Wild Flower performing at promotional show of 'Chow-Chow Momo na haobra, Singju Bora na oinambra

As a part of a tour of the promotional event of the Manipur feature film "Chow-Chow Momo na haobra, Singju Bora na oinambra", presented by Mixn Raj, the film was showcased in Punjab at Jalandhar being sponsored by the Lovely Manipur Students (L.M.S.) on 13th of October 2013.

The opening of this event was marked by performances from a Jalandhar based Rock band 'The Spark Infinity' followed by the Manipur Rock band 'Wildflower'.

This event proved to be a grand success creating a new milestone in the film history of Manipur.

Picture Credit :: Dav Yurembam