Making New Year's Resolution

HT Haokip *

Christmas Feast and Lenkhom (Gathering) at Churachandpur :: 25 December 2011
Christmas Feast and Lenkhom (Gathering) at Churachandpur :: 25 December 2011 :: Pix - Jimmy Leivon

With much fanfare and pomp the celebration of Christ's birthday had been just over so very overwhelmingly however there is still a time ahead of us, to retrospect especially the general misconduct of our past bygone days where adopting some sort of new pledge to see a reform face at least on the first day or month of year 2014 we have never seen before is highly necessary.

As is an usual practice and belief during childhood days one always tries to be at best on New Year day as far as possible for the fear that one may become bad or get habituated with the old die-hard habits if the first single day of the year is being misspent.

We will all well agreed young and old alike once in life attempted to be at best and stay calm, cheerful, obedient and hardworking - a resolution not like other time is being self-resolved for taking up in a single day on the occasion of New Year. Passing moments proved the fading away of year 2013 though it could be nostalgic for few while a parting time with loved ones for the other or a year of regrets.

Whatever it be nothing is wrong with us. Circumstances are just the test of time and it is good not to fall and lay down decomposed while walking but to raise every time we fall. Nobody is without ambition in life.

At least there must be something that we wanted to become. Enjoying life at the cost of failure to fulfill a dream is a sin. Dream can become unaccomplished. Conditions are set to accomplish dream like the blessings of Almighty God one could not grabbed without first ascertaining and following the rituals of God in daily life.

The creator - Almighty God desired all His creations to accomplish dreams and ambitions which are rational. There must be one or other reasons if one fails to accomplish dreams. Success is a long journey and requires hardwork and continuous sufferings. Lack of hardwork and self-sufferings on oneself could create failure. There is no short-cut to success and without labour. Failure may also be defined in various ways.

Many people being pulled away by the changing time can meet failure. Many lives'misery and failure are the creations of our own deeds. School and college students encountering failure in examination mostly studied only when exams knocked at the door or lay idle from the start to the end of the school's session, hanker the easy way in neck-deep that it become tougher at one go to distance away from such temporary comforts. As any how it is always very bad to remember being a student at the eleventh hour.

But, for those who knew the value of time, there will be no way to encounter failure if proper study schedule are set from the beginning of the academic session. This applies especially to students who will be appearing for HSLC and HSC examination. Labouring oneself for the good cause of one academic career (not to say a year) even for some two three months is the most difficult job. So in nutshell it is habits that pull a person to an undesired destination. Habits are also classified into many.

Success is near for those who can inculcate a polished habit which are struggling and hardworking. Smoking, chewing betel nut, drug addiction, alcohol consumption or even reading of newspaper or of books lying over the bed and more so getting up very late in the morning or keep waking hours till late in the night buried over an unimportant thing are instances of few deadly habits eating up our precious time that incapacitate a person to achieve dreams. By pulling into such habits many intellect become hypnotized and become a slave of his/her ignorance, lost vigour and strength to translate dreams into reality. Users of bad habits become the loser themselves.

One must not be a loser following failure to come to sense while determining the sort of habits healthy for life. Bad habits are pleasant and give momentary satisfaction but beyond that, what? Complete failure. And complete failure is again suicidal. It is rather wise to take precaution in time so that we never regret about much reparable lost golden chance of our past time.

Today is New Year - the very first day or the first month of year 2014 all ambitious people must part with all the bad habits to warmly welcome the New Year with a fresh hope, to enable happiness and success enters our pathway. To achieve pet dream one must wear the armour of truth and start with systematic plan, reasonable and achievable targets, adopt clarity of thoughts and visualize the goal as having achieved and no rest on the way till the goal reach its destination.

Learning to do what one never does is difficult even before the start. The time has arrived to try solutions for our life's difficulties: it is today. How fair we have had proceed or fail in 2013 must be made the ground where improvement for the coming year should be undertaken. Outward appearance which looks fair and fine can in no way make the future good and promising unless it combined with the inward characteristics. Destinies are shaped up according to one's deed. What we sow in life we will reap later.

Successful persons are the one who sow the good seed of hardwork, promotes punctuality, deciphered sweet utterances,caterspurity of heart andpursues humility and obediencewhile wandering in life.

Above all it is good peace reign into us this festive year 2014 by parting with habits that down our life in 2013. Let us set a goal and make our goal an achievable target. Goal cannot be reach even if thought the whole year round and without manual work and labour. Working laboriously until one reaches the goal is the only way out to achieve life's ambition.

So on the first day/month of 2014 that is today let us make sure we do something good for life from dawn to dusk never to repent like the passing year which we cannot recall back even so we like very much. Let us also make sure to climb higher in life in 2014. There is a way and depend on the person to make sure. If a lazy person in 2013 begin to work hard, unpunctual become punctual, coarse voice turn into honeyed-tongue, impure heart become pure, big people could humble themselves and finally stubborn become obedient by now then 2014 can be a year for climbing a higher ladder in life.

It is difficult to put a stop at our age however our age whether we like it or not, kept increasing each year. If extra year is added to our personal age each year it is not irrational to hanker about good traits, fill in our life and work till the findings turn a reality and stand achieved.

The question is what we should kick away and absorbs to make 2014 a year full of promise, hope, happiness and a year fulfilling our dreams. The answer lies within our reach.


* HT Haokip wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao
The writer is from L. Semoul Village, Near District Jail, Churachandpur
This article was posted on January 02, 2014.

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