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Can't Manipur with 20+lakh population elect 3 competent MPs?

[ Thu, Jul 29, 2010 1:22 pm ]

A reply to -Has the dignity of the August House diluted ?
If problem with state legislative assemble is not sufficient, we have more problem coming in. This needs to be checked in time. We really don't know the outcome of talk between GOI and Mr. Muivah, but surely we have Mr. Meinya who is representing Manipur as Member of Parliament, recently he was interviewed by Mr. Rajdeep Serdesai, along with an ANSAM blockade supporter. I was appalled to see the lone representative of the Majority community, who is thick of the confrontation, not able to utter a single sensible line, deemed fit for the occasion While the ANSAM, representative managed put his point with his limited vocabulary. Mr. Meinya, said 'not many people are aware on my state Manipur' by the time he finish the line the interview was over, it was one rare chance to make our point, explain to the world what is true and what is not, but this MP from Manipur wasted it, same thing happened with then CM of Manipur, in 2001 episode. It's time people wake up, elect literate politician with some common sense. When it come to national media, our state politician very often fumble with words, they struggle to even take across their point of view. How are we suppose to rely on them?? Can't Manipur with 20+lakh population elect 3 competent MPs.


Hinduism or the Indianess is not the standard

[ Mon, Jul 19, 2010 5:55 am ]

Right, I agree with what Khelen has said about the article by Acommonindianfrommanipur titled "Naga's Casus Belli on the Meitei". No doubt the the author seemed well educated but he definitely lacks ancient Manipuri history. Looks like he had been reading/studying too many books recommended by CBSE. CBSE books does not contain Manipuri history. Manipuris or few section of Manipuri society became hindus only after shantidas gosai with the help of a Manipuri king forcefully converted them. Otherwise we all had the same food habit. And it still is. Japanese or the Chinese eat all kinds of insects and worms and yet they stay far far ahead of India, be it in any field. and Indians instead of accepting their ignorance or accepting the japan's/china's superior knowledge of what insect to be eaten and what not to be eaten, makes fun of them. This does not mean that we should go on killing all insects and animals. Hinduisam or the Indianess is not the standard to determine which community or the religion is superior.


Every insurgent group is same

[ Sat, Jul 17, 2010 8:04 am ]

At last the proscribed UNLF, our valley based outfit, oh sorry! revolutionary group, started feeling about the pinch of the blockade. Harmonious, collective, ideology like words shouldn't be coming out from their dictionary. Might be they were busy with World cup football these days and hence for a break and time pass published these I, II and III volumes. Probably they were watching the game to play against each other in future. Suppose if Indian Government gives a separate nation! then KCP vs KYKL Group B Quarter Finals, UNLF vs PLA Group A Quarter Finals will be witnessed. The sales of tickets (if any) can be used for developmental work of our state. Which alien rule are they dwelling upon is a bit confusion right. Aliens are these people only. Poof!! they are talking about themselves. Sorry. Its real amazing. Gentlemen let my so called savers of integrity of our state know that people of this region always lived together and still living together but not progressing together because of fear of these revolutionary groups. These days revolution has become extortion, kidnapping, killing innocent and looting common people as its main aim. Development of Manipur is not because of India, being charged by these groups is absolutely wrong man!!! Corruption is built in the blood of these revolutionary groups and they are sucking us from all sides. Government, common people every one. Its like ideologies vanished long time back you know. All these people are freedom fighters, fighters against freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to earn a livelihood, freedom of every thing.. They fight for themselves so that nobody gets freedom.

The insurgent groups are terrorists contradicting their own statements, always and every time. There is a famous saying that when we can't convince some one you confuse him. That is what our dear friends are up to. They have spoken well about Constitution of India for the first time in the history of Manipur. How can they even think of unity while talking about NSCN (IM) inception of greater Nagalim? Large tracts of our state land will be taken away from us. For decades and centuries people are living together. Is it desirable or acceptable proportion for us to give away for the struggle of Nagas? All revolutionary groups are the same. Please let us live peacefully. Its high time to think about our future. Future of our younger generation. Every citizen has right to freedom, speech, to enjoy which is just not happening due to these revolutionary groups which are creating havoc and panic. Every insurgent group is same. Ideologies are of kidnapping, extortion, murders, lootings, etc etc.

Sonamani meitei

Have honest dialogue and sort out the matter

[ Fri, Jul 16, 2010 11:07 pm ]

How long the people of Manipur will live under such a condition? Out of emotions one make make great and rhetoric speeches, but the fact is that Nagas and tribals surround the state capital. As long as the matter with them is settle in peaceful manner, satisfactory to both, Manipur will face road transportation problem. Official ANSAM and UNC may lift the blockade, but they can always put problem through many ways as long aas they have grievances with the state/Govt. Therefore, my sincere considerd opinion would be to call back the agrieved party, have honest dialoque and sort out the matter. Why should the innocent suffer because of a few mighty people's ego and selfish interest.

AS Julie

Nothing special in Hinduism, Nothing bad in Chistianity

[ Fri, Jul 16, 2010 7:41 am ]

The article "Naga's casus belli on meiteis" is very vague in its contents. It should have been edited properly. The writer is very insentive in dealing such a sensitive topic. He is good in telling stories. However our raconteur miserably failed in bringing out the truths. The writer said "tangkhuls are christians or animists who eats everything that moves or flies including beef, cat, dog, rat and bee larvas.....meiteis have diluted all these religious orthoxies". It is insane to make such a comment. He is lionizing the hinduism and the hindus while belittling the christians and the christianity. All meiteis are not hindu.The resilience shown by the meiteis during the present chaos is not by virtue of their religion. Its their conscience, not their religion that has to be appreciated. Hinduism has nothing to do with it. I have come across a similarly ridiculous and disturbing statement about Irom Sharmila few days back. Somebody said "if she were a christian, she could have got what she is demanding". It's a hilarious and shocking statement. He must be a psychiatric patient. Before the advent of hinduism in manipur, the people of manipur had the same food and eating habit. The writer is a pseudo meitei, may not be a meitei at all or may have been brought up on a different planet where cow, dog, cat, rat and bee larvas are not avaiable. I relish the PAKNAM of bee larvas. The aroma, oh! the taste, it's unbelievable. Not long ago, rat meat was prescribed as a standard treatment for stunted growth in children. It is still sporadically practised in meitei society. The writer said that meiteis have diluted the religious orthodoxies.It is wrong. The fact is that meiteis have emancipated themselves from the evil clutches of hinduism. Yes, hinduism and non tribal status of meiteis did our state in. When will we recover from it? It's a big question and is anybody's guess. Acommonindianfrommanipur! your article is not helping manipur in any sense. The practice of untouchability was and still is prevalent in India. It doesn't necessarily mean that Meiteis should accept it blindly and practise it without impunity. Unfortunately Meiteis practised it willingly or unwillingly. They knew that it was wrong but couldn't stand up against it. So they are accountable for it. There is no doubt in it. However meiteis are also victim of this heinous practice. It is a blotch on the manipur soiety. A tour to Brindavan with "ashti" is not something a meitei can be proud of. Worshipping the popular hindu deities like shiva, kali, durga etc doesn't make the person an accomplished one. By doing so, i think, meiteis are drifting away from their roots, diluting and defaming their age old religion. There is a meitei saying "kwakna wahong matu thetlasu wahong onde, kwak adum oi lei". What an apt proverb. The bottom line is there is nothing special in hinduism and nothing bad in chistianity. No religion is animistic, no religion is sacrosanct. We are all manipuris. Let's make the state shine.


Making NH 53 as lifeline of Manipur is not the solution

[ Thu, Jul 08, 2010 11:22 pm ]

Struggling with NH-53 is not the ultimate and lasting solution for Manipur. Know that the same route also passes through Naga areas. Moreover, it crosses even Kuki areas which is more dangerous. Don't ever think that Kukis are happy with Manipur Govt; they have the same grievances as Nagas. They are just observing the devolpment silently to see which way would be better for them. Except Pseudo Rev like Lunkim, the rest of the Kuki, for that matter even Hmar and other Chin Kuikis are unhappy because they know the situation in the state well. So making NH 53 the lifeline of Manipur is not the solution. The only solution is reconcile with Nagas. Ask Ibobi and his coteries to step down immediately or for time being, because he has hurt the sentiment of the Nagas. Now it is not the matter of land or territory; the issue has become a matter of pride and ego whcih can be solved only by taking certain action to those who involved in it. Ibobi and his team is the main culprit. So ask them to take rest for some time, or throw them out from the poltical scene. There are thousands of Manipuris who are much more sincere, intelligent and committed for the prosperity of Manipur. Why keep on holding Ibobi, whose interest is only to keep his ego and chair? If Manipur wants to restore peace and harmony, the man who create chaos should be remove from the chair.

Second, What is the big deal in desolving ADC and discuss the matter with the Ngas who are dissatisfied and agitating? Just disolve ADC for some time and let peace be preaviled in the state. Discuss the matter with those who feel that they are being cheated and make the things clear to them. This can be done only after the regime change-PR or a new ministry under the new chief. For Ibobi it has become his ego and prestige and he will never do this. So bring PR in the state for a short period, and desolve ADC. Reconcile with the Nagas friends, repair NH 38. Let the trucks and bus run peacefully as it used to be. Let there be abunbant food, medicine and others needs to our brethrens, why suffer for no reason? To open NH 39 is the only soultion. Let not 24 lakh Manipuris suffer because of one man's ego and pride or foolishness.

Let one man sacrifice his chair for the sake of 24 lakh Manipuris. Forget about greater Nagaland and thugs and goondas on the highways. These are separate issues to be dealt in different manner. If all are mix up, nothing will come out and we will continue to suffer. Let us come back to sanity and do the right things. Then the rest will be ok.

Awungshi Angam

Hilly areas are not only for the Nagas

[ Thu, Jul 08, 2010 4:29 am ]

Mr. Angam, I am very sorry to say this but I have to. Thank you Isha for your corrections in the writings of Angam. Angam I don't who you are but your writings clearly indicates you are aggressive and lack deep thinking regarding what to say and what not to say in public fora. Manipur is inhabited by tribals (mostly in hilly areas), Meeteis, Meetei Pangals and other non-Manipuris. And we are called Manipuris. Hilly areas are not only for the Nagas (please note this). I am a Manipuri belnging to one of those above categories. And please know the fact that our Manipur is a mini India, a pluralist society of composite culture. When some outsiders attack us or try to grab land from us, it is our duties to defend it by any means. But Instead of talking the unity, you selfishly uphelding the pride and power of Nagas. Please know this the meeteis are the most populous group in Manipur just like Nagas in Nagaland. They are the first inhabitants in the state, the language of the state is undoubtedly "meiteilon"(Manipuri). But every group has its right to profess and practice and maintain its language, religion, culture and so on.....No part of Manipur cannot be sold by any group because it belongs to all. All the best to you.


Manipur is as fascinating as football

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 10:09 am ]

Any similarities between Football and Manipur? A lot.. and why I am saying a lot..oops am I using politically correct words? God forbid me if any confusion crops up..ok, ok... Time to introspect how? guys, gals too can join, kicking like every player in football match, all their inciting communal words against each other. Don't left for the unborn babies also 'coz someday they will join this exinting match of kicking each other ideologies. How about a good striker kicking an amazing goal for their teams like 'Ibobi' for... and 'Muivah' for...How about the rest of the players. They too want to have their share of game and why not a good defenders like 'Isak' and 'Irabot' shouldn't compare...Hey dudes, how about ANSAM and AMUCO??? They are an incredible talent to watch out for. Neither Pele nor Maradona can compare their abilities of words and manhandling skills. For nearly 70 odd days we had had an amazing tournament. And viewers across the country too enjoy it and they want to thank every people involved for providing such a grand and spectacular tournament. 'GK Pillai' especially flew down many times to watch out for. PM and his cabinet minister could not help thank the people for such an event, after all Football is all about 'Peace' and bringing different cultures together...except the fact that we continue drifting apart a long distance after a good tounament.


People in Manipur have come to their terms

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 10:06 am ]

Hi Angam, Cool down, have a long breath in..and a long breath out....anger can never win a heart. There are some typo error in your writing. It should be 'Manipur' instead of 'Meetei' and It should be 'Hills' instead of 'Nagas'. Regarding Ibobi, Biren and other politicians I agree with you. They are hopeless and so currupt that they can't even arrest 2 small time student leaders of UNC and ANSAM. I think NH-53 may have another drama from some student union or NGOs. They will become popular big time, their leaders will give speech, Photographs will be appeared in all the news papers, they will become hero and heroine, there will be another PIL, arrest warrent will be issued, cash award will be tagged, leaders will go underground, the baloon will go bust..who will pay in the and me the lay public. Sorry, Angam, people in Manipur have come to their terms. Everyone is prepared for the worst if any. Whether 10% or 90%, everyone survived the 66 days ordeal. Every hardships Manipuris faced with brought about new lessions on survival. It says never underestimates your foes. Hey! come out of the woods, lets sing together the song of love and fraternity. Everything , then will fall in places of its own. This is the need of this hour.


Central Govt is good for nothing for NE states

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 3:03 am ]

This is an open criticism to all those ruling politicians who think great about themselves. I would like to remind you that you and your dirty politics have spoilt the whole north-east India. When the responsibility of looking after national highways completely lies in your hand, you could not protect a 70-day-old economic blockade on NH-39 and NH-53. Do you still think you have shown high degree of responsibility in this matter? You are talking about Vision 2020, India...... Shame on you This vision is far beyond your reach with your corrupt mindsets. Stop playing blame-games with BJP. The verdict on Bhopal Tragedy is also another best example to set out your dirty games in politics. You have made our life so cheap that animals in USA are getting more compensation than so called human being in India. People have started importing foodgrains (meant for cattle) from Australia for the people of India. Honestly speaking, let you all perish.... We want to have a government ruled by fresh blood and minds... The likes of Rahul Gandhi........


Meiteis are surrounded by Nagas

[ Mon, Jul 05, 2010 1:21 pm ]

No amount of justification about ADC election by the man like Biren would ever convince any tribal and accept him. He is the one who has rubbed salt on the fresh wound of Nagas in the recent event. The statement that he gave out after killing 2 precious Naga boys and injuring hundred innocents women and children were unpalatable. Those words will remain fresh in the heart of every nagas till we go donw to grave. It is because of people like Biren Manipur is going to fall into pieces; not because of Nagas of Chin-Kukis. Thererfore, it is better the sooner, people like Biren is removed from the public stage.

NH 53 . Our Meitei brothers should not antagonize the Nagas if they are to survive. Whether they like it or not, they are being surrounded by the Nagas. They have to compromise with them by extending green leave. Otherwise, there us no future for them. How can a community that occupies only 10% of the land and that also surrounded by their adversaries be aggressive and challenge the community who own the whole land? Yes, knowledge is power but land is also egually important. Crooked like Ibobi and Biren should break their egos and humbly say sorry to Nagas and reconciloe and restore NH 39 for the sake of 90% good meiteis.

Awungshi Angam

No separate history called Naga, Meitei or Kuki history

[ Sat, Jun 26, 2010 3:33 pm ]

So much has been said and done, for a moment can't we meitei and naga and kukis stop blaming each other and look back. Once we co existed peacefully, undistinguishable from each other, interwoven tightly in fabric of our rich and unique culture. Can't we be brothers again? We all have a glorious history and should protect it and that is possible if we are united. There is no separate history called naga history, meitei history or kuki history, in fact we all together share a common inseparable history. If we keep on fighting in this way when will we get time to move forward with the world,who is going to think for our future. Lets just give a brief thought to this. Let peace prevail.


No confusion - create an accountable and responsible govt

[ Sat, Jun 26, 2010 9:42 am ]

Let us not be in the state of confusion after so much of sufferings. There is nothing like.... they are the vanguards of our on. It is only us who will decide as to what type of lifestyles we want to lead....The government is created by us and if we really mean and have the will power we can change it for our betterment.Other so-called authorities are created by themselves . They created their own rules to execute people and claim their legitimacy forcefully. The people cant have any say in their affairs. So why are we so much concern about them. It will be foolish to hope something good from them for the state. let us try to understand more clearly and let us change the ills face by us by creating an accountable and responsible govt.


Oppose any blockade of NH 53 and 39

[ Thu, Jun 24, 2010 5:39 am ]

It seems the frontal organizations of NSCN(IM) is not yet satisfied after torturing 2.5 million people of Manipur which include the various tribes comprising the so called Nagas of Manipur by blocking the NH39 and NH53 for 68 days. Another group called ZSUTD and ZSF have threatened to launch total bandh and indefinite economic blockade on the national highways again if the cabinet decision of the Manipur Government to take over the development of NH 53 from BRO/BRTF is not revoked. After reading and analyzing the explanation given by ZSUTD, explanation given by the Govt of Manipur, explanation given by the various intellectuals of Manipur and considering the past, present and future of Manipur I think the decision of the Manipur government is RIGHT. The explanation given by ZSUTD and ZSF is not sufficient enough to oppose the decision of the government. It seems both are trying to spread false propaganda to fool the the ignorant tribal people just like the ANSAM and UNC did. As long as Manipur depend on NH39, the people of Manipur will to continue to suffer; extortion, murder, harrasment of transporters, drivers and passengers of Manipur will continue; the prices of commodities will always be higher as compared to other states of India which will directly affect the people of Manipur especially the poor tribals, poor meitei pangals and poor meiteis. Judging by the past performance, we can no longer trust BRO for the development of NH53. BRO is a central organization and we know how the central government remain a mute spectator in the 68 days blockade of NHs 39 and 53, so both cannot be trusted. It is now very clear that the Central government does not care for the people of Manipur and they do not treat the people of Manipur as Indians. The demands of Transporters and Drivers Council are quite reasonable but both the Central govt and Nagaland govt are silent. But I am not at all surprised by their silence. It was already expected. Development of NH53 means using NH 53 as lifeline of Manipur that means ! decreasi ng the revenue of NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations from extortion on the NH39. The NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations know this very well. So they will try everything to stop development of NH53. Opposing the cabinet decision of Manipur government is one such strategy. Believe me or not I would like to tell one thing very clearly : even if the cabinet decion is revoked, another form of agitation will arise to stop the development of NH53. The opposition is nothing to do for the welfare of the tribals. Indeed, development of NH53 will be a boon for all the tribals including Kabuis who are residing near the NH 53 and the people of Manipur. My humble request to all the tribals of Manipur is please do not get carried away by the false propaganda, do not support any blockade of NHs as proposed by any Organization because ultimately the people of Manipur will suffer .


ZSUTD and ZSF, Stop misleading the tribal people

[ Thu, Jun 24, 2010 3:26 am ]

This is in reference to the report titled "ZSU, ZYF threaten to call indefinite bandh, economic blockade"...The explanation given by The Zeliangrong Student's Union Tamenglong District, ZSUTD and the Zeliangrong Youth Front, ZYF is NOT at all satisfactory. And therefore the call for total bandh and indefinite economic blockade is absolutely nonsense. The people of Manipur must oppose the stand of both ZSUTD and ZSF. The people of Manipur is still suffering from the 68 days blockade of NH 39 and 53. At this time the call for another indefinite economic blockade is absolute nonsense. "Why the state government wants to take NH 53 for maintenance and improvement"........... it is so shocking to know that ZSU and ZSF have asked this question. It seems both these organizations have forgotten the hardships faced by the people of Manipur due to the blockade of National Highways 39. It clearly shows that both do not care for the people of Manipur. I have a strong suspicion that both are influenced by NSCN(IM), both are being paid by NSCN(IM). I want to ask some simple questions to both : why don't you ask NSCN(IM) to stop extortion in NH 39? Why don't you ask Nagaland govt to give written assurance to the transporters and drivers of Manipur that there will be no more extortion on NH 39? If you demand both NSCN(IM) and Nagaland govt to stop extortion, the people of Manipur will definitely appreciate you. Whether or not the NSCN(IM) and Nagaland govt answers to these questions is another thing. But please raise the issue first so that the people of Manipur will think that you are standing for the welfare of the people of Manipur including Kabuis, Tangkhuls, Mao, Maram, Kuki, Chin, Mizo, Paite, Meitei pangals, Meiteis etc. "SFP government is playing tricky to Zeliangrong and tribal people.".......... Please explain this statement to the entire people of Manipur. The deplorable condition of NH 53 is because of Border Road Organisation/Border Road Task Force. If BRO had done their duty of maintaining NH53 honestly, the govt of Manipur would have never taken the decision to take over the task of maintenance and improvement of National Highway 53 by the State Public Works Department. The decision has been taken out of necessity and for the welfare of entire people of Manipur. "sinister designed of the state government"..... how come ? please explain. Devolopment of NH53 will definitely help the entire people of Manipur including tribals. The govt of Manipur has no prejudice attitude towards the tribal people. It is your own imagination. Manipur government's decision to take up the NH 53 under state PWD is for the larger interest of the tribal people. Your proposed action is directly helping the NSCN(IM) and Nagaland govt and definitely not going to help the tribal people of Manipur. Please stop spreading false propaganda. Stop misleading the ignorant tribals. We don't want to listen any lies and false propaganda anymore. Stop all these nonsense.

Haokip S

Spoiling the debate

[ Wed, Jun 23, 2010 11:42 am ]

Seva laimayum, your statement "I would like to know what the general Manipuris feel about the controversy" is very immature. A serious debate is going on here. Where have you been??? Your statement expose that you are just a novice. It also shows your arrogance. Are you the President of India or the moderator of this debate? If you want to know (you should know in details) the minutes of this debate, do it yourself. Nobody is going to present those details to you.. plz dont make such comments in future. You are spoiling the debate.


Present crisis has shown people of Manipur acted intelligently

[ Wed, Jun 23, 2010 6:46 am ]

Seva laimayum, after reading your comment "I do would like to know what the general manipuris feel about the controversy. What should be our course of initiation without an emotional tuning but with an educated mindset, to deal with those questions" - it is very clear you are not reading and analyzing the opinions of various people regarding the postponed visit of muivah in Please read and analyze all the opinions first then give your comment. To all those who were/are asking where the Underground organizations of Manipur have gone during the 68 days blockade of national highway 39 and 53 by the frontal organizations of NSCN(IM) i.e. ANSAM and UNC, the only thing I would like to say is: the issue cannot be solved by fighting with various tribes which comprise the so called Nagas of Manipur or the NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations. This issue needs to be dealt with by the people of Manipur in a very intelligent way and not simply by the UG groups alone. UG groups are formed by the people. No UG group can exist without the support of the people. The present crisis has shown that the people of Manipur is intelligent and they are not falling in the trap of Divide and Rule Policy. I hope the people of Manipur remain intelligent forever.

Dad William

Boneless tongue and its side effects

[ Tue, Jun 22, 2010 3:29 am ]

Stewardkham, 'we need to be realistic and reasonable in our word.' I want to repeat the same statement for you. What makes you think that I am boasting of my knowledge? As far as using the word Manipur is concerned, no rational person in Manipur will oppose the use of word Manipur by any organization in its name. Any organization who really loves Manipur and who is broad minded and commited for the welfare of people of Manipur can use the word Manipur.

UNC, ANSAM, Naga Ho Ho, NSF, NSUD, NPMHR,Nagaland Government under Rio are puppets of NSCN(IM). AMUCO stands for all communities, any tribal and muslim can become members of AMUCO. I have already mentioned about the presence of tribals and muslim in AMUCO. 'In the name of protecting peace in Imphal valley, Ibobi-led communal government killed two innocent students, injured 75 mostly women and displaced thousands of poor Nagas of Mao Gate.' This sentence once again shows you are highly influenced by NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations. Right to freedom of expression and freedom of movement are applicable to normal person not for a criminal like muivah. Please read and analyze the opinions of different persons regarding the proposed visit of muivah in Just because your tongue is boneless, you should not speak anything you like without facts and figures. 'suppressing Nagas' right to freedom of movement and expession. Nagas also know the right of every citizen' ............No one is suppressing naga's rights. Any naga is free to move and express their opinions. Just remember muivah may be naga, but he is not a simple naga, he is a criminal. There are thousands and thousands of naga who are free to move and express their opinions. Do not tell lie again and again hoping that people will accept your lies as truth. If nagas knows the rights of every citizen then why do they torture 2.5 million people of Manipur by blocking National highways 39 and 53 for 68 days? Don't you know right to life is the most important right? The blockade is a direct threat to Right to Life of 2.5 million people. GK. Pillai is a diplomat, an Indian diplomat!!!! I do not want to say anything more than this. If you know and understand diplomat and diplomacy, you will realize why I do not want to say anything. I have searched in Nagaland post and Google, but I am not able to find anything which supports your statements. Please be specific, tell me the exact date on which Nagaland post published the report. When I try to search in google, the only result I found is YOUR statement in (not of Nagaland Post). It is very funny. I am not trying to divide Nagas, I am only trying to tell the truth, the facts to innocent tribals so that they do not become victims (unfortunately you are one of the victims) of false propaganda of NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations (UNC,ANSAM,NSF,NPMHR,NAGA HOHO,NSUD,Rio's govt). Long Live Manipur. Down To The Enemies Of Manipur.

