissioners, SPs and the Politicians who were educated from the leading Universities in the world and who have had immense experiences of the outside world are among the spearheading corrupt entities. In fact, it is not impossible to find peace in Manipur. All the Indian Armies who have been thoughtlessly oppressing the people could be sent back within a year if only the people want to. Unfortunately, a man who cleared just NDA/ CDS Exam rules over the one who cleared Civil Services Exam. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This is the worth of our IAS Officers in Manipur. A havaldar in army holds a power that an IAS Officer cannot exercise. hahahahahahahahahahahahah..... A havaldar of CRPF is more disciplined than an IAS Officer in Manipur. A havaldar would do anything ordered by his officer/ senior even in the face of death. But our officers are scared to perform their duty faithfully because his 'GREED' will SUFFOCATE him to death. Hello POLITICIANS, IAS, DCs, IPS, SPs ARE YOU ALL READY TO TAKE THE REIN OF NEW MANIPUR with wisdom and justice respecting yourself and your dignity and not to the satisfaction of your insatiable greed for money? DO OR DIE OR LEAVE!

Dear Opposition Party, kindly do not carry us along with your diffidence and an escapist attitude. If you cannot, do not disturb the ruling party. If u find discrepancies in another party that should definitely mean your party has the good quality. If it is not so, then you are just throwing stones at their glass house. Do not strengthen the grip of the Indian Army who do not use their brains to think before they act. The Indian Army never think rationally, they only act. They are the puppet of the corrupt politicians who are against people. They are domesticated wild dogs that cannot think but are driven by an emotion of false sense of patriotism. They do not think if the person they are about to shoot is an enemy or friendly. They are controlled by the politicians in the Parliament many of whom haven't even visited the North- East Region. If the Indian Army is in a position to think then they would have questioned the rationality of AFSPA and the killing of innocent people and not being tried in the court of law. So will you invite President's Rule and let your wives and daughters be molested and raped by the wild dogs, or will you rather join with the people of Manipur and the ruling party to work out a better solution which is there definitely if only you discard your personal desires?

samson kamei

Enjoying in this Kingdom of Hell

[ Sat, Sep 12, 2009 9:41 am ]

We all know and see the deteriorating condition of Manipur in every aspects. What is problem today becomes a normal, a way of life by tommorrow. The more I ponder upon such an issue, the issue becomes complicated to such an extent that finally settle unrevealing itself into infinity. No one can decide the future of this Kingdom of hell. Ms. Sharmila is still living, Security forces and Militants (not revolutionaries) are still looting and killing, Ten percent is still holding the reign, common people are still enjoying. I assume the number of organisations in Manipur is equal to the number of households. Everyone is happy in the Kingdom of Hell. I suspect why Tehelka overtakes locals, including e-pao channels in exposing the facts of Khwairamband episode. Is the local mass media of communications is also justifying their belongingness to the Kingdom of Hell. I myself belong to this Kingdom of Hell which is going to perish by itself, only it will take time. Till then, even i am confused i am also enjoying in this Kingdom of Hell.


People between two barbarian forces

[ Wed, Sep 02, 2009 12:21 pm ]

The people of manipur living in the state is like living between two crushing stone. On the one hand is obedient fellows of government who think they are at the top with the powers of gun and administration with the corrupt politicians. On the other side is the lovers of state who think they are representative of people's voice with the power of gun and lawless ideology. The people are suffering so much so that they can't even have the ability to make any progress and development in their personal living. Before doing any construction work or opening any business, they cross their hand always in the fear of this two type of government. Right from a vegetable seller upto 1st class officer, they fear to have any small sum of amount also in their pocket. This all, we people blame to the govt. but it is not the government who is wrong. We people should have strong focus and stand together against everyone who are taking our right to live.

Byron Thoidingjam

Open letter to CM

[ Wed, Sep 02, 2009 1:58 am ]

Dearest sir( Chief Minister).
Hope you might know what is going on in Manipur. We know you might spent lot of money in election since our citizens are good. Even though you spent lot of money for election. You have been handling as a Chief Minister since more than 10 years. I am sure you might earn more than 50 times what you spent for election. Enough sir, now this is time where you have understand what is going. If you are not understanding even this, then you are not a human being. And our Night Heroes - Please this is the time you have to understand. Otherwise you cannot sustain your aim. It seem to be you guys are doing business in the name of revolution.


thoudokse yam nungaite

[ Tue, Sep 01, 2009 11:22 pm ]

july 23 gi thoudokse hainingai leitana nungaijade adubu makok pandraba govt. asina karishu thou wa sadana leithokpase yam penjade, makhoi makhoigi imungda thokte haiduna leithokladi yararoi matang charingeida achumba puthok-houbana henna fagani. shum namsinduna thamkhrabadi tunggi mirolna soidana tin sitninggani.......


Manipur needs dynamic leadership

[ Mon, Aug 31, 2009 6:41 am ]

Staying out of Manipur does not make one an outsider. So, being a true Manipuri, it is embarrasing to see someone like Mr. Ibobi Singh as the CM of Manipur. Number of people have given number of valid reasons why he should resign but I think one very important point why he definitely needs to step down is that he does not have the personality for the position he so proudly holds. Please read excerpts from the Telegraph dated 18 Aug after the CM met the honourable PM on Security issues.

"Singh asked Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh to put in place appropriate mechanisms. In a lacklustre speech, Ibobi Singh kept asking the Centre for help and sought a ban on pre-paid mobile phones in the state to tackle militancy. His speech apparently did not cut ice with the Prime Minister's Office".

What a shame? How can someone who does not have the persona to even give a decent speech forget electrifying speech that people find meaningful represent the interest of the people of Manipur. The need of the hour for Manipur is a Dynamic educated (not just literate) person to lead the state. Are we ready to bring in young minds who we hope will think out of the box? I believe we are ready....


The overview of Manipur - "overturned"

[ Fri, Aug 28, 2009 5:07 am ]

It was on 23rd July near Gambhir Singh market place, the main market that lies in the heart of Imphal city, Manipur, where a shocking fake encounter incident by the Manipur police commandos took place in the name of hunting down terrorists for a peaceful living. And, in return despite of peace, this has brought chaos in the state. It has hurt the feeling of the citizens. In the fake encounter, the police have not only shot down the UG(being claimed as a surrender) but also a simple innocent pregnant woman along with many injured civilians. And now, whom to blame for these loses? Should we blame the victims for their ignorance or to the government or to the police department or to the UGs? Who is there to listen to us, civilians? The people of Manipur are trying all means to make the state understand that they have got enough turmoil between the police and the UGs because every time the effect comes to the civilians who are clear out of the two. And we have been carrying these burdens since long and something should be done and a solution should be made. In spite of people protesting, general strikes, indefinite curfew, the solution still looks a far way to come. And these have further beyond hurt the sentiments of the people. Not only this, again here is another scenario. In public view beyond Manipur(in parts of India),it is well stated that the people of Manipur share a very close relation with the UGs. And the outcry of the people is like supporting the UGs completely leaving behind the lose of the pregnant woman whom we are really concerned off. Had she known her fate, she would never have gone out that day. And everyone of us should clearly know, it's the matter of time, anyone can be the next victim(you, me, anyone). And I deeply regret that people still don't know our inner us and what we really want. But, we should never give up. And as a part of these, the students of Manipur in Delhi under MSAD organized a rally to express their deep concern for the death of the pregnant woman and for the wrong overview in the public. So, speak up Manipur, lets still march forward fearlessly and fight for the rights of the Manipuris. We are neither with the police nor with the UGs. We are just civilians like you People(India) who wants to live with peace and prosperity. Hear us, listen to us and support us for it is not only for the betterment of Manipur but also for India as Manipur is partly India. Because we never forget that when a small part get spoilt, it is not too long that the whole will get spoil.

