Naga UG leaders meet to resume soon
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, March 24 2014: After a long lull, meetings of top leaders of various Naga underground organisations will resume soon.

Sources said today that the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has started preparation to resume the stalled Naga reconciliation meetings involving Isak Swu and Muivah of the NSCN-IM, Khole and Kitovi from NSCN-KK (GRPRN/NSCN), top NNC/FGN leaders.

Formed in 2008 to bring reconciliation amongst the warring Naga underground outfits, the FNR members drawn from various Naga civil bodies, activists and intellectuals had organised football matches for these various Naga underground outfits both in Nagaland and abroad.

Several reconciliation meetings were also convened under the aegis of FNR in Nagaland, Thailand and elsewhere.

Following these, the warring Naga underground organisations had ceased to fight among themselves both physically and also stopped engaging in media war.

Numerous agreements were also signed among the Naga underground outfits to stop hostility among them.

Meanwhile, as recent as on February 27 this year, in the Forum for Naga Recobciliation (FNR) sponsored meeting in Dimapur, 31 Naga organisations while unanimously appreciating the hard work and valuable contributions of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for safeguarding the 'Naga family' at a time of deep crisis, had extended their full support to the Naga reconciliation process and urged the FNR to continue strengthening and pursing the task of Reconciliation.

The 31 Naga bodies had also said they implore all Naga tribe and civil society organizations to consciously work towards reconciliation in the spirit of forgiveness towards a shared future.

"Recognizing that reconciliation is a continuous process, we urge all Naga political groups to join Naga reconciliation; and to unitedly pursue the Naga political and historical rights for the common good of all," the Naga organisations had recommended.

The February 27, 2014 meeting at Niathu Resort in Dimapur was to update the Naga civil organisations about the processes and progress of the Naga reconciliation.

"Despite the sincerity of the FNR's intent, we have had our share of disappointments and setbacks.

We openly say this to the Naga people and the Naga poltical (underground) groups, as we also seek your understanding and forgiveness," the FNR report had said.

It then stated that in the midst of its limitations and disappointments, the Naga reconciliation has been possible because of the expressed commitment of the Naga political groups and the Naga public.

"Hence, FNR applauds the signing of the 'Covenant of Naga Reconciliation' in June 2010, and the 'Naga concordant' in August 2011, by the highest leaders of the Naga political groups (underground groups).

These agreements in combination with the support we have received from the Church bodies, Naga apex organizations, Naga tribes, women, and youth and GBs' and DBs' associations, as well as non-Naga communities living in Naga areas have sustained the journey to Naga reconciliation," the FNR report had further said.

The FNR report had admitted that through these years, FNR and the Naga underground groups have made many transitions; moving from one stage to another.

All along, while remaining diplomatic, non-partisan, without political affiliation, non-judgmental and steadfast, FNR has been mindful of not being deceptive nor manipulating to undo the "other." Our task has been to work with the Naga political groups, each seemingly with differing political framework, approaches and priorities.

Finding common ground has never been simple.

Yet, the Naga people's desire to be reconciled and to seek a shared future together has been the inspiration of the process, the report also said.

"In the process of reconciliation, the Naga political (underground) groups have identified the past events that occurred in the form of "agreements", "accords", and other "reactive" measures that had political, and social implications on the Naga struggle, thereby weakening it and resulting in grave loss of human lives and further divisions.

In the spirit of forgiveness the Naga political groups have driven the final nail to the casket of the Naga past, which they have resolved never to exhume," the FNR report had said.

While learning to let go of past mistakes, the Naga underground groups have realized their own failures and missteps for which they confess and seek the people's forgiveness.

They believe that only when the past is openly addressed, then the Naga future can unfold unfettered by history and enter a new age of understanding, justice and prosperity, it had stated.

As a 'political nation' Nagas must safeguard ourselves on all fronts � externally and internally.

This means being liberated from the vicious cycle of the culture of resentment, unforgiving spirit, pride and elitist practices.

Such attitudes, no matter how rationalized or justified, will not nurture enduring peaceful coexistence.

The law of nature itself points to the futility of such attitudes.

"By being objective and sincere, Nagas need to carefully examine whether our common belongingness will gather momentum, or whether we will succumb to the forces of entropy that threaten to destroy our Naga house from within.

Furthermore, for the younger Naga generation, whose growth we must not stifle, the concept of a "shared Naga future" still remains uncertain and endangered without a paradigmatic shift by the present Naga political leaders," it added.

The FNR report also said, the Naga aspiration to live in dignity and peace therefore needs the participation of every man, woman and child.

This is essential because the Naga status will be determined not only by our self percept idealism, but also by the true nature of our relationships with each other and is the cornerstone for a shared future.

According to the report, the time calls for our national leaders to come together and lay the stepping-stones to cross to the other side of the river.

Therefore: If we keep on harping on the "differences", despite the record that we are "reconciled", we will only empower those who promote division and conflict and who breed hatred rather than forgiveness and peace.

Henceforth, we must embrace the law of human civilization that only when we respect others, we will be able to promote the viable dignified coexistence of all.

According to the FNR report, sovereignty is at the core of the Naga struggle.

Important as it is, "sovereignty" is a concept we often avoid discussing for obvious reasons, though proclaimed with heightened "patriotism" and fervor.

However, there is nothing to fear by sharing, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing around precepts and ideas of sovereignty across the table of common belonging.

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