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Things have really changed

[ Sun, Mar 27, 2011 8:22 am ]

I have almost finished a quarter of my life ..seen both ups and downs ,and its quite a good experience. I know less about the history of manipur its kings and queens and sure one day i will surely get to know a lot more about them. People always talk about progress and development but i feel these two words have been missing for our state for quite a few decades. what I personally feel is 90 percent of us are satisfied of what we are and what we have and out of these 90 percent, 60 percent of us are really jealous to see other progressing and becoming prosperous. Some of u must be thinking am talking some b***shit . Well the point is I speak the truth and really in a simple way.

There is nothing left to talk about the political games in Manipur every one knows it. We have fantastic leaders who rarely have a conscience .The pukka roads ten years back have become kuccha roads...the district hospitals with few beds ten years back have become cowsheds...basically the state which i left thinking it as a big town ten years back has basically become a big village....oh the amount of dust in the heart of the capital is breath taking...I wonder how many of us would die of silicosis . Things have really changed but good or bad one has to decide. Half of our young teens are either abusing drugs or alcoholic . WHY ...WHOM to blame no one knows..may be in another time i will think and tell or if any one knows i will be really happy to know the answer. Well i have talked enough of nonsense let me continue some other time BUT THINGS HAVE REALLY CHANGED no one can deny this


Give proper captions for picture in gallery

[ Thu, Mar 24, 2011 4:33 pm ]

In your gallery section, please provide proper captions according to the picture shown and NOT the same caption for the whole pictures. This would provide the pictures with a value.


Do good for the next generation

[ Wed, Mar 23, 2011 2:07 pm ]

Mayambu thagatchari , ahaanba maktada ....
I very much appreciate the e-pao team for the precious site developed to centralise the scattered precious minds of the emotional motherland of our place ... I very much appreciate and also try to keep in touch so as we can make an "icon" where every energy we have can be focused to be able to do some good for the next generation and we accumulate answer which will be surely asked by the next generation ... " Like give us educational environment ..", that we dont have now.. And I would like to suggest a thing that why not we enable download of songs from the e-pao radio , more or less is propagation of our own songs ... only thanks

Ph Anil Sharma

Why do Manipuri fall for "Sai Baba" tricks

[ Tue, Mar 22, 2011 10:47 am ]

I'd like to post this in irrevocable agreement with khanganbaa's 'Tricks of "Sai Baba" exposed'. This Sai Baba character has pissed me off so much. Let me tell you that. I've sat through his shows and have spent quite a bit of time listening to him and let me tell you this "I wasn't amused!" In fact, I have no words to tell you how I feel about this guy because I'm a decent man and I don't want to use the F word here. One question though: how did a lot of us Manipuris ever fall for his cheap tricks? Why are we so naive? Hang on a second, I found some words that don't start with F. ... let me get my dictionary and find some more words for him. English is a rich language you know. Thank you.


Manipur annexed or not - Not a question

[ Tue, Mar 22, 2011 1:33 am ]

Dear Roy, please don't start with a preconceived idea. For your research, this site will supply you some useful information to your study. There is a lot to read in this site. But we are very sure that the Maharaja of Manipur was forcibly made to sign on the merger agreement. But I am not qualified to comment about the merits and demerits of Manipur's inclusion in the Indian territory. As you are pursuing some research works, I suggest you to read a lot about Manipur and its merger into the Indian territory. Its early for you to form any opinion about Manipur and this I could perceive from your feedbacks. Sorry if I caused you inconvenience.

Robertson Ng

Looking for Ngangom at Cachar

[ Mon, Mar 21, 2011 10:42 am ]

I am looking for persons belonging to "Ngangom- Moirang yek" settling in Cachar District of Assam. I have been told some of our own blood had migrated to cachar long ago. Please contact me at pryokr58(at)gmail(dot)com


India "annexing" Manipur - Not true

[ Wed, Mar 16, 2011 12:30 pm ]

As I was doing a bit of research on Manipur, a land I always wanted to visit, I came across your website. The contents are very interesting. However, I am also saddened to read certain comments which perpetuates a us-against-them mentality. First, a bit of my background to put matters in context. I am a Canadian of Indian descent. My mother was born in Assam. Even though I am a Bengali many of my relatives are Assamese. As I was growing up, our "Greehadebata" (house god) is Giridhari (Krishna) - although I believe in the theological aspects of a religion, any religion. I attended schools including a Ramakrishna Mission school and later universities in Kharagpur, West Bengal and then in Canada. Therefore, although I live far away, I do appreciate and understand - at least to certain extent - what Manipuris are going through by reading published news from sources including unbiased sources such as BBC. I am also sad that Manipuris are experiencing hard times. So what does one do? Before one debates about definition of Indians and Manipuris (or for that matter any one in India), one must decide the basis of such a definition.

India is NOT one nation - although it certainly is one country. There are many, many nationalities in India - both a curse and a blessing. Regardless of nationalities - and one must be proud of his/her origin - one must not use divisive thoughts since ultimately such thoughts (and resulting actions) do NOT help anyone!!! After living outside Indian for 42 years and having traveled and lived in 20 different countries, there is one major conclusion. If one wants to look for a difference, one WILL ALWAYS find one. Did you know that even Hitler - who prided on Nordic features such as fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes, etc. - wanted to disassociate from those who had even brown eyes!! I travel in South-East and East Asia quite a lot. I was in Cambodia and Thailand last December and January. I was in Japan the year before. I always try to stay with local families to appreciate their culture and everyone, without fail, have been extremely nice to me. Often people of North_east seem to associate themselves with South East Asians because of features - as if a Vietnamese and a Manipuri, or a Naga or a Kuki are the same!! Culture define similarity - looks do NOT. Appearance NEVER has been nor will it EVER be part of culture. So when I see vitriol - thinly masked or not - in this column, it saddens me. There is no doubt that North-east has been ignored for a long time. Of course there is legitimacy to their grievances, including those from Manipur. However, violence (at worst) and divisiveness (at best) are no answers to fight against such problems. One participant in this column mentions about India "annexing" Manipur!!

If this is true, ALL Indian states were annexed by India - one way or another. Also, perhaps someone can explain this - when Netaji's INA fought in Imphal and Kohima, did he think he was liberating Manipur and Nagaland? Did he and thousands of Azad Hind Fauj soldiers who fought and many of whom died, not think of a much, much higher goal than this petty divisiveness that some politicians and their cohorts are trying to perpetuate for their own gains and some people are falling for the same? Detractors will of course say that it was a different time. Perhaps. Detractors will also say that what is being written here is empty rhetoric. Even so, to do something good, to have higher aspirations, to use noble means to achieve those aspirations, were no different then - as they are no different now. Think about it. (Incidentally, Netaji created INA - to some may be a tool for violence - because almost the whole world was at war and he saw an opportunity in the mad world.)

sroy - Canada

Enough MLMs and betrayals

[ Wed, Mar 16, 2011 12:59 am ]

People are aware of many MLMs (multi-level marketing) floated in Manipur, i.e. TViexpress, NSEM, Jaitex, Visarev, FOREX, Global Index etc. And all of them duped our people with millions of hard earned rupees and disappeared. My concern is how come our people believe in such virtual world of investments? To get enough experience and lesson 1 or 2 MLM was enough but time and again, these virtual companies have been targeting our people with different masks, yet again our people believed them. Why and how? How stupid those investors are? Why don't they investigate before investing their hard earned money ? Those investors could be called as 'Foolest' of the fools. Afterall, all those millions of Rs. are our (Manipur's) money. There is no MAGIC for easy and quick money.It is very sad that, looks like, our people are still living in caves. Looks like they don't have any idea of internet technology, investment policies & their structure etc. Even if they don't know it, they can get information from many sources before investing. They would easily know how their money would grow by asking 3 how's. It is very very sad to know millions of rupees are drained out unchecked from already poor Manipur. My dear country men/women, I beg you to think thrice before you step-into such virtual investment companies. We have had enough MLMs and betrayals. How long we can go like this? Plz don't tell yourself such stories to outside Manipur, people would laugh at you. It is time to introspect yourself. And one important thing that it's time to punish those cheaters and persons who brought in such unauthenticated & virtual business, so that such MLMs would not dare to come again in Manipur. May God Save Manipur. Long Live Manipur.

Fuganba - Guwahati

No Global Wing Index in Delhi

[ Mon, Mar 07, 2011 6:18 am ]

Mr Editor! Today I went in search of Global Wing Index, Delhi Marketing Section - New Delhi Global wing index Marketing Office Red Building 2nd Floor /207, PVR Complex , Vikash Puri New Delhi - 110018. And found that there were 6 towers in Red Building and I tried 2nd floor of all 6 towers in Red building but there was no Office call Global Wing Index. To confirmed it again i went to Welkin Real Tech Pvt. Ltd. B1/1, III Floor, Jank Puri, New Delhi-110058 Delhi, India. There also no company in that name. I went there because Global Wing Index claims that they are partners with Welkin Real Tech Pvt. Ltd. but no such company was there in that address. All this proof that Global is also another fraud MLM company cheating Manipuri people. I inform you and give this detail hoping that you will do some positive steps. I have been cheated but I dont want another public to be cheated. Lets together teach them a lesson. Please reply to me for any further confirmation.


strikes, bandhs, road blockades

[ Sat, Mar 05, 2011 7:39 am ]

42 days fast death of teachers strike has been call off after the meeting with council of Ministers. It is a good news for the state of Manipur and specially the students who are appearing the Board exams. The teachers has mentioned that extra classes will be conducted to cover the syllabus of the academic session 2010-2011 before the exams. God may bless them as they came to know the value of life of a child.

Regarding the number of students in the Govt. schools in comparison with the private schools and sending of their wards to private schools being a school teacher, the reason stated by them is the teaching medium. Sorry to mention here that in lower classes the medium of teaching is same to all schools as the students in private schools are not from England or USA. The kids are all Manipuri. In the meeting with the council of ministers, what are the outcomes of the 42 days strike, it is not known to anybody as it is silent in print media. It is also heard that a cease work strike including the Secretariat employees is starting from 10th March'2011. It is very interesting to know that before start of another strike, the earlier one has been call off though it was fast to death for the 6th pay commission's scale of pay.

It is seen in the News Paper that Rs 283 Crores per month will be needed as salary of 65,000 regular employees, 3477 Contract workers and 34,000 Pensioners. The total collection of revenue including central Tax and non plant revenue is around Rs 200 Crores per month. So there is a deficit of Rs 83 Crores and will be unable to pay the salary from June'2011. It is a good calculation and every body should know the actual position of the fund available. That means there is another strike from July / August'2011 in Manipur. A proper programme or Roaster of strikes for one financial year should be made adjusting the number of days of strike as per the value of the demands, considering a gap in between, not to overlap each other and the leaders to head the agitations should be finalized.

A provision for strikes of Social Organisations should also be kept and days for them are to be granted beforehand not to create confusion among the organizations and Employees of all cadres excluding pensioners. A provision to include pensioners grievances in the charter of demands for strike is to be considered not to come against the strikers. During finalization of the roaster of strikes for one year, opinions of the public for Bandhs, Road Blockade, quantum of damage of Govt. properties are to be choke out and who will lead the actions, side wise/ Route wise/District wise to effect day to day life, the poor, hand to mouth people who feeds their family on their daily earnings, are to be finalized in the beginning of the year. The programme of strikes, bandhs, road blockades so finalized may please be read out through media like general budget of the state /country, read out every year. 'Long live Manipur'.

Mr. SS 2010

Some people should not comment

[ Fri, Mar 04, 2011 11:25 pm ] should take up some steps for moderation of comments posted here. Indecent and abusive words should be removed. There are 5/6 readers always commenting on any topic which comes their way, regardless of the depth of knowledge he possesed in that particular subject. From their comments it is evident that they are not resourceful persons to whom readers can rely in fact they are no nothing. Their comments should not be posted at all. So please take up necessary actions in this regard soon.