Wendla Aribam - A learning student

A death letter

[ Thu, Aug 27, 2009 2:55 am ]

All the newspaper published in Manipur have somehting very common. The fact is that "I call it as open invitation for death". No matter who killed who or who wants to kill.. just we have to fill up this

"A man was killed in an encounter with security force. His name.................. s/o ............... security forces claimed that getting specific information combined forces while searching the gun was fired in retalliation security foreces killed one person. Others manage to escape in dark. In his possesion one local made gun and one AK rifle was found."

This is an open letter to all of us. This is manipur - a death letter.


kadaida hinglo hairibano?

[ Wed, Aug 26, 2009 9:06 am ]

Ngasi gi meeyam eikhoi kadaida hinglo hairibano Cammando na marom ama amaromdana laalhoubana maromma. meeyamna asuk waraba matam si phaobada nakhoina kari gi nungaina leithoktuna leiri punsiduna nakhoigi pandam sing adu phangnaba hotnabiro nattragana tokpiro.. meeyamsing asi adukki matik ware haiba nakhoi khangdabara? meekap karambakanda thokkani nakhoi sing nakhoi na lottuna lei aduga meechamna nakhoigi nahut siduna siragaleire aduna yaragadi nakhoi gyan tabiro amuktangdi punna thabak toubiro nakhoigi pandamdi amata ni hai aduga karigi punna thabak touminnaba ngamdribano haiba dusu khangningi meeyaamna pamlibasi nakhoi punsinbaduni aduga thabak toubaduni.


Lanlebade Eikhoine

[ Tue, Aug 25, 2009 1:45 am ]

Eikhoi na samgatpa lup mayam ne. Haogek Eikhoi bu hatnabage ngairibase. Eikhoi na thagat kheba sharkar ne. Haogek Eikhoi-dage munduna , saet-saet tuna Otleebase. Eikhoi na tambekheba para ne. Haogek Eikhoi na yumjao amage manungda laerabasu. tong-ngan chaningbage wakhal na mang-oinaribase. Lanlebade Eikhoine.


How do MLAs want to be remembered?

[ Mon, Aug 24, 2009 7:50 am ]

This mail is applicable to all political parties.
Is Mr. Ph. Parijat trying to justify police comamndo's actions and state sponsored terrosism? Are you suggesting that we should not protest you and your government's misdeeds as we dont do for insurgents? It is very regrettable that an elected representative has to give such statements. Shame on us (not you) because we elected you. If you really care for the people of your constituency and Manipur, the best thing to do would be to resign and snap ties with congress. Dont worry about money. If you resign now, then you have a guaranteed win in the next election. Then you can make more. More than what you are not going to make this tenure. Dear Chief Minister and MLAs, All these money and power will not matter when it comes to the judgement day. You will not think of how much money you have made or the powers, etc, etc.. You will think of what good you should have done. While you still have time, please try to do good to the people and for the people of Manipur. You too are the sons of Manipur. You are the elected lot. You have more responsibility to make Manipur a better place to live. The only question I want to ask the MLAs especially the Chief Minister, How do you want to be remembered??? Your choice!!!!!


Between the Devil and Deep Blue sea

[ Sun, Aug 23, 2009 10:08 pm ]

Nothing describes more aptly the lives of common men in Manipur today than the phrase "between the devil and the deep blue sea". On the one hand we have brute state forces that operate under various draconian acts like the AFSPA, and on the other hand, we have certain non-state forces that continuously commit felonies and are in no way accountable to anybody. The powers these non-state actors give to themselves in no less than those enjoyed by the state forces under the AFSPA.

The state forces expose the criminal acts of the non-state forces, and in a similar vein, the latter also makes public the illegal acts done by the men in uniform. But the fact remains that a worng cannot be used to make another worng right. One is judged strictly according to his own acts, independent of the acts of his opponents. We have also been put into very funny situation, in fact a cruelly funny situation. Any voice against the police is always at the behest of the insurgents and anybody who protests the unacceptable acts of the non-state actors is always a DGP's man or a CM"s sycophant. It is quite a crude method to crush the voice of the people. No doubt we are we living in a state of fear, fortunately, not in a state of unconsciousness. We see and understand everything but we are scared to opently express our thoughts simply because we fear for our valuable lives. But pushed to the limit, only God knows what will happen.

Every society has elites and counter elites. Both are powerful and have the quality of either "Foxes or Lions". They mainly serve their won interests. Elites, everywehere unmistakably rule, but at least they have to seek the consent of the ruled. Our society has also elites and counter elites, between which we are sandwiched. One is habitual to abusing power and the other exercises the power without responsibility. One regularly seeks people mandate but their coming to power often depend on money and muscle power rather than people's will ,on the other hand, the other manufacture people's will themselves.

May god save these beautiful land we called our home ,if he still hasn't left this land called Manipur.

Pritam Yumnam & Lalit Yumnam

The irony in Manipur - II

[ Mon, Aug 24, 2009 2:49 am ]

I would also like to add that Donil is right in saying that there has been no news of any UG being shot after the july23rd incident or maybe it has drastically reduced . Strange isn't it??? no combined force has killed any suspicious moving UG and retaliated on being challenged and also the most critical part; no 9mm's found with two live ammunitions. Suddenly there are no UG's moving about suspiciously and they have finally started arresting some instead of killing them. Wow! maybe they have finally realized that they can arrest people too instead of scalping or killing all the time. Let's hope it can last a little more. As for our so called revolutionaries we already have enough rules and procedures (read hospitals, schools, shops, traders,etc.... etc..... etc....) to follow and most of us are more educated than you are so please stop talking about what we have to do or not. You say you are fighting for freedom, I think that means your freedom to extort, threaten, kill, achieve personal goals, etc.... etc..... we are not going to learn any lessons by your grenades or bullets. The only thing you want us to understand is to give you money..... and more moneyyyyy. Take care and please do not kill or get killed, after all we are all Manipuris in the end.


Ibobi should 'kicked off' from chair

[ Sun, Aug 23, 2009 3:31 am ]

Everone knows who is Ibobi........No need to say much..........He's just like a worm........What he can do??? He should resign immediately! Let's not stop protest until he is kick off from his chair....