Haokip S

Psychological and emotional turmoil of the Nagas

[ Mon, Jun 21, 2010 10:21 pm ]

I prefer to call this script as a continuation of my mail previously posted a few days ago. I have watched a media clip on CNNibn where the lifting of 65 days economic blockade in Manipur from NH39 and 53 was discussed. I can fairly grasp the psychological and emotional turmoil the nagas have been through with regard to their political demands . It seems that the claim, the demand and the proposals put forth by the nagas are to an extent valid which could be stated as --- 1) Govt. of Manipur isnt responsive to any offer of negotiation whenever the nagas have placed forward. 2) have we fail in sensing the true will of nagas who have made valid claims of its creating a political territory. I sincerely place this questions to the govt. of Manipur with an eagerness to learn what the nagas have been claiming is in the affirmative. And I do would like to know what the general manipuris feel about the controversy. What should be our course of initiation without an emotional tuning but with an educated mindset, to deal with those questions.

Seva Laimayum

They are full time blockade enforcers

[ Mon, Jun 21, 2010 2:23 am ]

Thanks for the e-Pao team to publish and give us a varied kinds of news all over the world. This blockade is already in a process of lifting after a 60 plus odd days. Actually blockade of stores, medicines, oil etc etc. is only for the common man. A person who is purchasing simple cooking gas has to wait in a long queue to purchase it in black for 7 to 8 times more. The issue is entirely different. Ask the people who are involved and responsible in the blockade whether they are devoid of all the common day requirements? If it is requirement of a Naga of Manipur, or a Meitei of Assam, requirements of each common man in a day is same. Every one has to realise these issues. Who is helping us right now? God helps those who helps themselves? A person who helps us at the time of need is like a God. Some great person said not to agree with a fool as people might not notice the difference. The people who are responsible for these blockades has made it a ego problem. How to explain them as I feel that people should not notice the difference? Are any of the so called students union people actual students? I doubt it. To my mind most of them are full time blockade enforcers. Why don't they use their 'good student's powers' to ensure that we have a 'extortion free' ride on our roads? Or is it that they are party to that also? It is high time to realise all these facts.

SS Naga

'Underground' at such times of crisis in our state

[ Mon, Jun 21, 2010 2:22 am ]

I was hearing and reading all the articles published by e-Pao team on the blockade, crisis of all the people of Manipur whether Tribals or Meitei's, I couldn't hold on any more but like to express something. Where are our dear friends of the different outfits, our safeguards of sovereignty of our state during this crisis? Are they not aware of the long queues we are in to get a litre of petrol and that too just because of the sincere efforts of Government and security forces? The people of the outfits are double edged and tongue twisted? They are only bothered about themselves, their own well being? And now there is no single remark of theirs. They know only to condemn the Government, Security forces and police? Now from past 60 odd days who all are working in Manipur for our betterment should be matter of concern to all us? Our so called fighters are silent when the IM cadres act like law into themselves. Some say that they actually work with IM cadres and all their talk of Manipuri's betterment and only for public consumption. Are they busy making the best of the blockade time making money instead of telling IM to behave? Gosh see the situation!!! Are they ultimately not responsible for such type of irrational, unwanted issues which are rolling down as tears from our eyes. Such basic amenities like medicines are not available, cooking gas, etc. are not available. If they call themselves as sovereigners of Manipur and think about we Manipuri's? Then where are our dear friends gone? Underground as they are always at such times of crisis in our state.

Tomba Singh

We are the 'Children Of The Damn'

[ Mon, Jun 21, 2010 12:41 am ]

E-Pao.Net. It is to draw your attention that, the media highlighted the plight of Manipur in the corridors of powers that be in Delhi, but they were never heard because it's about Manipur and its people- Children of the Damn!!! 60 days to have been cut off from the rest of India economically and the people suffering beyond measure stands a living testimony as to why the people in this part of the country feel allienated. Imagine, if the Government of India would allow this kind of situation happening in any part of the Country? Will they be in a position to sit in silence for so long as if there is no government at all? In a democratic country any party can go for agitation within the limits of a civilized society and they will try to adopt any means to be heard by the Government. But it is the duty of the Government to look after its citizens and draw the line. Otherwise what else is the government for, if they are not able to look after its citizens' welfare? I, as a simple citizen of Manipur, I don't bother to make any judgment on who is right and who is wrong. My point is if the Manipur Government is a party to the mess, what is the role and responsibility of the Government of India??? What have they done? What is the home minister doing except to issue some statements in the media? Where is the Prime Minister? Where are the Gandhis so fond of the people of the North East? Are they to be seen only during the time of electioneering? In short, it is a shame for the Government of India to have done nothing to resolve the stalemate between NSCN(IM) and the Govt. of Manipur and the common public whether meiteis or Kukis or Nagas suffer for 60 days and may be more who knows what next? If they think they did tried something, it is far too little too slow to have any tangible impact on the life of helpless common citizens of Manipur. In such a situation as this, the people of Manipur are left only to think that they are Children Of The Damn!!! And not citizens of India!!

Lien Khongsai - Manipur

Need to be realistic and reasonable

[ Sun, Jun 20, 2010 1:18 am ]

Well, Haokip S, if we want to have a meaningful and fruitful argument in this forum, we need to be realistic and reasonable in our word. We should not be boasting of our education or knowledge; even those who have reached the moon would not be boasting of their education like the way you boast here. On the other hand you don't even know the difference between the meaning 'All Manipur' (AMUCO) and 'All Tribal Manipur' (ATSUM). Just because there is a letter 'M' in ATSUM, you suppose that ATSUM is also trying to represent the whole Manipur like AMUCO does. (These are your words, 'The word Manipur is present in ANSAM and ATSUM' in comparison with AMUCO). It is also ridiculous to read your words that all Naga apex organizations such as UNC, ANSAM, Naga Ho Ho, NSF, NSUD, NPMHR, ENPO, Nagaland Government don't represent the majority of Nagas while you claim that AMUCO which comprises of only one community represents the whole Manipur. In the name of protecting peace in Imphal valley, Ibobi-led communal government killed two innocent students, injured 75 mostly women and displaced thousands of poor Nagas of Mao Gate. And that's what you called communal harmony. Right to freedom of expression and freedom of movement are utterly deliberately violated by Ibobi Government out of a sheer cowardness and baseless assumption. And you called every citizen and universal rights as 'false propaganda'. Don't you know the fact that Ibobi government is creating more problems by preventing Naga leader Th. Muivah to enter his hometown (suppressing Nagas' right to freedom of movement and expession)? Nagas also know the right of every citizen. And you know very well also that Naga or any other community will not remain silent if their rights are suppressed to appease another community. Even GK. Pillai who is well known for his great sympathy to Ibobi government also openly declared that Manipur would have been in a better situation if Muivah had been allowed to enter Manipur. You will find the statements of 'Joint Working Group which comprises of NSCN-K, NSCN-IM and NNC in Nagaland Post two times or search in Google. Please compare our words below once again. You are revealing more and more of your sinister mind to divide Nagas than sticking on the fact and present issue.


Irrationality of eco-blockade

[ Sun, Jun 20, 2010 1:18 am ]

Mr. M Dosopuwa, the ADC election is was opposed by a few section of people supported by an armed millitant who tried to snatch away the right to self determination of the various tribes of the hill...well people braved the various threats meted out to them (as reported in various newspapers-either valley-based or hill-based) and exercised their right...and yes ANSAM is the pioneer of eco-blockade...they are used to it very often to get their demands whether rational or irrational...the mao incident was bound to happen...the innocent people are used as scapegoats like the LTTE used women and children to guard against the Lankan army though the purpose was different...another disturbing fact is that religion is being used for political earnest appeal to th. muivah and his blind followers is that don't pollute the very sanctity of christianity with those blood-stained evil hands...lastly the eco-blockade was totally can't be justified on any rational ground...rather its an injustice to the common man...the people of Nagaland and Manipur know the real culprit behind all these dirty things...need not mention!!!


Propaganda and its effects

[ Sat, Jun 19, 2010 5:26 am ]

UNC, ANSAM, Naga Ho Ho, NSF, NSUD, NPMHR, Nagaland Government under Neiphio Rio are all frontal organizations and puppets of NSCN(IM). There are only seven tribes in Naga hoho. ANSAM is a subordinate of NSF; which also shows clearly how the nagas of Manipur are viewed by the nagas of Nagaland. These organizations does not represent all nagas. Only a few nagas who are brain washed by Muivah comprise these organizations. Out of frustration, face masked supporters of NSCN(IM) burnt down houses of naga candidates for Autonomous district Council election. They are masking their face because they know what they are doing is illegal and therefore punishable by law. As I have already mentioned all the activities of NSCN(IM) are based on terrorism and burning down the houses is one of them. By terrifying its own people they hope that the candidates will withdraw their candidature. And indeed many naga candidates also withdrew their candidature purely out of FEAR ( not out of respect) of NSCN(IM). When the houses were burnt down, the local naga people protested and condemned it. Please read the press releases of NSCN(K) and NNC again. 'Rather NSCN K and NNC representative in 'Joint Working Group' fully endorsed Muvah's visit to his hometown and spoke for the right of every citizen'..... Plese give any evidence for this, in which newspaper it was published?

The protest in Manipur Bhawan was not at all peaceful. It was violent in nature and those puppets of Muivah attack the Manipur bhawan. Manipur Bhawan belongs to all the people of Manipur. Attacking and ransacking the Bhavan is shameful and uncivilized. We feel ashamed in the face of delhites. ' It also shows that you have in mind that Meiteis are responsible and they should be the ones to retaliate.'.......this is your own creation not mine. Again I say, Do not presume too much. ' tribal actually involve in the issue of Muivah's Manipur visit and ceasefire extension.....' if no tribal actually involve in the issue then what were the frontal organizations of NSCN(IM) doing since May 2010? You have not seen the protests and rallies, violent activities, complete blockade by naga puppets of NSCN(IM). Update your knowledge and information before commenting on the public forum. You must have seen how many people are against your views so far. There are no takers for your views. '........ask the question to only well educated and understanding Meiteis who recognized other's right.'........ all Meiteis, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, want to live peacefully with all other communities but disintegration of Manipur is not acceptable to not only Meiteis but also Kukis, Meitei pangals and even many right thinking nagas. Just go through the press release related to the Great June Uprising and see how different community leaders have expressed their opinion. Always remember this statement and you will automatically stop having ill feelings towards Meiteis and kukis and will stop building castles in the sky which is impossible.

You have read only the statement of MSAD but you have not read the statements of others condemning the statement of MSAD. 'no citizen of Manipur who is loyal to the Indian constitution has legal legitimacy to boycott Muivah from either entering into Manipur or carrying out his activity on the basis of adherence to the norms and prescriptions within the framework of the In! dian law '. ..............You and I know this part but let me tell you the other part: Law and order is a state subject. If a state knows that visit by a person( criminal or not) to the state will create law and order problem and communal disharmony then the state can take decision not to allow the person to enter the state. The centre can NOT do anything against the decision of the state govt. The centre knows this part very well. There are cases in which LK Advani and many leaders of BJP were not allowed to visit Orissa and West Bengal by the respective state governments. But unfortunately, you and NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations does not know this part. Or, may be all of you are deliverately avoiding this part. Muivah is a wanted criminal in Manipur with a price tag of Rs.5 lakhs on his head. There are many FIR cases pending against him. He is the mastermind of Naga-Kuki civil war. His cadres are involved in terrorist activitist in the national highway 39. Many innocent drivers have been murdered in cold blood, many have been tortured on this highway. His cardres killed Dr. Kishen,SDO and his two juniors in a very barbaric, inhuman, uncivilized and naga style in the kuki dominated area with the conspiracy of trying to create communal disharmony between meiteis and kukis. His cadres killed the little naga girl named Elizabeth in a barbaric and naga style. There are numerous example. I have mentioned only a few. Just ask yourself if the leader of Lasker-e-Tayeba, Hizbul Mujaheedin want to visit and address public meeting in Kashmir or any other part of India, will India allow ?????? The proposed visit of Muivah and ceasefire extension to Manipur is not just naga's business. The visit and ceasefire extension is a direct threat to the territorial integrity of Manipur. So it is opposed by majority of the people in Manipur including nagas. Only the puppets of Muivah and those nagas who are terrorised by Muivah support the visit and ceasefire extension.

'Ibobi and his cabinets' decision are totally against the wishes of Naga MLAs in particular and all Naga people in general. So Ibobi government doesn't stand for Naga but suppresses Naga's right.'........this statement clearly shows you are highly influenced by the false propaganda of NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations. The kukis are ready for an international probe into the naga-kuki civil war. Are you and nagas ready? I am sure Muivah will be guilty for crimes against humanity and genocide. I am not trying to flare up communal clash, I am only trying to remind you that Muivah is not a great leader, he is a criminal and must be punished by law and he is therefore not worthy of being a leader of innocent nagas. Remember there are many leaders who have been tried for crimes against humanity and genocide.

'Do they, in fact, represent the whole Manipur?' Yes. Definitely. Just see how different community leaders have expressed their opinion in the Great June Uprising organized by AMUCO and UCM every year since 2002. They are using the word 'Manipur' because they are commited for the welfare of entire Manipur and not just Meiteis. You do not want to acknowledge the good works done by AMUCO and UCM. You are deliberately trying to avoid their words and actions. This is very clear from your statements. You like to listen what the NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations say and not what others are saying. Grow up, get matured. Is there any tribal representative in AMUCO and UCM? Yes. Definitely. Recently a Koireng tribal was the President of AMUCO. At present a muslim is the president of AMUCO. There are also tribal members in UCM. '.......No other single community has even thought of forming a union in the name of Manipur because they respect the very existence of many other communities in Manipur.'............there are some naga organizations who use the words 'Manipur, Assam, Nagaland and even (oh my God! ) Myanmar'. Now will you conclude that this is substantial evidence of direct domination over all other communities in Manipur, Assam , Nagaland and Myanmar by naga. It is very funny.

Do you know the full form of ANSAM, ATSUM? The word Manipur is present in ANSAM and ATSUM. 'Just wording for peaceful co-existence is nothing unless there is a deed of the word.'........ Do you really understand the meaning of this statement? Do you think the false propaganda campaign by NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations is for the sake of peaceful co-existence or trying to create civil war between Meiteis and Nagas? The Meiteis are trying to create communal harmony. The Nagas should also reciprocate in the same manner.

Haokip S

Nagas students team up with Govt of India (GOI)

[ Fri, Jun 18, 2010 11:12 pm ]

Naga students are enemies of the state and the Government of India are party to it. How can they be so inhuman to block the roads to Manipur and that too for 60 days? The Govt of India was also a spectator to this violation of law. Now that they have to heed the subtle warnings of the GOI, they will go down history lane as those who blocked the essential supplies to Manipur for their inhuman thoughtless "early manly" act. Manipur is somehow battered and downtrodden but it survived the torture of the Nagas students and it had never fallen to hide it ferocious head. What they should realise is that they have done a grave sin to the people of Manipur for which the Almighty God will never forgive. We all as human beings are no different from each other, but they have made themselves different from the people of Manipur.

The voice of Manipur

'Gabar Singh' and Muivah - Similarity

[ Fri, Jun 18, 2010 12:26 pm ]

Hi Stewardkham, I think you are a simple person and not a pro Muivah Naga. Because all your arguments are against Muivah? Don't ever ask such a silly question like, 'No organisation of Naga raised their voice against Mr Muivah?' and 'Is there any tribes in AMUCO or UCM?' The answers to these question will be a real insult to Mr Muivah if he happens to read this. Did you see the Hindi movie called Shollay? There was a character called 'Gabar Singh'. In that movie, even a child stops crying whenever the child' mother takes the name of 'Gabar Singh' the villain. The same is true in Muivah's case, Nagas like the child in the movie Shoolay don't dare to say a thing when they hear the name 'Muivah', forget about speaking against him. Your next intrigue about Tribes in Manipuri organisation: why don't you go and verify yourself; why don't you yourself join one or all of those organisation. I bet, no one will object to your joining. Don't just imagine, sitting on the fence. Try to become a true Naga next time you write. I like it.


Is there any tribal representative in AMUCO and UCM?

[ Fri, Jun 18, 2010 9:54 am ]

Just wording for peaceful co-existence is nothing unless there is a deed of the word - Haokip S, after naming all the apex Naga organizations such as UNC, ANSAM, Naga Ho Ho, NSF, NSUD, NPMHR, Nagaland Government, etc under the name of NSCN which are speaking plain truth that Muivah should be allowed to visit his hometown, on what ground/basis are you saying that greater number of Naga people don't support Muivah? You are contradicting your own statement. What is left after you named all these organizations? What is the statement of NSCN (K)? Did the statement say that Muivah should not be allowed to visit his hometown? No, never. Rather NSCN K and NNC representative in 'Joint Working Group' fully endorsed Muvah's visit to his hometown and spoke for the right of every citizen. If you are talking about ENPO and ENSF, then I would like to let you know that these two organizations are the units of Naga Ho Ho and NSF based in Eastern Nagaland and by no means have they represented greater number of Nagas or the whole Nagas. Moreover ENPO had given full support to the ongoing Indo-Naga Peace process during the 4th Naga Consultative Meeting at Hebron in 2004 and confirmed it again in the recent Consultative Meeting held at Habron and in the next few days also it declared that they support both NSCNs. Your idea of asking the question to some Meiteis 'why they are silent on Naga Students' agitation in Manipur Bhavan in Delhi' is nothing short of contemplating communal clash. It also shows that you have in mind that Meiteis are responsible and they should be the ones to retaliate. It also shows that in your deep heart you know very well that no tribal actually involve in the issue of Muivah's Manipur visit and ceasefire extension, eventhough you speak something hypocrite in your lips. Agitation against the government's decision or suppression can be done anywhere in the world. Why should any other person start fighting there without any reason? I am pleased to hear that you fortunately happened to ask the question to only well educated and understanding Meiteis who recognized other's right. I am sure they don't carry your mentality. They (Manipur Student's Association, Delhi (MSAD) clearly asserted on Muivah's homecoming that everyone has the right to live and freely roam in his/her homeland. They further stated 'Leaders and cadres of NSCN-IM, militant organizations of the Kuki-Chin- Mizo communities that are under suspension of operation with the Manipur government and other India banned underground organizations such as the UNLF, PREPAK, RPF, KYKL, KCP and PULF should not be treated as criminals and they must have the right to visit their people and homeland on humanitarian ground without any restriction.' (Find this in IFP, 'MSAD blasts Mao killing, demands Muivah be allowed to visit home') Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Manipur (CPDM) has also clearly taught all the people of Manipur irrespective of cast, hills people, valley people etc that 'no citizen of Manipur who is loyal to the Indian constitution has legal legitimacy to boycott Muivah from either entering into Manipur or carrying out his activity on the basis of adherence to the norms and prescriptions within the framework of the Indian law'. I doubt whether you learn anything from these truthful statements because you are here only to win argument and not to learn. The simple fact is that no organization of Nagas and other tribal voiced against Muvah's homecoming and ceasefire extension except some Kuki who supported AMUCO and UCM in poking their nose into Nagas' business. Ibobi and his cabinets' decision are totally against the wishes of Naga MLAs in particular and all Naga people in general. So Ibobi government doesn't stand for Naga but suppresses Naga's right. The silence of few Naga and other tribal MLAs doesn't mean that they support Ibobi's decision. They are silent for their own reason. Regarding the issue of Kuki-Naga clash, the question of who provoke who doesn't arise here. Naga will say Kuki provoked Nagas and Kuki will say Naga provoked Kuki. There can't be any conclusion by writing up here. But here, I will simply tell you 'don't try to flare up communal clash by renewing Kuki-Naga clash. You will get nothing from there. You have accepted that both Kuki and Naga killed each other in the clash. I am not talking about what AMUCO and UCM said or say for any matter or when, how and where they exchange gift or organized public meeting. My point is 'Do they, in fact, represent the whole Manipur?' Is there any tribal representative in AMUCO and UCM? If not, don't use the name Manipur, because there are many other communities in Manipur. It is a substantial evidence of direct domination over all other communities by a single community. It is not only AMUCO and UCM, there are many so called 'All Manipur so and so' within Imphal city alone. No other single community has even thought of forming a union in the name of Manipur because they respect the very existence of many other communities in Manipur. Just wording for peaceful co-existence is nothing unless there is a deed of the word.


Make NH53 a tension free road

[ Fri, Jun 18, 2010 5:23 am ]

This is to appreciate that the state cabinet has decided to take back the responsibility of maintaining & improving the NH 53 from BRTF since BRTF may be doing a normal maintainenance not relevant to the emerging fallouts of economic blockades. That the state and its people have been cornered time & again by blockades is strong reason enough to make us more determined to make NH53 as more user friendly road than any other. All stakeholders regardless of temporary gains/% must make a sincere time-bound effort to make NH53 a road that is tension free.


A freeman doesn't need security to move freely

[ Thu, Jun 17, 2010 10:30 am ]

Hi Stewardkham, You say that Mr Muivah is a great leader therefore he is being given the 'Z' category security. Further, you asked if Mr Muivah is a criminal can he move freely like he is doing. Listen, Ajmal Kasab ,the one who was caught alive in the Mumbai attack is being given an even more stringent security than Z category than Muivah is said to be given. As such all the dreaded criminals per se are give securities categories Z and Z+. I thought at least few of you must have matured by now in your thinking, yet you still naively believe in Muivah's illusion. You should know Muivah is indirectly under arrest by providing government securities to him. He needs permission from Home Minister every time he makes an inch of move. Did you know this? You think Muivah is roaming freely? Of course not, he is only moving within the four walls of Nagaland, that too with chain on his leg. A freeman doesn't need security to move freely, do you? You should learn the definition of freedom before you utter this word. As for your admiration of Mr Muivah is concerned, I think you are going to replace him to Lord Jesus Christ!?


Unwanted things will be suffered by all the communities

[ Thu, Jun 17, 2010 6:16 am ]

R/s Mr. Stewardkham, with due regards I would like you to think in your own comments once again with a glass of cold water. Intelligence doesnot matter here but the right perspective of knowing the thing from the right angle, dont paint yourself with decency by your words as the world knows the fact. In modern world you should know that emotional fool-hardiness and one sidedness to a community or to point doesnt work, think of the both side of the coin. People should be aware that no community is above anyone and the result of any unwanted things will be suffered by all the communities . So no more words - dont be fooled by emotions, and do understand the suffering of common people other than those players like Ibobi, Muivah etc. Wake up to a new thinking lets try to give a chance to peace. Thaks and God Bless

a manipuri

Entire NE States will never let it happen

[ Thu, Jun 17, 2010 5:37 am ]

Go back and study Indian history, Manipur, Assam and other state of North East were exiting independently during the of British rule in India. There was no place name "Nagaland" during that time. After Indian got independence, Nagaland was formed by cutting some part of Manipur, Assam and other state surrounding state. So all the Nagas - don't forget that the place where you are staying was carved out from other places. Forget about Nagalim or Greater Nagaland, you will never ever get this demand at any cost and entire North East States will never let it happen.


