The Puya – Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok And Modern Science :: Part 2
- Discovery of Kangleipak :: Part 38 -

Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen *

This is the living being Sanamahi Lainingthou created, just before creating a human being, which was rejected by Lainingthou Salailel Sitapa to be a human being
The above is the photo of an animal which is called 'yong'(a monkey) in the Kanglei Meetei dialect, a sub-human being. This is the living being Sanamahi Lainingthou created, just before creating a human being, which was rejected by Lainingthou Salailel Sitapa to be a human being. As Sanamahi Lainingthou was unable to create a human being, Laningthou Salailel Sitapa, The Universal God Father advised Sanamahi Lainingthou to create a human being taking His Image as the Model. In this way, Sanamahi Lainingthou created human beings on the Earth taking the image of the Universal God Father as the Model.

In the previous article, Discovery of Kangleipak(37), esteemed readers read about the Big Bang theory, extraterrestrial Origin of Life theory in the above mentioned puya vis-à-vis modern science of the west.

Now, the humble writer will attempt to invite the attention of the enlightened readers about the theory of the semen and sperm in the male persons as found in the above mentioned puya, the scripture of the ancient Meetei race of Kangleipak.

Sperm(Spermatozoon) in the Ancient Scripture of Kangleipak

Britannica Encyclopedia says "In mammals, sperm are produced in the testes and travel through the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. At FERTILIZATION, one sperm of the roughly 300 million in an average ejaculation fertilizes an Egg (see Ovary) to produce an offspring… A FLAGELLUM propels the sperm, which may live in a woman's reproductive tract for two to three days after sexual intercourse, to the egg." The "egg" here means the Ovum produced by the woman partner in the sexual intercourse.

Please note the last line of the quotation above and please note, particularly, the life-span of the sperm, two to three days "after the sexual intercourse" in the body of the woman partner. The above facts/knowledges of the sperm of the modern science of the west is the exact position in the matter at this date in the 21st century CE. As against this, the ancient Kangleipak has the traditions and written evidences in the puya, the scripture of the Meetei Race of Kangleipak as found today in the 21st century CE.

Every Kangleicha knows very well that every house, called yum in the dialect of the Meetei Race of Kangleipak, in the south western corner of the dwelling house, a God called Sanamahi Lainingthou or simply Sanamahi is worshipped upto this day. The God is worshipped in the inner corner of the house. Immediately outside the corner, The angle outside the dwelling house is known as Santhong or Sanathong. The literal meaning of the Santhong is 'the door of procreation'. At Santhong, the Kangleicha Meetei race believes there is a god called 'Santhong Apanpa'. Sometimes the Santhong Apanpa is worshipped. All this means a traditional Kanglei yum is an Universe itself housing the Universal Lord Father.

In this tradition of the Meetei race, the traditional Meetei Yumchao(big house) is a temple, a living temple, housing the Universal Lord Creator, the Father of the Universe, the Soul of the Universe. Traditionally, the Kanglei Yumchao is designed as the Male Human Body, the real abode of the Universal Lord Father. The Sanamahi lainingthou or Santhong Apanpa is the Semen and Sperm, a combined concept who comes on the Malem(the Earth) to create living beings in another form or entity of the Universal Father.

The Puya, Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok will explain to the readers in its entirety. To know very well the concepts of the Sanamahi Lainingthou and the Santhong Apanpa will lead to readers knowledge of the Semen and Sperm in the Puya, to say in another way, the ancient Kanglei knowledge of science in the sense of 21st century concept of the terms.

In page 3 of the Puya, the word Sanamahi Lainingthou or Sanamahi is written as "Konsen Tuleisengpa Sana Ee Mahi". Here in this quotation from the Puya, the real abode of Universal God Father is taken as the male human body. Here Konsen = Konba + Senba, further means the God Sanamahi Lainingthou is always in Human body to guard against any harm. Tulei Sengpa = Tusinduna + leiba +asengba, further means the real God always with the Human body. Sana Ee mahi = sana means Procreating progenies. Ee mahi means blood with sperm.

The Wang-u-lon of the ancient Meetei race of Kangleipak is to bring the spiritual concept of the Ultimate God to a concrete reality in the real world. In this attempt of the Kanglei Wang-u-lon, the Puya sings as under:
Malem Leimana Lumpala?
Palem Imana Malum-i!
Koilou Nongmatonna Wangpala?
Panthou Ipana Mawang-i!