The irony in Manipur

[ Thu, Aug 20, 2009 2:11 am ]

Isn't it ironic that all the chaos and mayhem that is happening in Manipur is over the fake encounter of an ex-militant. Remember the Manorama case too, she was also alleged to be a member of an insurgent group and who can forget the subsequent agitations and chaos that followed..True it was a very wrong thing to do by the security forces and they should be given exemplary punishment. The question that keeps ringing in my head is why is it that no such kind of agitations or emotional outbursts follow the death of an innocent??? e.g. take the case of the young pregnant lady that was killed in the alleged shootout; the case of the ex-militant has gained more importance than hers. Okay we can argue that we have evidence for sanjit's case and we don't have any for Rabina's case so does it mean that hers is less important????? What about all the other innocents killed before this? Why don't they deserve the same kind of agitations and demands????????


The current darkness in Manipur

[ Wed, Aug 19, 2009 10:52 am ]

I was just reviewing the situation that no UGs have been shot dead by the manipur police or commandos since the last atrocious incident which took place on July 23. It was just a daily routine that the armed personel would kill a person and isn't it eccentric that the armed personel recovers only 9mm pistol? Why not a revolver? Perhaps the UGs don't use any guns other than 9mm pistol these days. I would like to say that the government is not the only one responsible for the bizzare situation in Manipur. It is, we the people, who are responsible because we were made ignorant fool during the election with their money and muscle power. As a step towards this problem, lets try to choose the right person in the coming election. At this current rate of killing, we could hardly expect that we, the Manipuris, would last till late 21st century. So we better stop this blame game before "all hell break loose". We got a long journey to go. So I think its the right time to remember the proverb "A journey of thousand miles begins from a single step".

Donil Shija

Free and fair recruitment is the answer

[ Tue, Aug 18, 2009 11:32 pm ]

To end the worse situations in Manipur, free and fair recruitment of any job is needed and we the people also should understand because we are the one who is taking money from candidates during elections as a result no right person is elected. Corruption is main reason for everything in Manipur. There are thousands of poor educated people in Manipur who are not getting job because they don't have money to give for their job. As the saying goes, "Idle mind is the devil's workshop", educated and sharp mind if kept unused will be used for violence. This is what is happening with the youth in Manipur.


Shame & sadness

[ Tue, Aug 18, 2009 4:07 pm ]

I really feel a shame & sadness to hear the news of Manipur when a peson who stay in Bangladesh as to killing of innocent people. i thought if I get a chance to go in Manipur(origin of my decendants). Yet, agitation, murder, fire & persucetion among all these things, I am getting scared of our unity.

Rishi Meitei

Save life before its too late

[ Mon, Aug 17, 2009 11:33 pm ]

It is quite known that killing battlefields, the worst crime such as child abduction, child soldiers, women killing, rape have continued in the past 3 years. In Manipur this case took a serious toll where dozens of widows and orphaned children have been created. As a non-resident Manipuri and an NRI it was clear and evident that mobile phones, internet was abused to such an extent that extortion killings, random/contract killings and millitancy took its toll. Ibobi and his MLAs who harbored militants are too blamed. The worst are the 10% people who are to be blamed as they supported militancy. This led to "Kill all" recruitment of a corrupt police force in a totally corrupt state. Before it is too late we have to realize that center and Ibobi and even his resignation is not bringing any miracle- rather the Manipuris have to realize before it is too late and the who community is being swept away by "the complicated south-east asian terror network". All intellect from NE-states should unite for this cause especially NRIs.

Thiyam Usha

"Killing medal" at ID

[ Sun, Aug 16, 2009 4:29 am ]

The number of medals received by Manipur force are nothing but that meant there were "76 Fake encounters" in last year in Manipur. People should not feel pround when Manipur has received medals in ID because it can count as life goes for these medals. Ibobi should not proud to get these much number of medals after the fake encounters. Please stop receiving these medals as it indicate that you can kill people of your state.. manipur is much higher in number of Medal than J and K. Lets hope next time we can get good medal in sports and education and other development things rather than this "Killing medal".


Voice For Justice

[ Fri, Aug 14, 2009 10:56 am ]

Manipur described as 'Land of Jewel' by Pt. Nehru but, surprised by the bellicose incident, has landed in saying that Manipur 'Land of Corrupted People' Searching for 'Justice' in a so called land Manipur. Is just like living in a world of impossibility, where everything is valueless. People found injustice everywhere but have to shut their mouths In order to live their lives. 'Value of Life' has vanished . Nobody cares for anyone, turns out to be selfish..

Please succour us from riots, mob, teargas ,strike ,bandh , etc. which are very common in the land of Manipur. If we commemorate some of the incident we always found chagrin on the part of ruling party which formed the government. Let take the case of 23rd July 2009 (the sultry topic in Manipur).

Everyone knows the reason or the actual cause that led to such a situation. But no one has the capability to show the truth as they will be either sent to jail or will be compensated with money to cover up the truth. Someone has rightly said 'Money is Power, Power to do anything' But if Justice was to be done it should have been done on the very first instant.

If this is the Justice shown by our Honorable CM , I believe he should not be sitting in his office now. Should he? Bemoan for the families who have lost their near and dear ones. Who will give 'Justice' to them? Has everyone in the top bureaucracy blindfolded their eyes and already decided to keep mum. Many top level officers were very much present on the spot where the incident had taken place. Have all of them decided to keep shut and save their jobs?

Aren't they abashed? Is this the kind of justice they are going to give to the people. I would like to suggest them to rather leave their jobs if they really want to show some respect on the basis of humanity. One more thing to be added is the duties performed by our so called Police Commandos at the time when curfew is about to be imposed.

Which Law tells them to behave like a person who can force other people to run like cats and dogs?? Instead the Government should have organized training program so that they are educated with the basic Law while performing their duties. Image of Police Department have drastically change for the last 5-7 yrs. We should not linger our time ,but join hands to fight for 'Justice'.

Let there be strong squall to carry out squalid which will make our land a clean place to live in.

M. Roshini - Imphal

The 'moral' of commandos

[ Tue, Aug 11, 2009 11:53 am ]

It is my sadness that curfew has been imposed in Manipur. And I am worried about my family also. But putting aside ,I am here to tell the moral of the commandos. I dont know whether people have forgotten it or not. But I want people to remember the conduct of the commandos on the so call sex-workers. I am not saying that they(sex workers) are good in themselves but we must also consider their poverty before giving any judgement. Why would any woman sell their bodies??? Because they are poor. Now the thing that we have to worry is why did the police harass them??? Because they are weaker. And what does that reveal about the mentality of the police commandos. That they are mentally sick and they dont care about human values. If they dont care about the human values which is so much needed in scoiety especially in Manipur. Can we still think that we are safe. It is time, we teach the commandos the value of life and dignity. Personally I will like to beat up the commandos, they are so arrogant. What is the justification of their job??? That they are fighting insurgency and for the peace for Manipur. And there is also the general awareness of them being in contact with the "insurgency" insteads of fighting them. How come all of this came into being? Seriously it is the flaw of the Government itself to not able to select people who are mentally fit to handle the job. So ultimately, It boils to the policy adopted by the Government. So, do away with the current Ibobi Government. And whatever our way of living is, we are foremost humans and we should respect that. "Away With Ibobi Government" and next time when people of Manipur vote please have some vision and dont get caught by the piece of paper called money.


