The living Gods

Mr.SS *

Every body thinks and says the Doctors are living Gods and they save life, give life and rebirth life. They, the Doctors have dedicated their life for the welfare and good health of the people. Medical science is so advance and developed that every problem can be diagnosed and solved by medicines and surgery. Many life has been saved even from fatal injuries, dislocations, Fractures even internal hammer ages.

It is the medical machinery and instruments that diagnosed and show the disorders inside the body and rectified by probes operated from outside and rays that cures the diseases. So the Doctors are now the living Gods of the day. The following is the abstract of the diary of one of my friend of Manipur. It is very interesting too in the present era of Advance Medical science.

The madam (Wife) of my friend, age around fifty who was suffering from abdominal pain for the last three/four months went to a lady Gynecologist who is having her own Clinic at Imphal for check up. The Doctor has checked the patient and advice for Ultrasound test of abdominal area in her Clinic. Accordingly it was done and result was shown to the doctor.

On the finding of the Sonogram the patient was advised to immediately admit in her Clinic for extraction of the Womb being blown up and lead to cancer. Then madam further went to another Gynecologist Doctor of a private Hospital of Imphal with the findings of the first Doctor for confirmation and check up. After examination with another Ultrasound test conducted at their hospital with the advice of the Doctor couple ( Both Husband and Wife gynecologist) , It is said that there is no problem in the Womb and the problem was in the Small Intestine and have to undergo surgical operation for the scraping and medication of the effected surfaces of the intestine and advised for admission in their Hospital immediately.

Then my friend who was staying outside Manipur called the madam to Guwahati for further medical checkup. Accordingly they went to Down Town Hospital of Guwahati and started consulting the Gynecologist Doctors of the Hospital with the findings of the Imphal Doctors. Ultra Sonogram test was again conducted for the abdominal area of the lady and then referred to another Doctor in the same Hospital for the Intestine problems of the patient as diagnosed at Imphal.

The patient was checked by the doctor himself inserting a probe from back side and viewed the inside surfaces in front of my friend for any infection and observed in the Monitor screen and take the photographs. The finding was very normal and referred to the earlier Doctor with the findings. After verification of the reports of sonogram and reports of another Doctor who checked the intestine, the first Gynecologist has prescribed one ointment for external application and massaging of the abdominal area with one vitamin syrup. The pain as diagnosed was the muscle pain due to big abdomen of 40/42 size of the woman.

It is the case of July-2009. The same lady had suffered with breathing problem, may be due to Lungs infection or Asthma and rushed to the same private Hospital at Imphal. She was admitted to the hospital and the resident Doctor has checked and advice for shifting to ICCU of the Hospital. Accordingly the patient was shifted for observation/recovery. After three days the patient was shifted back to a singled bed AC room for medication and kept for seven days.

The patient was given with life saving injections costing Rs 3500.00 per injection daily with other medicines for seven days. When my friend rushed to Imphal on listening the information, it was found that his wife was under the treatment of one Neurologist Doctor of the Hospital. When asked why the treatment was not done by a Physician. The answer was 'Doctors are doctors'. My friend met the Doctor and discussed the treatment and told that if the patient party wants to take treatment from a Physician, the patient was to be discharged from him and further admitted to the Physician for further treatment in the same Hospital. Seeing the system and atmospheres of the Hospital, my friend had requested for discharge of the patient from the Hospital.

Then the patient was brought to International Hospital, Guwahati and consulted with one Lady Doctor Associate professor of Guwahati medical College and conducted on her advice blood test with scanning of the chest. After seeing the test results, the patient was referred to a Gynecologist Doctor of the same Hospital for checkup of Menopause problems being the age of the patient was around 52/53 years. Further lab test was conducted on the advice of the 2nd Doctor and referred back with her findings to the first Doctor.

After seeing the test results and observation findings of another Doctor, the treatment was concluded with prescription of one Homeo medicine for three months with further checkup after the medicine. Madam is now in good health with the medication. In one road accident , the patient was brought to RIMS Casualty Department and first treatment was started. The patient was further shifted to Neurological Department for detailed examination and found injury in the spinal cord and face area near eye.

The patient was kept in the bed with the instruction to keep / remain flat for ten days. The Neuro specialist Doctor was not available for 24 hours after the admission in the Hospital. After many request and personal level, the so called Doctor gave a visit and told to shift the patient to a private Hospital at Imphal. Accordingly the patient was shifted after five days to the private Hospital and kept on the bed with the same instruction with saline drifts. Seeing the treatment, the parents were waiting for the improvement and gain strength to travel for around ten days in the same Hospital. On request the patient was taken out and shifted to Guwahati GNRS Hospital by Ambulance and admitted there.