Palem Ima amati Panthou Ipa mitna Uba Laini. The Palem Ima and the Panthou Ipa are Gods that can be seen. The Puya, Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Amai-lon Pukok further says:
'Tingpalpa (ama)ama ki kayatki laimingpu taipangpalpa (ama) ama ki kayatta inunglon khununglonki inung iyek |
khunung iyek haina |
iyek ipi laiyek asiki wali leekhunpu khakpane...

The beginning word/concept "Tingpalpa" mean the universe. It is equal to "Tengpalpa". The "Taipangpalpa" in the quotation means earthly life, that is, the Human body in this context rough english translation is like this: The Gods' names in the organs of the universe(Universal Lord) in the Organs of Earthly lifes(on the earth) in the Laiyek(scripts) as Inunglon Khununglon(in the Original God's Language and habitation language on the earth) are ends(in Evolution).

The general scheme of the Universal Lord God Father creator is the Actualisation(in concrete form) of the spiritual god's idea and wish. Now the humble writer will introduce to the intellectual world how the Puya Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok says in it about the semen and sperm on its pages:
"Lainingthou Salailel Sitapaki mafamta talang laipao pituna |
numit humni supaki angangki matamkumna sanaki masak malpa nouwa (ama) ama oina leilamke |
ei asipu nahakki nachamakni ningtuna eipu yoklo ||
hayeng chak amata taipangpalpa manung oinapata |
laiyamsingki Eeyek Khonthok matung-inna mangtanapa uli wali |
meenachingna asi kheipikpu salakpa matamta eina nangki nateng pangkani haina talang laipao pikhiye ||
laipaoki leekhun leeklampu laiyamsingna tachakhi ||0||
Asum oipa laipaoki matung-inna Sitapaki Eesaiphu Eelonnungta numit humni supaki nouwaki maong oina sanaki machu malpa nouwa ama leilamle ||
Nouwa atupu yenglaka sanaki masak malpa angangpa machuna leitengpa mahi atupu upata sanamahi haipa mingthonpu pituna machaki matamkumna loukhatle ||
Asum touna loukhatlapaka lailepi Sitapi Lailelmata pisille ||0||
Lailem mana yenglaka ngangleinapa nouwa atupu upata angang mingthon fangtuna chetna channa konsille ||
Tarukni supa numitta Eekhou Eepal langhalle ||
Eem kei sengthokle ||
Eepali Aleepa |
Paki leelapa |
pali ahanpa |
Konsen Tulei sengpa mingthonpu fangcheiye ||0||

The writer has given the readers complete written portion about the sanamahi (Semen and sperm concept ) of the Meetei race of Kangleipak as found in the puya, scripture Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok. The language written in the puya is pre-hindu pure Kanglei Meetei Language.

Now the humble writer will analyse what has been written in the puya in archaic form.

Key words/concepts in the Puya quotation:

1. Lainingthou Salailel Sitapa = Ating-aa, Nongthou, Ipa Salailel Sitapa, Ipa Sorarel(Hindu: Atiya), Sky, Endless Space, Open Space.

2. Who gave Talang Laipao – Ipung Loinapa Apakpa (The Universal Lord God Father Creator) Who is higher than Koilou Nongmaton (Top of the Limitless Sky)

3. Numit humni supaki angangki matamkumna sanaki masak malpa nouwa (ama) ama = Sanamahi, Sana Ahingpa Ee Mahi with Tillang(Sperm) with 3 days maximum lifespan in the woman reproductive tract after sexual encounter. ama is follow-up of the Talang Laipao. The Eelik(.) in the symbol ama is the Blood from the Ipung Loinapa Apakpa as life, life Blood for all living beings to be created on the Malem(the Earth). The Universal God Father Creator sent only the ama for creations of all living beings on the earth, from single cell living beings to homo sapiens. ama evolves to from lowest life form to highest life form in course of time. ama is the first cell sent by the universal god father creator for creation of all living beings on the earth.

4. Laiyamsingki Eeyek Khonthok = the script is called Eeyek in the ancient Meetei dialect. The scripts are drawn in the symbols we find in the puya today in the blood of the Universal God Father Creator and in the Male human body as the replica of the Universal God Father Creator (Mita Sai-on toutuna pokpa sipa taipang meena | Meetei haina koukhale – vide m in the Puya). So the pronunciation of the Eeyeks (Kok, Sam, Lai, Mit, etc.). Khonthok means sound, pronunciation of the Eeyeks.