We can not fight with our own brothers and sisters

[ Thu, Jun 17, 2010 4:17 am ]

stewardkham, Ceasefire extension to Manipur is opposed not only by Meitei but also by Kukis and Nagas. The simple reason is: the Government of Manipur has taken the right decision again and again opposing the extension of ceasefire to Manipur. The govt of Manipur is comprised of MLAs from Naga, Kuki, Meitei Pangal and Meitei. Naga MLAs are representatives of Nagas, they are elected by Naga people likewise Kuki MLAs are representatives of Kukis. For e.g., Gaikhangam, the president of MPCC and DD Thasi, the minister of Tribal Development are elected by Nagas. The ceasefire extension is opposed by Assam and Arunachal Pradesh also. Recently some cadres of NSCN(IM) were arrested by these states. Muivah's homecoming is opposed by govt of Manipur which includes naga MLAs. There are tribal member and meitei pangal member in both AMUCO and UCM. Again please read the press releases of both AMUCO and UCM.

Each and every press release of AMUCO and UCM states that they want all the indigenous people of Manipur to live peacefully together and they are not just talking but they are also acting in this regard. Have you never heard of AMUCO and UCM exchanging gifts with many tribals, organizing many meetings with the tribals in different parts of Manipur? I have read many reports of these events in state dailies. Please read newspapers regularly and properly. AMUCO and UCM are not against any communities. Do not presume too much and do not exaggerate too much. Please do not get carried away by the false propaganda of NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations like UNC, NPMHR, ANSAM, NSF etc. Please read the recent press releases of NSCN(K) and NNC properly regarding the proposed visit of Muivah. Your comments shows that you believe whatever the NSCN(IM) and its followers say and write without applying your conscience, rationality and ground reality. After the attack of Manipur Bhavan in New Delhi by supporters of Muivah backed by Nagaland govt, I asked some Meiteis why they are silent on that attack. I was stunned by their response. They said 'we are all chinkis and nepalis in the eyes of mainland Indians; we can not fight with our own brothers and sisters; if we fight with nagas in delhi, the mainland people with laugh/mock at all of us'. 'Manipur is not a meitei country'.......... is quite antagonizing and it is simply a product of NSCN(IM) and its followers. No Meitei has ever said Manipur is Meitei country. Meiteis want to live peacefully with the tribals of Manipur. One evidence is Meiteis are not targetting any naga physically inspite of so much provocation from naga frontal organizations, they did not target any naga residing in valley districts in The great June 18 Uprising.

"Naga killed Kuki as many as Kuki killed Naga"............this is absolutely wrong, it is not supported by any fact. You are exaggerating a lot. The number of kukis killed are much much more than the number of nagas killed. The reaction of kukis was the result of provocation by nagas. The naga-kuki civil war was started by NSCN(IM) and its followers and all the right thinking people of Manipur knows it very well. Muivah must be punished by law for his heinious and barbaric crimes against kukis and humanity. Govt of India is playing divide and rule policy among us. The earlier you realized this hidden policy, the better it will be for all of us: naga, kuki, meitei pangal and meitei. He is not a great naga leader. He is not supported by many nagas in Nagaland itself, do some analysis before commenting. I have seen many criminals provided z-category security by a country. The ICC has issued arrest warrant against The President of Sudan for his crimes against humanity and genocide, the leaders of Lasker-e-Tayeba, Hizbul Mujahideen (who are regarded as terrorists) are freely moving in Pakistan. NSCN is of two opposing factions NSCN(IM) and NSCN(K). Don't try to club both. NSCN(IM),UNC, NPMHR, ANSAM and Naga Hoho do NOT represent all nagas. The number of real nagas who oppose NSCN(IM) and its frontal organizations is much more than the number of nagas who support NSCN(IM). Read and analyze the statements of NSCN(K).

Haokip S

Spread false propaganda against meiteis so that meiteis retaliate

[ Wed, Jun 16, 2010 2:00 pm ]

Well lots have been said, written, discussed about Th. Muivah but even if the truth is known, a few people decline to acknowledge the truth for reasons best known to them... I can say without doubt that Nagalim will never exist in this real world...the tactic Th. Muivah is playing nowadays is to let his followers speak, write and spread false propaganda against the meiteis so that meiteis retaliate or point fingers at the nagas so that he can get support from more nagas...he is also playing this card for the other tribes too. Well Govt. of India is following appeasement policy for it knows that if forces are used to crush NSCN-IM(may be within a couple of days), the innocent nagas will only be the casualties because they are used as scapegoats by the said militia and so the peace talk started...I need not enumerate the numerous crimes committed by Th. Muivah...for the kind information of the people of Nagaland and Manipur - Th. Muivah is a notorius virus which can disturb peace of a region, create communal tension, collect illegal taxes, trade drugs and more so it infects narrow-minded persons. So beware of this virus...don't let it enter your home!!!


You and "your opponent" are from Manipur

[ Wed, Jun 16, 2010 10:32 am ]

Haokip S, whether I have a very limited or unlimited knowledge or matured or immature, you can not deny the facts by your wisdom and knowledge. 1. Ceasefire extension: opposed by Meitei in the name of Manipur, Muivah's homecoming: opposed by Meitei (supported by KIM) in the name of Manipur, Any movement of UCM and AMUCO: in the name of Manipur whereas no single tribal is taking part in these two organisations. Do you see any sign of respect for other communities in themselves? If Naga alone form a union call "All Manipur Union" and against the other communities' movements in the name of Manipur, what will you think and do? What I mean is do not take the name of Manipur when something is done by only one community. The present crisis or issue is within Manipur itself. How can you take the name of Manipur when both you and your opponent are from Manipur itself? If you do so, then you are denying your opponent's identity by your own wisdom. That's why I said Manipur is not a Meitei country. If Naga people do the same thing, I will say to Naga "Manipur is not a Naga country". There is nothing communal in this sentence but the truth. 2. Do you dare to say that Kuki also turned hundreds of Nagas' houses into ashes, caused hundreds homeless and killed plenty when you say that Naga killed 900 Kuki? I don't think so, because you are afraid of losing your point. But if you speak you should a courage to speak the truth like i said "Naga killed Kuki as many as Kuki killed Naga". 3. You have a clear evidence that Muivah is a great Naga leader and well recognised by all right thinking people. Have you ever seen a country providing z-category security to protect the life of a criminal? Have you ever seen a criminal freely moves around a country with it leaders? 4. If you don't have any respect for any Naga apex body, you don't have to say "all communities to live peacefully together". We need mutual respect for peaceful co-existence. As long as you speak against NSCN, UNC, NPMHR, ANSAM and Naga Hoho, ! Naga will consider you as an enemy because they are Nagas and represent all Nagas. 5. While I appreciate your suggestion to use my conscience before commenting, I also want to suggest you that nowadays the word "idiotic" is used by only those who felt defeated but not accepting it. Modern people realized that no one is perfect and no one is good enough to call someone idiot.


We are nothing - just chinkis to the center

[ Wed, Jun 16, 2010 4:03 am ]

Shocking!! Extremely shocking!! The question of "Will Manipur gonna be the future Bosnia of India in the near future?" seems to gonna bear fruit in the near future. Highly inflated egos, attitudes and what not...among our communities, is this what we impart knowledge for in our life. Dear fellows, 'The strong will always be right and the weak will always be the sufferer." Our communities, be it Meiteis, Kukis, Nagas, Muslims etc we all are simply minority community depending on the centre. Look at the two month scenario of economic blockade, who were the sufferer? Are we staying here in Manipur(both valley and hilly areas) or staying outside playing good ample amount of politics with the minority people. And we still continue blaming each other. Time and again we seem to be knowing these things but don't know why we failed to understand. It's time we need to be strong by uplifting our social environment, prospering economic growth and imparting quality education to the children 'coz in this era of Globalization 'Might is always right'. Time to wake up...After all we are nothing more than chinkis, nepalis(my sincere apology if these words hurt anyone on mentioning) to the rest of the country.


ADC elections means greater autonomy for hill districts

[ Wed, Jun 16, 2010 12:58 am ]

Stewardkham, You need to know one thing clearly and precisely, Meeteis never claimed that Manipur belong to meetei only. In fact, it belongs to Naga, Kuki, Meetei Muslim, Kom, Tangkhul, Hmar, Paite, Thadou, Chiru, Meetei and all other communities residing in Manipur. All these communities have been living together since time immemorial with peace and harmony. It was the ideology of Greater Nagalim, which brought riots between Nagaland and Manipur, with NSCN(IM) being the driver. You must have seen people from different communities living in Imphal Valley. This speaks about where Meeteis stand as far as integrity of Manipur is concerned. Just because Nagas constitute substantial amount of Manipur's population, they cannot claim themselves to be a separate entity or part of Nagaland. They should leave the ideology of encroaching lands and soils slowly and steadily which belong to others. I would like to remind you that Dimapur was a part of Assam. How did it come under the control of Nagaland? God knows.... What about brutal killings of thousands of Kukis in 90's? Who was responsible for that? Do you still think Mr Muivah loves peace and harmony? Why did he want to visit his native village after 40 odd years? (When ADC elections are about to hold) Didn't he remember his native in the past? Last but not the least, ADC elections are meant for greater autonomy for the people living in hill districts of Manipur. This would give greater autonomy and freedom to them as the name suggests. This also would definitely increase the pace of development in hill districts. At the same time, ADC means lost of income for NSCN(IM), no supreme power and no greater Nagalim. For all these reasons, Naga students are opposing ADC elections in Manipur. If you do not believe me, just have a look on how successful ADC elections were in Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. These elections have uplifted tribes of those states towards development. Our homeland, Manipur, is only moving towards the unwanted direction. Its time to rethink and act accordingly before its too late. At this backdrop, I would like to remind you principles and blessings of Jesus Christ. He would have never wanted the ongoing brutal killings and stand of NSCN(IM) against human rights. Had Mr. Muivah come to Manipur at right time and place(with peace in mind), people of Manipur would have laid red carpet for him. In contrast, we are able to view his hidden agenda behind the proposed visit to Somdal and hence we are against it. A person has the birth right to visit any place across the Globe but not for wrong reasons. Your views and comments are most welcomed.......All The Best


Congratulations - barricade lifted

[ Tue, Jun 15, 2010 11:24 pm ]

I congratulate the people of Manipur. It is a good news that finally the barricade has been lifted. It must have been a very difficult time for all there. I hope peace prevails in that beautiful land and it prosper! Although a non Manpuri, I am concerned because we have many students from this state studying in our school, CSKM and hundreds of students have passed out from here and they all are doing very well in their lives.


Pathetic attempt to divide the non Naga people

[ Tue, Jun 15, 2010 7:59 pm ]

Stewardkham, You have shown what kind of person you are..communal and narrow minded...that's what your comments are trying to drive a wedge between the Meiteis and the Kukis..It is a pathetic attempt to divide the non Naga people on community lines and justify the actions of NSCN I-M whether it is the massacre of the Kukis or extortion/blockades,etc. The contents of your mail are in total contradiction of the title "Don't block each other for peace sake".. Just remember one thing, Manipur belongs to every Manipuri be it Meiteis, Kukis, Nagas, Meitei Pangals, etc (unlike NSCN-IM's so called Nagalim)...

RK Anantaraj

Are all of us ready to take up responsibilities for disaster?

[ Tue, Jun 15, 2010 11:55 am ]

I have an opinion which may materialize into double edged conclusions taking into consideration the ongoing unrest and turmoil, with respect to, the issue of forming greater Nagaland as claimed and demanded by the naga inhabiting districts of manipur. Firstly there is a fair chance of playing identity politics backed up by the interpretation and illustration of historical conduct and events happened while manipur was under the reign of monarchs, who believed in those times the concept of aggressionism. But the other point of concern is whether we, implying here to both the communities(meiteis and nagas) should take the instrument of blame game to resolve the contention on the grounds of historical maneuvers "happened at a time" when the contemporary generations weren't born. If that be the end of result so wished by both the parties, then there remains no option for both the sides but to invovle in confrontation and conflict though not physical in nature. Therefore the question still remains open in the sense who is going to harm and be harmed. Because in such a situation of blame conflict, both the sides have to bear the brunt of such initiation if it by chance gets out of control. Thus the reality question is--- are all of us, irrespective of what communities we belong to, ready to take up the responsibility for such disaster. Secondly, the issue of social unrest starting from insecurity of life or the fear of losing dignity and communal ego are false consciousness because nobody loses anything as long as both the communities share a spirit of mutual co-existence on the principle of mutual respect and acceptance which is materially possible if we try at least an inch for that matter. As far as my personal perspective is concerned, as to the role of, central govt,its only role should confine to creating an atmosphere of negotiation without commenting on who is to have OR not to have fairer say in the controversy. Because the more the issue is politicised or the more it is taken on a favouritist term, there will develop a feeling of strong hatred and enmity between these two communities. Therefore my appeal to the communities above named should stop weighing the issue on whims and emotions but need to concern the controversy with a sound, prudent and judicious mind because the need of the hour is to prevent ourselves(both nagas and meiteis) from happening a catastrophic fall out. Otherwise, God forbid there would exist a situation like that which is happening in the African nations at present of ethnic rivalry, culminating to unfathomable bloodshed and the belief of morality would be washed down the drain.

Seva Laimayum

Use your conscience before commenting on public forum

[ Mon, Jun 14, 2010 2:32 pm ]

Stewardkham, after reading your comments I have come to the conclusion that you have a very limited knowledge about the history of Manipur, you are yet to get matured. In short you have given an idiotic comment. It also shows you are highly influenced by the false and idiotic propaganda of NSCN(IM), UNC, NPMHR, ANSAM and Naga HoHo. Muivah is not only a criminal but also a terrorist. He is responsible for killing more than 900 kukis, uprooting their homes, rendering more than a lakhs kukis to live like refugees. All his activities are based on terrorism. We, kukis, did not fall into the trap of Meiteis. In fact Meiteis were not at all involved in the naga-kuki civil war. Meiteis were always helping in nature. The naga-kuki clash was because of NSCN(IM). I have never heard any Meitei saying or writing that Manipur is a Meitei country. Have you ever seen/heard any valley based organiztions saying Manipur is Meitei country? What I always heard from them is they want to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur, they want all the communities of Manipur to live peacefully together. They are not demanding any areas of hills districts. In fact Meiteis are very broad minded. We tribals can settle anywhere in the valley districts but Meiteis can not do so in hill districts. We should also be broad minded. The proposed visit of Muivah is not only opposed by Manipur government but also by kukis also. Please read newspaper properly. Kuki Inpi Manipur has already stated that kukis also oppose the visit of Muivah. KIM has already send a memorandum to the prime minister of India to punish Muivah according to the laws of India for his heinious and barbaric crimes. You are living in a dream world. Please wake up. Please use your conscience before commenting anything on the public forum.

Haokip S

Muivah - still not a criminal?

[ Mon, Jun 14, 2010 9:01 am ]

Th Muivah, infamous for various crimes, should be tried in public. Well Meiteis don't have the right to prevent anyone visiting his home but the Manipuris have every right to prevent Muivah coming to Manipur...a question to muivah and his followers ...if a Meitei marries a beautiful naga girl and they have a lovely the kid a meitei or a naga?


Don't block each other for peace sake

[ Sat, Jun 12, 2010 11:12 pm ]

The simplest thing to solve the current crisis in Manipur is 'Don't block Naga leader, don't block NHs and don't counter block'. Manipur is not a Meitei country. It is a state of India. Meitei has no right to prevent any Naga to enter his or her house. Muivah is not a criminal. Government of India and many organizations of the world recognized him as a MAN who strongly advocates for peace. Don't try to win the heart of Kuki by renewing the Kuki-Naga clash. In this clash, Naga killed Kuki as many as Kuki killed Nagas. No one is to be blame or single out here. Kuki and Naga have equal responsibilities in falling under Meitei's trap. Kuki knows Meitei's sinister mind. They know that Meitei never speak for Kuki when Kuki-Naga clash broke out. They know that Meitei needs their help at this time to jointly crush Nagas' movement for peace and freedom. They also know very well that they can't live with this selfish and voracious majority meitei.


Stop messing our life...

[ Sat, Jun 12, 2010 2:39 am ]

It's indeed unfortunate but rather a fact that human civilization seems to ignore us even if we are on the 21st century. It's pity but we have to accept this reality or else we continue to live and stay as we are here in Manipur. Our acceptance will at least make us realize that we want a better life from our civil society. Glorifying and De-glorifying our leadership and their activities won't serve us any purpose until their good intentions are known to us and how it's going to happen, that's a big question?? Why I am saying it's a big question...simply because these leaders since time immemorial have failed to understand the pulse of living of the common people and it happened on every occasions. So, let's pledge to throw out this unsuccessful conscience of electing these people which are messing up our life in whatever they want to..and may good civilization prosper in our society. After all we are also human being not different from those staying in much civilized society...or are we not??????


The Only true Solution for the Nagas

[ Sat, Jun 12, 2010 1:57 am ]

Most of the Naga leaders today don't really support the creation of a separate state, Greater Nagaland/Nagalim. They are compelled, forced not to. [In the early years of their initiation, the Naga movement(led by NNC, NSCN(before split), UNC etc) was moving in the right direction but with the inevitable deterioration of morality and righteous leadership (with special reference to to the armed wings) [as happens to all systems-democratic/military/dictatorial sys], began the destruction of the movement by the very forces that so gloriously initiated the spirit. So the early leaders in some way had honor and their cause cannot be put down. But with the corruption of the armed wings-mushrooming factions of NSCN, NNC,...and their further divisions, the Naga movement lost so much ground. The focused leaders who are really concerned about the Naga cause (Thank God there are still some) whether be politicians/student leaders/org leaders/office holders are now afraid of the armed groups and their (of the righteous leaders who are really concerned about the Naga cause) their--activities/measures to push forward the movement is brought to naught/they are not able to do anything at all-- OUT OF FEAR. The sincere efforts made by the individuals/small groups are appreciated but only unitisation of the masses and concentrated vehement protest/ condemnation against the degenerating/ inhumane actions of the Armed Groups will bring about a turning point in this struggle.(If the Nagas are ever to fulfill their ancient dream) That's why the people need to realise the importance of seeing the Naga movement in a different light-and the need to either mellow down/de-militarise the Armed Groups (which have become profit-driven mercenary groups of those holding power and money)/cry and call for moral cleansing of the leaders. Or these groups stop championing this noble cause of the Ancient Honorable Nagas and leave the free naga people to fight for the cause in truth and in spirit, without fear and reproach...


Isn't Manipur a part of India?

[ Fri, Jun 11, 2010 2:29 pm ]

I am non Manipuri but I am disturbed by the condition prevailing in one of the most important North eastern states of India.It is very disturbing to know that it has been above 55 days but the still blockade of the national highways 39 and 53 by UNC and ANSAM is still on.It is a crime to be doing such thing for such a long time.If it is to draw the attention of the media then they have succeeded and they should stop it.Whatever is the reason it is the common people who are suffering always. A few days back I read in the newspaper that a group from Manipur had met Rahul Gandhi and I as a person was quite hopeful that the problem would end but till now I dont think anything worthwhile has been done to clear the blockade.
Sir, through your esteemed paper I would like to draw the attention of the highs and mighties of the Indian politics at the centre as well both states to put their heads together to solve the crises at the earliest.People on the both the sides must be suffering in some way or the other.I believe both these states are beautiful and if problems created by humans continue, I dont know what will happen to such states.

Yeshi Choedon - (a teacher from Delhi)

Blockade has nothing to do with disintegration of Manipur

[ Thu, Jun 10, 2010 9:14 am ]

The problem and solution solely rest in the hand of Ibobi government alone. Ibobi could have stopped the blockade immediately by organizing a talk with concern students' body before the ADC election was held but he preferred to prolong the blockade for his own political advantage as he could successfully instill in the mind of some Meitei societies that he is fighting for territorial integrity of Manipur by preventing Muivah from entering his hometown. But the fact is that the blockade has nothing to do with the integration or disintegration of Manipur territory. The All Tribal Student Union, Manipur (ATSUM) and All Naga Student Association, Manipur (ANSAM) had repeatedly requested Ibobi to defer the ADC election as the election is totally against the wishes of the people of the land but Ibobi turned a deaf ear to their earnest plea and went ahead with the imposed district council election. And after the election is forcefully held, he declared to media that he had offered a talk to the concern students body but to no avail. Again very soon after that his govt declared the Presidents of ANSAM and UNC as wanted men by Manipur govt and whoever provides information leading to their arrest will get 100,000 rupees. What kind of political game is this Ibobi playing? Nagas will surely take it as a direct insult to the Nagas living in Manipur. Manipur will never taste peace again if the arrest warrants of the presidents of UNC and ANSAM by Manipur govt is not revoked.


Use appropriate word in the right place

[ Thu, Jun 10, 2010 4:53 am ]

"Govt Discards The Carrots For The Sticks, Wanted Tag On Blockade Leaders Cash prize of Rs 1 lakh awaits informers, 21st Century Judas" By Our Staff Reporter .
--This is the headline of the top news on Sangai Express dated 8th June. what is shocking is the way the staff reporter had compared the informers of the Acting President of the All Naga Students\' Association, Manipur, Samson Remmei and Acting President of the United Naga Council, David Choro to Judas Iscariot, the informer( or rather betrayer) of Jesus Christ. Does not that imply that the staff reporter put those fugitives David Choro and Samson Remei on the same pedestal as Jesus Christ? Or does he want to indicate that those fugitives David Choro and Samson Remei are also saviours of humanity? It is one thing to use flashy high sounding words in the front page. But it is totally a different thing to use the appropriate word in the right place. I hope the best newspaper of our state will ensure such faux passes do not happen again.


Its not the time to write, its the time for real action

[ Wed, Jun 09, 2010 6:48 pm ]

eikhoi kayam kuina khangkhidoino? economic blockade loidrigeida ishing thumba hourey. hingbagi upai thiibada nongma nongmagi wasalake. chak thongnaba gas leitrigeida ishing thumjalaktana shing fangdrey.chara hellaga siro haibro? ibobi sarkar ga india government da kari hope thamningai leirige? swaida mail iraga, discussion touraga, natraga photo hapana karisu kanararoi. action oina touba yare. politician, ug, natraga achou ashang nataba icham chamba praja eikhoidi khangba ngamdre, sidore, kayam kuina khango haino? yum da ima ibel, ichin inao mayam sidore! peisa paiba sing phaoba wanaba houre, lairaba ichin inao mayam singdi wabana sidore.kayam kuina yengkhidoino eikhoi awabasey michung mikhai naiba india government, prajagi ee chupa mantri mayam, amasung blockade touriba mee gi masakta hingchaba minungshi khangdaba mayam? nungtigi hingbagi lan yaonaba hotnaba wasalake, khangba ngamaktre, awaba singse ubada nungtigi kaape. thabak paikhatlase mayam pulaga, siraga sii chungaga chung. minai oiba waare, eikhoi gi human rights singse kayam kuina fataba mee singda violate touhankhidoino? its not the time to keep writing or take pictures, why are we still compromising with everything that is happening around, its the time for real action now! who will listen to the voices of poor people like us, we are dying everyday and there is none to help us, pity is not a good word to use, but even then, nobody is feeling pity for us leave empathy, specially economically poor Manipuris like us!!! lairaba eikhoi sidore......

Enough of finding solutions and enough of discussion which has been going on for more than two months. Its easy to write or discuss sitting on a comfortable space wearing our thinking caps. I am fed up of all these sympathetic or intellectual discussion. Has it brought any solution to what we are facing right now rather than giving updates on what is happening and projecting your emotional sentiments on whatever is happening? lets stop being arm-chair participants. Its the time for some action. Dont know about others but i've already given up my expectations on the state government and goi(small letter as a mark of disrespect). lets stop "shighing" and "weeping" in our ivory towers. and please stop all these discussion on muivah if its going to remain just in these screen and in papers. its the time to act, not writen stop writing if you are not acting, enough is enough!


