Arangba Shang-gi Chaminnaba: a traditional ritual of Andro :: first week of June 2022

Arangba Shang-gi Chaminnaba: a traditional ritual of Andro as seen on first week of June 2022 :: Andro is a scheduled caste village in Imphal east district which has been developed to represent the cultural heritage and rich traditions of the Meiteis.

The village has its own customs and traditions different from others. One of its customs is Arangba Shang gi Chaminnaba- a meet and greet ceremony of the newly inducted Arangphams (organiser of an occasion such as weddings, feast etc).

The village has its office as Arangba shang and Pujari shang. There are no Brahmins to cater for big events, so all the work such as organising and catering has been done by Arangphams and Pujaris(chef).

The age old tradition is been there before the coming of Vaishnavism (goura dharma). There are 554 Arangba macha in the village and 60 office bearers are selected to organise for big events such as weddings.

The group is managed by a Purel (supreme elder). The same ceremony is also held for the pujaris(chef). There are 893 pujaris in the village and some of them are selected to be the office bearers from time to time.

Picture Credit :: Shankar Khangembam