5. 5. Uli | Wali | Meenachingna asi kehipikpu salakpa matamta eina nangki nateng pangkani – This part of the talang laipao and the surrounding circumstances indicates the Theory of Evolution of the Meetei Race. The ancient Kanglei Meetei race believes/thinks that from only the ONE thing sent by the Ipung Loinapa Apakpa for creation, that is, ama is the original cell from which all living beings are evolved including Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

6. Sitapaki Eesaiphu Eelonnungta = Here Sitapa means Salailel Sitapa (Endless space embodied/taken as a Male human being); Eesaiphu = Ee + Sa + i+ phu, Ee = blood, sa = body, human body, I = Ee = blood, phu = like chaphu(container), i+phu = Eephu Eelonnungta = Lainingthou Salailel Sitapa (above mentioned), Eelonnungta means in the Blood, in the body full of blood of the Salailel Sitapa.

7. Numit humni supaki nouwaki ma-ong oina sanaki machu malpa nouwa ama leilamle – means as explained in sl. 3. above.

8. Salailel Sitapa taking up the Numit humni supaki ma-ong malpa nouwa and giving Sanamahi name as His own son given to the Lailelma Leimalel Sitapi (The Earth, Malem) embodied as Deathless woman). The sentence is known without explanation.

9. The Numit humni supaki ma-ong malpa nouwa(Sanamahi) as soon as it is received by Laimalel Sitapi becomes angang. Thus comes Sanamahi Lainingthou, the Elder son of Salailel Sitapa and Ima Leimalel Sitapi according ancient Kanglei tradition. Sanamahi or Sanamahi lainingthou the elder son is not human born. He is embodied as a Person Philosophically. He is the first cell of livings on the Earth sent by the Universal God Father Creator, Ipung Loinapa Apakpa. About the end of the Puya, Wakokolon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok, the scripture of the Meetei race of Kangleipak, the Puya writes
"Laiki Leeklamni Khangnanapa Haituna |
Laiki Leek: Laileek Haina Koukhale ||
Matou Asum Touna |
Nongthou Malon Taletki Yafamta Tingpalpa Mapuna Saion Toutuna Taipangpalpa Santhoknafamni Haituna Santhong Apanpa Kouna Mala Lelphu Oikhale ||
Malem Leikhalon Taletna Amampa Leimulonki Masak-kumna |
Taipangpalpaki Tungnafam leisa Oina Leikhale ||

As the scripture is very ancient, the Puya is written in archaic Meetei language, but if the reader puts his full attention, everything will be known. The quotation portion writes, the Blending of the God's wish of creating living beings and the living beings He created on the Malem(The Earth). This is called Leithak- Leikhalon in the ancient archaic words of Kangleipak.

Here in this blending, the Sanamahi or the Samahi Lainingthou and the Santhong Apanpa are the bridge. Sanamahi, Sanamahi Lainingthou and the Santhong Apanpa are the same thing in different words. Sanamahi Lainingthou is the sperm in the liquid form Santhong Apanpa (The Whitish liquid coming out the ejaculation).

Now the writer firmly believes that the readers know how the ancient Puya dealt accurately about the sperm and semen in its pages.

Note on the Name of 'Sanamahi Laining', 'Sanamahism'

Probably every reader who read this short discussion on Sanamahi or Sanamahi Lainungthou or Sana Ee Mahi as the Kanglei scripture Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok discussed in details on its pages. In the three conceps, Sanamahi, Sanamahi Lainingthou and Sana Ee Mahi as found in the Puya, the word/concept 'Sana' is found.

The 'Sana' found in the Kanglei scripture, Puya has nothing to do with the 'sana', an ornamental valuable metal(gold), sana which is derived from 'sona' which came only to kangleipak in the 18th century with Hinduism. The concept/word found in the Puya, Scripture in the discussion about the creation, it means 'Procreation', changing the Spiritual Universe of God, to an Universe of realities (of concrete things). This is the wish of the Universal God Father.

