India On Back Track
- Part 1 -

B.A.Sharma *

India is the biggest multiparty democratic country in the world, having disproportionate populations according to the expected provision of jobs and livelihood of general public. India has to deal the internal security problem, un-employment problem and division of political ideologies in diverse character; "Union in form, Federal in nature".

India was remain under Mughal Empire, Portuguese and British domination. And another character of India was having existence of separate kingdoms since inception of the history of Bharatvarsha. Perhaps such administrations could have exists in the countries of the globe. As if, India had the maps of separate dominions. Therein also, many invaders have invaded India and occupied easily.

As a result, India could not yet developed the independent character among the citizens. Hence, since India has handed over by the British rule, till now, individual(s) could not fully flourished their own thoughts and ideology due to single traditional administration in the parliament.

The nationalism in the individual(s) character has been vanished after independent, but the individualism has been fully developed; and therefore, the character of Imperialism has been steadily set in into the common people's mind. Whosoever, whatsoever party had established an administration in India that party is still administering since independent.

The people could not changed their minds due to the problems facing by individual(s), which would solve and face by the government with proper planning, with the thought in favour of the mass. But it is still yet to appear such character in India, due to unchangeable systems of administration.

The systems adopted by Britishers have not been changed in the character and administration of Indian tradition. More poverty increased, more un employment increased. The definition of political science has been altered. Emphasis has given to the commercial education.

History of independence,and patriotism, and nationalism have been wiped out from the general education. Definition of dedication and patriotism will be vanished from the dictionary after some days, in India. Where is the voice of oneness to be listening from all over the country, which was sounded before independent; is more require today.

Chinese incursion is not new for India, Pakistan infiltration is not new for India, but India could not deal properly, for long time, due to lack of policy and programmes of the country. Men are behind money, only money and position is require in the country in spite of thinking the problems on the border.

Man power is available in the country but no soldier is available; no spirit of fighting developed in the youths. In spite of good inspiration inducing in the spirit of the youngsters the youths have been asked to come in politics. The matured people of middle aged persons are being sidelined from politics.

This is India, the Bharatvarsha; wherefrom the encyclopedia of education started is now behind America; only America. Without America India is unable to exist.

We can learn from the history mankind. We can visualize the eventualities of the past and present technique of war from Isreal, the small country, protecting herself from the all round surrounded enemies. India being second largest populated country in the world is facing trouble from the neighbouring countries with the lack of fighting spirit and strength; and lack of policy and plan.

How many vacancies are lying in the defence services? How many are ready to join the force but not given the chances. There is more in politics, less in security, in the country, due to more corruption, and one line administration. We should learn lessons from Isreal and Korea like small countries if India wanted to keep safe from the enemy.

This is human nature if you borne in the society you have to have defensive arts to keep aloof from the enemy. As India is aware of incursion of China on the border and cross border terrorism from Pakistan the Defence Minister is silent, the Minister of External affairs is silent and mum.

The Home Minister is in America to book complain over the funding to Pakistan from America. Inspite of enhancing the defence technology and nuclear warhead power the Home Minister is wasting time. India is back footing due to weak administration of the UPA Govt.

In spite of sending more force to strengthen the defence column on the border the UPA government is on the road show of traveling in economy classes and living in economy; are popular weapon for the governance. China will come across the country but India will not give up the habit of politics in the family.

Simply saving own skin by showing economy will not be able to overcome the problems. Living in the super class five star hotels and more anxiety of relaxation would be obvious because the man on the horse back will never like to come down on the floor. It will also true that such relaxation and facility would have been availing since long back, therefore the person would not like to come down to the public class in the name of public service.

However, Honourable Finance Minister could remind that you people are also joined to the mass and you are not a separate entity. Thanks for the reminder of the H'ble Finance Minister. At least they are ready to come down.

At such stage the Defence Minister would at least call on the President of India, the Supreme Authority of the Defence for necessary steps to be taken against China and Pakisthan. The Minister of External affairs would at least discuss the matter with the Prime Minister and would have begin the diplomatic exchanges with China. But all kept mum. Until the political and diplomatic developments have been exerted what the General of the country will do, who is purely non-political and in-exposable to the public questions about the border.

Why India is always hesitating to establish a good bilateral relation with China and why the administrators are not ready to adopt the route through China and why India is trying to avoid the situation created by the neighbouring countries. In spite of confronting the problems of the country government is trying to detour the straight route and making more clumsy situation.

Take initiative why China is so crazy for territorial matters and why India is not ready to curb the problems? What is the indirect demand of the Chinese Govt.? what is the interest behind economy for conclusion of the negotiation for the international boundary in between Chin and India?

First of all China is fully aware of the democratic policy in India which is pure unfavourable for the negotiation, due to the infrastructure of India is trying to curb towards capitalism; and therefore India can not come out of the multi-mingled problems, and will never bring the country in equal development.

Every capitalist has thought of own development, not for the country. There will be competition of companies and labour politics, in the middle the labourers will remained turmoil and chaos. The administrators will be purchased by the capitalists. The administrators will not able to decide any problem without the opinion of the capitalists. The government will not have own treasury but dominated by the capitalists.

Capitalists will not allow the national agendas. Nationalists will remain aloof, that is India. Without any secondary support of a super power country India will not be able to stand against any eventuality nor will be able to develop own indigenous technology. India will keep the value of things imported, because own product articles can not maintain the quality.

India has lack of intelligence because of lack of sincerity and honesty. Indian administration has lots of weak points which will not easily remove unless a proportionate nationalist government has yet been established, in whose integrity would be examplary, would able to face the small critorias like the border problems and internal turmoils.

India has to host the common wealth game in the capital city in September 2010. But the statement of the Chief Minister of the state is amazing. She is feeling nervous. The President the Commonwealth game has written letter to the Prime Minister of India with the remarks with the under progress works of the games on the ground, also expressed needs to interfere the administration from the Prime Minister of India. Govt. of India is in dilemma.

Because the expected job has not been appeared till now, since the stipulated time of readiness for the Game and to brush up the finishing touch to be started has been over, but simply saying the work will be completed in time is not enough as per understanding of the administration.

The word dedication and the nation has forgotten by the people of India. Being lay man this much I know that Indians have to learn about nationalism. Otherwise, answer of any question will be hardly available in the country.

to be continued....

* BA Sharma (Rtd. CPF Officer, from Top Khongnang Makhong, Imphal) contributes to regularly. The writer can be contacted at anmolmanipuri(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on October 12th, 2009.

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