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Thaghat chari

[ Fri, Apr 20, 2012 1:47 am ]

Thaghat chari.
Nungsiraba/nungsirabi e-pao team gi echil-enao singbu awangba thak ki ekai-kumnajaba ga loinana lomba naidana thaghat chari. Haokhiba chahi kayadagi e-pao bu yengjaduna lak chabani ngasidi yamna nungaiba harouba fongdok chabani.

Ngasidi malem gi thak ta e-pao na yaodaba mafam leitare. Nongma nongmagi yamna developed leiba amadi growth oujei e-pao da. Masimak na henna amuk ka nungai jei. chethi asigi khudok chaba loujaraga marak marak ta eihak su article, story , film review khara-khara thajarak k yaibi gadara.??? Matam chuppada numit-thana leiriba makhei e-pao na malem da lei haorasanu. Long Live E-pao.

Abung Koikoi

Yaoshang holiday is too long

[ Tue, Mar 13, 2012 4:12 am ]

E-pao is the only news which keep in contact with our home town, but unfortunately Yaoshang holiday is too long. If we can do some changes regarding observing Holiday in future.


Review holidays list of the state "Manipur"

[ Mon, Mar 12, 2012 11:06 pm ]

Press and Media Sections in Manipur cannot escape the media duty in the name of a festival which is celebrated by a single community in a valley who wasted valuable five days in a year not only to that community it impact to social and economic condition of Manipur. I would like to share my feelings that time has come to review holidays list of the state "Manipur" where a festival cannot take 3 days Holidays of whole state for a single community ( Bhamon and Meitei Hindus). In fact Holi is celebrated for a single day in national level where this festival originated. Our media and press sections are silent during this five days which is very unsecure for the other community of manipur and people who are living outside manipur . Please carry out your better service by giving news during Holi times .Hope one day rest is enough for this Holiday. Our State govt. should seat together and reduce the Holiday in state holiday list. Because if this commnity want to celebrate they can take leave and celebrated with their own interest but not to exploit the running condition of state even our govt sleeps during Holi/yaoshang wich cannot be possible in the other part of the world or in India.


Link of manipuri daily newspaper site

[ Fri, Feb 10, 2012 3:12 am ]

As a regular reader of, I suggest you that please appear a link of manipuri daily newspaper site like poknapham, sangai express, naharolgi toudang etc. on the front page of your site and but also design front pages background as kangla sanathong. Hope you that my suggestion is going to be reflect soon.

LN Meitei


[ Sun, Jan 15, 2012 1:48 am ]

When I went home in november, I accidentally happens to met our respected candidate of the upcoming election Mr Khemchand. I convey my personal message of bringing some sort of changes in singjamei in terms of the development. Very importantly I also mentioned him about SMS a small group of educating and educated , updating and updated and which can be consider todays\'s reliable youngster of singjamei.He commented least on this topic ,some of his worker doesn\'t give much imp. on this community. So SMS lets work towards bringing this community a major consultant in every imp. things which happen in our SINGJAMEI. Lets make this our vision and mission. ds comment was posted by 1 of d member of the grp SINGJAMEI MACHA SING, PLIS LEAVE A COMMENT !!!!

Somorjit Sharma

Create more awareness about electing a candidate

[ Tue, Jan 10, 2012 12:23 pm ]

My name is Ronald and I am doing my post graduation at bangalore in economics. As we can see that election is approaching and the candidates elected will be ruling till 2017. Lucky for us that many forces has favoured in banding the usage of black money this time. Hope that it will result in the election of appropriate candidates. In this long period of 5 years many young minds can be ignited and many more can be spoiled. The elected candidate plays a vital role in the path of development. So my humble request is please create more and more awareness through the site and may be we may atleast contribute a little for better future of Manipur. And who knows we are able to ignite a young mind whic would carry our burden and become a great leader some day.

Ronald Kangujam

A Public Attention Call

[ Wed, Jan 04, 2012 8:49 am ]

Dear E-pao netizens,
With utmost frustration and strong condemnation against the lobbyist of the MPSC mains exam., I want to ly down few words that they are alsp equally questionable.
* The pre questions was substandard, still they can't crack it (ill prepared).
* Their reaction was not minimal before the result was declared but try to block when the process is about reach the last stage.
* From the reliable source they have strong reach in the political and administratove heirarchy and lobbying for about 100 activist.
* Their short sightedness; are they the only one victimised what about those who clear exam because of them?
* Are they different from any activist who first project themselves as savior of public but disappear with handful personal gains!!
* The intentionally was to postpon the exam so that their ill motive can achieved during the time.

Lastly, this is not the end of the world. Learn from the younger generation who excels in different work of life through their shear hard works? Lets not act like crabs and kill ourslves. With best wishes happy new year 2012


Share Radio e-pao in social networking site

[ Mon, Jan 02, 2012 3:51 am ]

Wish you happy new year to all the members of the e-pao. I am browsing e-pao for the last many years and thanks for providing valuable information about our land. My request is, if possible kindly allow to share Radio e-pao songs in social networking site like facebook etc..


Promote our indigenous art and culture

[ Sun, Dec 04, 2011 2:13 pm ]

The Director,
Arts and Culture Department,
Government of Manipur,

As a person who took birth in Manipur, I want to seek my roots and trace my origins. So accordingly so many traditions are being diluted by hindunisation of our arts, culture and history. I need not elucidate this. But I wonder why your department is taking so much pain to promote the diluted culture. I think your department is playing a main role in misleading the people.