Strive for self-reliance and self-dependence

[ Wed, Jun 09, 2010 8:41 am ]

The (economic) blockade on the national highways 39 and 53 for the last 58 days is causing lots of hardships and suffering for 2.5 million people of our motherland Kangleipak(Manipur). This blockade is also a wake-up call for us. This blockade has shown that we are very much dependent on supplies (essential and non-essentials) from outside Kangleipak. Younger generation who were born after 1975 will tend to think and say that we are always like this from the beginning. This is evident from the way readers write in Most of the people tend to give comment based on what they see and feel at present. It is true that looking at the present scenerio prevalent in our motherland, one will tend to conclude that we are completely dependent on supplies from outside and so we will not survive without the outside help. At this juncture, we should ask some valuable questions to ourselves: Are we completely dependent on mainland India? Will we really die without the help from outside? Are we always like this from the beginning, for the last more than 2000 years? Will we continue depending completely on outside? How can we stop depending on outside forever? There are many evidences in the history of Kangleipak that we were not at all dependent on outside supply for our survival. We were a self-sufficient nation. There are also evidences that even certain products (cotton, rice etc) were exported from Kangleipak. There are also many reasons why we have become completely dependent on outside. Most people tend to avoid searching and analyzing the true history of Kangleipak. Most partially educated people tend to say that history is not important, it is not necessary to study history, studying past history will not help in solving the problems being faced by us at present. If you say like this to a well educated and well informed person from any country e.g. USA, UK, France, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel, Cuba, South Africa, Egypt, etc he will laugh at your idiotic comment. Those who avoid studying history and those who forget history are bound to suffer from the same type of mistakes commited by their past generation. We should strive towards self-reliance and self-dependence. We will continue to suffer like we are suffering at present as long as we depend on others. Always remember we were not like this from the beginning. We have the potentials and we have the resources to become self-dependent. There are many who think that development and improvement of NH 53 will solve our problem of dependence. This is partially true. Improvement of NH 53 means creating a new route for dependence on outside. I am not against development and improvement of NH 53. What I am trying to say is development of NH 53 should go along with struggle for self dependence and self-reliance. Self dependence is more important than NH 53. Just imagine! What if NH 53 is blocked completely due to conflict between Kangleipak and Assam ; and Central government is silent like the way it is handling the present complete blockade on NH 39. Some of you may argue that central govt is not silent, that central govt is sending supplies by air. It is like putting 1 gram of salt in Pacific Ocean. Just imagine! What if a national highway is blocked for one week ( forget about 58 days) in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna, Lucknow, Chandigarh, etc. How will be the reaction of Central Govt? How will be the reaction of so called national media of India. I am observing and analyzing the present situation of our motherland.

Abo Mangang

A common misunderstanding among the people of Nagaland

[ Wed, Jun 09, 2010 3:32 am ]

This small passage is written in order to clarify a common misunderstanding among the people of Nagaland. The ongoing crisis in Manipur is not a result of people opposing Naga but against Mr. Muivah. People in both the states should realize this and lift the economic blockade in order to restore peace and harmony. There were no issues between these two states before Mr. Culprit(Muivah) come to India. His visit is only arousing riots among the people. Forget about visiting Manipur, Government of India should not permit Mr. Culprit to come back to India in future. He should be exiled in the interest of people looking for peace. If Government of Sri Lanka can defeat mighty LTTE, why not Mr. Muivah by Government of India. By now I realize that it is our Government who makes the value of our life cheap and meaningless (Verdict on Bhopal Gas Tragedy is another good example). 3 million people are suffering in Manipur due to lack of essential commodities and medicines arising out of economic blockade (50 plus days). Government seems to be very stubborn in this regard. One can imagine the reaction of GoI if this blockade would have happened in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.


Question to NISC

[ Tue, Jun 08, 2010 6:33 am ]

I have gone through your open letter to the manipur state govt. I will be happy to inform you why the peoples of Manipur not only the govt prevented Th. Muivah entering Manipur
1. From which year you call Nagaland as Nagalim? Do you believe that changing of word from land to lim the NSCN IM will be forgotten by the peoples of Manipur? No never manipuri peoples of both hill and plain will not forgive him till the God forgive him. You know in the name of "Nagaland For Christ" how many innocent peoples have been killed in Manipur? He even does not spare child and woman. He is a criminal till today in Manipur. That is why we prevented him and will.

Manipur Young Forum

Enough is enough, perform or perish

[ Tue, Jun 08, 2010 6:33 am ]

'Dear Sir, What is happening to Manipur? I am an ordinary person who live an ordinary life in an ordinary environment. But the situation in the state is slowly transforming me to someone different. Enough is enough. The District Council elections are over. ANSAM has made its point. Mr. Muivah has also made his point already. His political trump card has already been played. He can now return to Hebron, a happy and successful politician. Enough blood has been shed, enough love lost between brothers. Enough mudslinging, enough history lessons, enough rallies and dharnas, enough blockades. Now, my frustration and anger lies with the Manipur Government. Our Ministers, MLAs and burucrates may not be experiencing what a common man is facing at the moment for obvious reasons. But its true that we are suffering and we want to know why we are living in misery for no fault of ours and while we have a 'popular and efficient government' ruling the state. What is the government doing now? Mr. Muivah's 'homecoming' and all the political drama surrounding it and now his 2nd attempt to enter Manipur through Jaissami is all a law and order problem of the state. There is nothing extraordinary and new to make it a state crisis as the government is turning it into. Let the Home Department of our 'efficient' government face it and if the Home Minister cannot do the job let him make way for someone who can do it. What really is surprising is the way the other Departments of the government is doing or not doing at this situation. Have they all clubbed together to transform into a bigger and stronger Home Department to stop Mr. Muivah's from entering Manipur? What a joke? What I am trying to say is, the present crisis and the suffering we are facing at the moment is not only due to the fallout of a 'homecoming' of a shrewd politician and the assertion of a group of tribes but the total failure of governance of the state which have aggravate the situation and made us suffer in this humiliating manner. 'A hungry man is an angry man' and it is very easy for angry men to do destructive things, you just need to point a finger. So, let us not allow some dirty politicians to convert us to hungry and angry men. Let us not make them enjoy at the expense of our misery. Its high time we teach them a lesson. Make them perform or make them perish.

Nongpokngumba Kangleichaa

Grievance letter to PM and President

[ Sat, Jun 05, 2010 7:47 am ]

A grievance letter to the Hon. Prime Minister and President of India.
The diversified, uniqueness and integrated culture, language, ethnic group make me proud to be an Indian. However, the current issues in Manipur cloud my thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. It has become the matter of concern, whether the pride will survive or not! I believe, the socio-economic facts and figures are not unrevealed to you, Sir/Madam. Do these facts and figures medal me, my perception, my Government, and my Nation? If so, then do you and I have the reason for survival with dignity! At the same time, Sir/Madam I am sacred and concerned of future generations to come. What I should present them to make my nation proud! Sir/Madam, it is my humble request, let I and my nation be confident and proud, as we are under your deeds and leadership.

Maibam Shankar Singh

An absence of philanthropism

[ Sat, Jun 05, 2010 3:55 am ]

What is happening in our homeland? Being a manipuri, I really shocked what is happening far in home .It really shows an absence of philanthropism every where in societies .It has became a corrupt state ever before in the history.All the administrative holders are the one reason behind all this happening.There is a need to remove all this undesirable happenings so as to make a good stable and a developed state . I would like to suggest all the manipuris students who are going to be the future generations and leaders of manipur that we should create a sense of unity among ourselves and get rid of this matter.


Meiteis suffered too under Hinduism

[ Fri, Jun 04, 2010 12:17 pm ]

I have real feeling of sympathy for Uncle Muivah. He is a real son of Manipur who out of anger wants to denounce Manipur. He and his followers are pointing finger that the cause of their anger mangba-sengba(Untouchablity) practice of Hinduism/Vaisnavism which meitei enbraced in 18 century. I want to convince Mr. Muivah and his followers that the real victims were/are not non-meitei but the meiteis!! The Meiteis suffered day and night, throught their life from birth to death. The Meiteis were and still are untouchables , insulted in every way, deprive of priviledges and exploited economically too. Why not try to understand these facts. History must be built on facts and truth. Concocted history cannot withstand the test of truth.


NSCN IM and drug trafficking business

[ Fri, Jun 04, 2010 7:54 am ]

Why the Indian government is running a talk with the NSCN IM leader Muivah? Is the waste of time and money for this kind of talk will result a peace and prosperity in the NE region? Why the union government wasting time to talk to muivah rather than carrying out new development programs for Manipur and NE regions? Every Indian is aware that the NE regions are the buffer zone of the Indian sub continent from China, Myanmar and Bangladesh, and the Indian government will always keep these regions in turmoil and chaos. If the Indian have the intention to end the so called naga issue, it may have ended long before as the struggle have taken more than 50 years. Why can a country like India cannot find a solution for 50 years? It is very long time for a country full of intelligent bureaucrats and unlimited resources. How India is dreaming of becoming a superpower even if the country cannot find a solution for petty husband and wife type conflict? It is really a shame to be an Indian. If the India government is feeding the NSCN IM for 50 years to keep the regions in turmoil, god knows what kind of superpower India will be. I'll not live in a country like that. How can a group like NSCN IM exist for more than 50 years with more 50000 soldiers equipped with more sophisticated weapon than the Indian soldier? If the Indian government is not financing the NSCN IM than it is 100% proven the assumption that this outfit is financing themselves by drug trafficking from Myanmar!!! Is the Indian Government encouraging the NSCN IM drug trafficking business and keeping the NE youth addicted to the drugs, by running so called talk for long period of time? If the Indian government is sharing this profit from this NSCN IM drug trafficking business, we Indian are in deep trouble. If the Indian government is against this, why the government keeps talking with this leader Mr. Muivah? Please stop this kind non sense talk at once and show the world, how strong Indian political will is and let us feel proud that we have a leader like Chidambaram, who is ready to bring prosperity and development in NE regions. Mr. Chidambaram, you are the most eligible person for this and not a corrupted politician appeared in the Indian politics after a long time. The crimes done by this outfit NSCN IM are more heinous and barbaric than the Nazis. They burned down non naga villages by surrounding them. What a shame the NSCN IM demanding a "Nagalim for Christ" Even the Jesus Christ will hide his face by seeing the barbaric act for the NSCN IM. Good Luck, Mr. Chidambaram for the talk with this NSCN IM leader - Mr. Muivah. Mr. Muviah is a real devil in disguise.


kacha naga , Kesta Naga

[ Fri, Jun 04, 2010 7:26 am ]

To kundo laishram - kacha naga - are refer to a group of tribes that is the zemei and liangmei tribe of the zeliangrong . Recognise together these two tribe are known as kacha naga in manipur and zeliang in nagaland. kacha naga dosent refer to whole of the nagas leave alone the zeliangrong nagas. The story goes a Britisher ask an Angami who lives beyond the thick jungle he replied, the kesta nagas or the nagas in thick forest kesta means thick forest in angami.


Kabui is insulting, we are known as Zeliangrong

[ Fri, Jun 04, 2010 10:17 am ]

On the subject of Mr SM Sanasam refering to tangkhul and kabuis as not nagas UI am obliged to remind you that in every book you look you will find that they are nagas even refer to prof gangumei kabui, and the use of the word kabui is insulting we are known as zeliangrong, on ur biased and prejudiced judegement of us nagas as who is real and who is not is totaly uncalled for and naive we dont need anyone to tell us that we know who we are , our culture handed down tell us clearly whose our family and yes we might have some similarlities with meteis but what do you expect we been neighbours for so many years and i know if all naga inhabited areas are unified manipur would become small we understand that but this is something we got to do to have an identity and a place to call home and i know u would probably say manipur is your home, but picture this i am in delhi, people ask me where i am from i reply manipur, oh so they say manipuri no i say naga , but they reply i thought nagas are from nagaland ,get the picture i am a naga first and i plan to keep it that way, so many differences are there between nagas too culturally, linguisticaly, ideologically and before it grow so far we plan to bridge it .


Issue is between Naga people and Ibobi government

[ Thu, Jun 03, 2010 10:17 am ]

Ibobi's government and valley based media always mislead the people of Manipur as if the issue is between Manipur people and NSCN or as if the economic blockades are imposed by NSCN. In reality, the issue is between Naga people and Ibobi government. NHs blockade was started by ANSAM in protest against the forceful imposition of ADC election on Naga's soil without Naga's consent and NSF restricts the Manipur vehicles in Nagaland in response to the Manipur government's senseless restriction on NSF leaders in Manipur.
Had Ibobi government postponed the ADC election and apologized NSF in the interest of the common citizen in Manipur, the NHs blockade would have been stopped many days before. But instead of showing any sign of concern, Manipur government chose to cry before the media and centre government and applied childish cry and wait policy to gain favor from others. This is the reason that ultimately compelled ANSAM and NSF to intensify the blockade indefinitely. It is very clear that Manipuri people have a strong reason to denounce Ibobi Government. The issue of Manipur territorial integrity doesn't arise here; neither does the economic blockade relate with Muivah's visit to his hometown. In fact is Meitei common people are deliberately fooled by this government in the name of protecting Manipur territorial integrity. What can Meitei common people gain by forceful imposition of Manipur district council election? Is it really worth to face such a huge problem caused by economic blockade? Is it too costly to postpone ADC election that Ibobi government has no choice but to choose to cause suffering to the common people? Why don't we try to solve the problem from the root instead of crying for integrity which has nothing to do with the blockade?


Government needs to admit its mistakes

[ Thu, Jun 03, 2010 2:43 am ]

It is nice to see people from all across the state erupting to safeguard the integrity of Manipur. In spite of this big social force, some people have the courage to stand against it. We, as lover of Manipur, need to analyse the true picture of this scenario. Firstly, I would like to bring in the pace at which development activities are going in Manipur. Is the state government responsible enough to equally distribute these activities throughout the state. If infrastructure is poor in Imphal valley, its worst in hilly districts of the state. These type of ill-treatments would definitely arouse anger among the people of hilly regions. Birth of many insurgent groups in the state is the major outcome of these ill-treatments. By now, state government should realize its mistakes done in the past. Any sort of social, economical and political activities should be done throughout the state where people from all sections and communities can come up and derive opportunities out of them. This would be the ultimate long term solution to the current crisis in Manipur. A long term friendly relationship can be sealed in this way forever.


Message is heard loud and clear

[ Thu, Jun 03, 2010 12:27 am ]

Kudos to Maveric and his article. Very few of us have the caliber in dissecting our minds so deep. He is a complete medic though he hated it. Today I feel so proud that in our Manipuri community there exists people like "Maverick" who truly can think the unthinkable. He gave a little light to an already fading hope of our society. What he said or wrote is nothing new but no one has ever tried to shout that loud from the rooftop. I think the message is heard loud and clear. I am distributing this message to all my friends and suggest you do the same....if only all of us reads the article.


Do you really consider us part of India?

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 2:17 am ]

It has been around 50 days since economic blockade started in NH-39 of Manipur and Nagaland. People of Manipur are completely paralyzed having inadequate essential commodities like food grains, oil, petrol, diesel, medicines, etc. Yet, Government of India seems to be very busy with its daily businesses. If this blockade would have happened somewhere in northern or southern India, it would have taken immediate actions for the people. Being a top authority, why are you showing so much of partiality among the people. Do you really consider us part of India? By now, I realize that today's political and social turmoils across the country are the outcomes of partiality shown by it years ago. I wish Manipur becomes an independent kingdom in few years time. We are sick of watching political games being played GoI. Mr. Muivah, who was highly responsible for killing thousands of innocent Kuki in Manipur, is still having the freedom to roam around in India. This indicates how irresponsible our government is? When there is one-day economic blockade in northern or southern India, the whole country roars. Media houses keep themselves engage in this issue day-in and day-out. But what about the 50 day economic blockade in north-east India. Stop being partial. Stop talking, start acting.


Let's enjoy this slave life

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 1:27 am ]

Yes, Manipuri should be under the mercy of NSCN IM and the Central government because, we deserve it. It is a shame but it is 100% true. The larger population of Manipur is the Meitei, and meities should take the responsibility to develop our state but meitei are very narrow minded. Indeed, it is correct, we have never change our attitude toward any development or any changes which could bring development in Manipur. We never agree to each other at any point of time. Whatever happened or happening now in the Manipur is because of our weakness only but still we are blaming others for our mistakes. We beg for mercy from the central government and that is what we are getting. Now we are bankrupt and enslaved by others, our children and even which are not borne are slaves. We will not stand out in this changing world until we change our attitude. We can't even feed ourselves and borrow money to buy food from other states, we pay to other to travel in our own road, our so called revolutionists' ransom money from us to give to others, and they are doing great jobs to keep manipuris in poverty. Every Manipur knows that it is possible to demand so called an independent state; they also know the same that it is a futile mission and will never bring succeed in 100 years. They have never learnt this lesson but they still terrorized the manipuris to feed the central government mission to impoverish the NE regions and to keep the NE regions as a buffer zone to China, Myanmar. Again, any meitiei can't be a great leader to lead the people; Meiteis are so incompetent and will never take a risk to change the society. So, let's enjoy this slave life, let's do nothing, our race will vanish from the face of the earth very soon.


The "Roots" and "Routes" of this current issue

[ Tue, Jun 01, 2010 2:46 am ]

I have already shared some of my views regarding the causes that led to the present state of turmoil in Manipur. As a citizen of this "Great Democratic Country" I had had a desire to speak freely by stretching out some more points as addition to my previous views of 20th May, but somewhere, I feel, my freedom of expression is seriously curbed. Anyways I cannot be as free as I am, in Bangalore or Mumbai or any parts of India, in Manipur also. This is not a new thing in Manipur, everybody in Manipur know this fact and it will be better for me to jump to another paragraph which is more important as of now.

Most of us know that the GoI is quite reluctant to cross-examine the causes and solutions of the present sufferings in our state. Its also true that the Government isn't alien to the issues concerning the present face-off between the two neighbours and so also the cunning politics of the Nagalim Superhero, Mr. Muivah. The Centre is just neglecting the issue deliberately since this sufferings of Manipur, atleast, don't make National Headlines in leading dailies of India and do not harm national politics because we have 2 MPs and our state is too far from Delhi. We have been underestimated. Now, this angers a lot to us but this doesn't mean that we should start focus on issues like our demand for a separate land, pulling up past history of feasibilty to merge with India and start propagating hate messages against India of which we are a beneficiary for years. Now, what my point is we have this attitude of taking/choosing the path of "ROOTS" instead of "ROUTES."

ROOTS implies our way of looking a thing/issue by opening our past misdeeds, misdeeds towards us, our powers in ancient time and in the process we become distancing from the complex ground realities to find an amicable solution(s). The "ROUTES" implies the attitude to see and understand the realities related to the causes with discerning eyes and try to find out lasting solutions. This is the weakness in us which contributes largely to our underdevelpoment and consequent underestimation meted out to us by the people from the mainstream India. My fellow Manipuris, particularly those who are educated(liberal education), let's wake up and think together as to how we should show to the Govt. that we are no more ignorant, we are also very much a part of this country, we want you to acknowledge our contributions towards making a socially and economically welfare state, we don't want your negligence now and we are serious to the problem. For this we need to bear some injustices towards us for sometime(I can't neglect the fact that we(North-Easterners)are being discriminated for reasons). Let us hold our short-tempered nature and try to do such things so that we are recognised as a responsible, peaceful and developed state ahead of many powerful staes in India. This again need our selfless efforts by students in and outside Manipur, a movement for reforms within the state constitutionally to wipe-out corrupt, irresponsible and poisonous ministers and bureaucrats. We need ouselves to be responsible and educated. This will solve many problems permanently. Lets look deeper into ourselves and try to modify. Let us unite for the good cause and I hope we will be the most prosperous and peaceful state that every state would envy of. We have the potential and forget this Nagas or NSCN(IM), anyone, even the GoI will have to think twice or thrice before trying to dictate us. Let us unite and think about the development instead of going otherside which in this globalised world has become less important. Lastly, my opinion is a balanced one which I think is feasible and is own by me. If someone feels that my views has short comings, I will be very grateful to him if he shares with me. As one of the sufferers, I have taken interests on this issue and want a possible solution as soon as possible. Long live Manipur.


Not enough pictures of Muivah in gallery

[ Mon, May 31, 2010 11:51 pm ]

The picture gallery does not carry sufficient images of Th. muivah. His coming is turning out to be a pleasing to Ibobi and Erabot. Erabot, for that matter both wont require election campaign anymore. Your esteemed E-pao has done so much for them in political campaign.


Understand the larger game plan

[ Sun, May 30, 2010 1:00 pm ]

I have recently been following the developments in the Northeast of India, specially Manipur in the wake of the proposed visit of an underground kingpin to the region. I believe it is his birthplace that he intends to visit, after many decades. All this while, he had been holed up in an European country, living a fairly decent and lavish life, no doubt sponsored by the arms dealers who had been instrumental in supplying the arms to him that enabled him to indulge in genetic annihilation of the Asian population they did not want on the planet. Without his knowledge, he has played into their hands, and the genetic engineers have managed to ensure that their agenda of total capture of the planet we call our world is within their grasp, thanks to such dim witted individuals who do not know their left from their right or their rear. And, by the way, do the innocent common people of the Northeast or for that matter the tribals in the Naxalite infested areas know what they are fighting for? Anarchy? Collective Socialism? State control? What the heck do they want? The general populace are easily swayed by fervent appeals without using their own judgement on the ground battle perpetrators. We are being used simple as that. We human beings do not want to think for ourselves anymore, and leave it to others to do the thinking and the talking on our behalf. We have resigned ourselves to doom. Wake up! The Indian Govt. has created this problem between you two folks? Get your facts right. Understand the larger game plan. Dont fall into the hands of fiends who misguide you to believe that they are upholding your rights as individual societies that are unique. We all are just like cockroaches in the hands of such despots. The India Govt. too is lost, as they are also battling with an identity crisis. How can this go on, man?

Sushil Gupta

Suppressing the right of the minorities

[ Sat, May 29, 2010 10:16 pm ]

Manipur Government and Meitei NGOs would have been in a better position before the people of Manipur and GOI to protect Manipur territorial integrity had Muivah been allowed to enter his village. Manipur government would have been avoided killing Naga students and hurting the sentiment of Nagas had Muivah been allowed to enter his village. It is now apparently not possible to calm down the fury of Nagas and to stop Muivah to try to enter his native village. It is also equally difficult for Ibobi to retreat from his stand before the public of Meitei. Now it is very clear that by declaring banned on Muivah who carries the consent of almost all Nagas, Manipur government chose to face the challenge of all people including Meitei (Meitei will rise up against Ibobi when his government bow down before the central government on the issue of Muivah's hometown visit) and sow the seed of hatred among different communities.
Sooner or later Muivah will surely be able to enter Manipur because people all over the world know that no community can stop another community leader from entering his/her native village. How long can they keep him away from his home? Would he stop trying to enter his home just because a neighbor restricts him? As Union home minister P. Chidambaram, "Even if we are not able to ensure his entry into his native village today, we will be able to do so in future", people in Manipur will surely witness Muivah's triumphal entry. When that time comes, it will be too late. Manipur government and Meitei NGO's will realize the futility of blocking Muivah at the cost of territorial intergrity of Manipur. They should have thought that Manipur integrity can not be protected by killing innocent people, suppressing the right of the minorities and undermining the Naga history.


Honey coated lip talks of peace

[ Sat, May 29, 2010 5:55 pm ]

It's time intellectuals such as Dr Yaronsho, Robert Lankey and Kevi Meru to read the otherside of the stories written by NNC leaders and Khaplang's people about their Godly Mr Muivah. Also please check once again the criminal background of Mr Muivah as evidenced from the fact that he still carries cash award and non bailable warrant issued under the law of the land. Again, don't think we in Manipur will be satiated with your honey coated lip talks of peace and its harbinger Mr Muivah. Definitely this is a deciding moment for Manipur, keep watching who wins in the end.

Okram Bishwajit

Has our elder taken the right decision?

[ Sat, May 29, 2010 4:04 am ]

Why is people of Manipur so busy on stopping Muivah to come to Manipur. This economic blockage has being going on for more then 42 days, what is the central government doing at this time. No children are availed to go the school, and India government is talking about right to education, all rubbish and impractical for the people of Manipur. All should start asking this questions that, has our elder taken the right decision by merging with the India government. I think it is time we review this decision. We should solve this problem within ourselves, as I feel that, Indian government is not going to do anything. They will wait and watch, and see the genocide of the Manipuri people, so that, the mainland people can come here and settle here. That is their aim. To make this happen, they are giving unofficial cease-fire with the NSCM (IM) and Kukis in Manipur, so that, they can roam free to attack, loot, collect taxes from the people. They said themselves as "Friends of Hills", does that means, we people living in valleys are their enemies; we need to ask this question to the Indian Army. I feel it is time we all sit down and think and question out past decision. And ask it to ourselves, have we done the right thing at that time by merging with the Indian Government. We have small countries besides India, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, etc. where are they, and where we are. These are the questions, we need to ask at this juncture, instead of wasting our scare energy and resources on someone coming home or not. That issue is small than this larger issue, we have to take up this cause, we will be running short of time.


