Positivity is the soul of life

Rabin Prasad Kalita *

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
— Winston Churchill

One who thinks positive he will not be shackled with the odd while climbing the stairs of success. Confidence is the most positive standpoint which ultimately nods or leads one to a suitable height. Positive attitude manifests constructive as well as creative thinking.

It helps to regain energy, and finally accomplishes the coveted goal. Positive thinking is a practice of optimism, hope and belief. One who inherent this, he would certainly feel cozier to cope up with anything. It makes easier to avoid worries and negative thinking.

Positive attitude can be developed. A child who watches his parents’ hard work may develop more or less a similar attitude. Parents have a greater role to play in front of their progeny. They must display confidence, self-belief and hope, especially in difficult situation, so that the children can imitate these qualities. They must be taught the importance of being positive.

There is no better life lesson for a child than watching his/her parents come out of a tough state of affairs by means of their hard work. Chidren build confidence from the day to day life of their parents. The hard works of the children are encouraged by appreciating, patting, guiding and rewarding. Rebuke or warning may not always improve the overall growth of a children but it’s necessary up to a certain age for making them correct who are all not serious while upbringing.

Here’s a true story of mine which I would like to put forward as to how I came out of my mental commotion because of the positive state of mind I inculcated. I had undergone a lot of difficulties while my father was almost confined to his room due to his chronic kidney disease.

My life came to a pause all of a sudden. I nearly lost hope of his survival after a tiresome marathon treatment. I had to bring him home as per the doctor’s advice. He had remained with a few respirations to continue his life for a month or two as I had been briefed by our doctor.

In those days, if the disease gets tangled, then it was near to the impossible to save that person except those who were rich enough to afford higher medical aids. In my case, I could only pray to God and plea for my father’s survival.

I never treated him as my guest rather I could rob his mental desperation by my untiring attention towards him. As my elder brother was away from home, I had to be along with him for 24/7 like a shadow so that he doesn’t get even a small space to weave his sheet of pain. The intensity of my involvement was such, due to which I could not write my class X final exam moreover, I had lost two consecutive academic years of my life. I kept no stone unturned towards his nursing.

I was always assertive on my take. I felt God had something better in its mind to shower on me any day. As I was listening my father for all the years, who used to say “stay positive, relax, and just go with the flow at the end all the dots will connect each other”.

He never missed to read or recite the magnificence of Krishna Geeta at every evening. I sat besides and chanted along with him and kept on listen the glory of Lord Krishna. I could learn and discover that the precious gifts of happiness are within me for free, only thing I shall have to explore my inner self for a wise service.

My father knew about our financial status at that very critical juncture. I was almost penniless and also no quarter left to borrow. Survival was the prime aspect in front of us and the rest were all secondary issues. So I kept my cool during this transition period and also thought of a small business to meet with our day to day expenditures.

As per my father’s advice I communicated a saw mill owner and did a mutual agreement with him to sell fire woods in our locality. The condition was to sell and pay the dues to the owner before the delivery of his next trip of firewood. I did it happily from our home itself and somehow I could mitigate our financial crunch. Simultaneously, I was trying to pay back our swelling loans one by one.

My father was a skilled artisan. He made a lot of beautiful handicrafts out of wastages when he was pretty energetic and young. People forgot to shift their eyes out of his spellbound arts. I always noticed that he gave his hundred percent whatever he did and got involved with solemn dedication. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that he had a mastery over many arts.

Gradually my father gained some hope and strength from his broken health for which he had to fight hard. He despised of laying on his bed all the time, so he had shown some interest to get himself involved into some creative works. Hence, he wished to have some raw materials if I could provide. I was contented to fetch him those as per his requirement.

Thus he got a sense of satisfaction & accomplishment. He survived not only a couple of months as we expected but also for five long years he could hold his breath rather he presided over us from his 4X6 bed as a head of our family. He was an undaunted fighter and also a source of inspiration.

He tried not to let his physical and mental conditions run by the poignant life. That was possible only because of his adherence of positivity. I was fortunate enough to learn some integral lessons of my life with the flow of ups and downs. I gained more than I lost.

To develop positive attitude, just rebuff to look at them when negative thoughts knock at your mind. Just push them out with your happy thoughts; otherwise it would be a heap of negativity. Always choose to be optimistic. Search for a good reason to smile which would sail you young all the way. Here is an old saying, “The way you sow so you reap”. One needs to adopt the attitude of positive and rational thinking in everything one do.

I would like put forward a classic example of looking at a glass, and thinking of it as either half full or half empty. It is neither right nor wrong to justify, however, the sensible way to look at the glass as half full naturally makes you feel happy instead of expressing it as half empty.

Therefore, the very essence of positive thinking means to be hopeful for a better result. A determined and dedicated person finds his way out in all complexities and he keeps on finding solution to every problem and one day he achieves his cherished goal.

* Rabin Prasad Kalita wrote this article for
The writer is from Guwahati, Assam and can be reached at rabin1966(AT)gmail(DOT)com
This article was webcasted on April 18 2019.

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