We better research our history and seek the truth. Your department should be on the forefront to conserve our indigenous culture and make the people aware of the truth. Let me quote a newspaper statement on MFDC Auditorium. "The auditorium has the facility to screen 3-D films in addition to having projectors which can screen both celluloid and digital films. The entrance of the auditorium is decorated with pictures of traditional dances of Nagas and Kukis and scenes of Ras Leela."

Why do we need to promote a dance form which had no relevance to us when it was being founded by someone whose character is questionable? Ras Leela has nothing origins in our history, it was imported by some fanatic Hindus and made the then kings to follow Hinduism and and the Potloi, which is used in wedding and ras leela, has a very despicable history which can be sourced from learned historians.

So I request you to stop promoting a dance form which is irrelevant to us. Instead please make a pledge to promote our indigenous art and culture.


Update breaking news and Video clips

[ Thu, Dec 01, 2011 6:33 am ]

Greeting!!! We manipuris are very thankful and appreciate for such a wonderful job. But if you can update breaking news and video clips will be great help for us...


Update breaking news

[ Wed, Nov 30, 2011 1:59 am ]

I am very proud of such site to have news for Manipur. But it will be very good if the breaking news are updated on the page......

Bunty N

Update the current news around the world

[ Wed, Nov 16, 2011 7:55 am ]

e-pao site homepage is looks good and complete then before. please update the current news what happening around the world and make a link of other news site. thnks everyone who develop this site and all it team once again

lnlai meitei

Message Board more appropriate than 'User Community'

[ Fri, Nov 04, 2011 5:17 am ]

Now the e-pao service is polluted with such hate mails and degoratory words that yours truly is concerned whether the page of airing our opinions in this current page wull meet the same fate as that of the famous message board which was altogether stopped because of all those ummature mails sent by frustrated, irresponsible, short-tempered, political amateurs and their likes. If the Message Board of e-pao didn't welcome such hate mails why is it continuing with theis current service called 'USER COMMUNITY' ? Don't tell me, these dangerous mails won't harm any emotions. If this User Community can continue, serve us again with the Message Board service. The MB was more appropriate to type one's opinions ranging from vital issues burning in Manipur to another. Or just stop this User Community for it publishes none but only the hate mails and bad languages from the so-called users.


Freedom of speech n expression in wrong way

[ Thu, Nov 03, 2011 10:47 am ]

I'm sending this feedback in regard to the comment/discuss you provides below the news article. Im saddened by the way you let freedom of speech n expression in wrong way. Freedom does not meant licence to spreak dirty words that will disturb others' peace. i sure your webpage stand for peace n hermony of all n to promote it. pliz check that words like F**King, Ass, etc be use only to oneselves n at one own risk and not in your esteem web. Such uncontrol freedom is killing all of us. WE ARE THE GENERATION of change for peace. Let inculcate value education once more. thank you.


more radio drama series

[ Sat, Oct 29, 2011 5:50 am ]

e-pao team bu ahanbada nanao na thagatchari...madhabi..nokphade series tahan bibagidamak...anouba series khara hongbirak u..pukning penjage

Umananda Wangkhem

Ningol Chakkouba's greeting

[ Thu, Oct 27, 2011 1:01 pm ]

Mabung Mawpa singa Machal Machesingagi marakta lainariba nungsinabagi maribu henna chetsinhanbagi kumhaini "Ningol Chakauba". Ningol Chakaubana lakpada Manipuri Association Of Saudi Arabia gi maikaidagi miyamda nungairaba paojael pijari loinana Kumhai asina mabung maupaga machal machesinggagi maraktata nattana manipurda lairiba kanglup khudingmak henna nungsinana laiminnaba oirasanu

Manipuri Association Of Saudi Arabia

Continue the good work

[ Mon, Oct 17, 2011 5:40 pm ]

I have been following this website for more than 4 years now and seen it grow from few pages to a very nice and successful one. You are doing a commendable job by keeping people like me, who are away from our motherland to stay in touch and feel belonged. Please continue the good work.


Happy Mera Houchongba

[ Wed, Sep 28, 2011 7:31 am ]

Happy Mera Houchongba to all the people of our motherland Kangleipak/Manipur. May this festival bring communal harmony in Kangleipak.


Why dont we try to be everything of something?

[ Sun, Sep 25, 2011 11:18 am ]

After browsing your platform, what I feel is your global platform is something of everything. Why dont we try to be everything of something?? Please dont take it serious it is my humble observation & sugestion!!! Anyway thanx a lot.


Is Bharat Ratna for health by Dr. K H Nbakishwor - True?

[ Fri, Aug 26, 2011 5:34 pm ]

Mr. Editor

This is regarding the press release by Thoudang newspaper on 24th Aug 2011 for the news topic " Dr. K H Nbakishwor Okkani". reference link :

Here are few questions arise by every Manipuri individual as saying "Is there a Bharat Ratna by name Bharat Ratna for health", Is Bharat Ratna achieved by Dr. K H Nbakishwor true ? In the news column by Thoudang says Chikitsak Ratan Award as Bharat Ratna for health. This is not correct information. Chikitsak Ratan award is usually awarded by The Global Society for Health and Educational Growth (GSHEG), a New Delhi-based non-governmental organization (NGO) and Bharat Ratna award is given by Govt of India. Chikitsa RaTAN is nowhere related to Bharat raTNA award nor there is any award called Bharat Ratna for health. Even the spelling of Ratan and Ratna are different.