It will starve the whole population

[ Fri, May 28, 2010 11:35 pm ]

We want peace in Manipur! Please understand this! Blocking NHs, blocking Muivah, blocking NSF leaders, counter blocking to hill districts will not bring anything for Manipur. Rather it will starve the whole population. If we want peace, all blockings should be stopped at once. If we want peace, peace talk between NSCN IM and Government of India shall be held in Manipur. GOI shall take initiative for it. Peaple of Manipur believe that peace talk will bring peace in Manipur.


It is all because of hunger for Money

[ Thu, May 27, 2010 8:34 am ]

It is all because of hunger for Money that we people are suffering ....... The present situation of Manipur is also due to some people who teaches others how to earn easy money... Pls remember: "God gives money to those who spends more." God takes those lives for those who harms the life of others. So, do good...and be loved by others. A person who is happy when seeing others happy is the one who is a living GOD...and we all should try to be like one. This the simple principle to live and to have a happy life ahead.


NH 53-cries for your help with folded hands

[ Thu, May 27, 2010 3:40 am ]

Everytime they block NH-39 we beg on their mercy. We are treated like second class citizens and they kick our stomach coz they know our weakness. We have discussed a lot, criticize a lot, Manipur is this, Manipur is that, NSCN is this and that. Enough..time for payback to show we really mean business this time. Someday you will return back to the place where you belong..let's make it a better place. 100 bucks you spent in one day, in 1 hour for somebody, in 1 minutes for somebody but a 100 bucks you spent today is not just money but your support and enthusiasm and your love for ur state..believe me you won't repent... It not just money but a pressure to the govt. and civil society, a movement to bring about a change when emotions are running high...believe me we all will be remembered if this movement gain momentum.
Let's joint hand together for a new beginning, spare at least 1 minutes out of ur 24 hours a day for the place we belonged and the place we love back home...God give us courage.. movement started in orkut (11,000 members x 100=11,00000) we need ur support to bring that revolution.

Shiva Singh

Bhuban's writings - appreciate the way you have broken down in points

[ Wed, May 26, 2010 10:15 pm ]

Your article "NSCN (I-M) and Manipur", May 23, 2010 gave us the inside brief history of Manipur and its people. I really appreciate the way you have broken down the valuable writings in the points so that it is easier for the readers to understand it better. Now its high time that the people of Manipur should understand the effects of NSCN-IM agenda to break our home land wide apart. The article highlighted the effect of foreign missionaries, and I totally agree with your thoughts. The cold blooded murder of Dr. Kishan in the line of duty was a cowardly act, and the group involved should be brought under justice or rather they should be in the list of banned terror group, or be handed over to interpol. The sufferings in both valley and hills has increased because of this ongoing economic blockade. I thank you for the article, and hope to read more from you.


Muivah's choice- 'Architect of worst blood bath' or 'true leader'

[ Wed, May 26, 2010 11:58 am ]

Mr Muivah has long back realised that he won't be able to carry the whole of Nagaland along. With the increased number of educated Naga youth, fighting for freedom were not an appealing option. As a face saving measure and a place for himself, he has to find a way out and what an idea, Sirji? Integrating the Naga inhabited area of the Northeast. By creating South Nagaland, he will find a place of his own where he can assert his authority, where he doesnot have to face competition and resistance from the other tribes of Nagaland. In other words, a means to an end. In his blind ambition, he fail to acknowledge the presence of other tribe/community in the areas he lay claim as evident from the process of ethinic cleansing.
Stand Against Meitei:- Had the Meiteis being cruel and oppressive to the Nagas, your stand against the Meiteis would have been justified (don't tell me about the era where the Meitei King had been your opponent, the subtribes of the so called Naga were also constantly at war against each other during those days).
Why Nagaland Is Supporting Muivah:- Muivah, a Tangkhul Naga is a potential threat to them. Letting him go and find a place for himself beyond there boundaries of interest is a God send oppurtunity to let Muivah off their back.
Conclusion:- Sir Muivah, would you like to be remembered as the person who bring about the hill and plain divide, the architecture of the worst blood bath in the history of this region or, as a true leader who gave up his ambition to bring about peace, progress and unity among the different community in the region, a leader whom the youths of tommorow can look upto and copy.....The Choice Is Yours.


What is the solution?

[ Wed, May 26, 2010 6:59 am ]

All sort of wonderful articles written on the history, good, bad, how it happen, when it happen, etc. all past, and past. will anyone or a group, sit down tell us, who what lies ahead between the relationship of meities and nagas (tangkhul). Now after all this things that has happen, I feel there would be no turning back. No one will feel secure amoungst other company. So what is the future now? In the name of intregrity or integration, we can't keep on fighting forever. What is the solution?


Shortage of the basic need to survival

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 6:25 pm ]

The people of Manipur of all the districts in the hills and the valley are suffering due to the road blockade for more than a month. There is shortage of the basic need to survival - food and other commodities. There is acute shortage of fuel, which impacts in children not being able to go to schools. Let us not deprive people the right to food, and the right to education. Hospitals have run out of oxygen, there is shortage of medicines. One old woman passenger died due to lack of medical attention when buses got stranded in the hills for days. The stock of essential commodities is diminishing day by day in the hills too. The lack of fuel has affected media/ communication/ mobile phone towers since generators cannot even function. Public transport vehicle fares have also gone up. Therefore, we are appealing the Central Government and State Government to solve the crisis. The Civil bodies are also requested to bring the matter to an amicable solution. We also request the organisations who are calling the road blockade to use other means of protest, as it's only the common people of all communities who are suffering. We also request the different communities to maintain peace and harmony. Leaving aside our political and territorial issues, let's maintain peace, let's spread love and brotherhood. Let's not block the roads in Manipur, let's not stop the vehicles going to Manipur. Let's stop the counter blockades. Let's not indulge in spreading false rumours and hatred. Let's think about the innocent lots who are suffering in the hills and the valley alike.

People of Manipur

Is it the time to declare ourself the solitary nation?

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 4:43 pm ]

The Manipur multiple leadership is brave in the loophole who wants freedom from the colonial rule of India by demand letter with huge amount, kidnap, killing and threatening if they dont pay the expected amount which have been mentioned in the demand letter, to our own people but expect no miracles from the naga resumption of dialoque between NSCN(IM)and GOI for the proposal of autonomous nagalim where our beloved home minister P. Chidabaram wants to show his power as a home minister without any interest of our state manipur, once who all have sacrificed there precious life for their motherland in the year 2001 after the proposal of south nagalim by the NSCN(IM) & Indian Goverment without any acknowledgement of our leader where most of them are uneducated unwanted leader who never realized the outcome from the people of manipur after wining the leader by distributing few Gandhiji picture and our poor fellow accepted as there reward for casting there vote.

And today the outcome of our state Manipur and the people of Manipur has never been one because of the communal harmony by the groups of people who think that the state Manipur belongs only to them, but today where is the unity of our people, instead of unity and understimate by the people of our state has put forward to leave our motherland Manipur and join in hand with the proposal of nagalim by NSCN(IM) its the sameful act of our nation where our own people discard his/her own motherland. So who is the responsible for this act and whom shall we go and knock the door to come back and united for one nation or do we need bloodshed among the people of manipur where in one hand starvation and the people who are in the hospital fighting for there life and dead after the blockade of the lifeline National highway 53, 39 . Who will be the reponsible for this act, or shall we beg to the leader of NSCN(IM) for our life, or shall we starve to death , for how long this situation will continue, or shall we keep silent and wait for our leader flying! to delhi to and fro to talk with the leader of India and beg for our nation and our lifeline for the ongoing situation that have been put forward by the leaders of congress wihout any concerned of our state manipur( P.chindabaram who has no quality to be Home Minister of India and he should quit as a Home Minister immediately as he is responsible for the ongoing situation between the 2 sister states and he is solely responsible for the life of the 2 students at the Mao gate and hundreds of people who have injured ) if the leader of our state manipur are not able to solve the problem than its the time where we declare ourself the soliditary nation and fight for our motherland & livelihood . Where are our multiple student union who always put forward for the welfare of manipur, either in education or the goverment official or the private sector showing there powers of there rules and regulation , should learn a lesson from the student union of ANSAM not in small things and look where they stand for the unity of nagalim. If we fight lets fight for our right not for leaders and lets respect our right of education, official and the private firm who have put forward for the welfare of manipur not by force. And lastly I would like to say there is no place where two leaders can exist in one place, if so only bloodshed will continue in the rest of our life and one day the state manipur will erase off in front of our eyes and our tears roll it and say its ok cuase most of us are in back of leadership not the quality of leadership. And I do apologise if there is any mistake with my words. Long Live Manipur.

Dr. Rakib Yumkhaibam

A True leader - Erabot

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 1:33 am ]

Many Congratulations to you, sir. We need leaders like you. Manipur would have been a developed and rich state if all the Ministers were like you. You really did a great and risky but courageous job for the people of Manipur. How could those starving people forget your work? We would always remember you and I'm sure your name is already etched in the history of Manipur. I have no words to express my gratitude for the fantastic job you have done. Where are all other Ministers and MLAs at such critical time? If they can not remove or relief the miseries of common people at such time, what is the use of having you as Ministers, MLAs? Simply giving lecture would not bring any solution. Sometimes we need actions at appropriate time like Sir, Erabot did. Long Live Manipur.

Robindro - Scientist

Aggravating tension and terror in NE

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 1:02 am ]

The proposed visit of Mr. Muivah, is another step by the notorious armed leader of NSCN (IM) to aggravate the tension and terror in the North-East region of India. I would like to ask why is he so much interested in separatism and communalism? If he is a true follower of Christianity, I don't think, it has never been mentioned in the Holy Bible to create hatred and violence amongst people of different ethnic groups who otherwise have been living together peacefully. The North-Eastern states have been witnessing insurgency, counter insurgency, rampant gun culture, smuggling and drug addiction a la due to which the region has been extremely slow in progress. We want to see development and compete with other states of India as well as the the world at large. We are not interested in such nonsense introduced by people like Muivah. Instead of arming the innocent youths of Nagaland to imbibe terrorism, he should rather do something for the education and basic welfare of these misguided lot. Let us stop all these bullsh?tting and think about economic development, better roads, Information Technology, better health care services, IIMs and IITs in the North East, growth of tourism etc. Enough is enough Muivah(s). We want peace and development. It is so embarrassing and disheartening to compare the infrastructure of our states with other states of India. Let's bring smiles on the face of every people of North-East and not through bullets.

M Arnapal

Creating more lifelines for Manipur

[ Mon, May 24, 2010 10:30 pm ]

First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Irabot for his courage and energy shown in bringing back essential food items from Jiribam. I wish more and more politicians come up in future for the cause of people of Manipur. By now, Government of Manipur must have seen the true picture of infrastructures in hilly regions of Manipur. It should start development works in these areas very soon in order to avoid the likes of current food crisis in future. Ministers should close their bank accounts in this regard. At the same time, insurgent groups in Manipur should stop asking for percentages. Let us create more and more lifelines for Manipur. Stop embezzling funds allocated for these projects. I was wondering if Government could directly bring all resources (coal, stone chips, cements) for these projects and start the works. This would definitely avoid corruption prevailing in works department. Alternatively, these projects can be privatized for better output. The system of (BOT-Build Operate and Transfer) can be very handy in this regard. I am sure Government of Manipur would not like to adopt BOT because this system would not give any chance of corruption. But, this is the only solution to creating more lifelines for the people of Manipur.


Erabot and his braveheart attitude

[ Mon, May 24, 2010 5:46 am ]

H'ble Minister FCS, Mr. Erabot - 0385-2450491( O) 0385-2413257 (R)
Dear fellow brothers and sisters of Manipur please congratulate Shri Erabot for his braveheart attitude. Heads off to you sir. We all want a leader like you. We are all with you sir.


Develop the Jiribam road

[ Mon, May 24, 2010 7:12 am ]

Why the Indian government is supporting Muviah as he is a criminal and making state separatism through community and through religious matter. And another thing is everybody knows that he is a criminal and living outside the country. And so far India is supporting him and Indian government does not make pressure on that country or the state where he live, he should be arrested and put him to kala pani jail. It is sad to us that Muivah is holding life-line, and Manipur Government should used properly the fund to develop the Jiribam road and people & lalhou lup should help to build this road without asking any percentage 50/50 - come on we can do it.


Advice to NISC- please "Think" before you speak

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 3:04 pm ]

The question "Does Manipur want the land of the Nagas but not the Nagas themselves?" raised by Naga International Support Center, NISC. My only advice to this association is to please "Think" before you speak. The govt of Manipur has rightfully done what any state government (maybe the Nagaland Government would also have done the same thing had it been in Manipur's Govt shoe) of India would have done. You cannot expect a person whose agenda has always been to divide a state to be welcomed with open arms by the state government, do you? And what guarantee could you give that Muivah will keep his mouth shut throughout his stay in Manipur? If he agrees to keep his visit personal and avoid political speech or gathering, I guess Manipur's Govt would have no problem. As a citizen he has the right of expression but one must not forget that doesn't mean that one speak with communal tone which may hurt the sentiments of all the communities of Manipur. And by the way, I do not understand by your frequent reference of "Naga Nation" means? You are a human rights organization, but the way you written seems pretty much far away from what I would have expected from a human rights organization. When you speak of Muivah right to visit Ukhrul, I guess also the Govt Of Manipur and people of Manipur support you as long as he keeps his visit personal and avoid political speech or gathering. "Human" means not only the "Muivah" or our Naga brothers, what about all the people of Manipur (Nagas, Kukis, Mizos, Meiteis, Meitei Muslims, Mayangs, etc) who has been starving for the last 3 weeks due to the economic blockade? If you are a human rights organization, the least expected from you is to condemn outright this economic blockade which has affected innocent civillians? Your double standard attitude is appalling. As far as your question "Does Manipur want the land of the Nagas but not the Nagas themselves?", you can wait for the Manipur Govt's reply. As far as my reply is concerned, I don't understand the word "Naga's land" because every part of Manipur belongs to all Manipuris irrespective of their race and our Naga brothers reside in every part of Manipur (not only the hill districts). So I do not understand your words "land of the Nagas" and if you mean Nagaland by this words, I guarantee you that Manipur doesn't want Nagaland state. Having said this, I would like to stress that there is no question on the minds of Manipuris about wanting some parts of Manipur, which is already ours (all Manipuris irrespective of race) since time immemorial.

The Saint

Touching moment

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 5:31 am ]

It was a heart rendering feeling altogether to come across a headline "Erabot brings back stranded vehicles, wins people's heart..." How my eyes welled up on reading this particular news is something I won't forget till my last breath. Kudos to you people who are sacrificing so much, staying there in the place which is already deprived by poverty, lack of basic essentials of life , torn by conflicts and hatred, blockades and counter-blockades etc etc.. Do our existence of life really means to see all these things or are there some better reasons for being given this beautiful life by God? Questions of this sort are very complicated in this complicated society we created.. however a ray of hope should be there that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. In short, people, we want to live in a happy and peaceful world free from all these conflicts and want to grow and enrich our mind for the betterment of life and not for the other side of the coin. May peace prevails and blossom all the time.


Kudos to Hon' Minister Y. Erabot

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 3:06 am ]

Dear Erabot Sir, I cannot call you as I do not have your number or meet in person or mail you; but i wish to congratulate you for the wonderful and strong willed action you have taken, through this medium of our Manipur community- e-pao. Do hope this will reach you somehow, GOD willing!!! A sense of pride swells when i read the article on how you Lead from the front in bringing the good laden trucks from Jiribam to Imphal. Thats the perfect example of "Leadership" which none of my Management book can ever explain. you have lived up more then your image of a No Nonsense Minister. General public was your concern and without even caring about your security, you went ahead with a Gutso Tour. I hope this will remain the Most Memorable Ministerial Tour of Manipur.
NOTE: Hope other Minister's can learn a thing or two from Erabot Sir. You do not need Bullet proof BMWs to go to Jiri !!! All you need is concern for the Public, a stong will and a handful of PSOs, few Home guards and Journos just like what Erabot Sir did.Rest is GOD to decide...!!!
With all respect, appreciation and regards.

Oinam Gautam

think before publishing any item

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 5:11 am ]

plz do not publish any that would create a big issue .... like breaking the integrity.... be cautious about everything and think before publishing any item...

Leojit Singh

More training required for Commandoes/IRB

[ Sat, May 22, 2010 9:52 pm ]

Its time to train our Commandoes and IRB for future I am deeply saddened by the killing of two innocent Manipuri students at Mao. But this is not the first time we are seeing such kind of incidence. Our security forces should be trained intensively to control violent mobs like the one we have seen at Mao or during the Ceasefire extension incident. Manipur Commandoes and IRB should be more disciplined and they should be competent enough to deter the violent mob using their physical and technical ability. At extreme situation they should be trained to shoot without killing the protestors. There is no justification for killing rather they are showing the lack of skills a modern force should have. Its high time people should feel secure from the people who are paid to protect them.

Luke Shanti

A tragic developments in Manipur

[ Sat, May 22, 2010 3:12 pm ]

I have been closely following the recent tragic developments in Manipur with a heavy heart. My condolences to the family of the two young lives lost in Mao. Some people are of the opinion that Muivah should be allowed to visit his birthplace. But he is coming with a political agenda, being the Gen Secy Of NSCN(IM), a reality which cannot be taken lightly. NSCN, in its infant years, while trying to stifle any voices raised against them, had killed many prominent and educated people from the Tangkhul community also. Later, in the early eighties, NSCN became divided into two factions, NSCN(IM) and NSCN(K). These two groups have been involved in a lot of bloody factional clashes, which continue till now,even when both the groups have a 'ceasefire' agreement with the GoI. So is there any meaning or rationale behind the demand of a Greater Nagalim, Nagaland For Christ or Nagaland For Nagas, whatever you want to call it. If the GoI and NSCN(IM) somehow manage to reach some sort of agreement on greater autonomy for Nagaland(not Greater Nagalim), it would be a funny situation for Muivah as he would be stuck in Nagaland (where some don't even consider him as a Naga) whereas his birthplace and community would still be part of Manipur. And in such a situation, would the NSCN(K) sit quietly and watch? It's been a good life for Muivah till now - money beyond his wildest dreams (extorted with impunity during the whole ceasefire period), VIP treatment whenever he comes to India, and a long, healthy and peaceful life in foreign countries.(Here I would also Like to mention that Muivah speaks very good Manipuri). The CM of Manipur is famous for his corrupt practices but this time, maybe due to public pressure or fear of another June 18 uprising, he has taken the right decision. If he had some foresight, Ibobi might have taken up the work of improving NH53 when the last economic blokade (52 days) took place when he was the C.M. In the present situation its the people of Manipur who are suffering and there seems to be no solution in sight. And lastly, I was really disappointed on reading MSAD's press release. Please do consult some of your seniors/advisors before you go to the media. If you don't know about a subject, don't bring in some political science/sociology theory from your text book and take an idealistic view which is totally cut off from the complex ground realities, and give it as a press release!

O Fernandez

Hats off to Y Irabot for daring and selfless act

[ Sat, May 22, 2010 1:40 pm ]

This mail is meant for the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution, Y. Irabot
Respected Sir, First of all, hats off to the drivers, you and your escorts for your daring and selfless act to lead the way for more than 300 trucks to Imphal and Jiribam. This will feed the hungry people of Manipur at least for some time. This is the first time I am addressing a politician as "Sir". I have always believed that politicians are always corrupt and dishonest who always manipulate public funds and directs towards the personal pockets . But you have proved it wrong. You have proved that not all politicians are alike. You have proved that good leaders still exist in the trouble torn state of Manipur. With due regards I have not even seen you. I have just heard of you. I have been outside the state of Manipur for quite a few years now. But this has not stopped me from beating my heart for Manipur. When there is a bandh I curse those who called the bandh. When there is an economic blockade I do feel bad. When students cannot go to school due to boycott I worry about their future. Here I represent every Manipuri staying outside Manipur. But the respect that you have earned from us for your daring act is indeed immense. I don't have words to express it. The concern that you have for the people of Manipur is worth appreciating. Sir, we need leaders like you. We need to save Manipur. We often face these blockades but our leaders never learn a thing as to how to avoid such blockades and bandhs . The leaders never care to guarantee its people an obstruction free land. How can common people survive with Rs 100/Kg of rice? How can we bear a 4 km queue to get 5 ltrs of petrol? It is really hard to digest that we are in 21st century in a free and democratic country and we get electricity only 2 hours a day. How can the leaders of the people remain quite? With the frequent obstructions in life from so many quarters life in Manipur has become worst than hell. Common people are not allowed to earn freely . People cannot even move freely. But with your daring act, you have set an example for the rest. I believe you can certainly bring back the smile on the lives of the hungry people of Manipur. But having said all these I can't but salute those brave drivers again who bring home all the necessary goods to feed the patriots back home in Manipur Thank you Sir you deserve the respect, Long Live Manipur

A. Meitei

A hardcore decision

[ Sat, May 22, 2010 12:21 pm ]

In response to the declaration by the NSCN (IM) on e-pao dated 21st may, 2010 concerning the entry of Muivah to Manipur, quoting 'Leave it to us, we'll deal with Manipur in our own ways' is a heart-breaking news for all the Manipuri residing the state of Manipur and globally. Following the recent ongoing dialogue on issues related to the integrity and peace in Manipur, it is undoubtedly due to the inefficiency of the GOI's role in taking a hardcore decision in favor of the two neighboring states. Should the people of Manipur still rely on the GOI's initiative considering the life threatening situations prevalent in the peace-loving state or is NSCN (IM) really testing the patients of Manipur? In the interest of the peace, security and national integrity of Manipur and Indian subcontinent, should the people of Manipur ready enough to face the NSCN (IM) declaration on Manipur's issue? In conclusion we the people of Manipur should stand 'unity' in saving the peace and life of 'Jewel Of India' at any cost in the hands of NSCN (IM).


It is not the question of win or lost

[ Sat, May 22, 2010 8:00 am ]

Mr. VS Atem, instead of wasting your energy and time on destructive purposes designed by your thuggist boss Muivah, Why don't you pick up something creative that can be a good contribution to the development of Manipuri society? All Manipuris will workship you like a god and God Jesus will be with you with the rest of your life. When you die you can't carry even an inch of land. Not only you but we all human beings . Your destructive intention will bring nothing in the society except bloodshed among us. Sit quietly and ask yourself what you are doing is correct or not? Do you remember 18 martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect territorial Integrity of our Motherland in 2001?

Since immemorial times meitiei great kings ruled our motherland. Giving an inch of land to Tangkhuls to make Muivahland is better not to be mentioned as long as the moon and sun are in this universe. I really wonder why the other tribals stick to tangkhul and claim that they are naga. I don't think that in Manipur there is a tribe called 'naga'. With the help of mama sokani o( Nagaland govt. )they might form naga. Every tribal group in Manipur has its own unique form. Their uniqueness should not be lost. All the inhabitants of Manipur have been living together since monarchical time. Manipur belongs to all manipuris. Manipur is not only for meiteis, not only for kukis, not only for pangal and not only for tangkhul and other tribes(Idon't want to call naga). This land belongs to this all peoples.

'After the dawning of Vaishnavism in Manipur the Manipuris started treating the Nagas and other tribal communities as untouchable" alleged VS Atem. Regarding this point I agree with you. I hate those people. But now time has brought changes . Your demand for separate homeland within the state should not be based on this. It is not acceptable. You demand for separate homeland is due to your mean mindedness. Fatal incidents happened to the outside labourer was the work of brainless people, so called terrorists. You and Muivah are also terrorist. Who knows it might be done by naga and put blame on valley people. In the valley also there are many nagas. You wanted to say that it was done by meiteis? All the people of manipur condemned the heinous crime meted to the outside labourers. They are also human being. They have the right to earn their livelihood in Manipur. Let me tell you something when naga terrorized Kuki villages, burned their houses, raped their women and killed innocent children, we valley people only gave them shelter. Valley people never terrorize and burned anybody's house. There is the story of a man carrying his wounded child on his back to reach a nearby hospital on the muddy road in the hill during naga-kuki fight. He had to walk for 3/4 miles by carrying his child on his back to reach the foothill and then to nearby hospital. No good roads, no transport systems. Look at the condition of hilly areas and interior valley areas. There is no electricity, no good water, no good school. Vegetables grown in inner hill areas can not be brought to the nearby town due to unavailability of transports( that can be the economy of the people of that place). It grows there and perishes there. Corruption, greed and incompetence are standard occurrences. Small thieves are jailed for years, while causing damage in the crores of rupees sanctioned by GOI for the development of Manipur doesn't matter. Why don't you fight for such causes? You can be our god. Now, it is not the question of win or lost between us but a challenge of building unity among the inhabitants of Manipur.

