My First Yoga Class
- (Getting Divinity in the first yoga class itself)-
- Part 2-

Dr. Konsam Suken Singh *

Now, hearing his answer, I became as alert and active as a cocaine addict. I thought to myself – "How dare you say that you felt HOT vibrations on your palms and head when you are sitting with open palms under a fan which is running at its highest speed …! If only u felt something on them (palms and top of head) also, it could be only cold vibrations (cold breeze, to be more specific). After all, people practise meditation and yoga for more than 10-10…..20-20 years. Then only, only few of them can experience the 'Divinity'. And you !!!!…in just 20 minutes….you can feel that Divinity !!!!!.

With the same cherished smile, sir now turned towards me and asked me,

"What about you, Suken, can you feel something on your palms and top of head !! "

Getting nervous as what to reply, I replied fumblingly,


Sir replied to me as if he knew my answer,

"Its ok, no problem. With some practice you will be able to appreciate it soon."

I just smiled at sir shyly as if I was an unblessed child of God who could not feel HIS divinity. And this blessed child of Divine (Sekharan) was sitting next to me in his almost half-sleep state with his red sleepy eyes drooping down.

My mind was congested with all these thoughts these meanwhile. I suddenly came to my consciousness when sir told us breaking the silence,

"Ok dears, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the experience of Divinity !"

Both of us replied in such haste as if we were running for a big race,

"Yes sir, we really enjoyed the experience. Thank you, sir."

As we both stood up from our respective chairs to leave sir's cabin, sir again continued to both of us,

"Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Some 2nd year MBBS students are coming today at 12 O'clock (noon) for yoga and meditation. If you (both) are interested, you can come and join us in the demonstration room of our department."

I was feeling like – ' Again !!!' But, before Sekharan could reply, my tongue got slipped again,

"Sure sir, we will definitely come and join you."

Before I could complete my words, Sekharan also seconded me again in the race of impressing the boss,

"Sure, sir."

When I looked at my watch, it was 9.45 AM. Sekharan and myself headed towards canteen for a hot cup of coffee. On the way, I thought he would start talking about the sensations (hot vibrations) he experienced in those 20 minutes. I already made up my mind, 'in case you start na…., I will surely give you nicely now'. Lucky for him that he didn't even utter a single word regarding it. Breaking the silence, I asked him with a hidden intention,

"Hey man, are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian !!"

He replied to me with great pride,

"I am a non-vegetarian, you !!"

I replied to him with a smile in my mind as if I got my answer,

"I am also same. What about drink, do you drink !!"

Now, hearing the word 'drink', I could see his eye balls bulging out with a bright smile on his face. He replied with more pride than before,

"Yes man, I do drink. I love to drink…..especially on weekends because we can take rest next day being Sunday. Hope you too drink !"

"Yes man, I also do drink. We can party on every weekends."

"That is great !!" – he replied happily as we entered the canteen.

Now see 'how DIVINE he is!!!' Do you think that with these kinds of activities (non-veg, drink etc.) going on with him (like me), he will get Divinity in just 20 minutes!!' It is just impossible !!!!

At 12 PM, when we (myself and Sekharan) entered the demonstration room, already 15-20 students were there sitting on different chairs and sir sitting in front of them on a chair facing them near the blackboard. They already started the meditation. So, both of us went inside quietly not to disturb them, and occupied two chairs two rows behind the last row of students and joined them in the meditation with both the palms putting on our lap. I wondered again – 'now also again yoga and meditation sitting on chairs with socks and shoes on,…isn't it strange a bit !!'

After about 10 minutes of full meditation and prayer to mataji, sir told us to do this and that and we all followed with our eyes closed. Finally, sir told us,

"Ok now, keep your hands on your laps and concentrate on both the palms and top of head, thought should come in mind, you should be in 'thoughtless awareness' ."

WE all followed what sir told us to do and everyone was in their best silence. I tried to control myself to my best for any thought not to appear in my mind as sir told. But, again some unwanted thoughts began to haunt me all the while – "we become aware of something only when thought (of that something) comes to mind; ….when thought is not to be brought in mind, then how come this 'awareness' be there..... 'thoughtless awareness'! Won't it be more appropriate to rather say ' thoughtless state' than ' thoughtless awareness' !! "

5 minutes,…10 minutes…15 minutes….time went by in total silence as everyone was in their 'thoughtless awareness'. I really wondered what they were thinking about in their 'thoughtless awareness'. In between the total silence, I could hear some unwanted sounds now and then as some of them changed the position of their hands or the sound of changing the position of legs, of chasing of the flies sitting on their face, some even trying to prevent themselves from falling down from their chairs in their doze…etc etc.

But, I was really impressed by the deep meditation and concentrative power of my Divine colleague ( Shekhran) who was just beside me that I could not hear even the sound of slightest movement from him. Woh! such a deep and concentrated meditation. I thought to myself – 'Oh, he really can concentrate on his meditation,……that may be the reason why he could feel the vibrations that time which I could not !!'

Suddenly, before these thoughts could disappear from my mind completely, I heard 'some snoring sound' from amongst the Divine disciples in deep meditation. I wondered myself (as I doubt) – 'Is anyone amongst the Divine disciples really sleeping…..and that too such a sound sleep with this loud snore!!' It (the snoring sound) seemed to increase with every breadth that we all took.

