Pu Ngulkhup - 'The Patriot of Kuki War of Independence' (1917 -1919)
- Part 4 -

Espirit de corps *

The wonders he had seen in reality and in dream:
(1 ) Seen in reality: Beneath the stretch of Gamvet molsang (sight viewed hill top) I heard the sound of valley bird (Phaigam vacha) called Chataret and as I looked, the bird slowly disappeared in the thick wood. And after a few minutes I heard an echoing voice calling my name ... Vo ... Ngulkhup.
(2) Seen in dream: A type of monkey (Guldu) climbed the front pillar of my house who came straight (through Jalphei ) and sat just over my bed (Lulhun ah) and composed (sang) an ode.

An Ode to Pu Ngulkhup :
" Tuhbem som in akho khaitaponte, Van noi thing jung jam in mi hinphante."
As Tubem som indicates the Kukis, "Who put their hairs plaited round behind head", the translation would be in the context of the Kukis as a whole.
An era of Kukis' reign would be ended. But its new generation in due course of time
Amidst the ongoing civilization be placed
In a worthwhile positions like others on earth.

(3) Seen in dream: Another man sleeping near fire place at behind door (Tomlang tapkong) covering with clothes said (sang) an ode.
An ode to Pu Ngulkhup :
"Lonpi Ngulkhup thangjoujam Ati suhlong galveicha ting jou nan Natem?"
The famous Ngulkhup of Lon pi,
Could you ever stop the British soldiers Like water flowing down stream
" Kating jou e galveicha, Bomti jang len chung ah." Amang naovang ka
I could well defended
The mighty British soldiers Crying like a child
At the battlefield of Tuibom.
Pu Ngulkhup was a fast walker who could reached Imphal ..
( walking on foot) at dinner time, starting from Lonpi at the first crowing of the Cock in the morning ... and like wise he could reached Lonpi from Imphal before midnight.
Pu Ngulkhup's melancholic song, composed on the day he was arrested:
"Seilung hem sangmol kalkon lung nguija, Lonlhi Ion na saunem lim dam noi."
With a mood of sadness
Before leaving the native land Shedding tears beneath the shadow Of home sweet home.
A melancholic song composed at midnight, while holding the night on the way:
" !chung sial kai noi ah,
. Gunpeu Lumsong katang khop Kei goljil soh thei Iou."
Beneath the stars glowing in the sky Making the stone as my pillow
On the bank of the river (gun) Fated with unyielded wish.
"Kangei mela namuleh,
Lung ngui phei phung asonta Hin ti 0 gun ti nun."
If you ever meet my beloved
Please tell her .... oh mother - river (gun) That I have left with a mood of despair.
"Vangkho sang ga phungtin kho katonan
Theilou jang tinu kol ah kanem e."
Because of sacrificing At the cause of others
I had endured all the sufferings.

An Ode in Response:
"Theilou jang tinu kol ah kanem e Lumsong kol kim mitin lai ah kaleng e."
Enduring unexpected struggles
l' m landing amidst entangling troubles.
''Kalhau lha thonglhung heimo Kajan mang tin soh mol ah Neogol khollhing e."
Quite often in my dream
I am amidst the myriads of people At the park of my village.

The Kuki - militia (Sepoys) during the Kuki war ofIndependence (1917 - 1919) in the Haokip inhabited areas were organised and formed as below:
(1) Lonpi Sepoy,
(2) Longja Sepoy,
(3) Loikhai Sepoy,
(4) Chahsat Sepoy and
(5) Tintong Sepoy etc.

Among them Lonpi Sepoy and Loikhai Sepoy were the braviest fighters.
As such an ode was composed as below:
"Loikhai Lonpi kithang thang Vaimang sapkang gol chung chon Nakap ngam nah eimo?"
Loikhai and Lonpi with much of your fame Are you brave enough to fight the might of the British Empire?

Pu Ngulkhup's ode in response :
" Kakap ngam e Vunghison chan Kalhang cheuti cheu jol ah Honthing jan kase ."
Why not! come and acknowledge That we the sons ofVunghison
Fought the might of the British Empire And piled up the corpses like fence log.

An elegies Composed by Pu Ngulkhup after reaching home from 3 (three) years Prisoner of war at Sodya Island:
"Vmi vabang akam e sim gamlei Lamtol kimla lung ngui in kanem e."
Those days of happy moments In the native land have turned All deserted, and we gathered To sing the song with a mood of Melancholy.
" Lung ngui in ba kanem e Thilong lhakeh,
Sit lei chungkiling e."

Meaning The melancholic song that we sang About the corpses ofthe heroic deaths Have been shaking the world.
These elegies were composed by Pu Ngulkhup in memory ofPu Vumkhoson the father ofPu Ngulbul, Pu Ngulbul Chief ofLongja and Pu Thangkhopao Chief of Aibol who were Killed in theKuki - War of Independence (1917 - 1919).

Because ofthe fame and momentum they'd gained reaching its climax in those days" Longjate and Lonpite" (the dynasties ofLongja and Lonpi) were the scapegoat for others to blame them as the" killer". When some one kills animals and wild beasts it was said that .... I am only picking up the corpse killed by" Longjate and Lonpite" and I am not to be blamed for the killing, was how the scapegoat had been made by others.

Translated as recorded
from manuscript of Thadou (Kuki) dialect By: Thangkholun Haokip


* Courtesy: Espirit de corps, a souvenir released in connection with the unveiting of the statue of Pu Ngulkhup Haokip, Kuki war hero. This was published in Huieyen Lanpao - English Edition. This article was webcasted at on 11th April 2010.

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