Root cause and history of Manipur

[ Tue, Aug 11, 2009 11:21 am ]

What is the root cause of problem in Manipur? Is it UGs, security forces, politicians in Manipur or India or the people of Manipur? To answer this questions is not so easy. One can blame to anyone i.e. UG, Security force, politicians or people of Manipur. But before blaming anyone, one should seriously analyse the problem being faced by our motherland. One should know the history of our motherland, the history before British occupied Manipur, the history after Manipur was merged into India and the current situation in Manipur. If one has learned the history of our motherland, one will be able to find the root cause of problem in Manipur. Blaming anyone without understanding and giving a valid reason is very easy but it is sign of lack of maturity.


Citizens are house arrested

[ Tue, Aug 11, 2009 7:03 am ]

All people of Imphal and greater Imphal has been under house arrested by SPF government under the dictatorship of O. Ibobi. Somebody call in Sonia to make him(Ibobi) understand that he needs to step down. Even an Italian Lady steps down from PM post and why Ibobi cannot do so for his owm Manipur people!!!!!


Where is the Governor??

[ Mon, Aug 10, 2009 7:30 pm ]

I've been following updates on this incident and it's very sad that there hasn't been any word from the State Governor. Has he even bothered to meet with the victims' families? And it also seems like there is no opposition party in the State Assembly, and no checks and balances in this Govt. The executive, the judiciary, and the legislative all seem to be one without any separation of powers. The people of the State has been put under house arrest since the curfew, the Manipur police is still ransacking people's homes, and arresting anybody they please and they are all collectively keeping quiet. Is the CM trying to fashion himself into a dictator or does he already think himself as one? Maybe he should remember that dictators don't last forever.

Everywhere in the world, there are killings, murders, extortions, gang wars, kidnappings, but their goverments don't send their National Guards or Armies to kill the culprits. There's something called a justice system, in case the Manipur govt. and the Central govt. have forgotten. Everywhere in the world, there are protests. But the protestors are not fired at by the police so that their voices can't be heard.

Milly Thangjam

Manipur commandos on TIME magazine

[ Mon, Aug 10, 2009 11:20 am ]

I am not sure when was the last time Manipur made into TIME magazine. But it looks our own Manipur's commandos have made it. The recent events and the resulting dictorial approach of the govt has brought reaction from some of the most renowned media section. Lets hope it help to encourage the overseas Manipuris for some constructive humane reaction.

Dr. Bishwajeet Elangbam

UG groups - root of problem

[ Mon, Aug 10, 2009 3:27 am ]

Being a person from a cultural rich Manipur. Now, I feel pity on my own people. Why have people taken to Arms?? Why?? Why so much commotion???? Well!! our people can give lot of reason about it, without really thinking..Can say, its a way to Counter Attack the Govt. and the Attrocities done by it...But, I dont think what the UGs are doing is rite now these days..... They kill people for Money!! They kill people who belong to other states (they dont think of people like us studying or working in different states..which can be of dire consequence when the people ofthe other states can also do A-Tit-4-Tat!!!) When we kill others, its Ok..we say..when that person might not have done any wrong. But, when the Govt. or the Commandoes do a Mistake (Mistake done Knowingly-Which I also dont like.."commenting on what happend a few days back") when this happens we make a big uproar..but, when we kill its ok we this right?? Why is so much problem in our not becoz of our Govt. its, basically because of the UG groups...if they think better..a Better and Prosperous Manipur Awaits for All of Us!! The UGs arent helping our own people..they hav been pressing their own now..and becoz of these people alone..our state has not been able to Flourish and Grow in the Beauty and Serenity it had some 20 yrs back...wat a pity!! for me to call myself a person from such a place..We Have Been Selfish!! n tats the reason our place has become a Devil's Haven!! So, many UG groups..but, none seem to do any good for its people...if they have taken up to do good...why pollute their own land..why, kill people..when they say..they are against th Govt...why wat have the cobblers, or barbers(biharis)had done...why u wage a war on caste, and culture..when we think of ours own as High!! We wont do all this, if we really wanted our state to Grow in Love and Fellowship!!! And One last thing...i want to say...How many have heard the saying, NO MAN IS AN ISLAND..does any1 know, what it really means...being human, we need everyone around us..not only our own..but and lead by examples, my brothers...what we do, ours sons will follow...if we look for a better..Manipur for our childrens..Lets Think Better..and good thoughts flow among us!!! god bless our land!!!


Lets find alternatives to get justice

[ Sat, Aug 08, 2009 9:45 am ]

To all the Manipuris,
Its really very sad and broke my heart, when I saw the pictures of a young pregnant woman lying on the road with blood oozes out of her body and her innocent 3 yr old child crying knowing nothing, and I couldn't control my tears. After that incident as usual the (wild)police commandos told that an encounter happened and a militant was killed (later found it was a fake encounter). Also the people, they did the same thing as they are doing for several years like dharnas, general strike, bandh etc. etc, the same old tactics that we have been adopting. On the consequence of this we are giving sufferring by our own, leaving a hard life to rikshaw pullrs, women vendors selling vegetables for their daily food and many more and on the other hand the ministers(eg.CM IBOBI) don't affect by this typical type of protests as we saw from the past because they know that it will be dip down after a month or two or three but it won't last long. They are living peacefully surrounded by tight security. Is this the justice?? We want justice not the sufferring within us. So I beg to the people that we should find another alternatives to get the justice either it is violent or not. If we do not search then there will be no more tears in our eyes when our own mother dies. So lets wake up and tight our hands together to fight for the justice of our late brothers and sisters. apunbana yaiphare.


lets do something...

[ Sat, Aug 08, 2009 3:28 am ]

Its time for awakening the forbidden ideas and thought for courageous Manipuri. Me also cant do nothing still for my country-land Manipur. All scholars are just writting letter and doing nothing just simply write something on a plain paper and just throw outside from the window. All other peoples of Manipur are also quarelling each other. So one thing here I would like to say pliz recall your history..and lets do our work with hand to hand for a peace and harmony for our youngers...Our mother is waiting for our help ....lets do something...

