CorCom, ULFA-I and NLFT boycott R-Day
Source: IT News

Imphal, January 23 2019: Rebel group Co-Ordinating Committee (CorCom), United Liberation front of Assam , Independent (ULFA-I) and the National Liberation Front Twipra (NLFT) has boycotted the Indian Republic Day.

A joint statement of the three rebel groups appealed the people of WESEA region to BOYCOTT the India's Republic Day Celebration on 26 January 2019 .

It said, "As the Indian State's pretence and deceit and her brutal suppression of our peoples have been exposed repeatedly and continued exploitation of the peoples of our Western South East Asia (WeSEA) region in all spheres of life.

Recently, the Indian lower House of the Parliament [The Lok Sabha] has passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 hastily, that is, within 24 hours of the submission of a report by the Joint Committee on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016.The purpose was to disrupt the peaceful situation in our region, going against the wishes the people of the WeSEA.

The contents of the report indicate that the Committee and its report was merely a cloak screen to legitimize a hidden policy.

The Indian Colonial ruler had already taken a firm decision, much before they introduced the Bill in the Parliament.

For instance, on 7th December 2015, the Ministry of Home Affairs, vide notification clauses that are subsequently inserted in the Bill.

The fact that Lok Sabha passed the Bill on 8th January, was a mere legislative drama or a final touch on a well-engineered plan.

"The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 (Bill No.172-C of 2016), passed by the Indian Lok Sabha on 8th January 2019, amended the principal Act so as to insert, ".....persons belonging to minority communities, namely, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan,.....shall not be treated as illegal migrants....[and their] aggregate period of residence or service of a Government in India as required under this clause shall be read as "not less than six years" in place of "not less than eleven years" .

"Many Indian nationalists protest the Bill on the ground that it violates secularism and serves Hindutva agenda.

It is true that on its face value the Bill conveys an open assertion of religiously communalized nationalist hype centred on Hindutva, i.e., identifying India with Hinduism.

Proving that, the Colonial ruler plays with the sentiments of the Hindus, who constitute the majority chunk of the population in India.

By creating a fiction of persecuted Hindus in neighbouring countries, the rulers depicts for itself an animated image of a Hindu messiah providing a safe haven (Hindustan) for fleeing Hindus.

This populist tactic could manipulate the psyche of Hindus in blindly endorsing Hindu chauvinism and galvanise in expanding the numerical figure of Hindu voters.

Colonial ruler aims to use the tactic as a handy tool for securing more seats in the upcoming parliamentary election.

In short, Colonial ruler plays with religion-communal cards vis--vis its rival political parties.

"The recent Bill adds a qualitative difference to the continuous policy of demographic invasion.

It selectively grants the wholesome concession of 'naturalization' or 'citizenship, to the groups of people as mentioned who have entered India before 31st December 2014.The Bill, therefore, arbitrarily delegitimizes and contradicts: (a) the Assam Accord of 1985 and ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) updating process in Assam, (b) the agreement between the Government of Manipur and All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) & All Manipur Students' Coordination Committee (AMSCOC) in 1980; reiterated by an agreement signed between Government of Manipur and AMSU in 1994; (c) the popular movements for protection of Indigenous peoples in WeSEA such as Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya and elsewhere; and (d) the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 .

"The Government of India neglecting the political responsibility of devising an effective mechanism to bring an end to the demographic invasion in the WeSEA.

So far, NRC updating process in Assam has detected more than 3 million of illegal migrants.

This number does not include a large chunk of migrants from India and elsewhere.

The indigenous people of Tripura have been systematically outnumbered and marginalized.

The 'tribal' states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland are facing massive pressure by Indian migrants, particularly in urban clusters and resource extraction areas.

Manipur has been resisting the onslaught by the demographic invasion.

The recent Bill, therefore, became a sensitive issue and indigenous peoples in WeSEA are united in opposing it.

But the Government of India pushing it with determination and dorce to muzzle democratic dissents.

Tripura witnessed large scale casualty and fatality in police repression.

Police obstructed ambulance van ferrying to hospital repression victims.

In Assam, Dr.Hiren Gohain (Intellect), Akhil Gogoi (leader of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti) and Manjit Mahanta (journalist) were booked on the charge of sedition.

Many student agitators in Manipur were injured in police repression.

"The repressive methods of the Colonial regime expose the regime's fascist character.

Hindutva under colonial ruler is systematically moving towards fascism.

It tends to destroy the unique histories and identities in WeSEA by fabricating history with Hindu myths and legends.

The projection of WeSEA, as an integral part of a metaphorically mythicized United Hindu Nation [Akhil Hindu Rashtra].

With a dream to return to a fictitious golden past, Hindu zealots have been enticed the gangs sycophants to invade and rule WeSEA in the name of Hindustan.

Perhaps, the Indian establishment is gearing up to push the demographic invasion by outsides to a grater heights.

This policy reflects India's continuous suspicion about the racial, linguistic and political loyalty of the indigenous peoples in the WeSEA to the her.

Indian rulers have no trust on the local puppet regimes composed of elected representatives of the indigenous people.

Indian ruler believes that the above Bill will ensure, in all the states of WeSEA; the Tripura model of complete marginalization, subjugation, oppression and exploitation of the indigenous people.

The objective is to wipe out from prominence the indigenous peoples of their distinct ethnic/nationality identities, cultures, languages, social organizations, political will, destroy the spirit of resistance.

"The Bill has the larger ambition of fulfilling the imperialist ambition of India.

It is difficult for India to expand beyond Nepal on the North, towards Pakistan on the West, beyond Sri-Lanka on the South and on the sea on the East.

But WeSEA is vital for its territory, resources, markets and geo-strategic advantage in expanding India's finance interest towards Southeast Asian Countries via Myanmar.

In this regards, India is effectively playing the role of a subordinate proxy of industrially advanced countries to counter-balance China's global economic ambitions.

However, armed resistance and democratic dissents to defend indigenous rights have been obstructing India's imperialist ambition.

When militarization, communal divide and rule policy, installation of local puppet regimes, recruitment of tocal traitors, etc.

could not suppress resistance; India adopted the policy of passing the Bill to legalise demographic invasion by Hindu infiltrators, whom the India rulers perceive to be just one in the long run.

They must gradually outnumber the indigenous political power and government institutions.

The Bill is designed to act as surrogate to organized loot and legalized plunder by imperial forces that it would affect the livelihood of migrant worker and peasants, are bluntly endorsing India's colonial policy of demographic invasion.

We cannot accept demographic invasion in the name of internationalism of the working people and peasants.

We appeal people to devise effective political and economic programmes so that Indian working people and peasants do not desert their homeland to become fodder feeder of the colonial master in colonizing WeSEA.

As far as the Indian practices of colonial master is concerned we must fight every issue ourselves rather than imploring Government of India (Gol) to protect us from the demographic invasion.

GoI will never do anything to safeguard the indigenous people of the region.

The dream of hardcore Indian politicians to build a greater India by bringing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh within India.

They realize that such an outcome may not be possible, but, they firmly believe that the present Indian boundary will remain intact forever.

Apart from its political approach to keep WeSEA within India.

GoI has been scheming to make Indians dominate the indigenous people demographic invasion.

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