Meetei Mayek font not visible in Mozilla

[ Thu, Mar 03, 2011 3:51 am ]

Dear E-pao team, I got a doubt. When i open website in mozilla the meetei mayek font is not available. But when i open in chrome it don't have any problem I can see the meetei mayek. What is the difference. Does google chrome automatically install the font.

N. Ajith Singh

Barton Format

[ Wed, Feb 23, 2011 5:39 am ]

please upload all the formats of barton like luhongbagi, soratki, etc


Salute to our Sports(wo)men

[ Tue, Feb 22, 2011 12:59 am ]

Congratulations to our Brothers and Sisters of Sports fraternity for their on-going achievements in the 34th National Games. We salute you. Bring more glory in our state's name. You people deserve a warmest and splendid welcome at home. I have no words to express my happiness and gratitude to you. All I can say is: Thank you very much and we are proud of you. We are watching you and feeling happy & proud. We are with you always, be it National or International event. ALL THE BEST.

Robindro Lairenlakpam - Dehradun

Immature persons and Vulgar Terms in comment

[ Fri, Feb 18, 2011 8:31 pm ]

E-pao, This is my humble request. There are so many immature persons posting their comments on various topics. But excessive use of vulgar terms have made this site quite bad. Please delete abusive terms before showing in the site. Thanks.

Robertson Ng

Teachers strike - fast to death

[ Fri, Feb 18, 2011 7:42 am ]

Read the message of CM the "GREAT" regarding the unability due to fund shortage of State Govt. on non planned expenditures. Here i would like to say that 6th pay commission's reccommendation to enhance the scale of pay was to kept at par with the price index of the country. In comparison the home take amount of the teachers are so less that sometime we feel astonish/surprise how they maintain their family. No doubt, there is no poor family in Manipur and dead due to starvation during the last 45 years after 1967-"CHAKLAM KHONGCHAT" in Manipur. We all see that even after 5/6 months of stoppage of salary of employees/teachers, nobody claims of starvation and nobody restrict their food habit of eating chickens,red meats, big big fishes and driving their costly cars, scooters, motor bikes.So it is the Manipur, who can sleep without lights/ power and drink pond (Pukhri) water, can not stay without local liquer (polythene packed yu). This time we have seen news about PIL in the Guwahati Bench HC and HC's notice to state Electricity Department, one of the most dirty department having lacs of employees,SO\'s, Engineers who never maintain the distribution system and even their office rooms. Manipur , nobody raise voices for want of electric power like the present strike on 6th pay commission. We are very gentle man people living in as early age people in caves.

As stated by CM that there are excess no. of teachers against the no. of students in the schools I would like to add that there is no student in many schools against the 8/9 teachers in paper, even don\'t know how many as nobody see them in school. But they are taking salary for every month for the last 20/25 years. The kids of the teachers are also reading in private schools, not reading in their schools where they are teaching. Is it not a new system of education?

In this, I would like to suggest: 1. To find out the no. of excess teachers from every schools. 2. To find out the schools where no students are there. 3. To find out the schools where minimum no. of students of other nearby schools to be adjusted. 4. To find out the school buildings & premises for use in others like vetinery, Rural health centre, Rural Craft Centre etc. etc. 5. The excess teachers to be posted to Hill District schools where no teacher is posted. 6. To find out the teachers posted in Hill District schools where they are not teaching and keeping substitute on sharing salary basis. 7. To make arrangement to locate the excess teachers to other Departments at the same status after giving trainings. 8. TO appoint some of the senior teachers to check the status of schools round the year and submit reports fornightly to the Commissioner of schools for analysis of teaching standard. 9. To demolish the self style student organisations who interfare in the school administration and rotation of teachers from one school to another(not transfer). 10. Lady excess teachers to be used in social welfare activities under Social Welfare Department on the same status. 11. Maintaining the school timings where all teachers are available to teaching. 12. To check the attendance of teachers by surprise visits of the senior teachers appointed for the above 8 no. point. 13. To implement award / punishment system of teachers on yearly performance of the school. These are simple suggestions to Hon'ble CM of Manipur for solving the problems of non planned expenditures and accepting in toto of the sixth pay commission of the teachers. Any suggestion or reaction or remarks is invited for further discussion for the betterment of education system of Manipur. We should remember "NEVER CHANGES UNTILL WE CHANGE"

Mr. SS

Add more latest songs in radio

[ Thu, Feb 17, 2011 12:21 am ]

Hi E-pao Team, It is great to hear our mother tongue songs online away from home in office. This is my humble request to E-PAO radio team to add latest songs to e-pao radio currently available on market. It will be of great pleasure.

Lenin Lourembam

Close down the comment section

[ Wed, Feb 16, 2011 10:00 am ]

Respected team of the e-pao, your site has been a place to practise akampets. Please close this forever, once I thought this was the best site. But now-a-days in the cover anonymity so many hopeless persons are commenting using so many vulgar words unnecessarily. Most of them, by their attitude towards fellow citizens, are under-educated and comes from indecent families. So unless their identities are clearly shown they should not be allowed to comment on any topic. Please understand the whole world has the right to read comments given herein.

Robertson Ng

Which festival is more important?

[Fri, Feb 11, 2011 5:38 am]

I drafted this mail longtime back but somehow forgot to mail it. but stumbled upon it today. the topic may be irrelevant now but I feel it is important to send it to clear some misconception. How do we determine a certain festival of one community bigger and more vital than the festival of another community? Is there a yardstick to determine that? can someone please enlighten me on that.

I don't agree with some of the readers claiming "Id" to be bigger and more important festival than the "Ningol Chakouba". Is it based on the conclusion that the number of people celebrating a festival should determine it's importance? If that is the case then I would say, every other religious or community festival will be overshadowed by muslim festivals since muslim has the largest population in the world and it is still growing.

Unless all of us are willing to forgo our egos and accept that all festivals are equal, I will be inclined to pass my comment. That is, Ningol Chakouba is a bigger and more important festival than id. Unlike id which is a religious festival celebrated by only muslims, Ningol Chakouba is not a religious festival and it is celebrated not only by Meiteis but also by muslims, nagas, kukis and even the mainland Indians who are settled in Manipur. So Ningol Chakouba is definitely a bigger and more important festival than id. Take that.

born Free

Happy to browse our web service

[Thu, Feb 10, 2011 10:15 am]

I am very happy to browse our web service. It enable us to get many more informations around the world. I thank you again and again, here is a suggestion to you that kindly enable radio listen as a mobile version. Thanking you.

Sanjoy Prakash

Network marketing websites

[Wed, Feb 09, 2011 11:07 am]

Respected Sir/Madam,

Network Marketings like,,, and are very popular in Manipur and these networks like a cyber crime collect a huge amount from Manipur several times.

By using the websites - -

please find the Registrants, date of creation, date of expiry and country/countries where the network marketing websites are used so that every one would be awaked.

dr. dolly

Post those announcements a little earlier

[Wed, Feb 09, 2011 12:18 am]

I sincerely appreciate your tireless effort to keep update for upcoming events/programs. I feel it as an oppurtunity to learn and share across cultures.

However, it will be more helpful to us if you could post those announcements a little earlier so that those who like to participate in any event/program can prepare well in time (registration,travel,board,lodge etc.). I hope this will make more sense to your announcements for any upcoming events.

Tilokchand Naorem, - Kakching, Manipur

great work

[Tue, Feb 08, 2011 11:24 am]

You are doing a very great work! keep up the good work.. u guys letting the world know about the little heaven MANIPUR :)


disguised by political leaders.....!!!!!!!!!!

[Tue, Feb 08, 2011 1:05 am]

why we the manipuri's have been suffering? why we have been facing moral as well as physical torture from both security as well as from insurgencies? we(innocent citizens of manipur) are sandwiched. To whom we have to blame for this. Every effect has a cause. do we know the cause? or are we still blind?what will you do if you found a leach sucking blood from your body? will you let it do? if yes why?

is it because you are afraid of its phisical appearance?


radio e pao

[Mon, Feb 07, 2011 11:53 pm]

dear e pao,
I am thankful for your mesmerising songs in e pao radio. However I have a request to make. I would be really greatful to e pao team if you could update the new songs in e pao radio. I take the pleasure to listen to e pao radio every morning. I would feel like gifted mornings if I could listen to new songs instead of the same old songs.
Thanking you for your kind melody ( e pao radio)

P angamba meetei

VC of Manipur University?

[Fri, Feb 04, 2011 11:30 am]

Sir, could you please update the VC of Manipuri University . we the student want to know the present VC.we have seen in Manipur University web site that THE VICE CHANCELLOR (ACTING) IS Prof. Hidangmayum Nandakumar Sarma. And for the time being could you please update his full profile so that people will know the right thing about the Prof H.N.K. sarma ( V.C. of Manipur University ) biodata and his work. We heard about him very well and we hope he is the right person for this post.

T. Robert - Student of Delhi University

The contribution e-pao remarkable

[Wed, Feb 02, 2011 3:44 am]

The contribution e-pao remarkable but if you have sources to collect the photograph of MUKNA KANGJEI, YUBI LAKPI and please upload to you gallery, thank you.


Jiten Khuman - DUBAI

wanted to do something for my mother land manipur

[Mon, Jan 31, 2011 2:54 am]

Dear epao,

well Im just a regular guy but always wanted to do something for my mother land manipur.. i have been living outside manipur since i was a child, never know where is manipur till i pass my high school... recently when i visited manipur for a vacation i was amused to see all its natural beauties and the way people live their lives, i have travelled around the world and have seen many man-made wonders but when i explored manipur with some of my frenz back there i really felt pitty and kinda ashamed of my self, not ashamed of being a meitie but ashamed of how the natural beauties and the people and the laws they misused. But i really look forward to help and join any kinda of organisation for making a better tomorrow... infact all the youngsters must form a community and create awareness among ourselves..well you guys must have got many mails like this before and might not even read this mail of mine as its kinda OF NO USE lines m addressing... but sir i really wanna do something for the welfare and development for the state... some initial step must be taken and someone must start.... my mother Brahmacharimayum NANDARANI DEVI is my idol as she had formed a organisation called ALL MANIPUR WOMEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY and she established many job center for the uneducated women...she does many things for the society.... And i m really proud of my mother and her work n effort... she even opened many schools in different places (away from imphal) for children ....bu these things hapen all the time that..the roof of the school were stolen, the desk n the benches were missing on the next day.... the walls were holed n the woods (pillars) of the school were used as a fire wood for the younger out there for a camp fire... well my topic is totally unrelated with your's but i always wanted to share this whit someone.... if we cud make some awarness, some change then i would consider myself blessed by God... well sir there are lot more that i wanted to say... would like do whatever it takes and you guys are doing great..

thx a lot..
n GOOD SPEED! regards
maxi sharma

Two questions?

[Mon, Jan 31, 2011 2:51 am]

Dear e-pao,

I have two questions: One: Are the pictures on your Panorama section really captured using Panoramic 360 degree photography tools? The images don't seem to reflect what it claims. Two: Please publish investigative report on the success of electricity disconnection drive by power department and it's results of improvement in the supply of electricity in the state.


Mayang does not mean a foreigner

[Sat, Jan 29, 2011 1:21 pm]

Aggarwal, Mayang does not mean a foreigner,there is nothing to be ashamed of it. As being a part of your update i would like to put myself a note that we the ones,the northeastern people felt ashamed of being what you people know of our location as a native of India. You people don't even realized yourself as being an Indian citizen,how to behave to an Indian of NE region,we are not a chingky or khanchi, and more to be noted that Manipur is not somewhere in Nepal or Bhutan. We do feel ashamed of your responsibility of being an Indian that you don't know how many states included India. I found many people like you who asked me where do i belong ,i replied, and they ask me such a question, Is Manipur in Nepal?, very ashamed of it. So,you not the one to be ashamed.


Discovered your website recently by accident...its amazing

[Thu, Jan 27, 2011 12:45 pm]

Hi, e-Pao, I discovered your website recently by accident... its amazing... and its better than nagalandpost and other many north east based similar sites. keep it up.... a great achievement indeeed.

one suggestion, why not suggest this website in the internet or local dailies so that many of our people can utilise it.