Sarjesh Khuman

Let Truth Prevail

[ Sat, Aug 08, 2009 3:28 am ]

As you must be aware that the Govt. has ordered the suspension of some police commandos regarding the shootout, there is still some doubt regarding the genuiness of the suspended commandos; whether they were directly involved or not. Maybe some of them were, maybe not. This is a matter of grave concern as the innocent ones must not be made scapegoats and the ones who actually did it or authorised it should be brought to book. I am sure the ones who did it/authorised it has good connections or backing and that's the reason they can eliminate someone in broad daylight in one of the busiest markets. If so, the one who authorised it is the one at fault whereas the others were merely following orders. One peculiar thing I observed while reading about the suspension was how can different commandos belonging to different battalions and ranks, (some of them have the same rank though) be there and commit such an act . Wouldn't it be more apt if they all belonged to the same team with one officer in charge??? Correct me if I'm misinformed. Maybe some of them were ordered to frisk him , some were told to apprehend him, some were told to push him inside and some actually shot him. We should also be logical enough and try to understand the fact that that there are also some in the police commandos who do their work sincerely. Some of them also come through a proper channel and not by paying bribes. Oh Yeah! Some of them are educated too. Please try to understand that I am not taking a pro stand here for the commandos. I have also personally suffered various harrasments at the hands of this so called commandos and Who hasn't in Manipur? But one thing I am sure about is we have also met one or two who were very polite while discharging their duties (very rare though). Basically, What I'm trying to say is let the truth prevail and bring the guilty to book. We should not go only by the official version that these suspended commandos are the guilty ones. Official versions are always subject to change as it has been shown by our dear O. Ibobi Singh....(...get well soon...) Let the judicial probe begin and we will find out (........lets hope...). Lets also keep this in mind that unless proven guilty everyone is innocent because the real culprits may be out there washing away his hands.


Reminds us of the dark periods of Emergency

[ Sat, Aug 08, 2009 1:06 am ]

"Switzerland of India" -Jawaharlal Nehru; Today these compliments lost it relevance amidst chaos and confusion prevailing here more so for the past 10 years under O. Ibobi's tenure as chief minister. Custodial killings, fake encounters, extortion by security personnels in disguise as militants, human rights violations of rape and murder of innocent sisters in the name of counter-insurgency and the list is long. They make the mockery of the basic features of constitutions, the security forces with the support of the Ibobi's government. It reminds us of the dark periods of Emergency, refresh our minds of that fear. Being located in remote border areas, developed societies of mainstream India, our beloved brothers and sisters had little or no knowledge of our sufferings and hardships, the shame and embarrassment we faced today under the present fascist regime who does not respect the highest institution of democracy-state assembly declaring killing is the only option to deal with insurgency; such uncivilized and nazist comments had no place in developed societies.

Perhaps, people starts asking questions whether these are the price we paid to respect our freedom fighters and choose to be part of this big and proud nation, the price we pay for singing jana gana mana and vande mataram, the price we pay for standing up with head held high listening national anthem.

Year - Civilian death - Militants death - Police killed - Total
1998 129 78 66 270
1999 110 65 67 242
2000 110 110 63 283
2001 140 149 32 311
2002 69 94 84 247
2003 92 124 23 239
2004 82 132 35 249
2005 189 129 47 365
2006 109 132 42 281
2007 92 236 41 369
2008 123 286 3 412
2009 (Jan till July) 890 110 2 1002

The list does not include unaccounted fake encounters and custodial killings and rape. With population of just 24-25 lakhs out of which 20-30% non-manipuris if the trend continues then someday Manipuri community the indigenous people will be extinct from Manipur and that's the fear in everyone's mind. Till today, whatever crisis or incident happened in this part of the world, mainland India does not hardly know and had less information about this part of the country, why? Because the freedom of press and media is curtailed here-the basic rights enshrined in our constitution; news weren't allowed to pass through and publish outside the state. And even developed and well-organized mediaperson of the mainland India were kept dark of these events by this fascist government to hide their wrongdoings.

So, it is high time, the media fraternity help these neglected region to have build up sound public opinion and to help stand up against the ill practices and to bring forth the true meaning of democracy to this part of the world. Take for example, recent fake encounters exposed by First time, the nasty policy of the govt. was caught red-handed; before this many had committed but unfortunately no proof to support that theory. But this time, the region is burning and people start questioning the authenticity of central government which remained a mere spectator when genocide and ethnic cleansing occurred here under the support of government ( in plain sight. Here you can find the real colors of the largest democracy of the world. So, it is high time every right thinking individuals of this world support us to fight back the policy of the present fascist regime.

K. Shiv Singh

Little Boy in Yellow

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 11:06 pm ]

For days, the picture of the little three year old boy crying in the crowded market place for his dead mother has been on my mind. Without a doubt, that is the most painful picture I have seen so far in my life. I can imagine his mother dressing him in the yellow shirt, pinning on the yellow hairclip, and how he must have looked forward to going to town. Somehow that yellow hairclip makes me think his mother must have loved him terribly. I feel so sorry that he had to witness this tragedy, and equally sorry that he now has to be without a mother.

At times in our lives, a certain incident or a person might make us look into ourselves, make us question what is important in life, make us re-examine our priorities and goals and leave an indelible impression. I don't know his name, but I know this little boy in yellow is going to leave an everlasting impression on my life.

Milly Thangjam

Protector of predators!

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 11:48 pm ]

Manipur is on boil again like the way June 18 had happened. But this time it happens only because of few predators called "commandos" and its protector CM. I still wonder why our beloved CM is trying to suppress people's angry and movements using some form of dictator-styles, like infinite curfew, curfew with shoot-at-sight order etc. Is this part of democracy or constitution of India? It looks like more of dictatorship like it happened in Pakistan during Gen. Musaraf's reign. How much public outcry or disorder is required for our honourable CM to resign? Isn't he a true Manipuri in heart? Doesn't he feel or imagine how much our beloved Manipuris are sufferings?

As a true Manipuri, I still wonder why these few men (5-10)are playing with the lifes or stomachs of 25 lakhs people. Looking into the current explosive situation in Manipur, doesn't our CM deserve to resign. 90% of public anger is on him only. When his own people do not want to see him as their leader (CM) why he is still holding the CM chair. Wonder! What credibility he would have even if he wins to hold the chair after sometime? From the records, it indicates that maximum human casualties, suffering happen during present CM's tenure of 7 years. As a true Manipuri, we do not want to suffer next 3 years under his leadership. Dear honourable CM, have you ever felt or imagined the level of corruption caused and its subsequent chain reactions e.g. recent fake encounter and aftermath, no. of widows increased, fear pshychosis created among general public and level of disturbances caused to children's education, all these will run down and have impact to next generation.Dear CM, you have to answer of thousands questions, have to give thousand explanations to your own Manipuris if you want to hold the Chair. If you still have a little love for Manipur and want to defuse the current tension & sufferings, plz resign now and seek forgiveness from all Manipuris. It's never too late.