Bharat Ratna are awarded to the people of India who is brave hearts, given exceptional service towards advancement of Art, Literature and Science, and in recognition of Public Service of the highest order. Details of Bharat Ratna are in :
Chikitsak Ratan award is awarded by an NGO called GSHEG (no proper information about the NGO). Never know about the measurement criteria of giving this award, could be the one donates more money to the NGO gets the award.

News on Thoudang has converted the Chikitsak Ratan award to Bharat Ratna. Bharat Ratna is awarded by President of India with a gold medal shown on below link: No one has awarded Bharat Ratna since 2008. There are lots of nominations, suggestions that coming for public of India or nominated by individual state governments but none approved to received this award for 2011. One of the nominee is Sachin Tendulkar.
Dr. K H Nbakishwor claiming for Bharat Ratna award winner for 2011 is wrong information. No such award is achieved by him. Other word no one has received Bharat Ratna award for 2011. If Nbakishwor won any award that could be a Chikitsak Ratan award given by an NGO ( but still no written document for the claim). There is not any reference of Nbakishwor being won Bharat Ratna award or even Chikitsak Ratan award as like Adivasi Ratna Award To Sharmila, Mary Kom, Vijender and Sushil get Khel Ratna

Malem Laitonjam

I will feel as if I am in my homeland North East!

[ Thu, Aug 18, 2011 7:40 am ]

Thanks for opening up a new section about North east india which represent 'mini-india', a purely cosmopolitan atmosphere environment, which is rare in mini parts of india, but the great tragedy is its isolated status due to lack of focus, land-locks, physical communication hazards and upteen number of reasons. Now, being in any part of the world one will have access to the N E States of india through your wide coverage, hope the future will usher with more and more multicoulered news will spring-up and being in Mumbai I will feel as if I am in my homeland North East!

Utpala Konwar

Helpful and informative to Manipuri

[ Wed, Aug 17, 2011 3:37 am ]

Dear E-Pao Team,
Greetings of the day!
Thank to all you team for keeping us updated on what is happening in Manipur. Please continue doing the same your site is vey helpfull and informative to those Manipuri who are living outside Manipur. With Regards,

Konsam Kishan Mei Tei - New Delhi
The Leela Palace Hotel
Chanakyapuri, Diplomate Enclave, Africa Avenue.

More Khunung Esai, Khongjom Esai and all Meitei Folk Songs

[ Sat, Aug 13, 2011 2:58 pm ]

Dear Team Member,
First of all, I would like to appriciate to all e-pao team for creating this website. I am belongs to Silchar (Cachar Dist.)and living in Bangalore. Requesting you to upload some more Khunung Esai, Khongjom Esai and all Meitei Folk Songs. If possible then upload some movies, songs, folk songs to youtube.

I will be very thanksfull if you upload as much as possible.

Ranabir Singha

Deplorable state of affairs at the Family Court, Lamphelpat

[ Fri, Aug 12, 2011 2:08 pm ]


The present state of affairs and conduct of cases at the Family Court, Lamphelpat which also happens to be only court for the whole of Manipur state dealing with family matters and matrimonial disputes is really deplorable and pitiable. With the promotion and transfer of the sitting Judge to the Sessions Court, this Family Court is, most of the time, without a Judge even though "in papers" it is being looked after by a Judge.

Due to the absence of a regular Judge and consequently the activity and transaction of the cases coming to a halt and a virtual siege, the volume of the pending cases increase day by day and most of the of cases get delayed without reasonable causes much to the chagrin of the litigant parties. This has aggrieved the parties and a sizeable section of the public coming to find a solution to their family woes and disputes like divorce, alimony claims, judicial separations etc. The conspicuous neglect of the Family Court by the authority and the Government has been the sole reason for the sorry state of affairs in the lone family court in Manipur. What is worth mentioning is the fact that without a regular Judge a court is crippled to the bones and cannot properly deliver justice to the needy. If the cases which are supposed to be disposed off in a few weeks' time take several months altogether due to repeated adjournments and wanton deferments, the very purpose of keeping a court to arbitrate on family disputes gets defeated because there is an old saying that "justice delayed is justice denied".

It is high time the authorities concerned look into the issue seriously and quickly depute a regular Jugde for the lone Family Court in Manipur in the interest of the general public.

Yours sincerely,

Samson Khaba - Sagolband, Imphal, Manipur-795001

Add new section for share/discuss

[ Tue, August 09, 2011 2:43 pm ]

By looking into the current situation of Manipur, some time I feel to discuss my point of view with my Manipuri Bro/Sister. I request E-Pao team to add a new section where anybody can post a topic which HE/SHE want to share/discuss with other E-Pao users. The same topic should be visible to the E-Pao user the moment HE/She enter E-Pao site. It will be easy way to communicate to all Manipuri who are currently residing outside Manipur. In these way if we want to do something for our motherland Manipur, we Bro/Sis of Manipur can discuss for a solutions.