Dr. Avoto

Still favouritism in cutting illegal electic connections

[Wed, Jan 26, 2011 4:04 am]

dear sir,
I would like to bring to your kind notice that the process of cutting down of the connection of illegal electric barriers are not done in the most honest way. those who had failed to give Rs.1000 or Rs.1500 during the time of de-electrification are booked and kept at the lock-up. However, the deptt. of electricity shamelessly claim there success. Once again the victims are the poor people... when the entire state is aware of the fact that the maximum debt of electricity is from the govt. offices. If these deptt. which includes the heart of the governing system like secretariat, police, pwd, medical & education clear there debts at the earliest then common men may enjoy the beauty of electrified imphal at night. every chage requires honesty and sacrifice.

dr pame_jit

An Ode to my dad....

[Tue, Jan 25, 2011 4:10 am]

It's been 11 months since you passed away.. Hardly not even a moment when I forgot you.. Feels just like a fortnight, the last time I heard your voice.. Every time my cell phone rings, wish it was your always.. Moments we spent together in those bygone yesteryears Fills my heart with a kind of sweet scathing pain.... Memories of your endearing pale face..on your last journey to the grave Reverberates inside the deep recesses of my brain.... Without you, I ..sometimes.. feel lost inside a maze Of intricate unexplainable wave of emotions Borne out of perpetual love and respect for a father Who was always there..always there in any circumstance Late at night, staring at the dark sky cluttered with the stars A cold gust of wind caressing my cheeks..relentlessly.... I feel it's you, dad....reminding me of your eternal presence beside me Urging me to go on and on in this lifetime with the values you taught me. Love you forever....Rest in Peace, Dad.................................!!

Praveen Pukhrambam

Manipur da network ki problem

[Mon, Jan 24, 2011 4:45 am]

Manipur da network ki problem leiribasi matangda amukta yengsing ba oirey miyamna.Call 1 tounaba hotnabada network kadaba,pung 10 pm pu taradi towergi mei muthapa.....

Please kindly look into this matter.

Ameet Ngangom, Mumbai

Strikes in Manipur

[ Thu, Jan 20, 2011 12:33 pm]

People of Manipur are requested to give thoughts to the regular strike. Dissatisfied with the working of the govt and general conditions of life in Manipur are the main reason for such strikes. But stopping public transports and shops is not justified. Who suffered in such situation - the innocent public. Why not rather close govt offices and secretariat ? Let public and shops be left out of such strikes. There are strikes in other states also,but they try their level best not to harm and trouble the public. When strike is called in Manipur it is the public transports and shops that are targeted resulting in inconveniences to the innocent public. Can leaders think when they call for strike again ?


Feedback for READERS' E-MAIL page

[ Thu, Jan 20, 2011 8:00 am]

Dear Support,

Firstly I would congrats and appreciate the team. I just have feedback on the READERS' E-MAIL pages. Can you please add a link(internal) to go the top of the page once we read the details. Just one link to to top or the respective heading on the pages.

Because after reading the details, we need to scroll the page to find the headings. Its just a small feedback and it will help the people like me while viewing the pages. Also, if you can add Home link in the Horizontal menu itself. As once we visit other page, as the home link is shows a normal line, its very difficult to go the home page of

Robindra Singha - New Delhi

Individual clarification as a Woman for banning the NE Youth Fest at Senapati.

[ Tue, Jan 18, 2011 4:28 pm]

There has been hue and cry from the Non-Nagas for banning the NE Youth Fest at Senapati, specially from the Meetei brothers in the Valley. As woman, I never thought of writing this letter and share my dissatisfaction with the world but the stupidity of my brothers who have organised this Fest and the response from the Non-Nagas made my cooker whistle burst out. Before I began let me Introduce myself and than tell you something about the organisers. I'm Donvero Duo in mid-twenties, born and brought from Senapti Bazaar, economically marginalised yet struggling to live my life in dignity as every Naga women are taught to be. This Fest is organised by the Youth Initiative Foundation (YIF) in the name of Mr. Dominic Chawang from Senapati Bazaar but in actual Mr. Suresh @ Luhing is the brain behind all this controversial event. Mr. Suresh is Madrasi but adopted by his maternal uncle who is a Naga from Senapati Bazaar.

Reason for banning the NE Youth Fest:

1. This organisers have a bad reputation in the town and moreover they do not take the concern of the authorities of the land and elders. In the previous year till the time of this hue and cry happened this people organised parties in the Army Camp from time to time in the name of this NGO for the reason best known to them. They took economically poor beautiful girls along with them for the Indian Army officers and the rich Meetei from the valley, in return they get cases of Alcohol whereby they sell it to local vendors at Senapati Bazaar and make Big sum of money. I felt there is nothing more untrust-worthy in human civilisation than selling their own sisters flesh. This is an open secret and thus they are dislike by all the people.

2. The declaration of severance of all political ties with the Government of Manipur(GoM) as on the 1st of July, 2010 Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) convened at Tahamzam was based on the unmistakable fact that it was impossible to protect their right to life, land, time-honored institutions, customary practice and values under the administration of the dominant and communal GoM, because the history of the Nagas has clearly confirmed that the GoM has never recognized and respected the identity and dignity of the Naga people. However the organizers, defied the advice and roped in the Meetei Legislatures and the Indian Army for the event and presumably to counter the voice of the people against the ill timed programme, although they are not the co-organiser of the programme. The Youth Initiative Foundation has challenged the very spirit of the NPC with this seemingly innocuous invasion that is detrimental to the interest and the future of the Nagas in Manipur. While the Nagas have taken up the movement against suppression, deprivation and discrimination and threat to their identity and culture, the Youth Initiative Foundation proposes to celebrate Peace through culture and Identity of the entire north east region at Tahamzam, the very venue of the NPC.

Every citizens and the higher authority of the land have every right to control and correct the wrong doers. So to me banning of this Youth Fest is very appropriate and I appreciate it. The sentiments of the Naga people cannot be bought over by superficial publicity stunts of songs, dances and catwalks. The programme is being supported by the dominant GoM to divide the Nagas and the tribals. We are not against festivals of the youth to whom the future belong. Of course the concept is beautiful but the objective is too deadly. Particularly, when our womens dignity is manipulated by some rich alien Officers and our space, our identity and culture has been subsumed by the dominant and we have been reduced to chattels, what will we celebrate and uphold in the festival? Festival such as these will be meaningful and cease to be insulting only when we secure our space and equality, and our identity and culture is safeguarded in the Alternative Arrangement.

Many people says that the event must be held in Imphal, if so go ahead no one is stopping the organiser from doing so. And I strongly believed that the Meetei brothers will happily embrace our prodigals son.

As one of the commentator have said Enough is Enough....... So do I Enough is Enough for the Meeteis to play with the Nagas...........

With Love
Donvero Duo
Senapati town.

Manipur in 2011

[ Tue, Jan 18, 2011 2:20 am ]

Well, another new year has come for manipur and we dont hesitate to hope for prosperity and peace.That's natural. It also sounds natural when Manipuris are again put under androcle's sword and told to renew their cell phone numbers with original passport photos, proof of identity and address and documents.

New Delhi says the decree is to improve the law and order situation. Well, good luck to that. Yet , can anyone, for that matter, anyone, tell me if such systems can bring about an orderly society? Anyway, why are we being given so much so little time to renew our numbers(as if we are desperate for mobiles)?WEll, why cant these service providers open as many booths as possible to let us comfortably meet the deadline? Another thing is that if the deadline to renew ourselves (as Indians?) is not extended, i bet my neck, we, the blockade loving strike craving people wont let these mobile companies live in peace.Period.


Is protectionalism the only solution

[ Sat, Jan 15, 2011 4:11 am ]

Is protectionalism the only solution to the land rights problems of tribals? If they have the rights to own then why not they also enjoy the right to sale if that will enhance their standard of living, education and prosperity? The whole world evolves from tribalism to proper structural civilisation. What is the difference between autocratic land holding and tribal chief land holding? I think then it is the same thing. Suppressing innocent tribals by the elite tribal members and their chiefs are not uncommon.

Bishwajit Okram

Where is the peace in 2011?

[ Sun, Jan 16, 2011 9:22 am ]

Nothing does have changed. Homebound still lies bleeding from the ramifications of an old aged revolution. Perhaps, idealisms were very strong those days. It was believed to start out as a romance to freedom. But sadly, it is very likely to being ended up as an oppressor. Three decades gone and my local paper reads mortuary column. Seriously, I really can't make out the difference between current affairs and funeral adverts. Nevertheless, I kind of accepted this way of life for thirty years yet I'm not sure how long I can stand this. Did you ever have that feeling going through? (Pondering) Where did we all go wrong? My 'Judiciary System' is at stake. Majority of the district courts could pass for a Purana Havelli auditions. The grandeur of this power house was being mocked by their limited conservations. Status Quo and the tensions are high to raise their voices against lawlessness and the fear of being singled out as a mind freak, compromised. I understand the viewpoints of the few brave who did stood up on occasions as I put in their shoes. Salute! However, in my loneliness, I see only one way out before we all go through hell. Judiciary has to act now and with its Integrity intact. Come forth and administer the good old laws to bring a change. Deliver the justice people have been dying for and your will be done.

My 'Law Keeper' has been going astray. There were times I felt safe when you were around. Now it's the other way around and I feel disgusted and terrible of myself. Every day I proudly make a commitment to my family that I will return back home safe and is all because of the faith I have in you. I so hope you will not take that trust from me in a hurry. Whatsoever, I still acknowledge all the sacrifices you have made. Salute! Although you tend to be lost in this shambled political disarray, I pray that you are bestowed with enough strength and courage to find your way back, in the footsteps of those unsung heroes. Walk hand in hand with your brother, 'The Judiciary'. Help him, k! eep the law and protect me from delivering my own rites and you will not be forgotten. Managing a change of this magnitude requires a great leader. At this juncture, I am very pessimistic of the fact that we have one who could turn this tide. Although in time, we have never been sort of talents and intellects with the likes of former CM of Manipur, Honorable Late Mr.R.K. Joy. However, I would prefer a younger, vibrant and well educated leader for this drastic reformation to take shape. Education is the key in breaking the cycles of violence and poverty in the state. Without it is a perfect recipe for a doom and wasted talent. And sadly, the ill effects of it have started to unfold as I write this. Free trade should reign to spur economic growth. If we had to stand shoulder to shoulder among our neighbors, social development has to be paramount both at rural and urban level.

'Education', 'Free Trade', 'Social Development' at a society level and 'The Judiciary', 'The Law Keeper' and 'A Great Leader' at a political level is a prerequisite for the people and by the people and the killing stops.

Ritesh Th

Hail Irom Chanu - End This Fast

[ Fri, Jan 14, 2011 12:35 am ]

Our Lady is trying to bring back peace and tranquillity to our state by her never ending fast. What is the outcome of this non-ending fast is an undaunted, unreliable question ? Earlier the NGO's, and different organisations were gaining popularities and becoming celebrities. Now her own family members are forcing her to carry on the struggle relentlessly probably to gain popularity or to earn money at her cost. Is there any one to ask their relatives, any one of them either brother or sisters or for that matter any relatives who is willing to join her dignified and determined struggle ?. They were always behind her pushing her to suffer this pain. Oh God! Please be with Iron lady who is a lone crusader in this struggle or show your mercy and power to her to stop this never - ending, never resolving struggle. Let us pray for our dear Irom Chanu Sharmila to break her fast, get back into normal life and continue with her crusade. Let her not be used by people for their narrow motives.

