GTCC denounces interference in internal affairs, says believe in peaceful coexistence
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Imphal, September 22 2019: The Gangte Tribe Co-Ordination Committee, Manipur (GTCC) expressed unhappiness on the alleged interference in the "Gangte tribe's internal affairs" by the 'Mizo People Convention Sub-Headquarters (MPC Sub HQs) .

In a statement issued to Newmai News Network on Sunday, the GTCC alleged that they are astonished by the MPC Sub HQs)'s "relentless and insolent" interference on Gangte tribe's internal affairs and their provocative utterance and statements against the Gangte tribe.

"We believe in peaceful coexistence with all cognate tribes and neighbouring communities.

We never expect anybody to interfere in our internal affairs, nor do we interfere in the affairs of others," the GTCC said, "The MPC Sub-Hqs' 'Clarification'(Ref No 34/PR/MPC-SHQ/19 dated 3rd September, 2019 which appeared in some dailies was nothing but another attempt to provoke the Gangtes and we cannot remain a silent spectator to all these machinated intrigues," it asserted.

The GTCC also said that the leadership of MPC Headquarters, Manipur and other Mizo bodies elsewhere are fervently appealed for one last time to rein in the 'MPC Sub-Hq Chiengkon' whose "unrestrained incendiary activities", if not curbed, are bound to disturb the cordial relations shared between the Gangtes and the Mizos.

The GTCC then warned that the MPC Sub-Hqs shall be solely held responsible for any unwarranted consequences or misunderstandings arising between the Gangte tribe and the Mizo tribe of Manipur due to the "continuous meddling" of the MPC Sub-Hqs in the affairs of the Gangte tribe.

"It is indeed a fact that the Gangte Tribe Union had on March 16, 1960 in its General Assembly held at Khousabung adopted 'Mizo' as the nomenclature of the Gangtes.

As such, no identity crisis has besieged the Gangtes until things take a turn for the worst in 1999 .

The MPC Sub-Hq shamelessly claims that the Khousabung General Assembly resolution was ratified on February 10, 1999 at HmuiaVeng", the Gangte body said, adding, "Their assertion is baseless, deceitful, devoid of any iota of truth and smacks of conspicuous hypocrisy".

The GTCC then said, "The fact is that the Gangte tribe was 'merged' into Mizo tribe under the auspices of some vested pseudo-Gangte leaders against the wish of the Gangte people at HmuiaVeng, Churachandpur on February 10, 1999 .

The Khousabung resolution of 1960 and the HmuiaVeng 'merger' episode of 1999 were two different and opposite poles apart and so is 'nomenclature' and 'merger.'After the 'merger' of the Gangte apex bodies into Mizo, the question of adopting Mizo as a 'nomenclature' does not arise," the GTCC clarified.

It then said that the Gangte and the Mizo are two different entities.

"Gangte is placed at Sl No 6 of the tribe list of Manipur while Mizo is at Sl No 17 of the same list.

If at all any Gangte tribe member accepts merger of Gangte tribe into Mizo, he/she naturally disowns his/her ascriptive identity (Gangte) and becomes/adopts Mizo.

For such people who willingly adopt Mizo as their identity, interfering in the affairs of Gangte tribe is unjust, untenable and defies all logics.

As such, they shall no longer have a say or enjoy any entitlement in the name of Gangte.

Therefore, by all logics, Mizo People Convention has no authority to speak for and on behalf of the Gangtes.

To leave us alone and in peace is the least they can do if at all they still claim to have any genuine concern for the Gangtes," the GTCC added.

Then then said, "We do not harbour any misgivings against any person who willingly adopts other tribes, including Mizo, as their identity and show the highest respect to free individual choice", adding, "However, we will not tolerate any act of interference in our internal affairs from other tribes' platforms".

According to the GTCC, this will only invite unwarranted chain of action and reactions.

For instance, one of the signatories of the MPC Sub-Hq's 'Clarification,' was Mr.HVL Sanga.

"He is a Hangzo (Paite tribe) by birth.

But he adopts Mizo as his identity and he never ever bothers to interfere in the affairs of the PTC or YPA.

Likewise, Mr Hautinthang or Mr Son or Mr Moi, or Mr Kam, or Mr LS or Mr SL etc, who were born Gangte but embrace Mizo as their identity should not look back and meddle in the affairs of the Gangte tribe which they disowned on their own volition.

They shall stop acting as agents of assimilating Gangtes," it added.

The Gangte Tribe Coordination Committee then claimed that it is the apex body of the Gangtes which is firmly committed for the protection, preservation and promotion of God-given Gangte identity which has been maintained for years, overcoming the wave of events in history.

The GTCC also said that it acts as a vanguard against several graveattempts to assimilate the Gangtes and reduce the Gangte tribe into the status of a 'whore' by anti-Gangte agents, who, without any hesitations betray and trade their tribe for petty personal ambitions.

GTCC is the only mandated body to speak for and on behalf of the Gangtes and no other individuals and bodies like the 'MPC Sub-Hqs', it further claimed.

"The GTCC leaves its door open to any Mizo organisations/bodies for discussions over the matter on the table," it added.

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