Fuganba - Delhi

List of all cases of fake encounters

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 12:03 pm ]

Hello one and all of Manipur,
It is my sincere request to one and all of Manipur that Shri L. Sarat, spokesperson of Extra-Judicial Execution Victims Families Association, Manipur at Singjamei community hall, Imphal is preparing and submitting a report to the President, Prime Minister, Union Home Minister of India and CM of Manipur before 31st Oct. 2009 a list of all the cases of fake encounter by the police commandos happening for the last few years. Now, it is our duty to stop all these killings once and for all from this lovely state of Manipur. We need to do this for ourselves, for our next generation and for our motherland. In this regard, please help him by emailing facts, figure, photos and video clips to: netmancrime(at)yahoo(dot)com with a view to put an end to fake encounter completely.


Its time you are talking but its lives we are losing

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 8:31 am ]

Advani concerned, open to PR
It is quite good and obvious that Mr Advani the PM in waiting is very concerned of the current situation in Manipur and his pressure to the centre for Presidents Rule. Thanks to his concern and feeling the pulse of the people that we are certainly not liking the situation in the state. Well if we study the article or the news properly and re-structure the lines Advani concerned, open to PR is quite funny; Mr Advani, the opposition leader is very concerned of the situation but is very open to PR in a state where there is already a majority of single party ruling the state.. Mr Th Shyamo has updated the party's most senior leader of the current situation, here we should not forget that BJP is the 2nd largest Political party of the country and has also ruled the Country as well as during BJP'S time Manipur was burning due to a similar issue which I believe that Mr Advani is very well aware.

As per the conditions prevailing and BJP's past understanding of the Manipuri Nation (people living in Manipur) he should react in a very formal manner rather than being mocking in media of the present Government and trying to bring Political instability in the state. He should bring up the matter in the parliament as a true citizen of the Democratic India. Which seems not a possibility because of the diverse political capability of the state and its politician? Further the news reports that Manipur unit BJP president and former Speaker H Borobabu also spoke to Mr Advani on which, "He (Advani) also assured to put the matter with all materials in Parliament tomorrow if time permits," said the State unit BJP chief. "if time permits" Advani ji is going to do a lot of things but if the Government of India's parliament is not having time for the lives of the people of Manipur than he will sit quiet (even if he is the PM in waiting ) and people will die back home.

This is such an irony that the Govt of India's senior leader says People we have other business to do for the Country; your life is not Important at all. He just can't make the parliament of the largest democracy take out time for an inhuman killing on day light of which we have the proof and the killers faces are very well known, well they roam around freely till date. We can recall other states fake encounter say Gujarat, say the latest Dehradun encounter, say the Gurgaon encounter, many more in Mumbai. Once its comes in the news the parliament is rocked with the sounds of down, down!! Even though the pictures were not available or even if the cases came out later.

Here in Manipur we are talking of a fresh case of which the religious ceremonies have not yet been completed due to the trauma faced by the people. This is true discrimination blowing out of the senior most leader of one of the biggest political party of the Country. In such a condition where do we stand in the future of the country? It is a shame for the leaders that they cannot think of anything else than playing dirty politics blaming each other, Rather it doesn't matter who the Chief Minister is but Sanjit has been killed on day light, God Sake he was walking with them the commandos and they brought out the dead body in minutes please someone recognise that ? Is that we have to shout around being the citizen and voters of the country.

This is something Mr Ibobi had also ignored he spoke without giving a second thought in the floor of the house and tried to justify the killing on daylight. Being the Chief Minister he should abstain to being outspoken and feeling the power when he speaks. Mr Ibobi should remember that he is the CM doesn't mean that his words justify everything.

For the sake of the land and the situation in which Sanjit was killed he should have done whatever he is doing today. I believe that he has now realised that the chair in which he is sitting is not the one he has bought with his earning and it is something where he sits only when he does good for the people.

Fact is that Sanjit was knowingly killed on daylight in mid market in between so many people whether he was PLA or not it doesn't matter what matters is the way it happened and the respect to human lives as another human on this earth. The same was felt when some Naharol shot Prof Islamudin and the same is felt today. Please don't play with the people be it Naharol or the Goverment lets try and get a better life for all of us.

N Shanta MBA student - Melbourne Australia

Promote citizen journalism

[ Thu, Aug 06, 2009 2:16 pm]

It is hard to accept that Manipur is a "Failed State". We've seen and heard enough of what the men in uniforms and their bosses have been doing to the people of Manipur. I appreciate the courage and the journalistic duty taken up by this person who have exposed the reality faced by the people. Such initiative and responsibility is a positive indication of the involvement of the people. We should promote citizen journalism while the government turns a blind eye to the people's suffering.


Faking those fake-encounters in Manipur

[ Thu, Aug 06, 2009 6:41 am ]

We have seen and heard so many fake encounters before. But this fake encounter was born to fake all those fake-encounters. The world will see the truth that there is an undeclared genocide taking place in a small state called Manipur(kangleipak). This fake encounter should lead the struggle against similar fake encounters and extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the security forces of India. Millions of Tibetans are shouting against genocide in Tibet while the few thousand Manipuris are facing the hard blows of the Indian military might under the shadow of Indian democracy. AFSPA is the mighty ruler in a land like Manipur. It is the despot, the law and the government. Helpless parents could not stand up to say without fear that our sweet son was picked up from home by the security forces for interrogation and later found killed. The statement made by the chief of the security force is always correct while that made by the parents of the victim is wrong and baseless. This must be corrected. We must put an end to such fake-killings perpetrated by the sons of AFSPA, 1958.


A common enemy - commando and politicians

[ Thu, Aug 06, 2009 5:10 am ]

What are the nagas doing now? Why don't we also rise in protest against the Government? The Nagas didn't do anything during the protest against the AFSPA, when there was a fire in the valley. The people in the hill districts must also join the people in the valley in protest against the government's decision or action that have adverse effect on the people. AFSPA was worst for hill people when it was imposed during the 1950's but due to cease-fire the conditions are getting better. But this doesn't mean that we must forget what happened to us. Our mothers were raped and our fathers were maimed too. This is another opportunity for the nagas too to protest against the government and prevent the sending of commando and IRB in hilly areas. We must protest more than the people in valley. Hill people and the valley people have a common enemy, commando, IRB and politicians.


Each of us has to contribute

[ Thu, Aug 06, 2009 1:20 am ]

Dear Concerned People of Manipur,
I know we are going through a very rough phase. In fact one of the worst times in Manipur. I don't need to emphasize; everyone knows what the condition is like in Manipur. If there is a place called "HELL" on earth filled with all the sins one can imagine; it is Manipur. But before you blame anyone, please give a thought to this, whether you have done anything to make it better. I am sure not. Venting our anger on the police commandos and the politicians won't help. It is our own doing, why did we elect O.Ibobi as the Chief Minister? Even if you say you didn't, why didn't you vote or make others vote against him?, Why do we look for contacts when there is a Govt. job vacancy or recruitment for policemen? Why don't you guys join and make it better? Why do we see only the acts committed by the security forces? What about those done by the insurgents?are they justifiable and according to norms and conditions?.. etc......etc.....etc...This is a labyrinth of all the things we do but don't accept. You may have millions of reasons and answers to the above questions but at the end ,it all comes down to us. What we do is all that matters , no matter how small or big. Each of us has to contribute somehow and only then there will be a difference. Drops of water make the ocean.