RK Surjit

Only reason - insurgency

[ Tue, Jan 11, 2011 7:15 am ]

I am sure it will definitely, increase foreign tourists as PAP is applicable only for foreigners. But what about Indian tourists ?. Tourism will be flourished, sure or not, is unknown. But the people in very large number who would like to visit Manipur, explore its natural scenic beauty have been denied due to only one reason and that is insurgency. Our Manipuris are leaving this place and going out because of this reason for better scope. People from other places are not visiting our state due to this reason only. What is the solution for this problem ? We should welcome everyone. It will benefit us .There should be scope of development, industries, employment opportunities for our youth. Our state should be like a role model for other states. These all things are possible when we people unite and curb insurgency and connected issues like extortion and corruption. Say no to insurgency and then only we can see a clean - green Manipur sought after by the tourists - domestic as well as international.

RK Surjit

Website address

[ Mon, Jan 10, 2011 11:37 pm ]

Aboy Kh, I am not from the e-pao team, but I feel like helping you, if you won't mind. For english newspapers "" & "" and if you can read manipuri "" might help you.


Happy and Sucessful New Year 2011

[ Mon, Jan 10, 2011 4:30 am ]

Hi pryokr58, I am not sure if you were referring to my comment. But I remember once calling someone smart ass. And the irony is that the intended person has not felt bad but someone did. Please be assured my comments were not for you least of all my calling you smart ass. As I recollect there were many readers involved, and I couldnt have categorized it and so a common response. I also recollect my feedback had many irrelevant topics. But my feedback was a general summary of many topics. Unfortunately readers perceived it differently. And I accept I am to be blamed. I dont know how much difference would my explanation make now but I always feel that it is always better to resolve misunderstandings than to .......
Hope you have had great Holidays. Here's wishing everyone (you, e-pao team, e-pao readers) a very "Happy and Sucessful New Year 2011". May this New Year bring PEACE, PROSPERITY, HARMONY in Manipur.


PAP won't help much to tourism

[ Sun, Jan 09, 2011 3:54 am ]

Rajeshsis, the question is a bit difficult to answer as "no" or "yes". But I think the decision is a very important step for the tourism sector of the state and we have the reason to appreciate it. You know Manipur has very pretty landscapes and hills, bio-diversities and faunas and floras,etc. which could ultimately make the state a good tourist destination in the country. Obviously, good news for the state's economy and development. But the insurgency problem and its related branches like bad law and order situation particularly in hilly districts backed by insufficient funds and infrastructures that are visible clearly once someone get to see those big potholes on the roads in Imphal area and adjoining. Apart from this we need good and bigger highways too. Until and unless the state government don't use the funds meant for development properly and create a warm and safe environment in the state by creating and maintaining an efficient law and order situation, removal of PAP won't help much to the tourism sector which has the guaranteed assurance to provide employment to thousands of Manipuris!

Besides, we, the inhabitants, too should be aware of those ubiquitous odds which are hampering the development, like corruption, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and harassing local builders, etc. and create a viable pressure on the government to contain them. We have also the responsibility to clean up the squalors everywhere and take initiatives to clean up the Imphal city and towns. Villages' responsibilty will be shouldered by the nagar panchayats and city and big towns with the urban bodies. Only then our tourism industry will get flourished and that will be the pride of our motherland.


PAP and new tourist

[ Fri, Jan 07, 2011 2:03 am ]

Would you know the PAP removal has brought any new tourist or Manipuri NRI, Foreign Manipuri Family to Manipur?


Difficult to comment on grammatical mistakes

[ Fri, Jan 07, 2011 2:04 am ]

Premananda, I subscribe your view that we should always try to minimize grammatical mistakes. Take it as a friendly discussion. I have been called a "smart ass" by one of the readers in this website for he was not happy when I honestly expressed something about his feedback. In your context, for me its a new world, recently I was chatting with my niece via facebook, she wrote a sentence without a single vowel in it. I was facing a lot of hardships trying to understand what she had been trying to say. But as you said that human beings do commit mistakes, many of the readers might have committed mistakes but in my opinion they did it inadvertantly. Because we hardly revised our feedbacks before posting and so we come to know the mistakes only after we had posted it. Sometimes I feel that some of the readers are doing it purposely, like you used the word "informations" three times in your feedback. But the bottomline is that we should have a habit of writing as correctly as possible. But english language is a vast language, for me it is very difficult to comment about grammatical mistakes. But it is really nice that for the first time someone (from the younger generation- as you called yourself) has initiated an academic session in this website.


Choose your words wisely!

[ Thu, Jan 06, 2011 8:28 am ]

hi, samima begum, i hope you are reading this ,ok, you dont want others to get you wrong but the things that you have written in your mail will only make others question your intentions, and they dont look very sincere to me. Yes, indeed, Id, an islamic festival, is a much bigger festival than Ningol Chakouba which is celebrated only by the meiteis ,now ,come on, everybody and almost every meitei knows that, you dont have to literally write it in your mail, everybody knows! ok, you feel sad , deeply hurt and angered simply because e-pao did not update on Id, and it is easy to see after going through your mail, you should have mentioned that in your mail, but please leave ningol chakouba out of this, the festival has got nothing to do with e-pao not updating on Id on time, I mean ,why do you even feel the need to mention about it in your mail. Also, you tried to compare the two festivals in vain, come on, everybody knows that Id is a much bigger and famous festival than Ningol Chakouba, and I dont think there's any meitei who will disagree with you on that, so, why brag about it literally? No chance of comparison here, because however small and particularistic it is, Ningol Chakouba is very much a big festival of the meiteis and will remain so, irrespective of whether it is known outside the state or not. You are hurt and you made others hurt by writing .

Linda JDM

Newspaper in PDF

[ Thu, Jan 06, 2011 8:03 am ]

Hi - Tamo akhoi Abroad country da leiba student ni. Here I wanna ask you something, if it is okay... Where I can get daily Manipuri's newspapers in PDF file or something? I meant we wanna read it everyday fron Online or any other means. So can you guide me to reach on that newspapers?

Aboy Kh

No timing mismatch for Moon rise

[ Thu, Jan 06, 2011 2:48 am ]

Hi Badarul, First of all, please take this as a suggestion. Before writing any comments on e-pao, Please think twice and verify from your end. There is no mismatch at all for moon rise and moon set. Dont think the moon will rise only when the sun is set. Please check for the other place and let me know if you have any doubt regarding moonrise and moonset.


Grammatical mistakes are not acceptable

[ Wed, Jan 05, 2011 11:54 pm ]

It is a pleasure to be able to share some of my personal feedbacks regarding the reports given on your website. I have been regularly tracking informations and events given on this site. The informations have been very helpful for me and I am extremely happy to get this opportunity. Unfortunately, I have come across some basic mistakes like grammatical error and spelling mistakes in the reports given on this site. Being a medium responsible for giving informations to the public, such mistakes are to be avoided. I understand the fact that human do commit mistakes but our aim should be to minimize them as much as possible. I have not written this letter to prove a point but to make your service approach towards perfection. Your reports are a source of inspiration for young readers like me.
Thank you once again and let your services serve our purposes in the best possible way.

Pukhrambam Premananda Singh - Bangalore

Biggest festival of Bishnupriya Manipuris

[ Wed, Jan 05, 2011 3:29 am ]

Please, someone answer me. What is the biggest festival of the Bishnupriya Manipuris well known and currently practised in Manipur. And also please name at least five surnames of the Bishnupriya Manipuris. I have no intention to hurt anybody.


Timing for Moon rise is mismatch

[ Tue, Jan 04, 2011 8:34 am ]

I found some blunder mistake in your website. That is mismatch of am, pm in moon rise, moon set. Kindly go through it and change. It look bad when my friends from other state view it. Thank you.


Song cannot be played on Linux (Firefox)

[ Tue, Jan 04, 2011 6:52 am ]

Song List of Radio can not be seen on Linux (Firefox)


The old one is better

[ Mon, Jan 03, 2011 6:16 pm ]

Hello E-Pao team, Wishing you all a very happy new year. So nice to see new website design and pattern how it's arrange, this change is appreciated with this new decade new year but I always feel the old one is better, might be this is because I am use to the old one. It's not condemning but just sharing how I feel about the change which looks like Nagaland Post website.

JR Rangfsong Chiru

Good layout and reader friendly page format

[ Sun, Jan 02, 2011 11:00 pm ]

The home page is really a very welcome change... Congrats for a good layout and reader friendly page format to you and your team. Keep it up!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Rajesh Gupta

Add more matamgi film songs

[ Sun, Jan 02, 2011 1:28 pm ]

very nice we r proud of it. This is the platform where outside manipuris can listen their mothertounge. We are very happy to know the e-pao radio and want to add more matamgi and film song.

S Gunamani

Why no publication of B.Ed result

[ Sun, Jan 02, 2011 12:05 am ]

This is just a complain from a noble manipuri. There was lots of wrong questions in the B.Ed examinations held in the month of april 2010 under the Manipur University. After that result was delayed for a very long time. Recently I came to know that the B.Ed result for the year 2010 was finally out on the christmass day eve i.e, on 24 december 2010. I looked up in the daily newspapers for next 4-5 days but could not find any. So, I have to go to the MU just to see the result. There I found out that the result of B.Ed was signed by H Rajamani Singh, Controller of Examination, Manipur University and clearly states that one same copy each was given to all the Editors of all Local Dailies of Manipur requesting to publish the B.Ed results of 2010 in puplic interest. But I never came across any of such publication. So I feel there is something fishy inside the education department. If any interested concerned persons could look into this matter then it will surely help in building the future Manipur. Or the day is not far away that the state Manipur will extinct. It is a very serious matter.

themboy - manipur

A proud Bishnupriya Manipuri

[ Sat, Jan 01, 2011 1:59 am ]

Thanks for explaining. It's very clear. Like you, a manipuri at the same time a meitei, I am also a proud Bishnupriya Manipuri. Born, brought-up and living in Manipur. Hope there is no confusion left to be discussed.


The pluralism and composite culture of Manipur

[ Thu, Dec 30, 2010 10:08 am ]

Mr. Kaysunny, why only Robertson, let me take the oppurtunity to answer your query and explain you something and if you really want to know the truth, without any reservation for the community or deepest sympathy, you are talking about, i.e. Meitei, then reply me after thinking without any bias(es). Meitei, as far as I know including myself, is one of the communities in Manipur(a Manipuri) apart from so many communities(Manipuris) like Meitei- brahmin(bamon), meitei-pangal, kukis, tangkhuls, hmar, zou, etc. Manipur is a land comprises of all these communities, some in valley and most of chingmi brothers in hills. Now, for your kind information, Meitei is the largest community in the state in terms of population and it is a fact, that is why the major language and, in fact, the language of Manipur is called "Meiteilon", and we called it Manipuri. So from this corollary it follows that Meitei is also a Manipuri and so also meitei-bamon, meitei-pangal,kuki, zou, tangkhul and other tribes in the state. All are Manipuris, born and grown up in the state like me, like you!

That is our pluralism, composite culture, many diversities but bind by our common tradition of respecting each others' culture, custom, tradition,etc. This only makes us united and fought for the unity of this motherland from forces which are waging against us to take away our land by claiming theirs. What do you mean when you say you don't feel like calling a Manipuri or not happy being calling yourself Manipuri? You want to change the name, "Manipur" to "Meiteileipak", or you want to exclude meiteis from other manipuris or you want to claim this land to be own by a particular community...?? What is your view? I am proud to be a Meitei but also proud to be a Manipuri and also a citizen of this land. This is same for all Manipuris, all people for all lands. You are exclaiming as if you are a Meitei then your love for the land is more intense, more powerful to others. Come on have some broad-minded thinking, it reminds me of the BJP-RSS,et...claim (Hindutva agenda) that India is a Hindu-country, one culture, one language and one religion and if India has to be really developed, it has to be completely Hindunised!

