It's time to march in unison to break the chain of slavery: RPF-I
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 24 2024: Revolutionary People's Front (RPF) acting president Mm Ngouba has asserted that it is time for all to take up every available means and march in unison to break free from the chain of slavery.

On the 45th foundation day of the RPF, observed as 'Independence Demand Day', the outfit's acting president has offered revolutionary salute to the martyrs who valiantly sacrificed their lives in the fight for liberation of 'our Nation and our people' .

"I also salute and honour the brave sons and daughters of Manipur who made the ultimate sacrifice in the struggle to protect our motherland and its people", Ngouba conveyed.

The Indian Government possesses all the tools and resources necessary to halt this crisis.

However, rather than preventing its escalation, it seems they are waiting for a specific community's death toll to rise before taking action, leading to questions about why they are aligning themselves with one community over another, the RPF acting president Mm Ngouba remarked in a statement.

It asked, "Why are Indian forces safeguarding Kuki armed militants as if they must be shielded from harm at any cost, while their treatment of civilians in the valley suggests a preference to reduce the valley's population, as if they are waiting for it to happen" .

This protracted war against the people of Mani-pur has served as a wake-up call for the people, even though they failed to recognize India's true intentions sooner.

Today, people have grasped the true motives behind the Indian Govern- ment's desires, as the cries and sufferings of innocent civilians, including women and children who have been maimed or killed, continues without a solution.

At first glance, it appears that there is either no policy or perhaps an incorrect one.

However, through this extended conflict, it becomes apparent that even if there is a flaw in the policy and there is a call to rectify the injustices, these authorities are unable to implement necessary corrections when prompted, it said.

All these circumstances stem from decisions or positions preconceived by India, allowing them to persist as long as they do not jeopardize India's interests.

The people of Manipur have come to recognize that these are integral components of India's programme and policies aligned with their National interests.

As a Nation, it is reasonable to have its own National interests, and there is necessity for it.

To fulfil the objectives of National interests, various policies are formulated, employing multiple strategies and tactics.

Given that these are the National interest of a country, all the necessary mea- sures are taken up to advance them.

Often, National interests are not limited to just one as there may be openly declared interests as well as undisclosed or confidential interests that must not be revealed under any circumstances.

The crucial aspect to consider is the basis of these National interests and the ideas they stem from.

Should these ideas become distorted or have an ultra-nationalistic content, a myriad of issues and challenges may arise resulting in escalation of violence both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, such circumstances could potentially trigger a wider war in the future, according to the RPF acting president's statement.

Unfortunately, India is grappling with a widespread mindset influenced by the virus of Hindu ultra-nationalism, which has turned each of India's interests into a harmful ailment.

Given this mindset, certain foreseeable conse- quences arise, and understanding these outcomes collectively could aid in assessing both the current and future prospects of the fate of Manipur, it said.

Initially, the manifestations of India's ultra- nationalism may appear to foster unity among its citizens and cultivate a sense of solidarity.

However, over time, the Indian Government may adopt increasingly extreme measures.

There will be little distinction between the Government and the ruling party, with both entities exerting control over news and media channels.

Consequently, there may be a surge in efforts to suppress activities and voices critical of the Government.

Amid such engagements, the democratic institutions within the country may become hollow, while there will be concentration of power in the hands of a select few individuals.

They will attempt to impose their dominant cultural narrative forcefully and aim to wipe out individuals of different races and non-Hindu ethnicities, that will inevitably lead to internal riots and escalation of violence.

India's foreign policy will gradually become aggressive.

The neighbouring countries detest India and the frequent tensions and clashes are primarily due to India's aggressive foreign policy.

Among India's diseased National interests, the most perilous one is the interest that it must fight China and it has contributed to the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

Whether they perceived Manipur as potentially aligning with China or foresee unfavourable outcomes if China intervenes, there remains a compelling need for them to dismantle the revolutionary groups in Manipur and WESEA region, reducing their strength as much as possible, and also inciting the people of these regions to stand against China, Mm Ngouba said.

India considers that if they do not take these actions from the perspective of Indian forces, the current challenges of facing 'two and a half fronts' will eventually transform into a significant three-front challenge, which will require excessive efforts to address later on.

Another National interests of India is the requirement to intervene in Myanmar as a strategic measure against China.

Moreover, assistance from Myanmar is required to counter the revolutionary groups of Manipur, Assam and Nagaland, hence a specific policy towards Myanmar also needs to be implemented, read the acting president's statement.

Utilizing the Kukis under Suspension of Operation (SoO) as a weapon, initiating widespread poppy plantation in the hill areas and inducting illegal immigrants into Manipur are all tactics employed by India in its effort to counter China.

India aims to exploit Myanmar as a bridge in this endeavour, and these activities constitutes a hybrid warfare programme specially tailored for Myanmar and Manipur.

India consistently provides military assistance and financial aid to the Myanmar Army.

Conversely, India also supports rebels in regions along Myanmar-China border and those with the potential to disrupt China's interests.

The Chin-Kuki population residing in the border areas of Manipur and Myanmar became a convenient tool for India when seeking ways to combat the revolutionary groups in Manipur and to exert pressure on Myanmar, it said.

Honouring Manipur's history, its socio-cultural diversity, communities, ethnicities, and the lives and property of its people are not a part of India's National interests, it alleged.

Furthermore, India's stance on the border of Manipur is not merely a lack of respect, but rather an act of dishonour.

In other regions along India's borders, it has proclaimed that not a single inch of its land can be violated, and any incursion is considered an act of aggression, leading to past conflicts and wars.

India has even intervened in the border issues of neighbouring countries like Bhutan, citing threats to India's National interest, it said.

While Manipur's border also forms a significant part of India's international border, India shows no intention of respecting its sanctity simply because it is within Manipur's territory.

It is an undeniable fact that Manipur and its people have become victims of India's National interests, it alleged.

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