Picture is extremely ghastly

[ Thu, Aug 06, 2009 1:05 am ]

For some of us who are not acclimatized to the daily confrontations of dead bodies in the front pages of Manipuri pictures the picture of the dead foetus inside the ceremonial earthen pot was extremely ghastly. Maybe it was metaphoric of a completely surrender or the hopeless situation the people are in and a picture as real and sensitizing as that would represent Manipur as she is.

E-pao - the picture is now removed

Remove this picture

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 10:27 pm ]

Please remove this picture of the dead body of Rubina's unborn baby from the gallery.

Thank you,

Milly Thangjam
E-pao - the picture is now removed

Gruesome visuals of dead bodies

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 1:58 pm ]

This is again regarding showing explicit pictures. I am a staunch believer in the power of media in shaping a society. But i do know the flip side of it too. One of them being "showing explicit contents" (gruesome visuals of dead bodies in this case). There have been lots of debates about this. I will attach a link:

I remember when the tsunami incident happened, the Indian media go ga-ga over their western counterparts showing dead bodies from third world countries as they call it. Note that, no media were allowed to show such visuals in the 9/11 incident. We can learn something here I suppose. I agree that if it were not for the visuals (include Tehelka's exposes) we won't have stood up this way and must have got carried away with IBOBI's versions. But i think the points have been made. And now we can do away with it. Don't get me wrong, I am just another bloke hoping i could be a part of THE CHANGE. And i appreciate and hold your team in high regards.

Naoba Ahanthem
E-pao - the picture is now removed

Slow and steady genocide

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 1:58 pm ]

There is a slow and steady genocide going in Manipur. The ruling govt. irrespective of party affialiation has to please its genocide masters in Delhi by killing its own unarmed innocent people, so that they get some money to run the govt. as crime syndicates. Its very unfortunate that the people of Manipur and Assom are no less victimised than those counterpart in Myanmar. The only difference is that one is committed by a democratic regime by the majority against the minority race the other is done by an un-elected millitery regime.


Public should be blamed

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 1:23 pm ]

The public should first go to hell. They cannot blame the government. The Government is doing as the public desire. The government is still very much pro-people. It is because the people of Manipur wanted themselves to be treated like this that they elected our dear "Ibobi". He is really honest to his people. He is doing his noble task of torturing and violating human rights. Well done CM. If you don't want to be treated like this why the hell did you elect Ibobi?


Looting/killing your own fellow Manipuris

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 11:57 am ]

Commando huranba sha...u guys are so shameless..looting and killing your own fellow manipuris....shame on you ..but do remember that you guys will be also having the same have done a lot of licking for Ibobi and his family....and have looted from the innocent people


Picture is too disturbing

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 1:50 am ]

The picture of the unborn infant is too disturbing and emotionaly too shocking... Although it was intended to show to the general mass the face of reality, I request that the picture be kindly removed. May God bestow peace to all the bereaved families. We are really sorry about all these sad happenings. The Tehelka pictures have revealed the ghost of what has been terrorizing the state and the ghost of what might happen again and again in the future. The State Government should immediately respond to the people\'s cry for justice. That is the least of what any government on earth would do.

E-pao - the picture is now removed

Biggest thieves of the society

[ Wed, Aug 05, 2009 12:11 am ]

I am finding it very difficult to distinguish the difference between the Government arm forces and the terrorist. Tell me a day where there is no killing in Manipur. I used to be happy if I happen to meet Govt forces because I see them as my protector against unwanted people. But things have changed now. They are worst than the unwanted people of the society. I believe that every Commando are not like the ones we see. There should be some honest and sincere people But Majority of the Commandos have become the most unwanted people of the society. We have to blame both the Commandos and the Govt who recruited them. Tell me if there is any honest politician in Manipur. You will find none. They are the biggest thief of the society and the Commandos are following there foot steps because they have paid a hefty amount for getting the post of killing innocent lives.

I am not saying too much. But I am telling very little of what they really are. I get job anywhere and everywhere. But if I apply in my home state I have no chance because I am not going to pay any money to the biggest thieves of the society.

Politics is ruling the society and we are the people choosing them. Why don't we choose the right person during election. We are also to be blamed. Next time choose the right person. It is he whom we have have elected. And it is he who is recruiting people with money to kill us. Let us wake up.


Ridiculous and shameful Manipuris

[ Tue, Aug 04, 2009 8:15 am ]

Ridiculous and shameful Manipuris. So many groups, so many thoughts, so many powers and so many unjudicial killings from both sides- security personnel and UG's. One person is guilty in the eye of this group and another one in the eye of that group resulting in killing. We are going back on the path of progress let's acknowledge it. It's something to be learnt by those leaders staying deep in jungles not knowing anything about the outside world. If they dare come out and fight. Don't target or extort innocent people.


Remove disturbing pictures of Rabina

[ Tue, Aug 04, 2009 5:02 am ]

please remove some pictures from Rabina's last rites especially the infant's picture. Not only it is disturbing but it is an insult to the deceased souls. They deserve(d) much better.

Naoba Ahanthem
E-pao - the picture is now removed

When can we return "home"?

[ Tue, Aug 04, 2009 1:57 am ]

I m in delhi right now pursuing a course of Journalism and Mass Communication. But the most vital thing is I m a citizen of Manipur and I really want to know when will be Manipur a better place to live in?. A place without blood-shed, with mutual understanding and with developments all over industry. When will be the time people like us will feel the urge of returning back the place call "home"? Please answer me this maniac question because we want to come back home.....

Premi Thangjam

Its happenning because of corruption

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 5:35 pm ]

What is happenning is because of the coruption.........actually the govt. is giving a costly AK 47 to an illiterate person who don't know what he have to do with a gun to a person who don't have a certificate of 10th pass....... is this normal........of course this must be education thats why they are wild.......The system in Manipur must be changed anyhow.............a revolution is in need .......mass revolution...........Poor manipuris are in hell.......... why they are sufferring???????


Cooked up stories of encounters

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 1:12 pm ]

It was indeed shocking news exposed by Tehelka. And at the same time, fantastic job done by this news magazine. Initially I blindly believed the cooked up story of police and later announced by narrow minded Govt. This time it is crystal clear that the killer commandos should be held reponsible & accountable for the damages and losses they have incurred in Manipur. They lied to 2.5 million population and misled, betrayed the entire state population.

Consequently, there is bandh imposed for 48 hrs or more. Another state loss of Rs. 100 crore or more and such huge public disorder at such extent because of those few police commandos. How can we forgive those uniform men? They put the entire state on ransom including education of children (future pillars). Hello brother commandos..what do you think what you have been doing? Have you forgotten there is rules of law and constitution. Let me remind you, in India no one can take law into their hand. You are creating troubles for your own life in future.