Meme Messiah

Aya's communally fuelled article

[ Fri, May 21, 2010 11:42 am ]

I m very much disturbed by the article of one Aya Shimray ...certain contents of the communally fuelled article are exaggeration of his own imaginations...I want to ask some questions to Mr. Aya
1) Does muivah represent the whole naga? 2) Where do you belong Manipur, Nagaland or "Muivahland"? 3) Do you love or hate Meiteis and why so? There are lots of questions to be asked and to be answered. but I don't expect any honest answer from you and there is no reason to expect from you either... I don't know you and muivah-minded persons hate the meiteis... I can't find any good reason to support your view... may be out of jealousy as this could be the only reason in mean-minded people.... at this era, you cannot aloof yourself from others and create a dreamland...instead you should learn how to mingle and live with other community, of course peacefully...May God bless you with the required knowledge to live in togetherness!!!


All of you are supporting your Chief Minister

[ Fri, May 21, 2010 10:13 am ]

Why is the civil society quiet at a time like this? Do you think your Chief Minister is a righteous man? Hasn't he caused enough harm to all? Do you think he was right in imposing the ADC elections? Also, how about the shooting that happen at Mao Gate? Innocent people have died. There are video clips to prove that the firing was unprovoked and so wrong. I have seen Manipur erupting many times when Meeteis die. Are only the lives of Meeteis precious in Manipur? Strangely, all of you are supporting your Chief Minister who is ruining the state and willing to go for a civil war.


PC still does not understand the situation

[ Fri, May 21, 2010 6:22 am ]

Even after these hues and cries from every corner of Manipur against Muivah's so called home visit our white Lungi Man from south (called by someone I like it) still does not understand the situation. Mr. Lungi Man roll up your lungi have a visit to Manipur feel it and learn, Next time do some home work before you take decision or permit to Muivah, stop fishing in trouble water, do not invite trouble if you can not handle one muivah now and if you do not control before hand, hundreds maybe thousands of Muivah (may be powerful than Muivah) will born and fight for our motherland Manipur, Never ever imagine or even think of disintegrate Manipur. Speak up, be bold decide ... keeping quite and hiding in Delhi will not help. Life is very precious I really sad for the lost of 3 lives, they would have not understand your dirty politics. But they are victim of your politics, Act fast let's live in peace don't take more lives.


correction in news

[ Fri, May 21, 2010 4:49 am ]

This mail is to put into notice that there is a mistake of identity in your news dated, May 19 2010: "Pro-Muivah visit slogans rend the air" Thousands take out torch rally at Ukhrul town, State Government's decision to ban the entry of the "Ato Kilonser of the NSCN/GPRN" is not this to be TH Muivah of the NSCN IM. Thank you

** E-pao: This is now corrected.

We are not strangers

[ Fri, May 21, 2010 3:41 am ]

To all the supporters & devotee of Godman Muivah. Why do you create such a hue & cry only just because a Naga person named Mr. Muivah is not allowed to enter Manipur that too because of his hidden agenda to spit venom in between communities. We, Naga, kuki, Muslim, Hmar, Meitei have been living in Manipur for centuries & we are not strangers. Because of your misconduct, people of all communities in Ukhrul, Chandel, Imphal everywhere are suffering. Just imagine there is no food & medicine left. It's no time to smile. Don't be mad & carried away by communalism. Please change your mindset. You always try to justify their stand. Everyone is good in debating. Please think we all as brothers & sisters. Killing & torturing someone for petty reasons is nothing less than a sin.


A braveheart like situation

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 5:20 pm ]

That's true and it's happening in Manipur. Those mantris are the one who we should punish first. Your article is very well placed and i find it awesome. Eventhough im a meitei your article is very healthy and it doesnt discriminate to anyone of us. It's true that after meiteis coneverted into hinduism things got ugly and the hatred was established among us. Well that was a politics played by some bloody brahmins inorder to keep them down. I guess you know the rest part right. The caste system was established and so and so.....they were looked down just because they are tribals.ofcourse every hindu does that.
We meiteis eat pork because we enjoy it and I dont think there's anything wrong in that. That's how we roll....... even I dont understand why irom sharmila has to do hunger strike for such a long period of time. Well about our pharaoh ibobi, i think he has collected enough money from our brothers inorder to live like a kingsize for atleast three generations. Atfirst he was rich, now he's a wealthy cool guy. i hope our pharaoh gets his ultimate nirvana in his journey of life after torturing our ppl for many years. hey our pharaoh is the latest celebrity from NE. on the other hand, the so called moses muivah lost his mind now. I dont know why he wants to return to his birth place. Something might be missing from his pockets i guess so. Nagas think he's their messiah and I think he's a bloody crook. Well different opinions in this regard. Now you see Manipur is completely isolated from the rest of India and how long do you think that Manipuris can survive??? if the situation gets more worst, it's gonna turn a bit ugly. I mean there's gonna be a braveheart like situation. I seriously dont want this to happen but who can stop the uprising from their hunger and thrist for foods??? and i dont understand why nagaland chief minister is very interested in Manipur. I guess he wants his piece of land in Manipur. well lets see how moses Muivah and Nagaland chief minister get their shares. i hope GOI gives them equal shares otherwise those greedy crooks will demand another thing which may be out of india's league. People back there in Manipur need to see some disco lights in their lives. i mean they need to expose themselves in the outer world so as develop their skills and knowledges rather than sticking with some sick issues and please dont blame them. It's not their faults. We are lacking in many things like proper infrastructures, roads, dams etc... these essentials requirements are not provided to them. i dont know whom to blame Manipur govt or central govt. plus there is shortage of electricity. we get only limited supply of electricity hardly 6-7 hrs a day. so do you think that the ppl ll stay quitely there? i guess not. oh in the hilly areas i guess no electricity at all. so they blame meiteis for neglecting them and we meiteis blame govt of india for neglecting manipur. not only in this case but many other cases too. i was just hinting one example. it's like karnataka and tamil nadu for the cauvery water blaming each other. Nagas from valley are quite modern and civilised. they understand the ground reality very well. on the other hand hilly nagas find hard to understand why they are suffering. in the first place, they are the one who blocked all the trucks coming from mainland. well i find very funny cause stil they dont get it. well i hope you contribute your witty articles in future. im looking forward to it.

Devaranjan Thoudam

Do not behave like multiple idiots

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 2:08 pm ]

There is proverb generally used, "heibong manungi tumit" instead of thinking how to grow , how to live life, still killing each other , evrything is same, facial profile, food habit, etc..etc.. there must be some 25 to 30 lakhs of mongoloid looking people in Manipur , hardly a population of some small town in some corner of India , nobody is bothered except for few who is affected. Come-on Naga, Kuki, Meiteis, and Muslim people, wake up you guys are 100 years behind , take some step at least you may reach someday, if you dont, your children will blame you definitely later. Please do not behave like multiple idiots waiting for someone who's going to feed you for free. Wake up


Egocentric nature of Manipuris in the valley

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 6:38 am ]

I think the present state of turmoil in our state has to be linked to various multifaceted causes. First stems out from egocentric nature of Manipuris in the valley. This is not a new phenomenon, but a culture inhereted since the British era in Manipur. We, the Meiteis, still has the attitude of division of Manipuris into Chingmee and Tamee and the result is that the hilly brothers felt that they are alienated from the valley the common bulk of the valley population. This has to be changed. With this, I think that this is the proper time for the people in the valley in trying to understand deeply the tribal politics amongst various ethnic tribals in hilly districts and areas in the valley which is not conducive to the peace and stability of the region and the state, instead of neglecting them as has been doing for long.

Secondly, I think the power politics of Muivah has to be brought open to the people of Manipur and Nagaland through mass media. The press in Imphal and other areas need to be more responsive in highlighting the true nature of the old-masked leader of NSCN-IM who is sensitising the Tangkhuls and Naga people for years in the name of a separate Naga-homeland.

Third, the Centre's inability to talk tough with the Naga outfit and, if necessary, take action against it is also a cause for the present state of instability. Here the sufferers are only the commoners like us in Manipur in general and the students and Manipuri community in Delhi and other parts outside the state. There arises naturally a question against those authorities who have been claiming the protector of the state and were instituted to save our state from disintegating. Muivah, in any case, must not be allowed to enter Manipur. The State Government must ensure this in cooperation with thr Centre. If he enters, the moment will be our most saddest day and a great loss and shame for the Manipur people. All the Manipuris have to be united against the opposite force by burying all our past differences otherwise we won't get another chance to prove that still the people of Manipur are always united and no one dares to touch our land, let go taking away.Let us united for a united and peaceful state, our Manipur.

Fareez Khan

In-fighting among ourselves is childish

[ Wed, May 19, 2010 6:29 pm ]

We manipur peoples seems so childish, in-fighting among ourselves. The matter about greater nagaland is not our issue but it is in hand of central govt. I myself is not going to give a piece of mud to nagaland, but i am an Indian and will be Part of India forever. SO, dear friends it awakening time not to support any organisation against Manipur/India. Its my great request mostly to young peoples, lets march Forward to improve manipur which be a part of india. Though i am a naga there is no room for NSCN(I/M) or any other outfits. Peace be on manipur my state an part of India.

Maring Moshil

Why don't we support each other?

[ Wed, May 19, 2010 7:40 am ]

In reference to the counter blockade threat being voiced by The Asssam Manipuri Students' Union, it is high time for the media to assess the impact in depth that can be triggered by this counter blockade. Its not the questions of who wins or something to save our North-East from the dragon like divisive policy of the Indian government. We, the people in our regions are all freedom fighters, so why one is jealous of the other if one is heading to the right direction? Instead of insulting or opposing each other, why don't we support each other? People of true Warriors stands for each other. Let the problems which we are debating for be the problems for India, instead, we are making ways for the cruel Indians to gain more advantage because of our ignorance.


The country stands for Manipur Govt's right decision

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 12:27 pm ]

Muivah is a criminal. Govt. of India must treat him as a criminal and not as a VVIP. Nagas must be thankful that they atleast got the statehood, going back to history - who were nagas ( they don't even have their own script, established language or their kingdom ). Instead of being thankful to India, they demanded independence which is insane. After India denied their demand, they came up with the idea of Nagalim. Nagas, don't you feel ashamed of what your leaders are doing!? Or are all nagas like Muivah? My dear naga brothers and sisters, please be a responsible citizen and Work hard, learn more and execute it for the better tomorrow instead of all the weired idea like Nagalim and creating hassle to your Neighbouring states. And regarding the story behind the ban of Muivah's visit to Manipur, it is vast. As a bottom line, just know that, to every Manipuris, Muivah is a Killer, deseter, a person who betrayed his own motherland for his own interests/benefits. Therefore, there is no surprise that Manipuris ban his visit. Jish thali may khata hai, usi thali may seth karta hai. Manipur CM is doing the right thing for the first time and Manipuris should continue to support it. Believe me the rest of the Country stands for the Manipur Govt's right decision.

Shinoj Kapoor

Why respect to others not to meitei?

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 8:22 am ]

I dont understand why e-pao authority have been blocking words in the chat room. IF they feel irritated calling them then you should not allow to use meitei words there in the chat room too. Why respect to others not to meitei. Why u give respect to them not to ur own people?

James Thangjam

We should talk

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 8:22 am ]

I really appreciate the way you write.... Meiteis need to speak up... whenever any high official plan to visit the valley, the so called students and naharol groups will boycott..and that a pity.. we should talk and find a solution.

M Thoibi

What do Hills people get out of essential items?

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 5:50 am ]

Manna drops from the sky via cargo planes: In regards to the above mentioned Headlines in the Sangai Express dated May 18, 2010. I would like to ask the Government in particular and the valley people in general one straight question. What do the Hills people get? How much essential commodities reached the Hills district? Why distribute only in some pocket of the valley district while the Hills people do suffer the same fate? The government by assuring that there would be no shortage of food in Manipur only means there will be no shortage for the Valley district if no suppylies are dispatched for the Hills district. What used does the word "Eikhoi Amatani" have in the current scenario.


A query for all the people

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 3:41 am ]

It is a query for all the people of Manipur why the valley based insurgents still remain silent when the tension has reached its peak. If they are true revolutionery of Manipur, they should come out and talk something to reduce the prevailing problems. What is your contribution at this moment(to erase the tension)? Why are you hiding like a mouse in the hole which is scared of the cat(somebody)? We really like to hear something from you regarding the prevailing situation. Don't be a meitei nongsha mamingta ngaire, pangal yaodre khongba kire. Scared that somebody will retaliate if you speak out? History can be evidence that meiteis are brave and bold. (you are not a paper tiger at all.) At this decisive moment you must do something to reduce the tension if you are not really a terrorist and love your motherland as a true revolutionery. Your good performance is peoples' credibility.

memeova - a peace lover

Government of Manipur is highly responsible

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 10:46 pm ]

I am sorry to inform that the present crisis in Manipur is an outcome of what state government has been doing over the past 10-15 years. Even though the government wants to safeguard integrity of Manipur, it has never acted in the right way. There has been complete negligence of people living in hill districts. To be precise, political leaders are concentrating more on their constituencies for future elections. The concept of reservation, regional imbalance in fund distribution, neglecting the poor people are some of the visible practices in Manipur. This concept applies to the people of Manipur. What does one feel when he/she is neglected by government of India? This holds true for people living in hill districts. In fact, people living in plain districts of Manipur are also suffering. Taking all these issues into consideration, I would say government of Manipur is highly responsible for the present crisis. One can analyse the conditions of hill districts of Manipur to get a better understanding of what I have said. What is the condition of infrastructure in these places? What about educations, transports and communications, health care facilities, etc? Do they have even a minimum level of all these aspects? Its So, my only suggestion to the state government is to stop being partial. This would be the only long term solution for solving the present crisis. To mention a few, one can imagine development activities taking place in Thoubal districts. The level of quota people from this district gets in any recruitment process of the state. Had this system been prevailed throughout the state, the integrity of Manipur would have never faced any danger? Atleast people should be very particular in selecting candidates from now onwards.


Bandhs and Strikes teaches nothing

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 8:03 am ]

Does bandh/strike brings peace to Manipur or does it help the public of Manipur? Calling bandh, worsens the situation of Manipur to an extent that it teaches the public to be at home and sit idle which means it is like closing the door to success by her/his foolish ideas/knowledge. Some positive changes can be seen in Manipur in terms of construction like building of Ima Keithel, Flyover etc. and everyone must be happy to see this change. Manipur would have been much ahead of what it is today if there were no bandhs/strikes in the past. There will be difficult times for us to live in Manipur if the on-going situation still continues. Lets stop the war among ourselves before it kills us all. And only the public can stop itc. If ants can dug a hole in half an hour then what are we? Ants are nothing compared with humans but there is something in ants which we Manipuris does not have , we have lack of UNITY, we are very selfish, and full of jealousy and hatred for each other. I request all the readers, reading my article to form a group among friends on how much we can contribute for our state. Please dont panic!!! If not asking for contribution of money but need ur contribution on knowledge and ideas on how to develop a state like Manipur. We can award or give appreciation to the Group which comes up with the best idea. Or maybe we can appoint the Best Group to bring out a future leader for our state. Instead of going to the past and recovering the history never to be traced, its better we look forward and comptete with developing countries like Japan and U.S. We have brains and skills but we never get the chance to apply . When we get the chance, we loose confidence seeing the other competitors in front of us, making us fail to succeed in the market of developement. The employment system in Manipur is so corrupted that I have no words to say. To me, holding a certificate or receiving and award in a chosen field, shall not be considered as he/she the master of the subject and he/she should be given the advantage for applying jobs. For e.g, do we have to wait for a doctor to arrive the spot where a person is found wounded and where a life of a person is counted in seconds..or else if some of the on-lookers gives first-aid to the person before taking the person to the nearest clinic. Those having skills, or a person who has interest in learning shall be given jobs rather than recruiting the person who comes to sleep in the Office. Lets live together..lets save one another, lets make Manipur a peace loving state.


Those who are doing the blockade

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 6:31 am ]

I feel great every time I visit this web site but same time I feel bad I only keep on surfing when my motherland is starving coz of the economic blockade but the question is - does it hit everybody's kitchen including those who are doing the blockade?


Don't build castles in the air

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 6:11 am ]

Dear Muivah, now you are old. You'd be better go back and stay somewhere on earth peacefully forgetting your dream of building kacha nagaland (that you think will be a gift from Manipur like nagaland from Assam). Please don't build castles in the air as it will affect your health. If you really want to meet your family members and your friends, call them and meet (but not in Manipur). Distance doesn't matter as you already have lots of money that you have got from lootings and tax collection from the people. Without you (NSCM-IM GROUPS) and the valley terrorists of hundreds of organisations, lives of the people of Manipur would be in peace and harmony. So, my dear, though looting and killings, you had done enough in the most parts of your life(in the past), now restart a new life by doing good things for our motherland for the rest of your life. God - Jesus - will be with you at your last breath. Please remind your followers too that jungle life is already over and now we are in 21st century. Do some positive thinking instead of building castles in the air. And be proud of being a Manipuri.

memeova - a peace lover

United we stand, divided we die

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 2:44 am ]

Read the mails on net on the present topic of Mr Muivah's visit to Manipur. Dear freiend/ brother, you also belong to Manipur and your home coming is always welcome. You left the place of your birth long days ago. Now you remember your people, your place, it is good and appreciable. I hope you are not coming to break your motherland / birth place as everybody sacrifice their life for their motherland. Please remember the days when you are at your home/birthplace/ Manipur before going for further study. What was the atmosphere, brotherhood among the people of Manipur. Can you forget that time? In another occasion there were news of demand for one soverient country of all North East States right from chicken neck point, sitting together all the leaders of all seven states in that you also attended/participated. Where has gone that spirit? Instead of that a seperate nagalim has come up. Why not we the north east unite again instead of fighting among us. One more thing - Dimapur in Nagaland is the land of Dimasa tribe so name comes as Dimapur. Therefore the congress in Nagaland state is opposing the proposal of change of name of Dimapur. If the land is demanded by the Dimasa of Assam will the nagas happily give it out? So let the people of North East live in peace fighting for the Northeast. United we stand, divided we die. Let's not the victim of divide and rule. I hope you will agree to my point and will start considering for the united goal. It is my simple opinion for which no reply/reaction is expected.

Shamo Singha

Think of the common man

[ Sun, May 16, 2010 6:11 am ]

On the current issue the Muivah thing going on in Manipur, I would like to express some of my views and opinion seriously speaking the condition in Manipur is pathetic, and the problems just add on with passing days instead of being resolved. To, Mr. Muivah why do you want to be another cause for chaos in already chaotic state of Manipur? the demand for greater Nagaland is not really practical if u see, people of Manipur are not going to let it happen at any cost and there is no alternative to it u can neither carry away the land in a big vehicle and take to Nagaland and nor can u take all the people who want to be Nagas and accommodate them in Nagaland and you possibly cannot make a scramble in the map of Manipur leave this whole idea if not just consider for the common people who are suffering at your cost you are a big name and you are secure you can afford hikes in the prices of everything but we cannot and if u see you are literally starving the people and in the game of u big people who can afford all this, common people are starving. My sincere request to not only Mr. Muivah but to all concerned people and organisations kindly, think of the common man who cannot afford the hikes please stop making a mess of the state.

Serene Laimayum

Divide people on communal lines

[ Sat, May 15, 2010 4:17 pm ]

Mention any problem in Manipur - looting on highways, food scarcity, poor development in hills, killings etc..., all of these can be traced to Th. Muivah, the prime minister of the dreamland nagalim, via his faithful servants remotely controlled by him. His evil mind always try to divide people on communal lines. In hill districts where he is popular, actually infamous, he can mobilise innocent people for his own gains n they do so for fear of his bullets.....after all he is also the director of the recent resignation drama!!!!


Come and join to save our motherland

[ Sat, May 15, 2010 3:40 pm ]

I, hereby as a Manipuri, am strongly against this letter. I want to ask you some simple question to this organisation. 1) What do you know about Manipur ? 2) How are people struggling in these days ? 3) Don't you have any other way to protest that you all the time except for economic blockade ? Think for a peaceful Manipur . And about Muivah, how can the Government allow him to enter Manipur, everyone know he is a criminal, he is the threat against territorial integrity of Manipur . Here again one confusion is all the tribe who stay in the hill district of Manipur are Nagas.....i don't think so......... try to remind the history of our forefather.........we are all brothers and sister....come and join to save our motherland. But I strongly condemned the act of our security force that killed 3 innocent people . But the protest you are doing is meaningless because you want a seperate state for Nagaland but its not possible . Afterall if we let him enter the state then tell me what he is going to do there . Our 18 brothers have already died in the protest to save manipur, here you want to break the territorial integrity. Indian government is playing us the divide and rule . And you are so foolish that you didn't notice that. Try to study the situation of Manipur . Brothers, Manipur is over , come lets unite and save Manipur. ok, then forget everything and lets give a helping hand to save Manipur.

Sanjit Thamangjam

If Muivah enters Manipur, so what?

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 11:25 pm ]

Who has to solve the Manipur blockade problem? How to defuse tension amongst various communities in Manipur-Nagaland region? If Muivah enters Manipur, so what? If Muivah spreads his political motives, so what? In apprhension of many things, are we not locked in tandrum? No one is going to gain or loss by Muivah's coming or by him not coming. In a civilsed society anybody can speak, campaign and spread his ideas/thoughts but, why are we so afraid? In my opinion the ball is in the hand of Manipur Govt. They should initiate extending olive branch to the agitating lots. By simply sitting over the problem and blaming the agitators, the problem is not going to die down. If Manipur govt is adamant, then the agitators will also be adamant. In the bargain, we all living in Manipur will die of starvation in the hand of CM Ibobi. Who is to be blamed?

CF Moyon

A deceptive concept cause Mao's problem

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 11:18 pm ]

The articles of Mr. Romesh are very interesting. The way he deals the things are really splendid. These article are very much important to read at this time of social turmoil. We should appreciate for writing such expressive articles. I really like it and fully agree with his points. A deceptive concept of a single and some of his followers causes the problem at Mao and other parts of Manipur. May God bless him. Let us save our Mother Manipur. Hoping to read more of his article in future.


NISC is not clear about the history of Manipur

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 9:27 pm ]

Dear NISC, It seems from your letter you are not clear about the history of Manipur and Nagaland. If you just go through the google search you'll get almost all information regarding Manipur. For kind information, Manipur has a long standing history of more than 2000 years unlike Nagaland which is a gift from Assam. So please don't say that we are carved out from Assam. We never say that the place where Manipuri nagas are living is for the meiteis but in fact all the parts of Manipur belongs to the people of Manipur. That could be for Meiteis, Kukis, Nagas etc.


What are the MPs doing?

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 6:34 pm ]

We have two elected congress MPs from manipur. What are they doing. There's UPA govt at centre. But they cant even convince the leaders there. They must be sleeping or sitting quitely in some corner of the parliament. I dont understand why are we so dumb. These two MPs doesnt even know how to converse in hindi or english. so how can they approach the leaders at centre. May god save us


Good Message from the insight of Khangembam Romesh

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 5:56 pm ]

I was very much impressed with the articles of Mr. Romesh 'If Leader of Hizbul-Muzahideen wants to Visit Kashmir', will India allow', 'Putting More Fire Fuel-Comment on Sanjoy Harika' and 'Not Necessary Creating the Issue-Reply to PLiangmei'. All the articles are of good standard and have no bais outlook. I have no much idea about Manipur, but as far I know, whatever Mr Romesh have said are rational and of reasonable arguments. The way of his writing try to make the readers understand what he wants to put forward and also philosophical at necessary issues. I would be happy if we can read one more article in response to the open letter of NSIC. The open letters seems meritless and contain some wrong informations.