Do you think it is possible with the fact that other 20% population are not Hindus, i.e. a whooping more than 200 million population. Have tolerance, Manipur is a nice land, let us make it more nice. I love too... my motherland, so also everyone born here. Instead of asking and pondering over such narrow chauvisnistic thought plying in your mind, please let us think over what can we do really for this home which has been broken down in every facets. Look at at the mirror, and ask yourself whether you could give a peaceful, meaningful lives to your younger generations. Higher education system is collapsed, corruptions everywhere from top to bottom, no electricity in Imphal, crimes, and so on..... THATS what you are proud of? For me, its like showing my ignoble face daily. Please don't take my comments heartily brother but don't take my comments easily also. Accept the truth. I am sorry if my views hurt my fellows but this a very liberal truth that we should know and accept to challenge the odds of day-to-day problems face by common people in the state like me, God bless Manipur.


Who is a Meitei and who is a Manipuri

[ Tue, Dec 28, 2010 11:47 pm ]

Robertson, You have not explained who a Meitei is and who a Manipuri is? How these two terms came into existance and why these two terms are used in coincidence? Why the manipuri's elsewhere other than Manipur are afraid of identifying themselves as Meitei? why not say we are meitei's? On a different note it's ok for Meitei's or Manipuri's living elsewhere to love Manipur but more than anything else they should love and die for their place of domicile and not Manipur.


Term "manipuri" should be understood in its true sense

[ Tue, Dec 28, 2010 7:20 am ]

Hari Kumar is the friend of many manipuris, by now he must be having thousands of manipuri friends. He is the father of 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. According to my perception, he is a manipuri, I may be wrong. Their roots are here in Manipur, their ancestors might have been either exiled by the Meitei hindu king or taken as captive prisoners during "Chahi Taret Khuntakpa" or voluntarily migrated to Burma (Ouwa) now Myanmar. No doubt meitei bamons, meitei pangals are also very much manipuris, meiteis are not the only manipuris in the state of Manipur. But Assamese muslims or Bangladeshi muslims who are in Manipur for whatever reason are not Manipuris. Likewise Bengali brahmins or Tamil brahmins or U.P. brahins and so on are not manipuris. We have marwaris, punjabis, or biharis in Manipur but they never say or consider themselves as manipuri. So the term manipuri should be understood in its true sense, according to my perception this term "manipuri" carries a lot of meaning.

Secondly, it is only a handful of Nagas who are trying to disintegrate the state of Manipur. More than 90 per cent are against it. You must be knowing that there is an armed Naga outfit who stood against the disintegration of Manipur. Rather think about what have we done annoy them in the past, we have been separated for too long. They blame Meitei king embracing hinduism and also compelling his subjects to convert into hindu. They have been treated badly in the past, but tne new generation understands the past mistakes and gradually start re-embracing our own religion. As such the wide gap which had been there in the past has become narrower now-a-days. In the near future we will be able to see Ching-Tam as one and the same entity. We need not have to worry about some people trying to disintegrate our Manipur. I dont know if you people will agree or not, there are lakhs of manipuris settled in Assam, Tripura, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc who called manipur "Ima Manipur" ready to die for their motherland. They are always there to help their motherland from any threat. They love Manipur more than we do. We will have to do our own plans, we have nobody to fear. For your information the integrity of Manipur is very much safe. We should check unseen forces trying to disturb the tranquility of Ching-Tam relationship. We have had the experience how we were separated from our brothers in the hills. Our brothers are also facing problems of throwing their own religion and converting into christianity. So please stay calm, be ready to help those who are going to protect the integrity of Manipur, forget small matters.

Robertson Ng

Word "Meitei" is allergic to descendants of Shantidas Gosai

[ Mon, Dec 27, 2010 1:20 am ]

This word "Meitei" is allergic to the descendants of Shantidas Gosai. My mother told me that our gotra is "angirasa", I have also been told that this Angirasa is the name of a Brahmin. But now I am very much certain that I am not a descendant of Angirasa Brahmin. If I am asked about my ascendants I said Moirang Yek not Angirasa. I strongly believe that Meitei Pangals are Manipuris so do the brahmins despite the fact that they migrated to Manipur about 5/6 centuries ago. But there is something in the minds of many brahmins (not all) who they consider themselves as if they belong to a higher caste and the meiteis to lower one. But the meiteis have no caste system. As for me I love manipur very much, I am a meitei, I love Kangleipak, I will die for my motherland. I have doubt in my mind that there is a close relationship between the Bishnupriyas and brahmins of Manipur. But please do not misunderstand who are meiteis and the meitei who had been forcibly converted to hindu. This is a historical fact. And now-a-days meiteis are starting to re-embrace their own religion in a fast pace. We will know in short a period the revival of our religion in a good spirit. This is not a good information for some specific persons.

Robertson Ng

Not happy when Meitei call themselves as Manipuri

[ Sun, Dec 26, 2010 12:09 am ]

Who cares if Robertson is happy or sad? Don't perceive Naga's and Kuki's as Manipuri's. Remember these communities are fighting for their own homeland from India. First let the world know if you want yourself to be called a Meitei or a Manipuri. Drop either one of them which you does not belong to. If you do care for your happiness and sadness then I am also not happy when Meitei's call themselves as Manipuri.


Why not allow Brishnupriya to join us as a Manipuri

[ Sat, Dec 25, 2010 10:34 pm ]

Why not Brishnupriya allow to join us as a Manipuri, The great USA is an example of unity. In my belief, here is nothing wrong to call themselves as Manipur Brishnupriya, when our Muslim folk call themselves as Manipuri muslim. If you watch few clip of Brishnupriya ceromoney in you tube they have got many similarity with us. I have got a friend from Burma his name is Hari Kumar who is working as a chief engineer Electrical at the new capital of Burma Naypyi taw who cant speak manipuri much but he believe himself as a Manipuri. Shall we through him out from our Manipuri fold. Let us be big in our heart be accommodative and at the same time let us spread our folk all over the world.

Nabakanta Sharma

Happy if called as Bishnupriyas only

[ Fri, Dec 24, 2010 8:55 am ]

Don't lose temper Mr. - Bishnupriyas are Bishnupriyas, remove the word "Manipuri" suffixed to Bishnupriyas. There is no question of double standards, be happy to be called as Bishnupriyas only. Manipuris means all the Meiteis, Kabuis, Tangkhuls, Maos, etc. & etc. but not the Bishupriyas, know it from today. Are you a Bishnupriya ? Don't say anything about the decisions of the Supreme Court, etc.

Robertson Ng

Use 18+1 Meitei Mayek letter

[ Wed, December 22, 2010 8:27 am ]

Now, we are using 27 letter Meitei Mayek, as our script but we are known that 18+1 letter is kanglei origin real letter, Why not we use these letters only? it is more better in our future to identify us, and even other remaining letter (r,b,v,etc.) can be represent by 18 letters, even "CHINGTAMLEN" also explain in briefly. In the hand of I request that to discuss once more and find the better script, which is more use to all.


Double standards of Meitei

[ Wed, Dec 22, 2010 5:06 am ]

I have a confusion...hope few of you can show some light. Meiteis have always objected to Bishnupriya's calling themselves Manipuri's why? Meitei's always wanted to be both Manipuri and Meitei's. When you wanted your land to be known as Kangleipak and people as Kangleicha's why do you object someother community calling themselves as Manipuri. Let meitei be meitei only and shed the Manipuri tag why be something else. This shows the double standards of meitei's.


This Vidyapith is not "recognised"

[ Thu, Dec 16, 2010 1:01 am ]

Many emails with full details are sent to The Hon'ble Chief Minister, The Chief Secretary of Manipur, Secretary and Special Secretary of the Cultural Affairs Dept. of the Govt. of Manipur, regarding above given subject, but till date the prevailing IRREGULARITY is not inquired atleast from the Registrar of this Examination Body (not an Institute)known as "Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow". Once again to represent the facts against this Vidyapith, to clear the omnipresent confusion among the Govt. and the general public of Manipur, are given here:-
1. This Private Body Vidyapith is neither Recognized by any State/Central Govt. of India, nor by the UGC/DEC or by any University/College of India. 2. The Certificates distributed by this Vidyapith are neither any Degree/Diploma, nor are anyhow accepted for any purpose (recruitment and Higher Studies) by any of the State/Central Govt. of India or by any University/College of India. 3. The omnipresent confusion that this Vidyapith and the UGC declared Music University "Bhatkhande Sangit Sansthan, Lucknow" are ONE and SAME, is a totally WRONG PRESUMPTION, "both are not related anyhow each other". See the climax of the fun and ILLEGALITY of this Vidyapith, who has affiliated the Govt. Music College, Imphal, being itself is a PRIVATE and UNRECOGNIZED. Such example is not seen or heard in the World history. But the Govt. of Manipur is closing it's eyes and ears both for this SEVERE IRREGULARITY, being committed in the state for the last 30 to 40 years. An strict inquiry by the Manipur Govt. from the Registrar of this VIDYAPITH for the given facts, is very much essential, before taking any decision for any action against this Examination Body (Vidyapith), in welfare of the poor and innocent students of Manipur.


Shed this attitude - "We vs Them"

[ Sun, Dec 12, 2010 4:46 am ]

Cool down, Mr. Raaji. I don't understand why you guys become so explosive. Please comment or answer things in a manner that can be easily understood by all sections of the people. This forum is no more a forum for the Manipuris only but followed by all people outside the state too. So, calmly try to answer broad-mindedly. Why do you always come with those dormant historical past to explain a simple comment put forward by someone(Mr. Aggarwal). Mayang is just a word use to identify people who are not manipuris in our langauge. Its nothing deregatory to use and not "foreigner", as he claimed. Why are you making thing like, "We vs Them", listen brother we must shed this attitude otherwise we will be lagging behind always as we are. Let us be proud of our infrastructure development, anti-corruption attitude and awarenesses of our basic rights like compulsory primary education, health-care, safety, good governance, highest literacy rate, safe drinking water,etc. Let us have tolerance. Let us make this state prosperous fighting all the antagonistic forces that are hampering in every aspects. Do you have anything more important as of now than these issues? Just keep your eyes discerned and think analytically without any biases and keeping aside your deepest feelings and attachment for sometime. Priorise things, learn this. Think first because it is the first step, then thoughts will result into action. please don't let your mind be dictated , have your independent thinking by mingling with different tastes.


Living with no barrier

[ Sat, Dec 11, 2010 12:21 pm ]

Hi gautam, I really feel happy to see your comments on on the term mayangs. There are different views of different individuals. You have a positive thought which is required for living together happily in our country. At the same time, you must have seen some comments from rajji21 . hope more people start living in today with love and no barriers. Jai Hind and Jai Manipur

Aggarwal S

Mayang is from 'Mayam'

[ Sat, Dec 11, 2010 8:28 am ]

The word 'Mayang' is derived from the word 'Mayam'. 'Mayam' literally means a LARGE NUMBER. People whom we called 'Mayang' in Kangleipak (Manipur) comes from India which is densely populated. Since they come from a densely populated region (i.e. a region where a LARGE NUMBER of people are residing), they were designated as 'Mayang' by our forefathers. There is nothing derogatory about this word.


Doctors and Human rights

[ Fri, Dec 10, 2010 10:55 pm ]

Dr. Nabakanta, It appears to me that you are passing information to a specific person or persons. Please elaborate the first line, being a technician how do you watch human rights and in what spectrum. It also appears that you had been to China for a study in gynecology, I may not be correct. Being a doctor how are you related to human rights and China. How do you say so confidently that you are the first person to go to China legally and the reason for picking Bisheswar and his followers as example. Please elaborate your mixed feeling about hard work and family planning in the chinese society. In the second paragraph could you name some other products of Readers Digest and the BBC. If you didnt get the chance to watch in an empty chair what would happened to you? Your writings are too brief and it is very hard to understand, but the topic is quite interesting. By the way I am not from the intellectual circle.


Mayang is from 'Meeyan Cha'

[ Fri, Dec 10, 2010 11:37 am ]

After a long time, I too want to contribute my knowledge about the word 'Mayang'. As far as my knowledge is concerned the word Mayang Macha is derived from the word 'Meeyan Cha' which means sons and daughters of the communities who do not belong to Manipur or say outsiders. (All the communities of India put into a single Banner with the word 'Meeyan' or 'Mayang'). So in no way this word is harmful to you Mr. Agarwal, it is just your identity and it does not mean foreigner. And actually there is no word for foreigner in Manipuri or it may be called 'India gi mapan gi mee ?'.