The 'Sanamahi' comes from the Ipung Loinapa Apakpa, the Eternal God Father as (ama) ama to the Earth. The Kangleicha Meetei race called the Eternal God Father Creator as Ama(one) symbolising as ama . The Eternal Abode of the ama is the Ipung Loinapa Apakpa, this Ipung Loinapa Apakpa incarnates as the Ating-aa, the Salailel sitapa(Ipa Sorarel) and is the 2nd abode, and the Salailel Sitapa gives the ama to Ima Leimalel Sitapi giving the name Samahi and then ama becomes Sanamahi or Sanamahi Lainingthou and lastly becomes Pakhangpa, Laikiti Mamei and Taipang Mikiti Pukok(The last of the God and the beginning of the Mankind), the temporary abode of the Eternal God father in the Human beings.

Thus the sanamahi Lainingthou symbolising as ama comes to the Earth from the Ipung Loinapa Apakpa, the Ulitimate Reality Universal God Father making human body as the temporary abode. Here the Sanamahi Lainingthou is called Konsen Tulei Sengpa meaning the Real God who is always with the body guarding the human body from any harm.

As the Kanglei traditional yumchao(Big dwelling House) is designed by our Kanglei ancestors as a male Human body, at the right side of the Yumchao in the south western corner of the Yumchao, the Kanglei Meetei race traditionally worship the universal God Father creator, the Father of the Universe in the name of Sanamhi Lainingthou.

So the religion of the Kangleicha Meetei race is Sanamahi or Sanamahism in English. It is not wrong when we say 'Sanamahi Laining'. But we can never say 'Pakhangpa Laining' or Pakhangpa-ism in english. Pakhangpa or Pakhangba is only a name or rather an epithet of the first monarch of Kangleipak. He is the Father of the Seven Salai Meetei race. Pakhangpa may mean also a male human. Pakhangpa or 'Pakhangba Laining' is specially wrong after Hinduism when Pakhangba equates to a Python(linchao) during Hindu rule. Pakhangpa means a 'person who knows the Universal Father, Ipung Loinapa Apakpa', The epithet was given to the first Patriarch monarch of the Seven salai Meetei race, Konchin Tukthapa Ipu Athoupa Pakhangpa. He is historical person. After him every monarch is also addressed as Pakhangpa or Pakhangba.

The Meetei race of Kangleipak worship the Universal Lord Inpung Loinapa Apakpa in the name of the Sanamahi Lainingthou as the Universal Lord comes to the Earth as Sanamahi in the symbol Ama( ) ama . The confusing names of the religion of the Meetei race are concocted during the Hindu rule from the 18th century to blur the real name of the religion of the Meetei race. It should be very useful to know that present word Nongmaijing(Sunday) is a word concocted during the Hindu rule. It represents Langmaiching, the first day o the Seven Days Chei-on(Week), first day the Universal Lord started creation of the Taipangpalpa(The Earthly life). During the Hindu rule, Nongmaiching is concocted to represent Langmaiching to destroy the theory of Creation of the Kanglei Meetei race.

Pakhangpa or Pakhangba Thouni

The Pakhangpa Thouni means Konchin Tukthapa Ipu Athoupa Pakhangpa Thouni, the first Monarch of Kangleipak, who gave birth the Seven Salais, that is, the Seven sons – Mangang, Luwang, Khuman, Angom, Moilan, Khapa-Nganpa and Salai Leishangthem, the first Seven Patriarchs of the Seven clans Meetei race. The 'Thouni' mentioned above means ThouchanNipa (asking for kindness).

Kanchin Tukthapa Ipu Athoupa Pakhangpa is a Historical personality, is not a God. So, the religion of the Meetei race cannot be said as 'Pakhangpa Laining'. It should be 'Pakhangpa Thouni' raising the Father of the Meetei race at the level of God. The Meetei race has 'Apokpa Khulumpa' thouram since time immemorial, and in this thouram we have to worship Pakhangpa, our common Father.

We cannont have 'Khuman Pokpa Thoulam', 'Luwang Pokpa Thoulam', etc. separately for different salai. This is Nine Salai Theory concocted during the Hindu rule

To be continued.....

* Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen is a frequent contributor to . The sender of this article is "Kangleipak Historical & Cultural Research Centre Imphal" and can be contacted at khr(Dot)centre(Dot)kangleipak(at)gmail(Dot)com (OR) chingtamlen(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on August 26 2012.

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