Sindhur Vikas

Dr. Lisam - champions of rational values

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 5:46 pm ]

I really appreciate Dr. Khomdon Singh Lisam for his article 'Weakness of NSCN's Demands for Nagalim' as he has put in a lot of efforts in researching in order to bring out the real aspects and dimensions of the movement. At the same time throwing light on the inescapable factors concerning Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur and its people so as to put together the jigsaw puzzle of the socio-political scenario of the North-Eastern part of India. It's indeed really hard to understand the political complexities of the region, and it won't be wrong to say that the Central Government is struggling to apprehend the volatile nature of the politics prevailing in this region. The Central Government has got its own share of guilt to be addressed but at this point it's better to keep it aside and work towards solving the menacing political problem. Anyway I don't wish to write more on it as he has perfectly highlighted all the much necessary facets of this big political conundrum as well as draw the solutions to this age old perplex setbacks of the region. Kudos to him, for as of now I'm not in the position to bring up any other possible solution which will be better than those that he has propounded. I really wish there are more people who will act as the champions of such rational values and take the right approach in realising our dream of making our motherland a peaceful, honourable and developed place to live

Theone Lik

What are you saying BJPians?

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 1:13 pm ]

Your coalition govt. extended cease fire in Manipur and after June 18 Incidence your govt. withdraw the extension of cease fire. And now you people are blaming Mr. Home Minister. You all are the same people why shouting each other. I mean If you people were the Government you will also do the same thing and the Congress will shout against you. Don't do this dirty politics.

Jeenesh Th

Dont break the integrity of Manipur

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 11:21 am ]

"'The Greater Nagaland or Nagalim' - 'The solution to this may lie within Manipur". What the hell you are talking about? Mr. Muivah is in best effort to break the integrity of Manipur, they are blocking the highways thus starving the people of Manipur, done killing thousands of innocents, responsible all the rapes and molestation done to other indigenous people of Manipur. He will be in hell soon if hell ever exist. Mr Muivah is playing political game, he should not forget we can play politics too. A single milimetre of Manipur should not be given at any cost. Indian had done their damage to our state, we have lost huge part of Manipur to neighbouring states, burma mynmmar by the mercy of our stupid kings and political heads. It is the very time for Manipuris to react now before the destruction.


Lets think in positive way

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 8:59 am ]

Read the mails - hot and cold ones from different writters. Thanks to all for participation on the same topic. Here i want to say one think that if a material is required than it is purchased from the market for my use. If not required than it is not purchased. Those who are having kitchen gardens and available for his family then he will not purchased. likewise I should make the kitchen garden for my use first then the same will not be purchased from market. During the King's period the private secretaries of the Manipur Kings were outsiders. After getting education and knowledge to express orally and in writing, the systems has been changed and there is very less in the offices (negligible) because of education. Likewise if we take up the jobs/ works with dedication first, nobody can stop snatching the works which were done by hired/ migrated ones. Here i am using dedication to the work, because present generation seems to be less dedication and want to be millioners overnights.

One more example, in the khwairamband keithel (bazar) during sixty's there was no manipuri dukan(shop), but there are now a lot in the main three markets, Paona, Thangal, Tikendrajit as we are now can compete in the dukan management and win the competitions. Like wise all are in our attitudes, behaviours, labour and will power. Once it is in our mind, heart and started doing, everything will be ours. So before purchasing the cow, cat should not be killed. Manipuries at other states might have the feeling of fears to go back if they say so then where they will go and what will do in Manipur because in Manipur jobs/works are to be purchased on payment of lacs of rupees otherwise the same snatching, hurling jobs available in the market free of cost. During the present worse situation of Manipur with NSCN (IM)'s bund/blocket also, killing, hurling are still in progress. Where is the unity and the motive to save the land locked Manipur? So let's think and try to materialise the route to reach Silcher from Ningthoukhong / Bisnupur to Henglep then to Jiribam/Silcher, the shortest one from the present three NH roads. The same route was on active discussion during 2000 and afterward all has forgotten. If the same route is available ,the present situation might have not experianced. Let's do somthing for the future as time has teach us a good lesson. let's stop hurting on others opinions / writings. Let's have habits to think in positive way.


Scared to stand against NSCN

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 5:44 am ]

When Manipur is facing utmost problems, all the party so called themself as rvolutionaries of manipur dosent even utter a single word, when even cadres of NSCN(IM) even invole in looting and supporting ongoing economics blockade. Manipur revolutionaries were so scared to stand against NSCN group. In time of finacial matter or exorting money they will try go forward agianst one another but now we dont even know they exist. This shows that they are their for the money not for the motherland. I call them hypocrites and coward.

Jonhan K

Let there be peace

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 10:26 am ]

I do not support Muivah but, the thing is that, even though he did not enter Manipur he has done what he want to do with his people, by not allowing him inside Manipur, the people are the one who suffers. Moreover by doing this way, we only encourage them to move forward for their cause. What more he will do if he visit his village. What do you think. Let there be peace.


Its all politics

[ Thu, May 13, 2010 6:13 am ]

Its all politics.....its a game....we people are being using by these bloody politicians and muivah ( who he thinks himself a fox). We manipuris should know we are being pushed off by these corrupted leaders and acting revolutionaries everytime. We people are uneducated but literate. I appeal to all my dear Civil Societies to take up step which have a solution and not to mislead innocent people like the recent Education boycott. Pliz don't use any regionalism, communalism, factionalism politics. Power To The People..


90% Nagas will condemn disintegration of Manipur

[ Wed, May 12, 2010 5:43 pm ]

Since time immemorial Nagas and Meiteis were co-existing peacefully. Every Nagas feel by birth I am Nagas but the land I live in is Manipur. He or she love the birth place so much that they don't even wish to change its name and ready to sacrifice his or her life for her motherland. Our life style is no different, we are peace loving people and love helping our fellow being. However as time goes on a short sighted and cunning man become leader, he taught who are meiteis and who are nagas has sowed the seeds of hatred. As a saying goes, " If you sow, so shall you reap" Today we all have harvest the hatred sown every corner of our land. The current government do not planned to solve this situation but they are busy in feeding the outfit or underground groups. All the development funds we get from the center is not enough to feed them. Mr. Ibobi singh himself fall into prey and feeding all the outfits without which his life is at risk. Where is love once upon the time we share. Do meiteis think that we nagas be happy if we are divided to Nagaland? Not at all. And If meiteis don't want to disintegrate Manipur then why don't a single manipur human right agent probe Mao accident. Why not even a single meiteis decry inhuman act of manipur police at Mao gate. Every news and every articles condemn Muivah visit rather than Mao accident. 90% Nagas will condemn disintegration of Manipur but the very act of meiteis shows that they wish division of Manipur. Lets us wake up from mad dream of hatred and build manipur a better place where every manipur people doesn't point out who is meiteis and who is Nagas we all are bros and sisters since time immemorial.


Juxtaposition of Mighty India, Manipur Politics and NSCN

[ Wed, May 12, 2010 8:10 am ]

For the last few days I dint venture out from my house because of non availability of petrol, the only alternative is to head on with my obedient computer, hope it will reduce some pollution in my kangleipak. I also dream like what Ngamminlun Kipgen dream where skyscrapers at Mantripukhri side where the land price was sky rocketing in eighties, Super Mall at Manipur never think of it, in front of chief Chinese hand grenade, Here is no dirt of grenade hurling patriots in our Kangleipak. Ah eight land super Highways Honarable Minister will promise with his beautiful hat and Ray Ban Sunglass testing with his foot, when the kick back come at his back door its evaporate out in the thin air. I still remember a young IAS officer once commented to me that, Sir your state is "Marzipur" one can do anything when minister is in your pocket.

Koreans-wannabe with their YOO hair style, it's a good day dream; few weeks back I was at Thailand spending my yearly overseas holiday. Fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing the bridge on river Kwai, "The notorious Burma-Siam railway, built by Commonwealth, Dutch and American prisoners of war, was a Japanese project driven by the need for improved communications to support the large Japanese army in Burma. During its construction, approximately 13,000 prisoners of war died and were buried along the railway. The cemetery is the exact replica of our Imphal Cemetery. My heart melts out when I see the young Indian paramedics name at the gate of the cemetery. An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 civilians also died in the course of the project, chiefly forced labour brought from Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, or conscripted in Siam (Thailand) and Burma (Myanmar). Two labour forces, one based in Siam and the other in Burma worked from opposite ends of the line towards the centre. I am really satisfied to watch the real Bridge not at Imphal Talkies. The difference of My Thailand friends and Manipur is they have a got a strong work culture love of their own land respect to their king. The new Airport name is Swarnavhmi where the Indian mythological statue is proudly displayed Samudra Manthan.

I wander how many of our eiyek irup kanba lup must be knowing it. In Manipur specially at Imphal I wander how many All Manipur kanba lup sometime I can't understand why so many All Manipur where Manipur is only one. In the last forty years too many life and resources has lost in the name of independent Manipur. Hope late Bisheswar, Pahari and others souls may be resting in peace at heaven, but definitely not the living souls of Manipur where we have to wait whole day for five liters of petrol at rain and sun. The present turmoil of my Manipur is nothing but political Juxtaposition of Mighty India, Manipur Politics and NSCN. I also want see a supermarket and 8- lane highway before I die at Manipur, but I am quite sure that it's a good day dream for me.

Dr Nabakanta Sharma - JN Hospital

What freedom, or Liberation are you talking about?

[ Wed, May 12, 2010 6:46 am ]

I sincerely would like to know who are Nagas, because after going through many a historical references I still am not being able to come to a conclusion who are the Nagas in Manipur. There have been Tangkhuls, Kabuis, Anals and Koms etcs. but Nagas? I dont know what is that word and where do they come from on the soil of Manipur. If we are talking about the Nagas who used to nomadicaly inhabit the terrains lying between AP, Assam and Manipur they were called collectively called Nagas and yes, they already have home of their own now and its called Nagaland. Some wise guy loitered out of his home to find liberation for his tribes but later found out, how difficult it is, resorted to a demand for a separate state and suddenly he becomes a goodwill leader!? Well, let him answer for his crimes first those villages he burnt, those womenfolk and those many civilians who were murdered, and as for you Mr. Liangmei, you can create history but putting an extra page between pages of history to divert its narration, which we already have a record of is never going to happen even if India accepts it.
And moreover, everyone of us, Nagas or not, we have all been a part of Manipur even before you could spell the word Nagalim, and if anyone is to try and break it down to quell their personal benefits, it can't be called liberation or freedom. What freedom, or Liberation are you talking about? you have so many times mentioned in your writing how similar Meiteis and Nagas are when it comes to being opressed and how they should stand up to it and blah blah blah! but the funny part is you have totaly forgotten the most amusing part, NSCN(IM) and Muivah are the biggest jokers I have ever come across. Let me tell you something about revolution, you dont need guns and you dont need to terrorize Kuki villages, burn their houses or rape their women to gain Statehood, just because he couldn't fight for his cause anymore doesn't mean he has any right to divert his attention towards creating a district out of Naga inhabitating areas do what? create a new district in Nagaland? the very Nagaland who calls you "Kacha Nagas" and you think it fully justifies your full devotion on a fraud like NSCN(IM) and Muivah? well all i can say is wake up before its too late.

Bikash Lourembam

We should learn to be self-sufficient

[ Wed, May 12, 2010 3:11 am ]

It is really a shameful for us that we are totally depend on other states for our living. At this hour of crisis the government should think out of the box and plan for the future that such kind of crisis does not happened again in the state. From last many years Manipur is the only state in the country that have face the problem of such kind and will continue until and unless the government do something valuable. Till now the State government have not done anything that can be write in the history for shifting to a new Manipur where we can proudly feel that we are Manipuris. The government should also recheck why the Naga especially Tangkhul dont want to be part of Manipur and find out the solutions soon. The state government should also look into new agricultural program so that we, at least, can survive without the help from other states. Its really shameful that when the national highway is block we came back to the early civilization. We are living in the 21st century and should not face such kind of problems. The government make the people of manipur a joker.....sometime i feel like the same.


Concentrate more on education

[ Tue, May 11, 2010 4:44 pm ]

well....i am extremely shy to mention dat i am from MANIPUR...dis never ending issues kills all the people out be frank no one is living even they are alive...I pray this issues settle down ..soon if possible..but its quite hard...i hope people out there more concentrate on education rather dan calling strike and all...instead of that it will be better if people go on development line...


How Long Are You Going To Play The Game?

[ Tue, May 11, 2010 11:35 am ]

It is quite a shocking moment for me to see the games being played by the Government of India for the past few decades. From the past experiences, it is well known that the Centre does not treat the whole north-eastern states as much as they do with other states. I believe this is the root cause of every socio-economic problems prevailing in this part of the country. Of course,the Centre has done something good in the past but its reactions have always been slow and unfruitful.

As far as problems of extremists are concerned, the Centre is handling it in different ways depending on the region. Why is that? Why no AFSPA for naxalite-hit states like Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa and yes for north eastern states? It clearly indicates the sense of regional disparities in the mind of Government.

If you have doubts on my comments, please ask the following questions yourself. How many Union Ministers of India visited north eastern states during their tenure to solve atleast one problem? Where as, issues happening in other states are repeatedly mentioned day-in and day-out no matter how relevant they are. Currently, the issue between Nagaland and Manipur is growing. But the Centre still wants to play political game forgetting about its impacts on common man of this region. Please stop being partial. The so-called "VISION 2020" would never be achieved if your mentality goes this way. When someone like Muivah wants to disturb the integrity of a state (MANIPUR), why is the Centre still watching the Show. In fact, he had openly criticized the Centre in this regard. Doesn't the Centre have the courage to question Muivah or NSCN-IM? Stop being soft on people when they openly commit crime. If you do not have the courage to do that, let the demand of people of Manipur be met. We would deal all our problems. I have thousands of points to be projected in order to prove the partiality of Government of India.


Who is Muivah?

[ Mon, May 10, 2010 1:01 pm ]

We don't understand why so much of hue and cries about the visit of Muivah. Who is Muivah? He is a rebel leader, a criminal by his acts in past. There are hundreds of cases pending against him. How could a democratic govt. allow him to move freely? And Moreover he does not represent the whole nagas. He belongs to a community called Tangkhul in Manipur. In general, People in Nagaland do not recognise or consider him as one of them. They (Konyaks, Semas, Aos, Angamis) call him 'kachcha naga'. All what he is trying to do is just to gain popularity among the people in Nagaland. Trying to make a scene that he is trying to do something for nagas and trying to be their leader. Will other nagas accept it? It's a very BIG question to him or Tangkhul people. Whatever, Muivah is a criminal for the bad things he and his cadres committed on NH-39, 53 and to kuki communities. Therefore, he must be arrested and put behind bars. Then only peace would prevail in NE, particularly in Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

Athouba Laishram - Kolkata

We are proud of Jiribam People

[ Mon, May 10, 2010 11:39 am ]

Jiribam people are not allowing to enter any vehicles in Tamenglong....what they have done? we proud of now GOM should repair NH no. 53 as possible as soon so without entering Nagaland we can bring our goods easily through Assam....why we should beg to Nagaland??? Now its the time to show our ability.....from our forefather We Manipuris are not depending to any one.....let's teach a new lesson to what we Manipuris can do???? Long Live Manipur!long Live Jiribam People!

Nganthoibi Dinesh

Wanted names of MSAD's persons

[ Sun, May 09, 2010 4:21 pm ]

As a Manipuri, I would like to know who was the MSAD resource person(s) that made the press release taking the side of NSCN-IM and Muivah in this fracas created by the Government of India? MSAD, please give your names and designations say, President MSAD or whatever, when these statements are released to the press. All Manipuris want to know who are the enemies of Manipur at this critical juncture.

Rnjn Singh

MSAD's PR not welcomed!

[ Sun, May 09, 2010 10:32 am ]

Manipur Students Association Delhi - When Manipuris are worried about the disintegration of the state, the press release of MSAD is not welcomed at all. NSUD (backed by NSCN supporters) on the other hand is using political means to support the visit of their leader who is responsible for killing of several Manipuris in 1990s and who is against the unity of Manipur. MSAD should take these things in consideration before going forward with any public statements. *Muviah is a Manipuri who is supporting disintegration of the state. He is against the law of the state and a criminal who should be arrested if he entered or allowed to entered with the help of GOI or Nagaland Govt. in the state. If you are supporting Muviah means you are supporting a killer. Love Live Manipur.


What about the other communities in Manipur?

[ Sun, May 09, 2010 9:01 am ]

Why are Nagas shouting only to meiteis?? Every community of Manipur doesnot want him to enter Manipur except Naga. Kuki, Muslim etc are also protesting in Imphal valley and other parts of Manipur...yes we know Mr. Muivah is the leader of Nagas and I want to ask 1 question to all the sister/brother of Naga....Last year NSCN IM had killed Dr. Kishan at that time where the Naga NGOs were gone??? why they even spoke any single word....Manipuri Nagas donot want to give any single land to Nagaland...some examples, last year In Ukhrul Jessami village asked govt to protect them from Nagaland Police & NSCN IM...Manipur is not only for meities its belong to the people of Manipur.


MSAD has given an idiotic comment

[ Sun, May 09, 2010 2:04 am ]

MSAD has expressed its opinion in relation with the proposed visit of separatist Muivah to Manipur and Mao incident. After reading its opinion I have come to the conclusion that the members of MSAD is NOT aware about the intention of NSCN(IM), is NOT aware about the June 18, 2001 UPRISING in which 18 people died and the reason behind that uprising and is NOT aware of the reason behind the Manipur Government decision not to allow entry of the separatist Muivah to Manipur. In short MSAD has given an idiotic comment. It is also not mentioned under whose name and authority, MSAD has given its comment. An inquiry should be set up regarding this. Majority of Manipuri students studying in Delhi support the Manipur Government decision not to allow entry of Muivah and they stand for the territorial integrity of our motherland Manipur. MSAD is not aware about the circumstances and ground reality under which Mao incident happened. The Indian government is the only one which is responsible for the present and future situation and Mao incident. The decision of Indian govt to allow separatist Muivah to visit Manipur having full knowledge of June 18 uprising is highly condemnable. It is an act of DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY.

I would like to know the stand of MSAD regarding the territorial integrity of Manipur. Do you really stand for the territorial integrity of Manipur? "We believe in voluntary unionism of communities where each community is a stakeholder in the collective polity, economy, culture and other common platforms". This statement is highly diplomatic. There are many people among the Nagas who still stand for the territorial integrity of Manipur.

The seven Naga MLAs that proposed to resign are puppets of Muivah. It is quite obvious. Resignation of MLA cannot be done by sending a fax to speaker. There is a specific protocol for that. Here I would like to mention that 53 MLAs out of total 60 MLAs support the decision of the government of Manipur. There is no space for civil liberties in Manipur under India installed Ibobi regime in Manipur, this is true with each and every Chief Minister of Manipur including Rishang Keishing, a Tangkhul and the longest serving Chief Minister in the history of Manipur and not just Okram Ibobi. Muivah is a criminal, fugitive and separatist. He is responsible for the genocide of 900 Kukis rendering many homeless. He is a person who was born and brought up in Manipur and is trying to break up our motherland Manipur. This will not be allowed under any circumstances. Our forefathers and mothers have sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of Manipur and there are lakhs and lakhs of Manipuri who are ready to sacrifice for the sake of Manipur. Those who support the creation of Greater Nagaland must know one thing very clearly that those who support the territorial integrity of Manipur are ready to give life as well as to take life for the sake of our motherland Manipur. The idea of one Naga nation is absolutely nonsense and irrational. There is NO written history of so called Naga. There is no common language and common tradition and culture for so called Naga. In fact, there is no Naga in Manipur, Nagaland and around the world. The earlier the supporters of separatist Muivah realize this fact , the better it will be for them. I would like to request e-pao to publish this mail as early as possible because there are many Manipuri students in Delhi who are against the comment given by MSAD.

Dad William

MSAD supporting NSCN???

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 10:24 pm ]

Who the hell is this MSAD? At an hour when they are supposed to stand by the states efforts to control the situation arising out of muivah's forcible entry into the state, trying to justify formation of greater nagaland, the MSAD instead of extending support to the efforts by state govt. seem to be supporting the NSCN (IM) .


"Let them fight & kill themselves" GOI's Policy

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 1:41 pm ]

I am very sorry to say that some sections of people in Manipur & Nagaland has been remaining blind to, let them fight & kill themselves, policy of India govt. Now, the time has come to evaluate consequences of the unreasonable issues that have degraded our development for the last few decades. Political leaders and social workers in these regions are really stupid, misleading the people, dishonest, & never have time for reevaluating their degraded society. Educated persons of both sides should better learn to spread the voice of patience, hard working, intellectual excellence and other mutually benefitable activities. It is their 'Nagalim Issue' that makes them popular! What is the condition of Manipur? This state is known for indulgence in extortion, gundaism and fractionalism. Manipuris should learn to be honest. Any minister from a hilly region remembers his constituency only during election and hill people blames valley people. Time has come to awake else we will be vanished.

Hidam Kumarjit

Allow essential commodities

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 11:47 am ]

The recent visit to Manipur by muivah receive a strong resistance from govt. of Manipur and several civil societies not to mention the mass support from naga civil societies and students union... and it is sad to hear demise of few naga people and injuries sustained. The entire episode is unfortunate and GOI must be held responsible for this and they should try to bring the situation to normal. Manipuri people are feeling heat of blocking the NH-39 , hospitals are short of so many essential items , items of daily consumption are in short than demand etc,... no need to elaborate much its well known to all since NH-39 is the lifeline of Manipur and time and again it is on the NH-39 that people pour out their anger. Provoking and attacking on bhavan will not bring solution to these problem, rather it will aggravate the situation. Thus , lastly I press upon the need to solve the problem and allow essential commodities to reach the capital.

Abujam Jayanta

My prayers to those Naga brethren

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 7:48 am ]

My prayers to those Naga brethren who have laid down for the cause of freedom at Mao gate recently. The present political landscape of Manipur is created by India for administration convenience. Every community in manipur has differnt identity and rights. No one should supress the other rights in order to live in harmony. The recent incident at Mao gate is one example where one community tries to supress the other. If this is practice, we will never ever remain in peace.


All leaders are playing games at the expense of common man

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 7:35 am ]

Why cannot The Manipur Govt. let Mr. Muivah visit his homeland and arrest him? Is it the State Govt. is too weak or Mr. Ibobi is playing his political game by priorly warning him and enabling Muivah to present himself as a self-styled Center sponsored Hero of NE india? How many times we need to repeat June 18? How many times he/Muivah like is going to ignite our unorganised will? The worst is that why the naga students attack Manipur Bhawan, New Delhi? I don't know what will be our future and how long we are going to able to tolerate all these unfortunate events? Why don't we understand underdevelopment and impoverish way of life is our main and basic problem that is going to ruin all of us. All leaders are playing games at the expense of common man, including students, women and children. I don't see any difference between them either Muivah/Oken/Meghen etc. or Ibobi/Joy/Radhabinod etc. Is there any one in the region who can finish/solve any problem with a single slaught for the people? All of them are sustaining every problems at the expense of people not concerning the lives of the people. Mr. Chidambaram will succeed in saving his political caareer in the NE not in the Naxal infected areas. For this, he doesnot need to understand and know us. Like the prior leaders, he also knows how to regulate and maintain us. If things continue like this, A very big event is going to mark the history of the region. Lets wait to be a part of it. Don't worry, everyone will have a choice.


