Who are A4APPLE? Find out here!
Punk / Alternative / Emotional
- Band Profile -
  John :: Lead Vocal/Guitar
  Law :: Drums
  Paul :: Vocal/Bass Guitar
- Downloadable demo tracks -
  >> All here is fallen
  >> Skool of mad disease
- Influences -
  MxPx, Green Day, Blink 182 and Nirvana
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About the Band:

A for Apple. That's the first thing we learnt during our kindergarden. Now A4Apple are John, Law and Paul. That's right! A4apple is the punk rock act we are talking about. They are young and full of energy. The basic sounds and a grand combination between the threesome. That's what they are all about. Basic and essential.
The first bold step. A4Apple.

The threesomes are brothers hailing from a family of four brothers and two sisters. Their dad Angelus is a social worker and their mom Karaila is a government primary school teacher at Maram, Manipur.

Their interest in music started way back in the school days at Don Bosco, Maram from where they passed their tenth standard. They had been jammin up at home until they thought of giving a definite shape to their childhood hobby and dreams. During the mid summer of 2002, they formed a band and named it A4apple. Maram students' conference Meet of 2003 saw the talented trio giving their first gig. Thousands gathered that day. They cheered this talented all in the family band belt out some three tracks.

From the small town of Maram, the brothers went separate ways in pursuits of higher studies. John, the eldest of the brothers of the trio went on to study Commerce. Lawrence or Law as he is called is the second brother and is doing economics. Paul is the youngest and is just starting with the Business Administration studies at Delhi (All are doing graduation studies).

With band members all around the country, the trio has not played in any college festivals. "Looking forward to do in the coming years." Says Paul. He adds, "We have done gigs at Senapati, Maram, Chennai's Unwind center, etc. This coming Summer break (summer of 2005) we are aiming to do some more gigs in places like Kohima, Dimapur, Wohka, Shillong, Imphal etc... with other local bands."

Hugely inspired by MxPx, Green Day, Blink 182 and Nirvana, the trio wants to stick out and make their music. The first demo track "Skool of mad disease" was recorded at Imphal. "All is fallen" is the most recent one and was recorded at Chennai. The Rock Street Journal has rated the new song in the top 10 download during the month of February 2005. [In fact, it's still there right now if you would go and check www.rsjonline.com ]

The trio meets up about two times in a year durings the breaks from their academic pursuits and puts in their head together to come up with lyrics, tunes and music for their songs.

E-Pao! is proud to present John on Lead Vocal and Guitar, Law on Drums and Paul on Vocals and Bass. Together they are A4Apple - our own homegrown punk rock act from Manipur.

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