Now, with the increasing sound of the snore, my doubt went beyond doubt and I was sure that – 'Yes, one of the Divine disciples amongst us is sleeping….!!' Just knowing that, I almost lost my silence and broke out in a big laughter. But, I kept the courtesy to maintain the peaceful environment. However, I was really wondering – 'Who can be this interesting holy disciple amongst us !!!'

My curiosity increased to its utmost limit when I learnt that the sound came from none but from my Divine colleague ( Shekhran) who acquired Divinity in just 20 minutes in the morning. Now, I almost blasted off myself with a heavy bout of laugher; however, I controlled my feeling again though it got slipped on my face as a suppressed smile.

With the fear in mind that 'what would sir and the other students feel if they come to hear of that (snoring sound)', I tried to wake him up by pinching him mildly with my left hand though I still closed my eyes as everyone. However, no response from him. He was still snoring in his deep sleep. Now, I opened my left eye (right eye was still closed) and pinched him little harder.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes out of surprise and because of the pain that I incurred to him just now with my hard pinch. He looked at me with his sleepy retiring face and red eyes. Then, feeling awkward of what he had done, he tried to pretend himself that he was in his deep meditation (and not in sleep, forget about the snore he made) and closed his eyes again as if he got disturbed in his deep meditation by my hard pinch. I again, seeing that dramatic action, just could not control myself from blasting off myself with a loud laughter. But still I maintained the decency not to do so.

Now, breaking the silence, sir told to all of us,

"Ok, everyone of you, now open your eyes slowly …."

Everyone opened their eyes and saw the light of this beautiful world after complete 20 minutes of 'thoughtless awareness' . Everyone looked so happy, delighted and relaxed when ultimately they were allowed to do so. But, I could see some of them still in their 'thoughtless awareness' now also even though their eyes were opened. Some of them even could not open their eyes fully as if they were in half-sleep state. Some were in their eager mood to open their mouth to share their experiences of feeling Divinity with sir before anyone else. I looked at my Divine colleague, he was still half asleep and half awoken with that red eyes and sleepy retiring face !

Suddenly, sir put up to all of us,

"So, how was the experience you all ! Could you feel some kind of vibrations on both your palms and top of head….!!"

Defeating the ever-eager students (to share their experiences with sir), the first disciple who raised his hand to reply was none than my Divine colleague who was sitting beside me in the last row whose 'snoring', luckily, was not heard by anyone because of the noisy revolving sounds of the fans in the room and being in the last row (thanks to God that we sat two rows behind the last rows of students). Before anyone could raise his / her hand, he raised his hand with his red sleepy eyes.

Seeing him raising his hand, sir diverted his attention towards my divine colleague,

"Yes, Shekharan, did you feel and what was your experience now!!"

Shekharan replied (in his dream, I suppose),

"Sir, now also I could feel the vibrations on both the palms."

Sir replied with a serene smile,

"Oh, that's great! God is with you always since you meditated with your heart and soul."

Hearing this again, I almost lost my control to give out a loud laughter. But, somehow I controlled myself, though it was very difficult for me to do so. After that, sir was talking to the remaining ever-eager students to share their experiences just like my 'Divine snoring colleague'. However, I did not know what exactly they were talking about as I could not pay any heed to them since I found myself very hard to prevent myself from blasting out with a loud laugher.

Suddenly, the students altogether blasted off with a loud laughter at the same time. It seemed that sir had cracked a good joke to them which I didn't hear. Taking advantage of that situation, though I didn't know what exactly the joke was, I broke out myself heartily with the biggest ever laughter I had ever made in my life, a kind of laughter which was reasonably inappropriate (that was supposed to be had I been laughing at sir's joke) with the quality of joke that sir had made to the students. For me, I had no option but to relieve myself from the tension which I had been suppressing these meanwhile. Hearing my extra heavy bout of laughter, everybody looked at me curiously. However, thanks to God and mataji, ultimately they thought that it was due to sir's joke.

The only person who knew the sole reason behind my extra heavy bout of laughter was my Divine colleague. He looked at me with his side eyes (lateral gaze) with a clear reason in his gaze. I just gave him a meaningful big smile without uttering a single word. The room was still filled with the residual sound of group laughter of the cheerful students. I just wondered myself listening to the faded residual sound of laughter of some of the over-cheerful students,

"Are all of them really laughing heartily at sir's joke !!!…..or….Are some of them like me!….Taking advantage of the context of the situation (due to sir's joke) and getting themselves relieved with their Free Laughter from their ever-suppressed tension due to the 'snoring sound' of my divine colleague !!


Note: This article/short story (a real life funny incident) is written just for the sake of fun from a very unusual experience. The funny elements in the story may, sometimes, sound sarcastic. In case, this sort of feeling happens to some or other readers, I really beg pardons for that. But, as I told before also, there is noting as such. I hope, the article is enjoyed as it is supposed to be so. Also, I beg forgiveness from the DIVINE FORCES in case it hurts the sentiments of the religion concerned.

* Dr. Konsam Suken Singh contributes to regularly. The writer is currently working with SRM Medical College, Chennai as an Assistant Professor (AP) in the Department of Forensic Medicine. The writer can be contacted at drsuken(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
This article was webcasted on September 19th, 2010.

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