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Welcome! We have compiled this section after reviewing user's FAQs for the common problems encountered.
We have also laid out some general information about this site.

Q) I want to browse news about Manipur that occured before today ?
A) Click on the News Archive that is situated on the left Panel under "News Section". The news are archived from 31st Dec 1999

Q) What about other sites pertaining to Manipur ?
A) Click on the links that is on the left Panel .

Q) How do I come back to the main news page after going thru some other links or pages ?
A) To come back to the main page just click onto the E-pao Logo

Q) How do we reach you ?
A) Click on the "Write to us !" button on the Top panel. It will take you to a form which can be filled up & then you are ready to write anything you want to E-Pao . Otherwise you can write from your favourite mail-Browser addressed to ""

Q) How do I contribute to e-pao. I have some articles I want to publish in e-pao, How do I send it?
A) Please put all your article in a simple Text file ( or for that matter in any readable file format) , then Zip it by using Winzip - a utility which is usually available in every Windows PC. Then attach that zip file , and mail it to with the subject heading as "Submission of Poem" from your favourite mail browser like yahoo, hotmail et al.

There are some general guidelines for submitting any articles to They are

i) There should be a minimum of 1000 words in the article and has to be written in a clear legible language.

ii) Also, if you have any supporting material to the said article, we can publish it.

iii) Last but not the least, we would like to give you a short introduction of who you are, credentials and email address for the reader to understand more about you.

iv) Of course, the last paragraph is at the discretion of you, if you do not wish you identity to be known to the public.

v) Please be aware that has the sole authority to decide what article to webcast or not. is a non-profit website and we do not have any monetary arrangement for article published in this website.

Another way to do is to simply click on the link "Write to us" which is located in the Top Navigation Bar and use the Feedback form , do a Copy and Paste from the article you have written (if the article does not have nay picture and is not that long) and just send it as you have send this previous mail.. We will do the rest!

Q) What does E-Pao means ?
A) E-Pao is a manipuri word meaning News ,Current activities ! The "E" is not related with the popular parlance like E-com, E-Biz et al. However, E can still mean electronic as in e-news.

Q) IF E-Pao is a Manipuri Word ,then , why is the site named E-Pao, Dont you think other non-manipuris will have problem finding it ?
A) No , we cater to all people whether Manipuri or Non-Manipuris ... The naming of the site has nothing to do with content of the Site which is in English .

Q) How do I see today's news as a whole instead of following links from headlines after headlines?
A) For seeing whole news for today, please go to the Archive Section (link given in left Navigation bar) and select date for today. You will be able to see the news for today in whole.

Q) How do I play the downloaded mp3 songs ?
A) After downloading E-Pao's songs , you can either play the songs with the Window's Media Player (in Windows OS) or the native multimedia player inside the Operating System ( almost all Media Player can play mp3 song format) ... Or you can download any popular mp3 player like WinAmp et al.

Q) What are the guidelines for sending pictures to ?
A) General guidelines are
i) Web photos should NOT be more than 40 KB in size
ii) Please give a brief description of every photos - this is very useful to convey a meaningful caption to the user of
iii) Give a brief description of what the event (that the photographs) covers as well about the senders.

Q) I have an attachement(Images) to send to e-pao. But when I Click "Write To Us", there is no facility to file upload as attachement.
A) As of now, the "Write To Us" does not have mail attachment facility. We are working on that.
However if you want to send attachment, then please use your favorite Mail Browser ( Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) and send that to this Mail ID (

Q) How come I cannot use the Chat Facility set up by e-Pao ?
A) We are extremely sorry to hear that some of our esteemed visitors have problems using epao chat service. The reason can be mostly technical , but here are some tips that you can try to overcome.
a) Your browser is NOT Java-enabled. E-Pao chat require a Java client compatible browser to invoke chat.
b) The Proxy server in your organization ( or CyberCafes , whichever the case is) doesnot allow chat . This is solely the discretion of the organization. Please check up with teh System Administrator.
c) Last but not the least , please inform/consult with the System administrator.

Q) Why is E-Pao! is not updated daily ?
A) E-Pao! is updated daily except when Imphal link is down or when daily newspapers at Imphal has no publication. If you think that the news is not updated, please try "refreshing" your page. For this you will need to press shift and hit the refresh/reload button on your browser.

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