KR Singh

Meiteis are not Bisnupriyas

[ Fri, Dec 10, 2010 10:35 am ]

Hi Aggarwal, I have very little knowledge who the Bishnupriya Manipuris are. You had gone through a wrong website. So far as I know there is no similarity between the meeteis and the Bishnupriya Manipuris in the fields of culture, language, etc & etc. I will be very happy if some comes forward and enlightened us. Of course there are some villages in Manipur, inhabitants of these villages are said to be closely related to the Bishnupriyas of Assam.

Robertson Ng

China and Human Rights

[ Fri, Dec 10, 2010 9:03 am ]

I am basically a technician but I do watch the human right not in the prism of political spectrum. For the last two days I was bombarded in my mail and SMS with human right campaign. I am a small fry staying at the remotest corner of Asia; I don't have anything to do with human right at China. Yes the only exposure to china was with my reproductive health at Chengdu China especially in male reproductive health that was a share by chance. Perhaps I am the first Manipuri to go to China legally unlike Late Bisheswor and his follower. I have got a mixed felling of China they are really good in their hard work and their political compulsion something like one child one family norm?

I am a product of reader digest and BBC which I really cherish in my youthful time at Tamenglong Hospital where the BBC can catch at the most clarity. I can't survive without the honest report of them, unlike our Manipuri newspapers which they work as a notice board of outfits. I dint say it is the reproduction what I heard from All India Radio Imphal news Chanel. Coming back to China I was watching Nobel peace prize live at Norway for Liu Xiaobo with an empty chair, how many of us may be watching about this, I am asking myself why not RK Sanyaima or Sharmila. Is anybody listening in intellectual circle.

Dr Nabakanta Sharma - JN Hospital

The meaning of Mayang

[ Fri, Dec 10, 2010 3:54 am ]

As such to my knowledge we don't have any written record to corroborate my translation of the word mayang. My understanding of the word mayang has been passed on to me through word of mouth. Mayang, according to me is a term that must have been coined to mean people who are of Aryan feature. In those days, not long ago, Manipur was inhabited by only Manipuris (people of similar features – broadly meiteis, nagas, kukis). So when people of Aryan feature started appearing in Manipur, our ancestors must have felt the need to give a term to indentify these people. The practice of giving a local term to outsiders is not only prevalent in Manipur, but it is practiced throughout the world and it's a global phenomena. If not mayang, our ancestors would have given another term and definitely so.

Mayang is not a derogatory word when it was actually coined and nor it is today. But every word, be it Manipuri, hindi or english can convey atleast two different meanings (broadly – good or bad) depending on the situation, tone, motive, etc. Just as the people of NorthEast are called chinkis in mainland india, the people of mainland india are called mayangs in Manipur. If I am allowed to roughly translate the term chinki, I would say, chinki is a term to denote people from the NorthEast who are yellow race, mongoloid feature, small eyes, etc. And I don't find this term chinki derogatory or offensive atall nor was it derogatory when it was first coined by mainland indians. But now a days in mainland india, the term chinki is used to discriminate people of NorthEast origin (please correct me if I am wrong). In Tamil Nadu, the people from the north india are called "hindikara". Literally it is not a derogatory or a offensive word. It means hindi speaking people. But they use this word to mean different thing now (as discriminatory word).

When Indians in foreign countries are discriminated, there is hue and cry, which I also take part in condemning. But factually speaking there is more discrimination within india. The dalits are discriminated by the upper caste. The NE people are discriminated in mainland india. The poor Indians are discriminated by the rich Indians. The list will go on. So to minimize the damage, the best thing we can do is to learn to appreciate each other's cultures, traditions, food habits, etc. And most importantly we have to have tolerance and not take this things to heart.


The united people of kukis

[ Thu, Dec 09, 2010 5:54 pm ]

shine, shine , shine, let it be the one who united the people of kukis. zalen banner you are the only one ! ahhhh hope you are well abide by the upcoming rules of unification. longlive zalen banner and lead me to the true zalen place.

Andy Haokip

Don't feel ashamed of yourself

[ Thu, Dec 09, 2010 11:59 pm ]

Yes, Mr. Aggarwal. Of course Mayang is a foreigner to Manipur but as Manipur was annexed by India in 15 Oct 1949 it has became a word synonym to what bro Robertson Ng has describe. You shouldn't feel shame as we are all from different origin you are an Indian origin but we are not real Indian by origin. We have been made Indian in 1949. Manipur have its own culture, origin way back from 3000 BC. Our first King ruled from 33 AD just like Muryas which is discribe in Indian history. You are a Mayang and should feel proud and don't feel ashamed of yourself.


Might be wrongly written

[ Thu, Dec 09, 2010 5:13 pm ]

Hi Ibotombi and Robertson, Thanks for your information. You can follow the link to understand what is really meant my mayangs. Might be it is wrongly written (in another website ). If it is must be corrected.

Aggarwal S

Meaning is non-manipuries

[ Thu, Dec 09, 2010 1:50 am ]

Hi Aggarwal S , Mayang does not mean a foreigner. The meaning is non-manipuries of mainland of India. We don't call foreigner as Mayang.


Looking to buy an ALTO LXi in Imphal

[ Wed, Dec 08, 2010 11:46 pm ]

Hi, I don't know whether this is the right platform or not but i just wanted to know if anyone in Imphal has a good condition ALTO LXi car for sale. I wanted one for myself but didn't know where to look for. So if anyone has what i'm looking kindly let me know. My email id is " deepbharati(at)gmail(dot)com " .


Mayang do not mean a foreigner

[ Wed, Dec 08, 2010 8:11 pm ]

The meaning of "Mayang" in manipuri, in my opinion, means those who are migrated or residing permanently or temporarily in Manipur and who are also not of Mongoloid origin. Mayangs also mean those non-mongoloids in other parts of this country. Mayang do not mean a foreigner, its not a shame if I am called a meitei or a tangkhul or a marwari. The above lines are strictly my opinion.

Robertson Ng

Non-manipuris are called mayangs

[ Wed, Dec 08, 2010 9:26 am ]

Hello everyone, Non-manipuris are called mayangs (which means a foreigners) in manipur. thats a big shame......

Aggarwal S

NE girls to be more careful

[ Tue, Dec 07, 2010 7:47 am ]

Hi, I'm really disheartened with the options you have provided for this poll question" "Incidents of NE girl raped at the Capital City - Delhi is increasing. What do you think could be the best solution(s) to avert such incidents?"
I was hoping for an option that suggest the NE girls to be more careful and take extra preventive measures to fend off such incidents. True that rape cases against NE is continuously happening in the city but if you allow me to say, there are also many other victims. Many rape cases news come to my table in and around Delhi everyday. The issue is not targeting one face called NE, but the rapists target every face they find it easy. And if NE is becoming the easier targets then we better first do a self-check. Delhi is no one's place and till the law and order takes care of the situation, we better be alert and watchful.

My advise would be: avoid roaming around at odd hours, if its because of the work timing then make sure that your colleague or the driver escort you till doorstep. I have been working and doing every shift - morning, day and night and often had to come back at 12-12:30 but I make sure that I'm secure and safe. No doubt we are always the soft target but taking self precaution and preventive measures can help to some extent from becoming the victim.

Babina Wahengbam - Delhi
Team E-pao Note: The poll option is now added

Searching for Ajit

[ Sun, Dec 05, 2010 11:36 pm ]

I am in search of Laimayum Ajit Kumar Sharma - B.Sc Agriculture - University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore - graduated in 1982.

Team E-pao Note: If anyone have answers , please write back directly to kkrish58(at)yahoo(dot)ca

Question on Fuel price

[ Sun, Dec 05, 2010 6:27 am ]

dear sir/ma'am, would you pliz tell me the prices of passenger bus in manipur? i'll be grateful for your help.

Team E-pao Note: If anyone have answers , please write back directly to wpshaizawapps(at)aol(dot)com

Looking for friends from Mandalay

[ Sun, Dec 05, 2010 3:45 am ]

I'm from manin khon ( named - barmon khon ) manadalay manipuri of myanmar. Live in the compound of Sri Giridhari mandir. Desire to make friends with our maitei of Eima manipur.

Team E-pao Note: If you want to be friends , please write back directly to seinsoe53(at)gmail(dot)com

Christmas and no looting in NH-39

[ Sun, Dec 05, 2010 3:45 am ]

Christmas is not far now, there will be lootings in the Imphal-Dimapur-Gauhati National Highway. Even the dreaded NSCN-IM has issued orders to its cadres not to loot for their own pocket money. On road travellers are to note it, this is sure to happened as it has been happening for the last many years.

Robertson Ng

Option for e-mail alerts

[ Sat, Dec 04, 2010 11:27 pm ]

I am writing to put forward a suggestion that I feel would be helpful for many people. In your Education & Job announcement sections, should not it be more efficient if there is an option for e-mail alerts (as and when new information is updated or may be in the form of weekly digest whichever the user who has provided the subscription consent deems approprite for his/her use). This will facilitate in optimal utilization of the information available at your site (related to career). This is important mainly considering the need for young generation's participation in the healthy competition of climbing the career ladder.

Sanjram, Premjit Khanganba - IIT Mumbai

QA on Khamba Thoibi

[ Sat, Dec 04, 2010 11:27 pm ]

Please help me to answer the following questions with reference to Manipuri epic Khamba Thoibi.
1. The name of Thoibi's mother?
2. The name of Nongban's father? (Note: Khadrakpa is his post not his name)
3. The Name of the king who rules during that time ( name of Moirang King)?

Team E-pao Note: If you have any answers , please write back directly to musuksana(at)yahoo(dot)in

Delhi - Rape Capital Of India

[ Fri, Nov 26, 2010 2:44 am ]

Yet another case of gang rape in the Rape Capital Of India. This must be condemned by all the right thinking people of the world. It is utterly hilarious that such type of savage, barbaric, uncivilized, horrific and extremely obnoxious incident happens again and again and again and again and again right in the capital of India, New Delhi which is rightly designated as the most unsafe city in India. What kind of capital it is!!! It is shameful. Nothing short of Public Hacking of the culprit will do justice for the victim. I am damned sure the culprits are all sons of 100 fathers. I hope the government of Mizoram annouces a cash award of at least Rs. 1 crore to any person who bring all the culprits dead or alive with evidence.


Why you people dont have reporter

[ Fri, Nov 26, 2010 12:02 am ]

Mizoram tour : An example in traffic discipline.
There is some mistake in the news.When you read the above news section,u would find the below sentence.It seems,the sentence is wrong. "The condition of the roads in Manipur are also better than that of Manipur". I know this is not your fault(e-pao team) as you ppl are copied from the other sources. Now my question, why you ppl dont have reporter for getting the news from Manipur?. If you have your own source then it could have avoided such silly mismake. Anyway thanks for providing lastest news to us.


Bring back Message Board

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 4:58 am ]

I concur with Shy! Please bring back message board.


A Manipuri woman duped

[ Tue, November 23, 2010 5:00 am ]

Nigerian arrested for cheating, black dollar racket smashed (TOI) If we look at the history of such frauds, all the victims are educated, meaning they can read, write and understand the contents of the mails (email frauds). Not only that all of them are computer literate and tech savvy. If they know how to read, write and understand english (as a Manipuri) and are computer literate, tech savvy, then I am sure they must have invested a sizable amount of money on education. Now my question is was the investment worth it? One can understand and sympathize with the victim if this fraud is new, but such frauds are in existence for quiet long time. There are articles in newspapers alerting the readers of such frauds. There are discussions among groups of people. So the best way to stay safe from such frauds is – start socializing, discuss with friends, don't stay in isolation in this world, start reading newspapers, articles. And most importantly don't look for easy money. There is no free lunch that one should understand. Many of us may be aware, but the below information is for the benefit of new comers. These are some of the forms of internet frauds that one can come across.