About Situation Of Manipur

[ Sun, Aug 07, 2011 4:13 am ]

Its pleasant to write in your giving oppurtunity at 'email us', I only want you all to reach my message to people of Manipur,, Ours living land is dying day by day...... every one is mocking at the living stage of ours. The Q is why many organisation exists? Why there is no unity? If anything happen even small/big issues why bandh and Strike, cripping only ours people? Hills want separate land and Valleys wants separately, Why/who will suffer? no solution ends..... Wake up my dear youths lets form a good peaceful motherland Manipur. vomit those rebels and be nice land in our india.... jai hind!!

Moshil Maring

Why is Dr. K. Gaithaolung, CMO, Tamenglong, so averse

[ Fri, Aug 05, 2011 6:12 am ]

The Editor,


Why is Dr. K. Gaithaolung, CMO, Tamenglong, so averse to the opinion and views raised by the Co-ordinator of Zeliangrong Students� Union, Tamenglong, or to any concerned organisations, when it is all for the public interest? For the last many years he has been the CMO of Tamenglong but what changes has he brought about or initiated any changes for the development of the health services in the district? He should be ashamed of himself for seeing the changes and new look in the District Hospital, Tamenglong during his absence, while whisking away the posh life of the Imphal valley.

If he is concerned and really loves his own community, being a responsible senior gazetted officer of the government of Manipur, he should give his best service to the poor people of Tamenglong district. For how long can he fool the people of Tamenglong? At the fag end of his career he is more interested in pacifying his shortcomings and weaknesses as an administrator instead of giving importance to the plight of the patients. His clarification in the Hueiyen Lanpao dated 5th July 2011 clearly shows his immaturity as Head of the Department.

Why doesn�t he try to bring innovative ideas of which he has sufficient experience at the Medical Directorate and also at the JN Hospital in the capacity of the Medical Superintendent? He knows very well that Tamenglong District Hospital is lagging behind other districts of Manipur. He knows very well that the distance between Tamenglong to Imphal is about 147 Km away where poverty-stricken patients had to be referred to well equipped hospitals for further treatment, not to talk about the rough zig -zag road which has taken the toll of many lives during transportation. Why is he so insensitive about all these important issues to highlight to the higher authorities?

His statement that �No Operation Theatre is required nor specialist doctors be posted at the District Hospital, Tamenglong� is noted by the public. Does this irresponsible statement show any concern for the people of Tamenglong? Is he, in his capacity as a CMO, bringing about anything conducive for the down-trodden district of Tamenglong? Is he doing his duties anyway or is he just a poser who spends most of his quality time with his family in Imphal? Or is he just a bragger?

If he is more interested in the blame game rather than concentrating to his assigned work as the CMO, it would be better for him to resign from the service and take rest. No doubt he will be able to devote more time to his family and his health.

Tamenglong would rather want a worker rather than a poser. Period.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Pame - Tamenglong, Manipur

Complaint to the Manipur police

[ Fri, Aug 05, 2011 6:12 am ]

The Editor

Subject: - Prayer for the complaint to the Manipur police who were on duty at North A.O.C traffic junction on dated 4th July 2011 around 4pm to 5.30pm.


As a individual with no option please allow me to share an incident in your esteemed newspaper that happened to me on 4th July, 2011 at 4:30 pm at North A.O.C, Imphal Traffic junction.

I am Akho Poumai from Senapati, working as a Project Officer in an NGO. I came for training at Imphal and I check-in at a hotel near North A.O.C. After the training (04/07/2011) I went to meet my cousin brother at National Sport Academy School, Khuman Lampak stadium. On the way to the school I stopped to have a pan from a road-side shop, just then one police constable with full uniform came and asked me directly without any hesitation, how many piece you want? And how much money you have in your pocket? I said, what are you talking about? I didnt understand of what he meant, but the police constable assumed me that i am a drug user coming there to buy drug. The police constable looks fierce with moustache, around 5.5ft high, age between 35 to 40 years old. And when I ordered a pan to the shop keeper, the policeman force me to the corner of the house and discuss where no one saw us, then I said i am not a drug user, i swear in the name of god, and i have never used in my lifetime, then the policeman doesn�t believe me and pull me to the corner of the house and checked all my pocket and took all my cash (Rs.1,500), after which he took me to one of the women who is a drug-peddler, she took out the drug covering with white paper from her bra. And the police paid the money, which was taken from me, and the women gave him a Rs. 100 note as his share. Only then I realised the actual intention of the man in khakhi and I shouted back at the policeman, do u think that i am a drug user? I don�t know that you all are doing drug business here, Is this Manipur police are there to do drug business? The policemen threaten me at gun point if u don�t come here to buy drug then why are you coming here? Then the policeman tried to beat me with his Lathi telling me to go back to where I came from....

Now, let me ask some question to all the intellectuals, I know I may not be able to get legitimate answers now but still the situation makes me curious. My only mistake for the policemen is that I am a Naga from the hills without knowing proper Manipuri but still then, Isn�t the man in uniform paid to protect the people? Or to harassed and force someone to involve in this kind of illegal activities? Is selling drugs a part of your service? I�m scared of the Manipur Police more than a terrorist now. The domineering & unethical act of the policeman should be question and taken into account by every sect of people.