The Neuro specialist Doctor was immediately informed by the front desk officials and the Doctor attended the patient within hours. The investigations were immediately carried out and reports were received within hours. On seeing the reports the Doctor have a smile in his face and asked the patient to move his body, raise the hands, sit on the bed. After all these observations the Doctor ask the patient party to take him out on walking in the room and outside the room and to provide soups, meats, Eggs to regain strength. The patient was in the Hospital for three days and discharged with a prescription of medicine for one month and asked to take out the patient on walking all the time if possible.

The patient is now playing football. It is another case of road accident with the fracture in the right hand elbow area referred by a Primary Health Centre. The patient was brought to the RIMS Casualty Department around 2.30 PM and treatment started by the Doctors available on the spot, may be MBBS interns or students, Ex-ray was taken in the Hospital. the result was so poor, nothing could be seen in the ex-ray. There was no Ortho Doctor available even on call.

The patient party, on seeing the situation requested the on spot Doctors to refer the Patient to private Hospital. The Doctors has listened the request and immediately referred to the requested Hospital, from one Medical College to a private Hospital. At the Hospital, the patient was admitted in a double-bed room and kept on observation on the findings of the RIMS. NO Ortho Doctor was also available on the day of the accident even in the private Hospital till late night. When contacted it was intimated that the Ortho Doctor will be available on the next day. The patient party requested to the resident doctor for conducting CITY Scanning of the head and hand being road accident.

It was ignored by the doctors saying as of no symptom of head injury like vomiting etc. My surprising is that if City Scanning is done, what is the harm though there is no symptom and patient party wants to confirm of normalcy of the head. IF the problem arises after one or two days on the internal blood hemorrhaged, what will happen? On repeated request, City scanning was done on 2nd day and found no injury of head and multiple fracture of the right hand.

On seeing the report, the Ortho Doctor said in front of the patient that the hand will remain stiff forever and there is no hope for flexibility and no movement of the fingers. The patient party was very annoyed on the behavior of the doctor. The patient party has requested the doctor to refer to outside Manipur. He was very happy and said go to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, any where in India and try your luck. Is it the way to behave by a so said specialist? Now the patient is doing the work same as before after the treatment at a Hospital at New Delhi and physio therapy for two months.

This is Manipur having many many 'LIVING GODS' in the Hospitals, Government or Private. Who is going to streamline the way of treatment prevailing in Manipur to the poor people of the state. Medical Science is so advanced as on date, any problem/disorder of body can be cured/ rectified. It is the general tendency of the doctors who are always discussed the problems with other Doctors, in seminars, short term courses etc to keep himself with the new medical technology and medicines.

One more thing the doctors of outside Manipur are so simple and can be contacted easily on phone in person or through their secretary and discuss openly. They listen the problems for proper diagnosis of the illness. The hospitals are well equipped that in hours the results are available for immediate start of the treatment. The Hospitals are so neat and clean and the nursing services are so prompt and dutiful that there is no chance to make comments.

One of the doctor of a private hospital on casual discussion of the lab test at Imphal Hospitals, it was stated that the lab test are not reliable as the maximum results are general created results without conducting the test as the blood samples taken for examination are used to kept many hours without proper chemicals as the technician were always out of the lab and even not return to the lab after taking samples.

On next day the technician use to record test results what ever he feels suitable according to the nature of the patient as the blood was out of the testing period. Many costly Instruments, Testing machines are available in the hospitals lying idle and junked or unused as the technicians /operators are not habituated to use the machines or think useless as they are so experienced that they can say the problems of the patient on touch of the patient or on seeing by their naked eye.

Same as the doctors also used to prescribe medicines on the problems /pains stated by the patient without examining even by their stethoscope. We should be proud of the local doctors who can diagnosed visually and treats the patient by prescribing six /seven medicines even for a normal complain without considering the side effect to be happened in the patient.

It is the general concept/thinking of lamb men of state of Manipur who is not having knowledge / health conscious and does not know to whom he will approach/ contact for treatment, goes to govt./Private Hospitals for treatment where they follow the advice and face the consequences of the money oriented treatments and sufferings. Many are now remain handicapped on the wrong treatment and negligence of the doctors and para medical staffs of the hospital considering as fade of the patient.

It is a simple narration of medical treatments and discussions held with. By reading this simple write up, let the people and doctors open their eyes for a better future.

* Mr.SS (a pseudonym) contributes to regularly. The writer can be contated at mr.ss2010(at)rediffmail(dot)com
This article was posted on August 02, 2011.

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