Lets us understand each other

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 3:24 am ]

Friends, Brothers and Sisters of the valley. It is very unfortunate to see situation in the hills and valley going out of hand and once again see Manipur "disturbed". While Meiteis have all their rights to excercise their sentiments and patroism, it is also time all the right thinking meiteis also estabslish a balanced assesment on what is taking place in Manipur, especially in Mao.
I, for one, as a naga feel that Manipur at the moment is only meant for the Meiteis (this has been the trend for many good years. If you disagree, kindly notice and compare the pace in which development have progessed in Tamenglong, Chandel, Senapiti, Ukhrul, whereas Imphal. And there are still many more but I don't want to comment any further on this subject). The brutality and atrocities carried out by IRB, Police commandoes, Manipur Rifles, in the name of Manipur Government, which once used to be the Assam Rifles and CRPF - now unfortunately replaced by Manipur force, have committed crime against human rights to the Nagas. It is also deeply deplorabe to read in THE TIMES OF INDIA dated May 7, page no. 12, where it is mentioned, three among a crowd were killed in a stampede, while in fact they were killed by Manipur force. Such manipulation by news agencies lacks professionalism. If there is any common understanding between the Meiteis and the Nagas all over the world (lets not limit it just into Manipur state) then lets first of all learn to respect each others rights more democratically before things get out of hand. Meiteis in the name of Manipur State should stop to prevent the passage of Th. Muivah. Let him adress his people, the Nagas, and leave peacefully. Meiteis have their leader as Ibobi and similarly Nagas have their leader as Th. Muivah. Why are we as brothers and sisters allowing selfish politics to prevail. I urge Manipuris (Meiteis) to be more diplomatic and more politically sound because it is you who can bring peace and harmony in the interest of the Hills Naga and Valley Meites, not just the valley. Manipur government is not just for the Meiteis.


Ibobi faam thadoklo

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 2:38 am ]

It is really funny to read these mails,to see our meitei machas praising our good for nothing chief minister just because he stopped Muivah from entering Manipur! sabaash ibobi! atleast you did something worthwhile! this is what we should be saying (its funny why many of you failed to mention the political motives of our respected chief minister too along with those of Muivah's)! afterall, what else has he done for Manipur rather than digging some road here and there?? after his tenure, Manipur is dying day by day, the so called "prajas" are comepletely drained off from all sort of resources, denied even basic amenities like electricity and right to education. talking about electricity, there is almost a total blackout in Manipur almost everyday, except for the v.i.p lines and we the manipuris, accept it as a normal part of our living. and salary?? i wonder how we still survive happily without getting salary for more than six seven months or even a year! are we so subjugated by the powerful dictatorial politicians? why aren't we raising our voices? we are all cowards indeed! does it happen in any part of the world?? we have all our minister's seat occupied but the "prajas" are going down in the abyss day by day. while the so called minister's and their children are enjoying the money drained from poor people like us, getting to study in the best institution, in the best places in the world, while our children are struggling to study in a state where there is no light, no school, no salary, a total denial of our basic human rights. are we living in a state ruled by dictator? isnt it the right time to elect the appropriate leader?or atleast give chance for a change? or should we still continue to get subjugated under our present government like meek, powerless, coward people? isnt it time for a change? sarkar anouba pamme, chief minister anouba pamme

Mike Irom

GOI thinks Manipur is a Wild Wild West

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 2:23 am ]

Manipur Govt should fight tooth and nail on the Current Stand-off on Muivah visit. The current stand-off is clearly a political game at the highest level played by the actors involved using the emotional ethnic sensitivites of Manipur and Nagaland....
First of all the Union Government failed to follow the protocol discipline on how to communicate with its state subject. It shows the lack of quality bureaucrates and politician at the Centre and state who failed to understand the ground realities in Manipur. Muivah or the GOI sd hv taken the confidence of the Manipuri people that Muivah visit to Manipur wont compromise the integrity of Manipur. Very few people know how Muivah is manipulating History of Manipur or how he created the story of Naga nation which doesnt have any historical and linguistic background. Having said this NSCN-IM has played a major role in bringing the various tribes in Nagaland, Manipur and other states under one Umbrella called Naga (Naga is a post colonial term) and it has achieved a lot in bringing social, cultural and economic changes of the Naga people... But a critic like me will argue the means which NSCN-IM have used to achieve this ends... Using human shield to achieve its end have been repeatedly used by the valley based organisation and now being replicated by the NSCN-IM and its supporters. The innocent civilians involved absolutely will not understand the faintest idea of the politics that being played The state machinery is reacting in the same way as any other law and order problem in Manipur before. We have lost 3 innocent life and many have been lost in the valley before...We also know why people like Irom Sharmilla is fighting to repeal the AFSPA..... Muivah could have been welcomed in Manipur had he convince not to break the centuries old relationships in Manipur or had he come out with fresher ideas and sweet diplomacy to solve the Naga issue.. People are waiting for peace but not at the cost of lies and deception... I think the Manipur Government should fight this case in the Supreme Court against the Government of India....If that doesnt work out we should fight at the International Court of Justice, United Nation. The Government of India decision is Unconstitutional i.e beyond the constitution of India. First they announced there is no ceasefire between NSCN-IM and Government of India. Then GOI sent NSCN-IM leader Muivah to visit Manipur ,remember, ceasefire is still not extended to Manipur... What Mr. Chidambaram...Do you think Manipur is a Wild Wild West and you can play with the Constitution and against the Law.. Yesterday He admitted himself about all this issue and that also in the parliament... he should be fired immediately and sent to Govern places like POK or Afghanistan..

Luke Shanti

Dear manipuris(Naga,Kuki,Hmar,Meitei,Muslim)

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 1:19 am ]

This mail is dedicated for those who are keenly supporting Muivah for his visit to Manipur.
It appears many of you are excited & the adrenaline level in your body has shootup to the Maximum. Tell me what do you know about Muivah. Why aren't you remembering that he is the mastermind of all activities carried out by NSCN(IM)? I hope everyone including you love peace. We northeast are already far behind development. So, it's time to unite for development in a group & show that we all Naga, kuki, Hmar, Meitei, Muslim etc... are not less than others. Let's think for development & not to create a situation to kill each other for petty reason. I strongly condemned the killing of Naga students by in Senapati recently. I request everyone not to misunderstood the situation as an act of targetting Naga community. Manipur police & Commando are killing many manipuris as well even in the bright daylight in the crowded market of Imphal. By this time I think you must be sure that this writer (myself) is a Meitei. Sorry fren, I'm not a Meitei/Tribal/Muslim. Whatever it be I consider myself none other than a Manipuri like you & so is my love for Manipur. Lastly I would like to say that it will be very wrong to support Muivah just because he is of the same community or even on the basis of Basic right of a citizen. Remember that he is the leader of the banned outfit which everyone knows can do anything to any extent. Supporting Muivah for whatever reason, would definitely imply your support for NSCN(IM) & their activities. NOTE: Some people are trying to use this disturbed & tensed situation as an opportunity to gain sympathy & support from people. Let's be very matured & take a wise decision not to support any wrong doers who disturbs the normal of a citizen.


Central govt. playin God n very bad 1 at that!!

[ Sat, May 08, 2010 12:32 am ]

The Valley people have suffered a lot in due to the Greater Nagaland issue. "The gr8 June uprising" saw many deaths n so many injured. Students even set themselves on fire saying "I m paying in blood 4 my motherland's freedom n integrety". That much dedication we have. Now its really very funny that the Naga people residing in Manipur should be complaining against the Valley people for not supporting Muivah's cause. What a complain. It is as if they never knew what "the Gr8 june uprising" was for, it is as if "the June uprising" which happened in front of their very eye had been erased from their memory. None of them came out to shed blood for our motherland at that time when Manipur's Integrety was at stack. In their mind they hav alwaz sided with the Muivah's cause by some sense of false unity amongst themselves they created with the name Naga being applied to them n the Nagaland people. The June Uprising was a perfect n solid example that the Valley people cannot compromise on their Integrety, its very studpid Question to ask "why arent the Valley people not supporting?? why are they just sitting and watching the Hills burn??". Now the Nagas are at their peak enjoying Quotas in huge scale in Manipur. Everywhere there is Huge Quota for them. Its like the old Manipuri saying "Keibu chaonaba yoklaga mapu da onsallaga chai..". They have enjoyed too much under this Quotas system, that they are now starting to make demands on Land. Looking from a 3rd person's view it sure is "shamelessness". N what's with Muivah's theme of unifying Naga habitated stated under the name of Christ. Hah come on Buddy, Its a bad idea bad to seperate People in the name of God or Religion. It hasnt been long even that you started following Christianity, acting so dedicatd and all. It is very wrong to divide people and to cause hatred amongst people in the name of God. Dear sir, Mr Nagaland Leader, regardless of how innocent you are acting just saying you just ! want to unite the nagas, we all know what is your Hidden motive. I admire your strategy, you are very well planned and do see far. But just in case you dont know, Future is unpredictable and I very much hope you know what you are doing. Just be ready to face the consequences. I dont believe in religion, but I do believe in the almighty God, the Divine creator. I dont give Him a name, I jus worship him pure heartedly. I believe that He is not so cruel hearted and that He knows the right answer for everything. My sincere prayers both for both sides. N rest assure for good or for bad - The Valley people will never give in to your plan.

Th Ron

Our faithfulness hast lost

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 5:42 pm ]

I feel sorry to hear any meiteis killed from fake encounter by manipur commandos and rape woman by Indian army. We fight together against this act but unfortunately mao accident has sown a seeds of who are meiteis and who are nagas. Ibobi and few civil poison manipur commandos fortunately or unfortunately commandos has misused human rights. Now we Nagas will never forgive and forget. Our faithfulness hast lost because of this act of killing three students.


Where is the Assam Rifle?

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 10:50 am ]

Chandel da asuk yamna office mei thaba amadi irang touribasi Assam rifle sing keidouduna leibage haibasi mee yamna hangningai oiba wahangni. Chandel asi manipur meeyamnadi Assam rifle gi HQs ti haina khangnaribani army masing 5000 gi mathak ta leibagi.. aduga houjik na kadai da leikhare?? haiba si meeyamna khangningi...aduga ngarang na Mao da commandona irang laksinnaba hotnari ngeidana assam rifle sing yengduna leibagi maramna karigino...masi Indian govt na aronba policy ama sanaraba haibagi chingnaba meeyamda leire....Manipur gi Army sing kadaida chatkhare houjikti......

Nganthoibi Dinesh

Where is the Assam Rifle?

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 10:50 am ]

Chandel da asuk yamna office mei thaba amadi irang touribasi Assam rifle sing keidouduna leibage haibasi mee yamna hangningai oiba wahangni. Chandel asi manipur meeyamnadi Assam rifle gi HQs ti haina khangnaribani army masing 5000 gi mathak ta leibagi.. aduga houjik na kadai da leikhare?? haiba si meeyamna khangningi...aduga ngarang na Mao da commandona irang laksinnaba hotnari ngeidana assam rifle sing yengduna leibagi maramna karigino...masi Indian govt na aronba policy ama sanaraba haibagi chingnaba meeyamda leire....Manipur gi Army sing kadaida chatkhare houjikti......

Nganthoibi Dinesh

Post news which is true and real

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 4:13 am ]

This particular article titled "Reinforcement rushed ; security tightened at Senapati HQ - Source: Hueiyen News Service" on what happen yesterday at Mao Gate seems like it was reported by a really bias journalist..which by the way is highly disapproved of. Why I say this is because he did not get the facts right. Aren't you supposed to be reporting the truth and not some whimsical stories, its misleading the people but how long can a lie prevail..thats the question you need to ask yourself. Now the truth is 4 people died and 70 plus injured. And it was mentioned in the article about how the civilian used deadly weapon, where on earth would lay people get such kind of weapon, it was highly exaggerated. And it seems the reason why the two boys died was because they were inside the campus of the security barrack, so the personnel fired away in rubbish, this is a serious crime. Please post news which is true and real. Do not mislead the people because its you guys that connects us to the situations around.


Does Muivah really love his birth place ?

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 1:04 am ]

Why do you want to visit your birthplace after a long period? Do you really love your birth place? What do you mean by greater Nagaland? Thousands of Nagamese are living in various cities of India. Do you want to include these cities as a part of Greater Nagaland? Do you have the courage to say that? You can take any number of Nagamese from Manipur to form Nagaland, but the soil should be left to Manipur. The north eastern states of India are already facing various socio economic problems. Do not try to add a few more? Rather, bring in peace and harmony. On behalf of all people living in Manipur and who cares Manipur, these are some of the questions for which Muivah should give answers. For god sake, please do not come back with the intention of encouraging communal riots between the two states.


Muivah's visit: Double edged decision

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 12:20 am ]

Alas! Government of Manipur has taken stand against Muivah's visit to Manipur. Important issue of concern is visit of Muivah after fifty years runs suspicion during the time of troubled ADC elections. From past decades & centuries nagas in Manipur are having co-ordial relation with we Manipuris. Muivah's visit does not appear to be sounding really Gr8. What should be the motive behind the visit? Mr Muivah, do you really have building good relations between Nagas,Kukis and .. in mind ?. Why have you timed it now ? please do not spoil the friendship we are slowly building up amongst various communities of the state. Help up foster inter-community confidence and friendship through same good statement's rather than spoiling it.

L Sonamani Meetei

Aim is to form Greater Nagaland

[ Thu, May 06, 2010 10:42 am ]

Muivah is a critical person who really wants to disturb Manipur and his aim of coming to Manipur is to unite the nagas and form Greater Nagaland.. not just for the sake of visiting his birth place.. so i request e-pao team to analyse this message and write something relevant to my point of view.. i've given my point of view regarding the muivah's visit to manipur through the feed back form as i didn't know where to post my message.. please do not ignore this message if u love ur manipur(EMA LEIBAK)

Lnm Nep

Where are the freedom fighters gone?

[ Thu, May 06, 2010 6:28 am ]

Nungtigi press note thokkanba nungsijaraba eikhoigi leibak ningba freedom fighters sing kadaida chatkhare?? Meecham meeyamna thoktuna houjik leibak asigi issue singda thoudang louri aduga eikhoigidamak ta thawai khubakta haptuna thabak touriba ichil inao singna tuminna leithoklibasigi maram karigino?? Nakhoina meeyam asi lamjingduna thabak tougadabanattra?? adugi mahutta meecham sing na issue sing asi mayoknaduna leire nakhoi houjik phaoba keidouri?? Nahan makhei di waa chaona chaona ngangduna leiraga houjik na tumminna uchi makonda leiriba karigino??leibak asida ningtam laal hou houribasi 30 gi mathakni adubu kadaida chatkharabano khangde. leibak ki issue sing da saraku yao madu oiba tarabadi nakhoigi damak meeyamna leplakkani natabida peishada ngaoduna leiradi madunani nakhoi ubada meeyamna kiduna lotnaribasi.......demand letter lakpadadi amuktoiba masingthingamde leibakkini nakhoigi su saruk yaoribani haiduna lakliba nahalrol sing aduga houjikti tuminnna loina lotkhare.....thoklaku lao leibak asi kaigadabagi tharak yanduna leire thengnaminnasi....

Nganthoibi Dinesh

Visit of Muivah and its scenario

[ Thu, May 06, 2010 12:18 am ]

Dear Naga brethren, We are confused on your claim of Nagalim. Your claim is motivated and encouraged by some agencies from outside NE. It seems that you are not realizing the hidden agenda of "Divide & Rule" policy by external influences.You\'re already fell in the dead trap.
Let's have a close look to your claim: 1. Is naga history older than Assam or Manipur? If yes, where is the evidence and proof? 2. Could you claim part of Delhi or Tamil Nadu etc. where nagas are settled? If you claim, do you know what would happen? 3. Are you dreaming of a peaceful state to live-on after disturbing and making unhappiness to your neighbors? Do you think that we people in Assam and Manipur would sit/sleep quietly after so much of disturbances for so long on us?. The truth is: we are following 'wait & watch' policy. 4. If you don't learn to live friendly, peacefully and co-existentially with your neighbours, the day would come for you to live like in hell. 5. How long would you disturb your neighbor states? Don't you know there is limit for everything which exist on earth. kindly remember that we have tolerance too. 6. Please be practical in your approach. Whoever nagas want to live in Nagaland, they are free to go and live there,we support that. And whoever nagas want to live in Assam and Manipur, they could live as long as they accept themselves as part of the state. 7. Philippinos live in USA in millions since time immemorial, but they can't create/claim 2nd Philippines in USA. Hope you know why? 8. There are millions of Manipuris living in Bangladesh & Myanmar since time immemorial, do you think we can claim that part of that Bangladesh and Myanmar to be part of Manipur or 2nd Manipur? We would not dream of that b'coz we are not crazy people like you. 9. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were divided once based on ethnic communities. Do you think, it would be divided again based on muslim and hindu populations on either sides? 10. Imagine what would happen when muslims in India start claiming the places in India to be part of Pakistan or Bangladesh. Do you think Hindus in India would sit simply and watching? 11. The point is: we can live wherever we want as long as we maintain the tranquility of that place/state, but we can not claim the place as our Nation or State. If we do arrogantly, that would craziest idea, inviting trouble ourselves. 12. We can not allow a man who betrayed its own family members and tried to destroy its own family, returning to its home which he always tries to disintegrate. Therefore, dear naga brethren, please wake up and realize the reality. It's not time to fight among ourselves, it's time to face the dynamic world. World is moving too fast. We have to catch it up. If we/you don't do it, the situation would become worse day-by-day eminently, we guarantee that. Please don't invite counter reaction of your call for infinite economic blockade or burning down of public transport system. Kindly & concisely leave the violence. It's 21st Century, Let's live together and respect each other like before. Look beyond the horizon and think 'out of box'. Please grow up and act maturely. We, NE people have miles to go/run to catch up the speed of the 21st century World. Peace and development to NE. A brother from Assam/Manipur.

Mr. Fuganba - Guwahati

Govt's right step this time

[ Wed, May 05, 2010 2:01 pm ]

I think the Govt. of Manipur has taken up the right step this time. As for the Govt. of India they had already announced that current ceasefire with NSCN (IM) does not cover Manipur but I don't why they are saying to provide Mr. Muivah with Z+ Cattegory Secruity. Does that meant Cease fire is extended here in Manipur also?

Jeenesh Th

leibak asi kanminnahousi

[ Wed, May 05, 2010 2:55 am ]

Ngasi leiba ki asuk luraba tapham asida leibak ki damak kathok liba meeoi sing kadai da chatkhare haina mee yamna hangnarakle. Peisha khaibadadi thouna phana chongthokrakani leibak ki luraba tanpham asida di wahei ama phao ba hairak tabagi maram karigino? Aduga ama na thouna pharaba commando sing na jila 4 da NSCN IM sougat tuna phongna louduna goverment ki mayokta thabak tourakli amadi police ki station phaoba thugaiduna manghal takali. masida na karigi tuminna khangsinada na thouna pharaba commando sing na lieribano? Tampakta di UGs singga samnaba phaoba hatli strike kitang toubada smoke bomb ama di nongmei phaoba kaptuna mee cham hatli aduga ching da na UG phongna sougat tuna rally chatpada na karisu toudabagi maramna karigi??? aduga Ching da Yamlaba India gi security leina leina control touba ngamdaba gi maram na karigi??? masi matam chana thengnaduna leibak asi kanminnahousi.

Seven Sister

Where are the UGs?

[ Wed, May 05, 2010 2:20 am ]

"Now entire people of Manipur and state Govt is worry about Muivah visit to Manipur". Why the great freedom fighter of Manipur who always think about our motherland manipur the "UG Group of Manipur- Naharol" did not take up any action??????? I request them to come up with some strong step from which the people of Manipur recognise them as a pure freedom fighter.


Misplaced patriotism

[ Tue, May 04, 2010 6:26 am ]

The other day a friend of mine asked me what I felt of the proposed visit of Mr. Thuingaleng Muivah the Ato Kilonser of NSCN(IM), to Manipur. I said, "I would welcome him to my home, if he agrees". But he told me not to tell this in public, because they – the public, might misunderstand me. That day when the Ibobi Singh government proclaimed that Mr. Muivah would not be allowed to visit Manipur on the ground that his visit would only create disharmony in the society; I could immediately feel the fearful mind of Mr. Ibobi and his cabinet colleagues. But I could only tell myself "Yongna tinthrok paiba-adu amuk Touredana" – that another Pink Panther drama has begun. I also told myself that the decision of the Ibobi Singh government would have been reached after a great deliberation of the cabinet on the various issues and for every likely eventuality in case Mr. Muivah land up in Manipur. And I also believed that Mr. Ibobi Singh would have been adviced by senior politicians including Mr. Rishang Keishing, ex-chief minister and Mr. Gaikhangam, to reach that decision, because these are expected in such matters of policy. Anyway it is the wisdom of the SPF leadership that rules the day.

However, if I were in Mr. Ibobi Singh's place, I would have asked the Union Home Minister to fly Mr. Muivah honourably to Ukhrul by a helicopter. Let Mr. Muivah smell the soil of his birthplace which he left for a long time. Let him meet his relatives, friends and the public. Let him show his love for the people. And let the public also hear him speak from the bottom of his heart. Let the atmosphere of bonhomie and the message of love spread across the land of his birth, the region and the world over. But before flying him back from Ukhrul I would invite Mr. Muivah for a breakfast and if he would agree, for a dinner, so that I could feel the ambience of a leader who left his birthplace for half a century to fight for the cause he is devoted and dedicated to. And if I can establish a close rapport with the prime minister of India, I may as well establish a rapport with Mr. Muivah, too. The only doubt is Mr. Muivah may consider it below his dignity to have a rapport with a chief minister. Anyway, heaven is not going to fall when Mr Muivah visits Manipur.

Heikrujam Nabashyam - Singjamei, Manipur

Is this peace process?

[ Tue, May 04, 2010 1:37 am ]

This is all to know (especially NSCN-IM) that GOI is trying to play 'Divide and Rule' policy with the NE states which British used to, especially they are trying to break down Manipur as it full of natural beauties and it has very high economy potential. The word "Peace" in the written dialog repeated n times, but what peace process have been done??? NSCM-IM block national highway uncountable times in a year. Each n Every buses and trucks of Manipur were forcefully taken money from every trip they make through nagaland. Is this peace process???? Try to answer this to yourself first. I also feel sorry for not allowing to enter his homeland. To be very frank the Government of Manipur had never done anything good for the people of Manipur. In Manipur one can victimise a person and can buy the victim to cover his crime. -the Switzerland Of India- // -sana Leipak Manipur- // ..... There is no light so I have to wind up here.


Example of divide and rule policy

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 1:19 pm ]

At last I can see some meaningful action taken by the government of Manipur under Chief Minister Okram Ibobi by taking a cabinet decision to ban Th. Muivah entering our motherland Manipur. The decision is absolutely right and the explanation given by the government is also absolutely right. The ceasefire agreement is restricted to Nagaland only. Allowing Muivah to visit Manipur is equivalent to extension of ceasefire to Manipur. Not a single person in Manipur is against peace talk between NSCN(IM) and government of India. This should be clearly understood by all the people who support the peace talk. But any patriotic person who loves his/her motherland Manipur is against any force that try to disturb the territorial integrity of Manipur. The civil organizations mainly based in valley but always stood for the integrity of Manipur are silent because the decision and action taken by the government of Manipur is absolutely right. The civil organizations are concerned for all the people living in Manipur. Any person having any doubt on the intention of civil organizations is quite immature and short-sighted. Any responsible person should not try to create communal disharmony and spread false propaganda that may lead to disintegration of our beloved Manipur. The decision taken by the Central government to allow Muivah to visit Manipur in spite of having full knowledge about the June 18, 2001 uprising is highly condemnable. This is again one of the great examples of divide and rule policy.


Pandoras box will be opened

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 10:55 am ]

Ibobi's taking steps against Muivah's visit to his village is very necessary as Muivah is the one who has been trying to break the territorial integrity of Manipur. The wrong doer should not be supported. If he comes back to Manipur, pandoras box will be opened again and the situation will be worsened. Please don't support him even if he is our own people. We should not try to be "kaccha naga" even though Muivah is dreaming of building a "Kaccha nagaland".


Ibobi's Naive Move

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 2:44 am ]

Why is Ibobi creating unnecessary trouble by taking steps against Muivah's visit to his village??? has he hurt Hill's people sentiment enough with the passing of new Act regarding District Council. Is Ibobi The CM of Manipur or CM of Metei?? And why are the valley civil organization, who raised hues and cries about Manipur's integrity some years back, so silent now??? Why the valley's organization or Metei's organization comes alive only when the Metei interest is affected. To the hill people this is nothing less than hypocritical double standard on the part of the valley's organization. If they truly want to preserve Manipur's integration and unity, they better have concerns for the hill people too and not only Metei's interest!