I went back with a decision never to come down to Imphal alone.

Yours sincerely,

Akho Poumai - Senapati

E-pao Radio is the best !!

[ Fri, Aug 05, 2011 6:12 am ]

To the team......iam glad about the radio which has various type of music!!!i kind a feel its the best.Since manipuri music video are not properly shot!!!!i prefer the radio...Nway all the best..


Ugly policy of NIT Manipur

[ Fri, Aug 05, 2011 6:12 am ]

Hi, today 11/07/2011 I went for interview of NIT manipur for the post technical assistant whose eligibilty is dipolma/BE in relevant field. I am applying for tech. asstant electronics after waiting from 10 am the authority published a merit list around 4 pm on mark p.c basis to be eliglbe to attend interview a selest candidate of 14 has been highlited now some uneligible candidates including me got upset and went back home i have score 61 p.c in BE and also have more than 4 years of experience in private telecom sector as engineer i am not eligible to walk for interview now i wish everone to know what actually done by the authority is right or wrong authority prior have published eligibility criteria through paper and their web site is this the way to do I wish the world to know this ugly policy.


It is not user Friendly

[ Thu, May 26, 2011 5:32 pm ]

I would like to thanks for creating e-pao. I hope need some improvements on upgrade news & events we can still see old events instead link to other address and it not user friendly. E-pao chat is better to shut down hope u understand why!

Yumnam Singh

Haughtiness of govt officials

[ Thu, May 19, 2011 8:18 am ]

here will be no dearth of complains concerning the haughtiness of govt. officials. Of all the offices functioning in Manipur, those belonging to central departments have always been known for their 'holier-than-thou' ( just because they don't have to answer to anyone belonging to those departments manned by the state government.

And , of all those 'big-brother' central government's undertakings, State bank of India is manned by the '' proudest '' staffers. WE know there has to be scarcity of changes/ notes of lower denominations. But, why should that Manipuri guy manning the counter shouts so loud to the customers to stand around him; only to violently bark at the customers to visit other banks if they cannot produce changes(notes of lower denominations) while giving commission (exchange rate) when processing ''demand draft' or' banker's cheque'?; not to forget the many rules he mentioned in such a harsh voice.

Wonder, his colleagues sitting beside were not as demanding as him. (Palm-greasing even in banks)? You never know. Why was he so rude? Work pressure? NO. Because, here I am talking about the very few moments the bank opens. Does he think we enjoy standing in queues for long hours? Aren't we human beings? Somebody should beat him up and send him to other states, no?


Still we are the richest

[ Tue, May 17, 2011 1:51 am ]

This is not related to any news or any incident. I am just expressing my views for our state. I am very proud of being a Manipuri because we never feel like our self that we are making very hard to make our end.

In terms of our state size we are not even of a district of state like UP, MP etc. but in terms of development we are not even 0.1% of them. In terms of roads we not even 0.00001% of them. And also why should we be we are the richest state. But in case of price we are 5X time of them still we keep quit coz we are the richest. When the price of petrol is Rs 50 we paid Rs 100 coz we are the richest. When the price of cement of RS 250-300 we paid double the price coz we are the richest. We don't have roads to travel but we have flights to traveled coz we are the richest. We don't have university to study but don't worry we study abroad/others states coz we are the richest. We don't have any kind of small scale industries but we also close them by demanding huge amount of money. Still we are the richest.


Enable instant voting result in Miss Manipur 2011

[ Fri, May 13, 2011 9:26 am ]

E-pao gi admin singda rqst macha amatang toujage aduD houjik houjik miss manipur online poll e-pao na toubirise vote masing kya sure haiba simatang u-hanbiragaddi ym nungaijani...... eisu ei fren amada ngsigi ahumlak sure vote toujarise adubu vote masing kya surage haiba khangba ngamjadre aduna E-pao gi admin singda vote masing kya sunarage haiba adutang u-hanbiyo....

vote masing kaya sure haibagi tanja ama pibiragadi eikhoina Eche, Echan, fren singda vote toujaragasu eikhoina vote tourido kya sure haiba khngba ngamjadre, vote masing kya sunare haiba adutang uhanbiragadi eikhoi na vote masing yamdragasu kyam hennari haiba adutng khngjaragaD eikhoida penjaba ama oigani.... eina admin singda thajaba thamjari eina toujariba rqst asi thabak ta soidna pangthok pirak kani haina thengabasu thengna vote loigadaba 1 week mamangda soidna uhanbirak o.....

Ricky Thokchom

Please update Wathi Jugai column

[ Thu, May 12, 2011 5:51 am ]

e-pao gi web site asi fngbada asuki matik hainingai leitana nungaijei masida yaoriba blog sing asi asuki matik nungai pabada adumoina entertainment gi oina yaoriba wathi jugai asi anouba update toubiraklabadi amuka henna nungaijagani aroibada e-pao bu puthokpada yaobiriba meeoi khudingmak hainingai leitana thagatchari

Thounaojam James

From Burma but my blood is 100% Meitei

[ Wed, May 11, 2011 8:33 am ]

Thank you for your website. This is the first time of seeing your website. I am from Myanmar, but my blood is 100% Meitei. I live in Mandalay. I think you might know about Meitei community living in Myanmar, especially in Mandalay. Some of my neighborhoods are finding out our culture and traditional religion. I would like to just contact with some of you to keep in touch and make friend to facilitate in sharing knowledge and information about our Meitei History. I'm now studying in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm doing the Ph.D degree of Physical Therapy in Mahidol University, Salaya, Bangkok. Wishing you a good day.

