Saroi Khangba (propitiation of the evil spirits) at  Imphal :: 05th March 2022

Saroi Khangba (propitiation of the evil spirits) on Lamta Thangja at Kakwa, Khwairamband Keithel, Keishampat, Takhel Leikai, Kwakeithel, Haobam Marak on 5th March 2022 - done by the elderly women of the locality to appease the evil spirits on the first Saturday of Lamta (month)

Edible items such as rice, vegetables and others are collected from each family and offered to the tutelary deities - Koubru, Marjing, Wangpurel and Thangjing in order to propitiate the evil spirits who are hungry and demand food from human beings.

The Meitei community performed this function in the first "thangja" on the month of "Lamta".

Picture Credit :: Shankar Khangembam