Lottery win :- You may get notification that you have won a lottery. It is common sense that when you have not bought any ticket or taken part in any lottery how could you win any. But the greed takes over and we start responding to such mails and end up sharing our bank account details. Or they will ask us to deposit certain amount as processing fee.

Business Proposal :- You may get mails from Mr. So and so who is the CEO of so and so company. He is looking for partners to start a business in your country. He wants you to be his partner. One should understand people do businesses to make profits. And to make profits one is very careful to select partners. So why would someone just select business partners randomly. Would you just like that take someone as your business partner?

Nominee :- You may get mails from either a lawyer or a banker informing that his client (say Mr. William Goodwill) has died and he has left a huge fortune. The client has no heir and there is no one to claim. The fund is just lying in the bank and the government is trying to seized it. The lawyer or the banker will ask you to act as a relative of his client. Now tell me, as a Manipuri what are your chances of proving that you are the relative of Mr. William Goodwill.

Job offer :- You may get mails informing that you have been hired. The job offer could be from domestic or overseas companies. Once you respond, they will ask you to deposit certain amount as either ticket fair or visa processing fees and it goes on. What one should understand is that when a company decides to hire someone, there are many processes involved. Technical interview, HR interview, and many more tests such as aptitude test, physical, etc. So how could a company skip all these processes and hire you directly. And most importantly how could you be hired for a job which you have never applied.

I am sure other than the above listed types, many readers must have come across many more types. Please do share with us and help stop more innocents from falling prey to such frauds.


Message Board discontinuation made us handicapped

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 4:58 am ]

I just dont know what to say. But the discontinuation of the message board have made us handicapped, especially for those who want to share crucial issues and remain incognito.


A reply from Ms. Samina B Malik

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 8:02 am ]

Dear respected E-pao Team, I am grateful and express my deep appreciation and sincere thanks to E-pao Team for being letting me aware very recently that we have got such a good opportunity to know more about our Manipur effectively. Gradually, you are required to update the new pattern's of peace and prosperity in our Manipur which will help us to come out of it from such colorful super power varieties and in order to erase the diplomatic of different communities in our Manipur. And I must say there is still long gap communication between different communities of our Manipur.

Dear Mr / Mrs. Gautam , Manitombi, First of all, my regard to you. As you are a pretty good writer, I think I don't need to give further clarification according to my mail dropped in the E-pao even though. Perhaps, I could understand your perception, however, please note the point of the words which I have been highlighting over here, ' Id Festival' is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like 'Ningol Chakouba' where is well known in Manipur only. Try to grab the meaning of these sentences what exactly does it meant. Lastly, with small misunderstood, lets not try to avoid an exclusive, the pretty beautiful and meaningful of only one and all who is anxiously longing by our respective ' Sisters and Daughters of Manipur to receive 'Well Wishes' from their belove father's and brotherhood which fall only one time in a year. Therefore, learn to control your frustration and don't embark upon something jeopardize. Despite, lets come out together and see the benchmark of the present world in order to make a bright future of our next generation in Manipur (if you really love and safe our Manipur). Finally, I would like to convey to every body of our belove Manipuri that we all are human being and we are the creatures of only one God. On this earth, we are here for few hours & days. So let's keep equal view to every human being.
NOTE: I am neither good writer nor author. I am just a reader.

Samina B Malik

Debate out of nothing

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 3:57 am ]

We are involve in a debate out of nothing. Guys this is a wrong way, some of you are antagonising things. Today we are very proud that the Muslims in Manipur is also called "meitei-pangal" and the word meitei itself indicates that the cultures are quite similar in many ways between the two communities bonded by common language, culture, ethos, history and way of living, both inhabited in the valley. Ningol chakouba is not celebrated by meitei-pangal not only because we have common things but also there are reasons in history that made both indespensable to each other. I find lots of we meiteis with others celebrating Id in our Muslim brothers home happily. What's the problem!!

Why then lots of khichdi, please stop, the lady has expressed her views, something that, yes, somebody felt offended and somebody felt it shouldnt be compared..... Fine, but she might not have the intensions but only to explain to a query. Forgive her if u felt in those ways but I think those were not her intensions. I trust that Muslims in Manipur love as much as meiteis or any other communities do. All are born and grown up in the state. Only one difference is religions but that are quite personal. Lets focus on bigger issues, as Gautam had suggested, it is much more important. And please dont be misleaded by any comment and let us not write things, or give a slightest chance, which might fall into controversy at the same time. Long Live Manipuris and let us hope for a peaceful, prosperous and united Manipur, resisting all (anti)homogenising forces!!


Third time apology (if my assumptions are wrong)

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 3:57 am ]

Dear friends, Please read my comments first before commenting on it. In my first response to Miss Samina Begum Malik's comment, I wrote that I am not sure of her intentions and I have apologized in the event my assumptions were proved wrong. Yet some people would not read that and start commenting. Again in my second response I have apologized if my assumptions were wrong. Yet again some people would not read it. Where have our patience and the habit to read full sentences gone?

And as for, on the issue of correcting my mistakes, I wrote that I definitely welcome people suggesting and correcting my mistakes but there is a proper way to point out someone's mistakes. Again some people would not read it. This is not only applicable to me but applies to all. If you want to point out someone's mistake, there is a proper and a polite way. One might also find a mention in my first response that "it's a fact and I agree that "Ningol Chakouba" is an exclusive Manipuri Festival and celebrated in Manipur only". But do we really need to compare festivals of one community with the festivals other community?

The whole discussion could have been avoided had Miss Samina Begum Malik (with due respect) responded to my response saying that her intentions were pure. I have already apologized two times and I am apologizing for the third time if my assumptions are wrong. If this is not clear enough, then I am sorry I don't know how to explain. This discussion is definitely going in the wrong direction. Let me bring up another topic in my next feedback.


Muslims in Manipur also value the same

[ Tue, Nov 23, 2010 3:35 am ]

"Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "Ningol Chakouba" where it is well known in Manipur Only". If this line is re-written as "Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "KUT" where it is well known in Manipur Only" kukis will definitely get irritated. If this line is re-written as "Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "GANG-NGAI" where it is well known in Manipur Only" kabui nagas will definitely get irritated. Any true (not pseudo) Meitei or Meitei ningol will get annoyed if he/she read the comment of samina malik. She has a shown her utter frustration just because e-pao has not updated on Id. So, the response of Mr. Gautam and Manitombi is quite natural and true.

Haokip S

Debating about a cancerous cell

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 8:57 pm ] is not for two individuals, Every Tom, Dick, Harry or even John has the right to respond to any indecent statement commented, Id and Ningol Chakkouba belongs to all Manipuris not for two individuals, Id is the biggest festival for the Muslims, Ningol Chakkouba for the Meiteis, nothing wrong. Why so over-enthusiastic. Single drops of water makes the mighty ocean, single cancer kills millions of cells. We are debating about a cancerous cell, a cancerous cell is microscopic but the issue created by it is huge. Please don't be incorrigible. We, in the society, whether a doctor, engineer or blacksmith have a role to play, it is not the duty of only some individuals, we have to share each and every problem which threatens the existence of human beings on this earth. This point is to be understood in its true sense. Please don't talk about electricity bills or corruption etc., it looks childish. I have read all the comments of Dr. Yumkhaibam, after carefully reading all his comments, I strongly believe that he has a different agenda. The comments passed by Gautam are not so offensive, we have all contributed to blow it out of proportion. Dr. should mind his words before coming to a public forum.


Muslims in Manipur also value the same

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 3:25 pm ]

Yam enareda yam heinare, eisu khara yaoge,taptagi eseidu ningsinglak ae . " drigeikar, eikar phao yetnei haibdu" . Nupi macha amana comment macha amakhak erakpasida mayam changdana kok thugainarene. So pity.......Ado yam ngakpa wa amakhak, eisu mushlimni manipurda pokpa. Keino eina khangbadadi ningol chakouba haibasidi, manipurda leiba mushlim singsu paktaknana adum celebrate tounei na, masibu meitei khakki oiradi mushlimsingsu masi celebrate toubasi tokpa tarajatla. As much as meiteis in manipur value the festival ningol chakouba , mushlims in manipur also value the same,and we are proud of it. That way civilisation evolves. The same goes for fanek , khudei etc , etc..If we consider these commodities only of meiteis, we would have lived only with burkas or salwars.

Khadijan Ansari

Comparing Ningol chakkouba with ID - Universal truth

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 1:46 pm ]

This is not a provocation , nor a discussion, an argument or a fight. I am not a tom , Dick or Q!! This is my view. The spate of comments comming one after another is turning into something which is not expected. A deep thought look all the Philosopher\'s comment gives nothing other than Mr Gautam expressing his frustation on someone saying" Id is a bigger festivel than Ningol Chakouba". If Mr. Gautam is smart enough , rather born to bring out smaller issues for a change , i would suggest you to change your way of thinking first. Even you are wrong to comment on what Samina Malik wrote , because you too do not know for sure ,what she really mean to convey by her quote. What if i say, Samina malik only means to give a message to Mr fareez that he need not worry of the information of Id NOT UPDATED on E-pao or not, as he can easily get the information from any source, anywhere in the world as ID is a festival known the world over, and for sure not like a smaller festival like Ningol chakkouba,".

What is your argument if she mean that way. Where does the question of belittlement comes in scenerio. Where have you borrowed the idea of importance of festival in the scenerio. Why making up things unnecessarily. HAd you put on your thinking caps before you wrote the commnets, none of those Ali, Akbar or Ibrahim would have responded. Or would you say i am wrong to brand that you got frustated only because of someone comparing Ningol chakkouba with ID . OR would i remind you again that , whatever be the meaning of that sentance be , the quote is a Universal truth!!. Why acting smart on petty emotions. If you do not appreciate people correcting your mistake, who do you think would accept your smartness. Accept the truth , try to see things from different corners, not only from your point of view, but keeping in mind what would be other's view. What made you mentioned the importance of meitei festival or a muslim festival as you have mentioned in your first mail. Do you see that way? IF you were really ! hurt as expressed in your comments, i am afraid , your depth of thinking and interpretation is pity, and your responses are explosive. I would appreciate not to repeat the same in future. And one thing to mention is that , the mother of all big issues in our state is only because people refuse to accept the truth, those ugly truth!!!

All_throughnet - All_throughnet(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in

Nothing to act smart

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 9:30 am ]

There is nothing to act smart or compare with the comments but the thought of the person who tries to act worthy with there words more worth . So there is nothing to describe "who is who" and it clearly stand the standard of the person .

Dr. Yumkhaibam Rakib

Comment of frustration

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 8:04 am ]

"Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "Ningol Chakouba" where it is well known in Manipur Only" - this line is indeed quite provocative. These lines are a manifestation of frustration on the part of the writer. There is no doubt about this. I fully endorse the view of Mr. Gautam on her article. She (Samina begum) should clarify her intention.


Why do people act smart?

[ Mon, Nov 22, 2010 6:33 am ]

Hi, First of all my sincere apologies. I realize now, it was not necessary to respond to Miss Samima Begum Malik's feedback. And it is still not necessary to respond to the responses to my feedback. Yet I am writing again. Since I have started this, it is pertinent that I finish it. Besides it is a general assumption that you if don't respond then you are wrong. And I don't want to send that message. Gone are the days where you maintain your silence and proves your point. It's a different world now.

I would have appreciated a lot if Miss Samima Begum Malik had herself responded to my feedback instead of every tom and dick responding to it. May be Miss Samima Begum Malik felt it was not necessary. Anyways, for the benefit of all toms and dicks, let me explain my understanding of what Miss Samima Begum Malik wrote by reproducing the sentence she wrote. She wrote, "However, you should be proud of yourself that our "Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "Ningol Chakouba" where it is well known in Manipur Only". This is the particular sentence that I was not happy with. I felt she is trying to mean that "Id" is a bigger and more important festival than "Ningol Chakouba". If that was not her intention, then I am wrong and I apologize. I can further explain my understanding of this sentence, but I think that would be unnecessary.

