Seminar on "Reforming Teaching-Learning and Evaluation in Collegiate Education"
Date :: 29th December, 2018,

Call for Papers and Delegates for National Seminar on
“Reforming Teaching-Learning and Evaluation in Collegiate Education”

and General Body Meeting of FEGOCTA,
29th December, 2018, Imphal Hotel, Imphal

Organized by
Federation of Government College Teachers’ Associations, Manipur (FEGOCTA)
in collaboration with Y.K. College, Wangjing, Lilong Haoreibi College, Lilong
D.M. College of Arts, Imphal and D.M. College of Science, Imphal.

Education is a continuous collective activity among students, teachers, parents and the other stakeholders including political and administrative leadership who decide education policy. The priority on quality and inclusive collegiate education indicate the condition of education, development, social cohesion and stability of a nation. In India inadequate infrastructures, inability to recruit required teachers, failure to have effective teaching-learning activities, lack of ICT facilities and increasing non-academic interferences on the functioning of the colleges characterize collegiate education. Education is not able to meet the changing demands of the society, development of the nation and global standards.

In Manipur failure to implement the national policies of UGC, NAAC and RUSA, absence of higher education policy, inability to maintain teacher-students ratio and failure to enforce attendance rules characterize collegiate education. Neglect of education and inability to establish higher secondary schools by the state government after delinking Pre-university courses (Class XI and XII) from the colleges in the 1990s led to mushrooming of private schools. The potholes in school education system include elitist character, obsession with marks and toppers system and lack of focus on knowledge, innovation and moral values.

Such features of school education and disturbing social and political environment in the state have deep impact on collegiate education. The most visible is ineffective teaching-learning and evaluation. The college students are deprived of basic necessities and are left out from the national and global competition. The college teachers are demoralized and feel discriminated due to disturbing working and service conditions including failure to provide even the complete salary. Academic activities are frequently disturbed due to political and other factors.

There is a collective failure of all the stakeholders and society on collegiate education. The tragedy is the blame games go on and teachers are the soft targets. The huge expenditure due to increasing exodus of the students outside Manipur to pursue collegiate education has been the consequences. A collegiate education system which focuses on knowledge, innovation and contributes to progressive social change, development and stable environment is necessity in the competitive globalized era.

For this an objective understanding of the disturbing and declining trends in collegiate education and unfavorable socio-political environment is first necessary. A National Seminar with inter-disciplinary approach is organized on the theme of “Reforming Teaching-Learning and Evaluation in Collegiate Education”. The Seminar will focus on innovative strategies for effective teaching-learning and evaluation in collegiate education by bringing together policy makers, academicians, researchers, different stakeholders and those who have experience in the collegiate education.

The National Seminar will discuss following themes and related issues with special reference to Manipur and also learning from the experiences of other states.

1. Higher Education and Socio-Economic- Political Environment
1. Emerging Higher Education Policy and Its Implementation
2. Lack of Good Higher Education Governance and Practices
3. Non-Academic Interferences to Collegiate Education
4. Disturbing Working and Service Conditions of the Teachers

2. Understanding Collegiate Education in Manipur
1. Deficiencies in Infrastructure and Financial Resources
2. Lack of Teachers, Librarians and Support Staff
3. Neglect of Teaching-Learning and Knowledge
4. Semester System and Curriculum Transaction
5. Lack of Effective Monitoring System

3. Strategies for Inclusive and Quality Collegiate Education
1. Filling up Potholes in School Education System
2. Learning from Others and Autonomous Colleges
3. Steam wise Strategies- Science, Social Science, Humanities, Commerce etc
4. Constant Update and Relevant Curriculum and Syllabus
5. Overcoming Gender Gaps and Urban-Hill /Rural Divides
6. NAAC Assessment as an Effective Strategy
7. Exploring Partnership among the Stakeholders including Parents

4. Innovative Approaches for Effective Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
1. Maintaining Teacher-Students Ratio
2. Effective Enforcement of Attendance Rules
3. Modernizing Library Facilities for Teachers and Students
4. Innovative Teaching Methods and ICT Facilities
5. Mentoring and Student Centric Activities
6. Ensuring Effective Evaluation System
7. Pursuing Internal Efficiency and Academic Excellence

Important Dates

o Submission of the Abstracts of the Paper ( 350 to 500 words) : 30th November, 2018
o Notification of the Acceptance of the Abstract : 3rd December , 2018
o Submission of the Full Paper ( 3000 to 5500 words) : 10th December , 2018
o Last date of Registration : 10th December, 2018

Registration Fees upto 10th December, 2018 : Rs. 800/- (Rupees Eight Hundred Only), FEGOCTA Members: Rs. 600/- (Rupees Six Hundred Only), Research Scholars : Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only).
Registration Fee upto 17th December, 2018 Only :Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only ), FEGOCTA Members :Rs. 800/- ( Rupees Eight Hundred Only) and Research Scholars : Rs. 700/- (Rupees Seven Hundred Only)

Note : Each paper presenter will give concise presentation highlighting the objectives, summary of the findings and suggestions/strategies within 10 minutes. Recommendations of the National Seminar will be submitted to Governments of India and Manipur and presented papers will be published in book form.

For further details kindly see FEGOCTA website:
and contact
Dr. N. Somorendro,
National Seminar and General Secretary, FEGOCTA E-mail: fegocta and

* This information is sent by Dr. N. Somorendro who can be contacted at somons(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
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