Shivakuma - Bangkok

Share via Twitter

[ Sun, May 01, 2011 11:36 am ]

Your sharing options, do not include twitter. Twitter is the most popular and convenient option for sharing of articles. I could reshare from your handle @epaomanipur, but most people like sharing items rather than news handles.

Aditya Dalmia

epao team se khara responsible oiba mi waatpa maalle

[ Sun, May 01, 2011 9:35 am ]

e-pao team da keinomta suggest toujagey? snapshots ki comments sing do amata chanadre. thainagi haannagi photos ki comments singdo anouba photo upload tourakpada su adum display touraga leire. sigi mismatch se amukta yengsinbiyu dana. thouwoina meitei lon da oina ejarabane, epao team se khara responsible oiba mi waatpa maalle na. warouba yade. thank you.

RK Ritchie

Divisiveness never helps

[ Tue, Apr 19, 2011 1:38 pm ]

When I wrote the earlier post [Wed, Mar 16, 2011 12:30 pm], the E-Pao editors in their wisdom titled it as "India "annexing" Manipur - Not true". First I must assert that the title is rather provocative. It was NOT my title - it indeed was the title E-Pao editors used. This was unfortunate. Provocation for the sake of it will mask a message and it did in this case. I must also suggest to the E-Pao editors to NOT change the title and only use the subject that I have used here. Secondly, I must also suggest that they do not reformat the post here. Reformatting and joining of paragraphs lead to a loss of the overall message. High capacity Hard Disks are cheap - so the few extra bytes for a few extra carriage returns should not be a problem.

Firstly, my intention was to convey the message that divisiveness NEVER helps. If one wants to find differences, one will ALWAYS find one. I had provided examples in the previous post. As I had also indicated that after traveling in some twenty different countries and visiting more than 150 different places - I'm absolutely certain that underneath EVERYONE is the same. And I mean it. In Merchants of Venice (by Shakespeare), Shylock pleaded with Salarino on similarities between a Christian and a Jew and very famously said: "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" Secondly, divisiveness - regardless of rationale or origin - can mushroom into violence, as it has in this case. As I also mentioned politicians (and others) take advantage of divisiveness to further their own goals and do NOT give a damn to what happens to common people. This is universal - not just in India and within India not just in Manipur either. Moreover, without serious intervention of a very powerful country, violence has NEVER led to toppling of a democratic nation - regardless of how flawed that democracy is. India of course has many flaws - it is still the largest democratic country. Look at the other neighbours! Look at Burma (poor and abysmal human rights), look at Bangladesh (though getting better), look at China (abysmal human rights), look at Pakistan (it is the most failed state in the world!). As Churchill once said: "Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." What he should have also mentioned that 'all those other forms' ultimately failed.

Having said the above, and allow me to reassert, the fact that Manipuris were dealt a raw deal does NOT go away. However, many parts of India also feel the same way (I'm sure all know the Maoist movement which is also violent and bound to fail eventually). The only way is through non-violence which was practiced by so many: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and of course Mahatma Gandhi. Do you readers also know about Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan - the Frontier Gandhi? Do you readers know how tirelessly he worked on peaceful movements and rejected divisiveness in places that are NOW among the most violent in Pakistan? These people possessed the highest degree of wisdom and their efforts were finally successful. Violence can be justifies only in rare circumstances. What is happening in Manipur is NOT be such a circumstance. Once again strong feeling of divisiveness can easily grow into violence. With violence everyone loses. To me, the root cause of all evils in India - as also in Manipur - is the lack of Rule of Law. If corruption can be reduced significantly, everyone will benefit. At the end of the day, everyone in this world - without exception - wants to live in peace, regardless of under whatever umbrella and regardless of all self-serving political and insurgent rhetoric.

sroy - Canada

Missed Ranbir show on Loktak

[ Sun, Apr 17, 2011 10:00 am ]

Dear E-Pao Team, Unfortunately I missed the Ranabir Program, which was held recently in Delhi under the name of "Save Loktak". Since I am staying in West Delhi, and since information was not shared in any Delhi Local new paper , hardly come to know about this.. Since I am regular visitor on-line, If you people had disclosed about this information, people would have come to know about this program and probably we might have an opportunity to join the session. However I really appreciate for this effort to bringing such a major issue about importancy of "Save Loktak".

Bikram Singha

Proud to be a metei pakhang

[ Thu, Apr 14, 2011 8:53 am ]

I am really proud to be a metei pakhang as the world is targeting towards Manipur because of all over the world. I could see what is happening in my home by sitting in an MNC located at Noida, India.

Soran Singh

Dirty Comment section

[ Wed, Apr 13, 2011 4:27 pm ]

Dear Editor, Do you think the comment section serves any importance these days because of these dirty comments. It would be better to close this section before the world knows our lack of unity, in fact mannerless comments.