Please remember, you are neither God nor immortal. We, the common people of Manipur are over fed up of your cooked up stories of encounters. The image of Manipur police has been damaged to unbelievable extent. Now on we can not trust and believe you & your stories. It is very high time that our state Govt. do proper governance. Now on nothing can be hidden.

It is right time that the guilty police personnel be punished appropriately. They have been hurting public sentiments and feelings for quite a long time. They are creating hell in Manipur with so much extreme human rights violations. I think no need to mention the list. My sincere request to our Govt. is that PLZ PLZ do something constructive and positive this time so that public will, at least, have some hopes of justice or else there is no need of any Govt in our state.


Its too much

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 12:20 pm ]

hope we are manipuri, its time to wake up.... its too much....if we still keep unspoken then we the generation we the manipuri will be no more.... please brothers....speak up true to your heart let it be outspoken.....for the sake of our heaven Manipur... please I am not in the side of those who are said to be revolutionaries or police forces or nor those who are said themselves to be leibakki seba touba luchingbsing..... but I am in the narrow line of common poor peoples.... its not only me but you too...please dont ignore we are all one, may be not confined to you but may be you next time.

Guneshwar Thangjam

Shocking photos of fake encounter

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 9:38 am ]

When I read news in regarding the incident of encounter in Khwairamband Bazar I was totally shocked then I visited to convince myself about the photos of Sanjit. When I show it I was shocked and felt a sickening pain in my heart. We always heard or read about numerous fake encounters in Manipur but this is the first time that I and many show a person being killed in cold blood by security force whose duty is to protect the people.

I have already given my opinion regarding this incident in i.e. the Manipur government should set up a judicial inquiry to find out the truth.

But after observing the sequence of photos that shows the cold blooded murder of Sanjit one may feel there is no need for judicial probe and police commondos must be punished and CM Ibobi must resign so that violence, protest, strikes, bandh, blockades are avoided and peace prevails in Manipur. I hope more and more citizens of Manipur will express their opinion about this incident. Remember, Silence is not always golden.


CM acted in a very immature way

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 7:37 am ]

It is in my opinion that the CM of Manipur acted in a very immature way saying things like hatpa natana upai leite. I wonder he is in his right mind or we put him in some rehabilitation centre. Whatever the reason it may be. There are rules so that a criminal will not get away. Even so they should be brought before the court. The CM is saying like Manipur has many problems and only killing will be the solution. I think everybody knows about him being corrupted.

Anyway, if I am a commando and I kill his sons and daughters, will he still say that hatpa natana upei leite??? I dont think so. So, "Ibobi" will you please stop the crap you are sh#tt#ng about. If you have the courage then instead of saying things like that why dont you say this this commandos was there and bring them before the court to be tried as a murderer and be hang like a murderer. If you cannot even do this, then dont call yourself a man and stop saying sh#t#y stuff.


Killing in broad day light

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 7:37 am ]

Please find the link to the same below. Request you to kindly consider using the same as this is the reality in Manipur. I'm shocked to see how these inhuman commandoes can just end someone's life like this in broad day light. How can one just be a spectator to these incidents?


Hang the commandos

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 1:47 am ]

I think time is ripe for another people agitation much on the line of june uprising and see to it that the culprit commandos are given a "death" sentence. Sending out the message that there is some law in Manipur also. Personally I want the commandos to be hanged. And it is a matter of time given the propensity of the commandos for power and money that there crimes will be exposed. Hang the commandos. Sorry for all that bad bad words but that is how i feel.


If tehelka office was at Imphal

[ Sun, Aug 02, 2009 3:07 pm ]

Fake encounter not new to people living in Manipur and now after tehelka did the sting I guess some population are now in touch of what happening in Manipur, I was happy when I read the sting and was hoping Ibobi get nailed however that seems not possible.

Tehelka acquired the photograph from a local journalist who dont want to be names reason well everyone knows but what if tehelka office was at Manipur???

The commando could have already bombed the place or show some guns to the reporter but sorry for them that they are at Delhi and you cannot do nothing. Sorry Commandos, you have to pay for you did and all those who have done such arson/homicice will have a worst dead. Hats offs to TEHELKA.


Commandos - Animals in Human form

[ Sun, Aug 02, 2009 11:53 am ]

I can't bear to see the barbarous killing of Sanjit. Those commandoes who killed Sanjit should be hanged in front of people in Khwairamband bazar near Samumakhong. Before they are hanged they should be stoned by the relatives of Sanjit and the other victim in the shooting incident. Justice needs to be done by the Govt. without further delay.

Everyone knows who are the criminals. They are the animals in human form. Power is in their hands so they can do whatever they want. This is what they think. They misuse the power given by the govt. They forget that they are for peoples and country's protection. One saying goes "ebemma thinbiramgene, thinbiriba tadana henna kijakhre". This is very true. How can people trust in them if they misuse the power over people? As long as there is no justice, there will be no peace. Please do justice. May Sanjit's soul rest in peace.


Both of them have "Nongmai"

[ Sun, Jul 26, 2009 12:44 am ]

I am very disappointed at the the recent shoot out in the heart of Imphal city itself. To be more specific, Every youth fears to go to some distant villages or places only 20 minutes away from Imphal itself, The reason is simple: Imphal is relatively safe compared to others. But if Imphal city has shoot out like the one that happened, I think it is going to be very hard of us to go on living.

After so many years, we haven't achieve anything significant. We are so caught up in our own small state fearing what might happen in the next 30s. The government itself and the so called underground, I blame them all for the misery the common people are facing.

But what can we do: Both of them have "Nongmai" and we common people dont have. I think it is time the Chief minister and the Underground people come clean and start some serious talk towards a peaceful Manipur. *PS: wonders if the Chief Minister and the underground are really thinking about the common people, when are extorting from people and taking all of those percentage.


happiest state in the world?

[ Sun, Jul 26, 2009 7:47 pm ]

Manipur is such a small state in India and can be one of the most happiest state in the world... instead of that people are always unhappy, suffering and always killing, why is that can anyone answer?


Judicial Inquiry for Khwairamband Incident

[ Sat, Jul 25, 2009 3:16 am ]

"What the hell is going on in my motherland, Kangleipak" is the thought that comes to my mind when I first read news regarding the incident in Khwairamband Keithel that killed 2 persons and injured 5 others. Now, two versions of the same incident is arising. According to the police report, death and injury was caused by indiscriminate firing by the alleged gunman, who was later killed by the police.

But, according to the JAC formed regarding the incident, the various organizations and RPF, death and injury to the innocent lives was the result of reckless and indiscriminate firing by the police commondos. There is only one solution for this, that is, to set up a Judicial Inquiry to find out the truth as soon as possible. If the government of Manipur is very confident about the police version of the incident, then it should not hesitate to set up the Judicial Inquiry. By doing that, people of my motherland will definitely trust the government.

dad william

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