As I have mentioned in my previous feedbacks and now again that english is not my Mother Tongue. I am still learning and I know my shortcomings. If someone feels that my understanding is poor, I definitely welcome suggestions and corrections. But there are ways to suggest or correct someone's mistakes. I don't appreciate some smart(ass) suggesting or correcting my mistakes. You can keep your smartness to yourself.

Yes, there are many more bigger issues to worry about and discuss. But have we really been wasting our time on such trivial issues. Just as in a society not everyone can be a doctor or engineer, some needs to be a blacksmith, some needs to be a farmer, some needs to be a hawker, etc. likewise we need people to discuss on smaller issues. So let me be the one to discuss on smaller issues. "Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean". A drop is nothing compared to the ocean, but can we really neglect the drop. Definitely not. I am going way off the topic, but I thought it would be worth discussing. A society's bigger issues are formed by many smaller issues. If we want to solve the bigger issue, solve the smaller issues first. Every now and then we advise people that there are bigger issues to discuss. But what are the bigger issues? Is it electricity, corruption, AFSPA, Commando, road condition? If these are bigger issues then so be it. But how many of us realize that the smaller issues of not paying monthly electricity bill by individual is the reason for the bigger issue of total blackout. The bigger issues of state corruption is the result of the smaller issues of individual corruption. And so on for all the bigger issues. I had been to Manipur recently. And I found and realized that Manipuris love to discuss the bigger issues. All the people discussed on all bigger issues but none acting on it.

Each individual is gifted with different abilities. Some are gifted with abilities to discuss and solve bigger issues. Some like me are gifted with abilities to bring up smaller issues not necessarily solve it. But is it the realization which counts. If we talk of bigger issues, what can be bigger than the hazards of Nuclear bombs explosions, for example. But this is far far beyond my reach. So it is better that I drop this issue and focus on something that is within my reach. And that would mean smaller issues.


Article on eid festival is 70% wrong

[ Sun, Nov 21, 2010 3:41 am ]

Dear N. Mangi Devi, I appreciate your article that you want to write about Eid festival, but I have a suggestion that before you write any article please ensure that you write is authentic and the article that you wrote should make worth of the time that you spend if not better used your valuable time in writing some worth lines in future . Do you ever realize the mistake that you wrote in the article on eid festival is 70% are wrong. If you want to know read more books on eid or you may consult some one who have sound knowledge of eid . Thanks for not to repeat any mistake in the future.

Dr. Yumkhaibam Rakib

Improve your thoughts

[ Sun, Nov 21, 2010 3:41 am ]

Dear Gautam , First of all I would like to thanx for your wishes in response to the words written by Miss Samima Malik regarding the festival of Eid wishes here I dont see any offends words written by Samima Malik but what I see with your words is the person "larik heiraga laisu yaodaba". So, please make sure when you read any article try to understand the words properly before you response to any article. First of all you should try to improve your thoughts than you should try yourself to express .

Dr. Yumkhaibam Bikar

Face serious threats lying not far off

[ Thu, Nov 18, 2010 9:03 pm ]

Gautam, Its hard to find the link between you and Samina Begum Malik. I don't find anything which is against the spirit of Ningol Chakkouba. Let us not proceed on the wrong way. Its time to face serious threats lying not far off. I am a humble man and it is not my intention to antagonize you. Hope I don't offend you.


Why compare festivals? Each has its own significance

[ Thu, Nov 18, 2010 2:08 am ]

Dear Samina Begum Malik,
I agree that E-Pao Management Team has not updated in regards to "Id Festival" on their website. And I sincerely request the E-Pao Team to do the needful. I have great respect for Islam and our Muslim brothers and sisters. But by saying that "Ningol Chakouba" is well known in Manipur only whereas Id is an international festival, are you trying to belittle "Ningol Chakouba". It's a fact and I agree that "Ningol Chakouba" is an exclusive Manipuri Festival and celebrated in Manipur only. But just as Muslims take pride in celebrating Id, we meiteis also take pride in celebrating whatever meitei festivals be it small or big, whether celebrated statewide or just locally and especially "Ningol Chakouba", I think I don't need to explain anything.

I understand you must have had good intentions of writing your mail but I felt a little offended by your wordings. I may be wrong. In that case please dont take it otherwise. I feel the comparision was a little unnecessary. Each festival has its own significance and should be respected by all and by other communities too. Nevertheless this should not change anything. We should all respect each other and work towards bringing peace, love, tolerance amongst all Manipuris. Though I am a day late, but its never late for any wishes or auspicious occasions. So let me wish Belated Happy Id to all.


Try to change your Manipur

[ Tue, Nov 16, 2010 12:56 pm ]

hai I am from Andhra Pradesh. I really like e-pao. because i like manipur so much. i can know evrything by ur e-pao. but from my heart i am saying manipur have to be changed. that depends upon the people of manipur. i heard that in manipur still now a days women cant walk on the roads after 8pm. not even women even men also. manipuri people cant live like that. they are also indians and we r also indians. we are all indians. all indians have to be live very peacefully thats my motto. please try to change ur manipur as much as u can e-pao

vamsyananthabotla - Andhra Pradesh

Well Wishes for Id Festival

[ Tue, Nov 16, 2010 11:08 am ]

Hi There, Ahanbamaktada Manipurda Leiba Muslim Echin-Enoa singi maphamda Eihakna SALAM tuojari. Loinana hayeng Yumsakeisa numit Novembergi Tang tara taret ingsok lising aniga supna tara ni panba numit Muslimgi Oiba khwaidagi choaba numit "Idul Juha" lakpaga loinana ALLAH TALLAH na eikhoi pumnakpu Awa Ana pumnak kokpiba oisanu.
Hello Fareez5Feb, You should not disheartened. It doesn't matter to us whether the E-Pao Management Team has been updated in regards to our "Id Festival" in our Manipuri local column or not effectively. However, you should be proud of yourself that our "Id Festival is an international festival, it is not only Manipur festival like "Ningol Chakouba" where it is well known in Manipur Only.

Samina Begum Malik - New Delhi

Aung San Suu Kyi and mobile phone

[ Tue, Nov 16, 2010 5:06 am ]

I am a strong supporter of Aung San Suu Kyi and her democratic movement of Burma. I was following her story for many years. She has got lots of admirer in the west especially in England, and her husband happen to be an English gentleman who is no more in this world. I have got close relationship of my Burmese friends who is staying in our state and also at Delhi. I do contribute in their website I sometime wander how she must be spending for the last twenty years in house arrest without any outside connection. In the recent interview with BBC after releasing from house arrest I come to know that she keep herself busy by reading, Yoga and listening BBC radio which was the only connection to her with outside world. It's really surprised to me that BBC correspondence John Simpso asked to AungSan Suu Kyi about mobile phone which she exposed to her after releasing from house arrest. She was having a tough time to handle it to find out where is the mouth piece and ear piece. Although she was not at Jail the rule is so strict at Burma a simple mobile phone cannot be smuggle in, to her lake site house. One can imagine how free we are our jail is full of mobile phone and even from our security ward at Government hospital extortion call can be made without any difficulty. I hope we can see her as leader of democratic Burma very soon.

Dr Nabakanta Sharma - JN Hospital

Hall of fame section

[ Mon, Nov 15, 2010 12:56 am ]

Dear e-pao team, I am an ardent follower of your site....rather the site for all manipuris. How I wish there is a hall of fame section in your site, where one can find the name of all manipuris who are national or international awardee, position holder, gold medalist etc. Please do something in this regard for the benefit of our small community. Anyway hats off to you for maintaining such a wonderful site so efficiently for such a long time.


Baby Name starting with 'se'

[ Mon, Nov 15, 2010 12:56 am ]

With personal regards, I am requesting you to try to add more names which starts with "Se" as I found only few in the list. I recently became father of a baby girl and am looking for an name which starts with "Se" as per the astrologer. Whatever names available in the list which starts with "se" are the names which I am not a bit fond of. So, if you help me in finding a suitable name for my baby, I will be really grateful to you.

Th. Ranjit Singh

Jobless manipuri are easily trapped

[ Sun, Nov 14, 2010 3:17 am ]

Hello Khanganbaa, Thanks for the heads up:)
Absolutely agreed. He is a magician and not more than that. Thousands of jobless manipuri are easily trapped into his magic. You've your own god waiting to embrace you. A human being can't be a god. God is served by only those who knows their duty, not by giving gold or flowers. WAKE UP lads!! Thanks,


E-pao Radio audio quality is bad

[ Thu, Nov 11, 2010 5:10 pm ]

My name is Halson and i am a Manipuri. I just wanted to know if there is any specified website where i can download manipuri songs. And even on e-pao radio, i can listen to the songs uploaded, so my doubt is, do everyone is allowed to upload and download songs from e-pao radio. I have no idea on this. If not so, upload can create problems, i can understand, but what about a download facility being provided for those who wants to keep the records available on e-pao. Of course, the quality of the audio so far i can decide is bad, if i am right. Please do something for that. There are so many people in india who loves manipuri songs and i will be proud if i am able to download songs from the web and play a role as being a manipuri to spread the spirit of manipuri music to the rest. And of course, i have heard songs on e-pao that reflects anything of something that can be called "music" and on the other hand, there are many songs that will always remain evergreen melody in our heart that are not on e-pao. So, my request is if you can have a collection of great melodies of manipur uploaded on e-pao and give privilege to the listerners to download them. That will be greatful for those whoever loves Manipur.

Halson Singh

Three keithels are historical sites

[ Thu, Nov 11, 2010 6:21 am ]

The kabuis are trying to take undue advantage by demanding 200 seats. The govt. is facing a lot problems trying to accommodate thousands of meitei women vendors. The govt is also innaugurating a tribal market. They better not take the name of ching-tam integration. Let us together place a demand for the construction of a kabui market to the govt. of Manipur for the sake of ching-tam integration. The three keithels are historical sites meant for the meitei women vendors.


Tricks of "Sai Baba" exposed

[ Wed, Nov 10, 2010 10:57 pm ]

Please urgently raise awareness amongst the tens of thousands of Manipuri innocents deceived. If your friends or family has fallen victim of Sai Baba Tricks. Please please urgently forward him/her the video. Such deception and fooling of the messages is a crime no patriotic India can or will choose to ignore. Please go through to all the videos of "Sai Baba Tricks" in YouTube. Maru oina Meitei machasa Peisa amadi matam manghanganu kanadabada. Matamse chokhatlabane. Please Please.


Taret tara thokna khanthou...

[ Wed, Nov 10, 2010 8:49 am ]

Shri. O. Ibobi na luchingba sarkar asina manipur gi etihas ka sagonaduna laklaba mayamna ema keithel haina khangnariba asi matam ga chunaba maongda semgatpire, masi yamna thagatningai ni, adubu laibak thiba amana keithel seat ki matang da community singi oiba seat reserve govt ta demand tourakpa asini, manipur da community 30 henna lei, makhoi mayamna seat reserve piu hairaklabadi karam touni, kabui na seat 200 piu hairi, makhoi tribal community 33 gi seat reserve sing yenthokhradi, majority meitei di kadai da fhamdouri, govt nasu tribea singi touganba market sari, masida penthokpa fei, aduna Taret tara thokna khanthou....,

Dilip Thokchom

Lacksadical attitude and careless behaviour of officials

[ Tue, Nov 09, 2010 7:33 am ]

Mr Fareez5feb you are right that though our Manipuris lads had done extremely well with their performance in the games, one of them Renu Bala was not provided any official vehicle. It's the lacksadical attitude and careless behaviour of the officials who needs to be questioned. But this must be common and nothing particular to North East or our Kangliepak. Actual gr8 work by our Manipuris sports men who made our state and our country proud by their excellent performance every time. Its actual shame to the officials who have not provided these basic amenities. And a gr8 sportsmen had to go on a public conveyance. Jaago !!! to these officials.

RK Surjit

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