Leekon or not Leekon

[ Wed, Apr 13, 2011 2:56 am ]

Ekaiba khangda haibse khangdabajatni ekhoise. Ngammi matagum yarani matougum toubsidi phatte e-pao kangbu nakhoise. Mi ama oibagi wakhal amatta yaodaba mina hekta hairaga louradi ehsu hekta hairage loubigadara. mi oina poktouna lairak khitta oiro yamnabu oiro tamlabani eshagi oiba chummi nattraga lanli haiba ngamnaba. Ebo asi haidunasu saoganu saoragana nashagini. Leekon shanaba haibase houjikki miron ayambana khangdrabasu akhangba ahal laman mayam ama leiragani, shanabasu yaoramgani kangleipakki mapham amadadi. Literature khitang oirasu pabiba yadaro. Ekhaidaro, mi atteida aranba culture Utlido. Huieyen lanpaodagi louba oirasu khaltharaga haplamladi phagadaba. Paomini hairagasu paokhomba ngaktadi yade, lairaik paba yam channgi. Mathangdadi amuk touraklanu, yareko ema epabu yonlaga chage khalganu, ngasi ekhoina hinglise laioikhraba epa epusingna thanamba mayamduna hinglibaniko.

Mikado Konsam

Techological Education in absence of spirituality

[ Tue, Apr 12, 2011 2:55 pm ]

The Techological Education in absence of spirituality has covered very deeply the moral and ethical vision of mankind which brings curruption, crimes and communal riots. Without God Consciousness, the world has gone mad. There is an urgency need for a God Conscious Civilization. The task of education should be to develop a man into an examplary person. Education is for life and not for a mere living.

Dr S. Nabakishore Singh

Misleading Ads

[ Tue, Apr 12, 2011 10:45 am ]

Hello, I just found one ad on the website - Manipuri Girls - Millions Of Desi Girls In Your Area. Special Offer: Free Upgrade! www.Ig***** I am sorry to say but the message/ad it portrays is quite misleading. I know it is a dating site or dating ad when you click at the link but the message/ad doesn't fit at all. First of all - Manipuri Girls - What about them? Secondly - Millions Of Desi Girls In Your Area. Special Offer: Free Upgrade! - What offers are you making? Free Upgrade? - For what? When you read the ad itself, do you think it is a dating ad? I do apologize for my interference here but kindly look into this matter as I don't want others to take this as a negative approach.


Anti-Corruption Movement in India

[ Mon, Apr 11, 2011 2:57 am ]

Hello! While the whole of India is abuzz with the Anti-Corruption movement in all the medias; also connected to Mr. Anna's successful ending of 'fast unto death' in this connection; I find almsot silent about this news coverage!? This Anti-corruption movement is in fact more relevant & cruicial for the Manipur society as we see this social menace had drown the people of Manipur up to the neck that directly or indirectly resulted in the present turmoils of Manipur society! As a reputed web media, should be pro-active in this important social reformation movement of eradicating this social evil called corruption. True journalism is all about guiding & waking up people for the better change in the society not just publishing some bad news for cheap public attention. Please wake up and wake up the people of Manipur regarding this Anti-corruption movement by flashing all the related news in this regard and also initiating public debate & discussions on the and this Anti-corruption movement will do a lot of lasting & higher good for Manipur society. Let us wake up the slumbering & misguided people of Manipur to involve in this Anti-corruption movement for a better Manipur now.

Goodman Naorem

Annexation of Manipur by India -A historical fact

[ Wed, Apr 06, 2011 1:23 pm ]

This in reference to the mail SRoy had forwarded to E-Pao under the title of "India annexing Manipur-Not true". Before getting into the the crux of the matter, I would like SRoy to know that I really appreciate him for showing his concerns for Manipur and her people and also for taking up a topic which is regarded very crucial by the Manipuris in the political history of the state. SRoy has mentioned that he had done "a bit" of research on Manipur. I, myself, have been a research student and have presented a few papers on the political history of Manipur. As researchers, we are always looking for the "facts" or in other words , the "truths". We try to look at the facts per se, devoid of any preconceived notions. Manipur had been an independent country with a history of 2000 years before losing her independence to the British in the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891. She got her independence in 1947 and an interim goverment was formed with a constitution of its own only to be forcefully merged to the Indian union on 15 october 1949. These are the facts which have been crucial in the development of modern history of Manipur.

I would, here, like to recommend Mr. SRoy a valuable book on Manipur called "History of MODERN MANIPUR" edited by Lal Dena, as i think it would help him in his further research on Manipur and her modern history. It is mentioned very clearly in the book by prof. Gangumei kabuii that "Ultimately, Maharaja Bodhachandra Singh of Manipur was pressurised to integrate Manipur with India on 15 october 1949. Irabot Singh deplored the action of the Maharaja as he could have consulted his council of ministers or got the merger agreement ratified by the legislative assembly. But under the coercive pressures, the Maharaja was helpless and had to aagree to the integration. " (pp. 171, History of MODERN MANIPUR.) DR.N.Joykumar singh stated in the book that "When the Maharaja refused to sign the merger agreement , he was pressed with following words : [Your Highness may rest assured that the goverment of india will take complete ressponsibilty in the matter of meeting whatever objection may be raised by the people of the state.] " (pp. 188, 189, History of MODERN MANIPUR.) As for the INA, Lal Dena has stated in the book that "Surprsingly enough, no proper thought was given as to how the people of Manipur were to be mobilised for the movement. It would appear that the Manipuris seemed to have no connection or contact with INA leaders.......This appears to suggest that the whole population was indifferent to the movement. The British because of their long contact with the Manipuris had the opportunity to get local supplies from villagers........." (pp .180, 181,History of MODERN MANIPUR.)


Manipur govt should check Nepali population

[ Wed, Apr 06, 2011 3:28 am ]

It is rightly mentioned Manipur will be occupied by govt India through other migrants that is Nepali and Bangladeshis as a Advance copy of India. It will only 5- 10 years to become manipur a land of Nepali and Bangladeshi and Indians (Mayangs). We should understand the problem and our strength should be made now by having indigenous group. In Sikkim, Original indigenous tribes i.e., Lepcha and Bhutia are out number by Nepali exactly from Nepal and other parts of India since 1980s. Now Nepali population in Sikkim is more than 70 % and in case of sikkim one thing is good that the tribe has their political seat reserved and no one cannot buy land in the name of outside people execept Neppali Population in some of the townships. in the recent new manipur has about 4 lakhs of nepali where this is not possible at all but people from Nepal through Darjeeling, Siliguri and other part of India are migrating to Manipur in the name of Kangpokpi and matripukhri Lands. It should be stop as soon as possible. Historical nepali may be in Manipur for past 50 years but it is not a right place to migrate in vast number in that history name. Manipur govt should check the population of Nepali and Bangladeshi as soon as possible otherwise manipur will be outnumber by Nepali and Muslim from Bangladesh.


Tears comes out of my eyes

[ Mon, Apr 04, 2011 5:59 am ]

Thanks to all the team of e-pao for all the contributions which u've made for this site to keep us update in anyway. 'm from imphal city but its been more than 8 years that i've left manipur. now i live in dubai and trying to establish my career but sometimes when i call my friends who are in manipur tears comes out of my eyes. and this is the only site that keeps me connect with manipur. thanks again this is really a very appreciative job that this site has done for me, it helps me to know whats happening around in manipur, it keeps me update. anyway, hats off to e-pao team and hope to see more facilities in ur site. long live manipur, long live e-pao. by the way, happy cheiraoba. i really miss this season, yaosang, thabal chongba, lai haraoba...... OK, that all for this time, keep up 'ur work.


Happy Sajibu Cheiraoba

[ Sun, Apr 03, 2011 11:55 am ]

Wish you all the people of our motherland Kangleipak(Manipur) a very happy and prosperous Sanjibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba.

G Kanglei

India never annexed Manipur

[ Fri, Apr 01, 2011 3:33 am ]

Well said Mr Sroy from Canada. I am also of the opinion of 'India annexing Manipur 'Not true.' Further I would like to give a vivid description of aspects for the benefit of our readers. India never annexed Manipur. India never 'annexed' anything. Manipur became part of India like other states. By the way what is India? it is a union of states. India is all of us. India is made by us. Some people talk as if there is a demon called India which came from some other planet and 'annexed' the states of this region. But do other states which were 'annexed' have such problems of insurgency, corruption and many more, as we have presently in our state. What we need is not to revive history to draw negative perspectives, but something more and better. Peace, development, infrastructure, better colleges, better roads and the list has so many more. For this every individual staying outside and inside our state, should participate and contribute. Things are slowly and steadily changing in our state. We public are no longer supporting. these so called revolutionaries. 'Peace' a five letter word has great importance. Truly speaking peace can never spread in the world without peace in our own heart. Peace should be felt within heart and people should feel peace whey they come to us. Is this happening even 10% in our Manipur. A big No. There is lot of scope in our beautiful Manipur to improve manifolds, in fields of peace, harmony and better development. 'Annexing' Manipur into India is a wrong term. North East may have been neglected for some reason in the past. But things have changed, NE has been allotted double the budget compared to last year. Time has come where centre is more attentive towards Manipur, and other six sisters. What to talk of other states see & look at Sikkim which has emerged as peaceful and developed state after 1972. Now we all should not support insurgency anymore and think about future development of our state.

Don't we all know that all that the insurgent leaders want is money for themselves and their families. Have you come across any insurgent leader who wants his children to become insurgents? No. They want their children to study, get good jobs and live is good houses. They want other poor children to get recruited into their folds and fight for them. Some people talk of plebiscite as if we are ruled by some alien force. The days are over when Rajas and Raj Kumars (RK) ruled us and we could only do things which they approved of. Today we have a group of representatives elected by us who manage governance of our state. If they do not govern properly how can we blame 'INDIA'. By the way more than 90% of the money for all the projects in our beautiful state comes from our country 'INDIA'. What do we want actually? To be governed properly by our own elected representatives or follow some fugitive who wants 'freedom' to be a criminal, freedom to extort our hard earned money, freedom to kidnap and kill, freedom to become a modern 'Raja'. We all should introspect and focus the issues like, different tribal groups and tribals and Non-Tribals co-exist peacefully, effective delivery mechanism and other measure to give succor to the deprived sections, this is very important aspect, and connecting NE with other parts of our country-Socially, economically, politically and in all respects. This will enhance opportunities. Lastly, I pray to the so called revolutionaries (fugitives) not to create more terror and let live us peacefully, to enhance our state as equally or better than any other state.

L Sonamani Meitei